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Caught in Her Web, Pecking Order, Seizing the Senator, Hazard Pay, Questioning the Questioners, The Welcoming Committee, Verbally Outmaneuvered, Do Not Disturb, Convenient Occurrence, Regrouping, Secrets Between Friends, The Punching Bag, The Other Shoe, Paper Trails, Kianapping, A Chance Encounter, Intelligence Gathering, Supplies Surprise, Enhanced Interrogation, An Act of Piracy, Foiled Grand Entrance, An Attempt at Infiltration, Damsel in Distress, Unintelligence, A Certain Kind of Crazy, Recruitment on Rhinnal, The Beginning of Unsightly Truths, A Droid for the Duchess, Casualties, Recovery, An Officer and an Inquisitor, Unfortunate Daughter, On the Brink, Mediocrity at Best, The Newcomer, A Stunning First Day, One Last Chance, First Impressions, Two to Tango, The Chase is On, Return of the Apprentice, Maximus Interruptus, A Deal With the Devil, Temper, Temper, There and Back Again, Sideshow of a Sideshow, The Storm, Some Refurbishments Required, Horror Vacui, The Velvet Glove, Money Makes Friends, Chasing Ghosts, A Meeting of Minds, The Prodigal Inquisitor, Stranger Danger, Puppetmaster, Bounty Hunter Report Card, The Rescuers, A Not So Helping Hand, Rescues are Built on Hope, Holodeck Commanders, The Lost Commando, Communication Breakdown
Serra Eona; Avary Renault, Lovora Rikki, Rais Treistar; Jorra Morlo
Fortune's Debt
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