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Unknown Cargo, Passing the Test, Counterfeit Crackdown, Entrapment, Buttons, Arranged Escape, Poison Cell, Checkpoint, Establishing a Sense of Order, A Day Long Remembered, Rules of a Meeting, The Hollow Men, Cantina Chaos, Isod's Gambit, The Calm Before the Storm, Dinner is Served, Between the Motion and the Act..., A Demonstration, An Evening With the Count, Arranged Invitation, Pecking Order, Seizing the Senator, Questioning the Questioners, A Chance Encounter, Convenient Occurrence, Regrouping, Confused Interrogation, Serendipity, Plans Within Plans, Training Day, Big Trouble in Little Hutta, An Act of Piracy, Suspicion or Sabotage, Casualties, The Gathering Storm, A Deal With the Devil, The Storm, Tales from the Red Garto Casino, I, Paid in Full, Down and Out on Coruscant, Tales from the Red Garto Casino, II, Rhire Recon
Jonas Garrett; Leroy Goodwin, Sylvain Isod, Ithan Tavers, Kanner Varrik; Rance Arlos, Beerek, Jixton Cordell, Jorgen Crell, Cullen, Krinveedo, Gunther Loden, Molen Trell, Veedix, X-3DO, Yuv'lin
Sylvain Isod's estate, The Unlucky Star
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