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The Crystal, Another Piece on the Board, Nobody Expects the Imperial Inquisition, Disciplinary Action Ahead, Along for the Ride, Visiting Hours Are Over, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Falling Into Place, All Bets Are Off, Ignoble Rendezvous, The Ant Hill, Soul Searching, Reverberation, Behind Closed Doors, Kitty Litter, Resistance, Get Out of Jail Free, Leverage, Unexpected Alliance, Bold Offensive, Conduct Unbecoming, Undermine, Snared, Coming to Terms, Report Card, En Route to Esseles, Duel on Esseles, The Lost Lightsaber, Cradled, Landslide, The Ugly Truth, Strength in Anger, The Regional Governors..., Promotion Commotion, A Day Long Remembered, The Hollow Men, Caged, The Moff's Speech, Inappropriate Conduct, Thank Heaven for Little Droids, Detention, Damage Control, Tremayne, Inappropriate Timing, Crushing Memories, An Evening With the Count, Test Pilot, The Rescue of Dimona, Feet of Betrayal, Diversion Tactic, Disk Detals, Burning Bridges, Unpleasantries, Pecking Order, The Welcoming Committee, Verbally Outmaneuvered, Vivisection, The Dull Blade, Mistrial, The Other Shoe, Paper Trails, Doctor's Orders, The End of the Beginning, Deep Wounds, Triage, The Fall of Arden Zevrin, Impasse, The Cool Uncle, Foiled Grand Entrance, Wrecking Ball, A Certain Kind of Crazy, The Beginning of Unsightly Truths, Slaughter, Questioning Sane Insanity, Second Chances, An Officer and an Inquisitor, The Retributor, Mediocrity at Best, First Impressions, Two to Tango, A Dress for a Droid, The Chase is On, Maximus Interruptus, Error Code: 0x0959286, Temper, Temper, There and Back Again, Horror Vacui, Intimate Interrogation, Regifting, The Prodigal Inquisitor, Unplanned Stowaway, A Place to Nest, Past to Present, Once More into the Breech, Puppetmaster, Stay of Execution, The Early Bird, The Rescuers, Plots and Plans, Bird's Eye Report, Dead Inquisitor Walking, Necessary Deceit, Reporting on the Bounty Hunters, Checkmate, Bounty Herder, Calm Before the Storm, Rain of Death, Impromptu Spar, Clever Manipulation, Unleashed, Anger Rising, Darkness Descending, Painful Awakenings, Observations, Rumors, Betting, and Bacta, Reflections, The Summons, The Conversation That Wasn't, To Slice or Not to Slice, Endings and Beginnings, The Shore Leave Proposal, Fiasco in Paradise, Unfriendly Introductions, Escaping the Cage, Convictions, Oaths, and Duty, Eye Spy, War of Words, The Return, Consequences, Down a Dark Path, Questions and Clemency, Choices, Ripples in the Water
Serine Thanor; Liliya Benedt, Dimona Xirie Nuebla; Bernard Dunford, Jeresea Ginhers, Yun-Jai Kerr
Darkened Oblvion; Adventurer
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