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Miscommunication, Rope Rescue, Taking a Break, A Familiar Assignment, The Safe House, A Trianii Walks Into a Bar, A New Type of War, Home Invasion, Supply Run, Exotic Animals, Medical Mishap, Captive Hearts, Hurry Up and Wait, About Your Father, Daddy Dearest, Meddroid Malfunction, Target of Opportunity, A Softer Touch, Casualties, Unfortunate Daughter, On the Brink, Sideshow of a Sideshow, Chasing Ghosts, Big Things Have Small Beginnings, The Rescuers, Free at Last, Nil Nisi Bonum, Meeting of Old Friends, Command Intent, A Call to Action, Deep in the Grey, Tales from the Red Garto Casino, I, Rescues are Built on Hope, New Intel, The Lost Commando, Nothing to Do but Drink
Reilly Judah; Bri Quabil, Ve'rail; Bre'lly, Tatiana
Red Garto Casino
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