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Swamp Things, Strange Bedfellows, The Smuggler and the Stormtrooper, Her New Job, Brothery Love, A New Type of War, Home Invasion, Field Day, Exotic Animals, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Wolfpack, The Blame Game, Testing the Waters, Reverberation, A New Stratagem, Passing the Test, Counterfeit Crackdown, Entrapment, The Concussion Caper, Checkpoint, A Day Long Remembered, Between the Motion and the Act..., A Demonstration, Sibling Scuffle, Credentials Revoked, Day 93, Salibury Stakeout, Delivery Mishap, Shuttle Stealing, Except ... No Alderaan, AT-ST Ambush, Six Feet Under, Crossroads, Two Minutes to Midnight, The Consultant, Arranged Invitation, Witch Hunt
Verus Theus; Shayne Korvac, Korr Machton, Calvus Theus, Lyle Turana, Ohmer Wilton; Norrik Anstar, Dren Cosgrove, Hector Jeril, Jeremiah Namith, Rhaylin Norland, Dressel Opendale, Nestor Orin, Lork Rantee, Finn Talex, Gerun Toromir, Kenson Tyne, Ellis Von
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