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The Kid, The Mouse That Roared, Entrapment, Buttons, Duel on Esseles, Arranged Escape, Chained, Poison Cell, Cradled, Landslide, Strength in Anger, Establishing a Sense of Order, Detention, The Calm Before the Storm, Damage Control, A Demonstration, Tremayne, An Evening With the Count, Diversion Tactic, Diversion Tactic, Pecking Order, Questioning the Questioners, The Welcoming Committee, Verbally Outmaneuvered, A Chance Encounter, Secrets Between Friends, Beware of Nexu, Vivisection, Mistrial, Paper Trails, Training Day, A Walk on the Bridge, Target Practice, Web Spinners, The End of the Beginning, Renovations, Deep Wounds, Frenemies, Impasse, Kianapping, Loose Ends, Walls, Return of the Apprentice, The Prodigal Inquisitor, A Place to Nest, Past to Present, A Lesson for Someone, The Early Bird, Bounty Hunter Report Card, Bird's Eye Report, Dead Inquisitor Walking, Necessary Deceit
Kia Kaen; Jenna Nestan, Xiri Tallare; Jerra Kaen, Delan Sartori, Helena Trents
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