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Plots, Schemes, Etcetera, Bad Aim, A Night to Remember, One Piece at a Time, Engagement Imminent, Soldier's Meeting, A Sting is Born, Prize of the Spy, Getting Ready for the Show, A Snake in the Lair, Opening Night, Ambush at Grallia, On the Run, Twelve Hours In, Escape from Berea, Welcome to the Club, Moon Landing, Mistaken Identity, Robotic Rescue, Reassignment, Taking a Break, Milk Run, A Familiar Assignment, The Safe House, A New Type of War, Coffee Talk, Home Invasion, Field Day, Supply Run, Exotic Animals, Hurry Up and Wait, About Your Father, Excitement on Nar Shaddaa, Mission Parameters, Art Deal, Rendezvous on Rhinnal, Target of Opportunity, Reigning Back In, Big Things Have Small Beginnings, Nil Nisi Bonum, Command Intent, A Tricky Rescue, Two Heads for None, Planning Next the Phase, Deep in the Grey, A Not So Ordinary Mandalorian, Tales from the Red Garto Casino, I, Is That All You Think About, Rhinnal Redux, Rhire Recon, After Action Report, I Have a Use for You, Rescues are Built on Hope, A Name, Bad Medicine, New Intel
Dagon Tong; Tera Zeiss; Cagba the Hutt, Aliura Cohme, Ithar Cortune, Terral Dusat, Enzaki, Estai, Bryant Ferrington, Joe Horn, Ami Jard, Brad Jard, Catelyn Jard, Hanna Jard, Malaki Jard, Tain Jard, James Koch, Ian Manco, Mercor, Jacks Porter, Sarden, Thrun Scott, Targon, Kel Tillisk, Torbel, Zax
Dagon Tong's safe house, The Spicer's Folly
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