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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:5) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Marcus Rodney's chalet) and in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate and Zoo).
El-Nay Darr, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, and Major Sierra Rodney.

With her parents, sister, and brother all gone to Delaya, Ewwiekewwieikkie felt decidedly ignored and left out. With Commander Kiley gone as well the only person watching her was El-Nay Darr. As soon as El-Nay took a break, Ewwiekewwieikkie took Melicklickie and Callista and piled them into a speeder. "Go to zoo!" she told the computer, but to her great consternation the vehicle did not automatically transport her. "Hmm," she said, as she brought her paw up to her chin and considered the situation. Going to the computer she types 'z' and 'o' before it autofilled 'zoo'. "Yay!" she said as it plotted a course towards the New Calamar zoo. "Go! Go!" she yelled, and began to clap and giggle, but unfortunately that did not work either. She tried to remember what her adopted father did during the race and she took the wheel and moved her hand on the accelerator. "Oh wow!" she said as they started zooming down the mountain path with her at the controls. "I can't see!" she announced, as she shifted to standing up on the seat and driving that way so she could see over the dashboard. Through a small miracle she was able to guide the speeder down the path and began following the blue GPS line towards the zoo. Unfortunately, she did not obey any of the traffic laws and caused several accidents that she was unaware of. "You have arrived at your destination," the speeder said, but she did not know how to stop it, and so she just leapt from the speeder and allowed it to continue on its way. A moment later she had run inside of the zoo where she was greeted by just about every creature from throughout the galaxy. She stood there, her yellow eyes wide, and her mouth hung open. She did not even know where to begin.

"Weeeee!" Callista Nilar had her head hanging out the window of the speeder as it zoomed down the mountain pass. Her brown hair blew wildly behind her. If she had been a Squib, she would have created some serious hazards for anyone near them. She had been *very* excited to go to the zoo since Ewwie had brought it up. She found a large hard-covered book in her auntie and uncle's room that had illustrations of animals in it. It sat in her lap and weighed roughly as much as Melickielickie. The little girl sat back into her seat. She had never been to a zoo. She tried to play it cool. When the speeder arrived at the zoo, she let out a shrill. "*Ewwie*! *It's a zoo*!" She screamed, pressing her hands into her cheeks. She was forced to follow her best friend. She grabbed her book, dragging it out of the speeder with her. "Zooooooo! Animals! Roooarrrr!" Callista peered behind her. "C'mon Mewwie. We're gonna see a rancor!" She explained, following Ewwiekewwieikkie.

Melickielickie's jaw was hanging open. Her hands were in front of her, holding onto the invisible steering wheel like she had been since her father's race. Most noticeably, there was a large purse belonging to her mother hanging off of her body like a crossbody bag. "Beep beep!" She said before she stepped on the imaginary gas pedal and ran towards her sister and Callie. Her head turned as a large bird landed several feet away. "Woah... *Ow*!" The small Squib collided with a display holding zoo maps. It fell over, as did she. "Ouchies..." She rubbed her head. The glossy maps distracted her from her pain. "Ooh looky." She began grabbing maps and shoving them into Sierra's purse. Everyone was so far ahead that she could barely see them. She grabbed one more map, running off. "Ewwie! Callie! Wait!" She opened up the map in front of her face. "Rainbow Rancor!!" Her finger poked a silhouette of a Rancor.

"So much food!" Ewwiekewwieikkie declared, as she spotted a vendor selling giant roast thranta wings. She scampered over towards the vendor and grabbed one, taking a large bite. "Om nom nom," she groaned, before handing it off to Callista. "No worries. We pay," she said, as she shoved her hand into the purse and took out Sierra's credit chit. As she offered it to the vendor she agreed to pay 47 credits, which she thought was more than fair for the food. "Okay. We ate. Rancor time," she said, as she began running with them towards the rancor enclosure. When they arrived it was time for feeding and a nerf was being lowered into the cage for the rancor to be eat. She shoved her way to the front so she could see. "Rancor doesn't want to be fed ... rancor wants to hunt..." she said, as she watched the nerf lowered.

The smell of cooking food drew Melickielickie towards the vendor. She stared at the giant roast thranta wings, slobbering all over Sierra's purse in the process. "I'm *starving*!" She said, touching her tummy. It hadn't been an hour since her last meal. She couldn't wait her turn and began gnawing at the wings while Callista daintily ate. It seemed she was picking up new eating habits from Drusilla. Melickielickie shoved the remainder of the thranta wings into the purse. "*Rancor*! **!!" She squeaked. She began running around in a circle excitedly until Callista took her hand and began to lead her.

"Hurry, Mewwie!" Callista said after having less than a bite to eat. As they stopped in front of the enclosure, Callista grinned. "Awww. It's a nerf! Wait! Where's Rainbow Rancor?" She had only seen a friendly rancor who loved nerfs and all other creatures. She didn't realize she was about to learn about the circle of life. She tugged on Ewwiekewwieikkie's dress. "Ewwie? What are they doing? Ewwie!?" She pointed to the nerf as it was lowered into the enclosure. "Is that rancor's friends?" Callista pushed through the crowd to the front of the enclosure. She sat, smiling brightly. "It's so cute! I want a nerf to ride on!" She closed her eyes. She imagined brushing the nerf's fur, giving it baths, and riding through a flowery meadow. Thankfully, Callista's eyes were closed while nature worked things out between the rancor and the nerf.

El-Nay had just finished her cigarra break when she returned to find ... no one. "Oh shit," she said, as she ran through every room of the Rodney estate. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" she cried, as her life flashed in front of her eyes. If anything happened to the girls the Grand Moff would surely kill her. She quickly ran to the security room where she began revealing the footage and what she found amazed her. "Wait. Squibs can drive? Why didn't anyone tell me Squibs could drive?" she asked, as she stood up suddenly. "...and who am I talking to? Argh!" she screamed, before running out and activating her jetpack to fly down the mountain pass to try and find the speeder. She did not want to request help from the garrison ... yet. She still hoped there was a chance to save this situation on her own.

"Ahhh!" Ewwiekewwieikkie screamed as the rancor reached down, scooped up the nerf and ate it in one bite. No one had ever explained to her where the nerf steak she ate came from. Suddenly she was hungry and began gnawing on the thranta wing also, which she also did not associate with one of the winged creatures she loved so much. "Ngh. Can't see," she said, as she turned around and realized her head was only as high as the wall. She placed her paws on top of the security wall and climbed up on top of it. "Oh. Now I see!" she said, before turning around to look at the girls. "Wow. Is huge," she said, but as she turned around to look at it she slipped and fell 20 feet down into the enclosure with the rancor. "Ahhhhh!" she screamed as she fell, while people in the crowd began to scream in terror. Of course the HoloNet was there and began to broadcast live coverage of the event. "Eww. Smells yucky down here," she said, as she ended up in a pile of excrement bones.

Back on Delaya, Sierra Rodney had just received an alert. Her credit card was in use at the New Calamar zoo. "Hmmm..." She grabbed her comm and immediately called El-Nay. During the trip to Delaya, Sierra had felt extra over protective. She had called El-Nay several times the other day to ensure all was going smoothly with the girls, and now she was calling *again*. "El-Nay, is everything going okay? Did you take the girls to the zoo? I received a credit chit notification..." The girls had wanted to go to the zoo badly. She wondered if El-Nay had broken down and allowed it to happen. Honestly, Sierra wouldn't blame her.

Light years away at the zoo, the girls witnessed nature in action. Melickielickie was sucking the flavor of the thranta wings off of her fingers. She seemed unphased. "Mmmm. Nerfff..." She said. "Nom. Nom. Nom!" Her ears twitched. Feeling overexcited from the trip to the zoo, Melickielickie darted towards the security wall. "It's so tall!" She complained. She was trying to reach her sister. "Ewwie! Wait for me!" She squeaked. It was too late. Ewwiekewwieikkie disappeared down into the enclosure. "*Sissy*!" She screamed. She rapidly climbed the wall. When she reached the top, she dived in. "I save youuuu!" When she didn't immediately hit the ground, Melickielickie began to scream. She fell far, far down into the enclosure until she landed on her sissy. "We in jungle now. "Melickielickie said, pointing to a large tree.

The next time Callista opened her eyes, the nerf was gone. "Hm." She said. She decided that the rancor and nerf must have become friends and went to play. From the ground, she witnessed both of her friends fall into the enclosure. "Ohno! I need help! I need Nay-Nay!" Callista looked around the crowd. She expected El-Nay to be at the zoo. "Nay-Nay!?" She screamed. "Nay-Nay?!!?"

"Oh fudge!" El-Nay said when she heard the beep that indicated she had an incoming transmission ... only she didn't say 'fudge'. "Uh. Sierra?" she asked, but her voice would be muffled by the sound of wind as she soared through the air over New Calamar. There were several speeder accidents, which her gut told her that Ewwiekewwieikkie was responsible for. "The zoo?" El-Nay responded over the comm, sounding confused. "Oh. Right. The zoo!" she said, before adjusting her flight path. As she flew over the zoo she could see a large crowd gather around the rancor enclosure, and she lowered her targeting scanner over her visor she could see the distinct blue fur covered of bodies on the ground. "Oh no!" she said, as she thrust down towards the surface. With her DT-57 in hand she began firing at the rancor, but she only succeeded in making it more angry. It outstretched its arms and attempted to swat at her, but she rolled out of the way and activated her flamethrower. This was going to end badly.

"Melickielickie, how did *you* get here?" Ewwiekewwieikkie asked, as she scratched her head with her paw as she looked at her sister. "Wow. A *real* jungle!" she exclaimed, as she ran over and wrapped her arm around the tree in a big hug. She did not perceive the rancor as a danger, so she was oblivious to its presence. When El-Nay arrived and started shooting at the creature she was in awe of all the bright lights. "Wow. It's the rainbow rancor live!" she said, as she sat down to watch, clapping and giggling. The only thing she wished was that she had her giant thranta wing to eat as she watched.

The signal must have been terrible. Sierra could barely hear El-Nay over the sound of, what she supposed, was static. "El-Nay? I can't hear you. Is everything okay?" If she tuned into the HoloNet, she'd learn that everything was far from okay. While she was getting cozy in the chalet with her family, her adopted Squibs hand landed themselves into a world of trouble.

"I... I... I..." She pointed towards the sky then shrugged. Even she had no idea how she had gotten down there. The realization that this was rainbow rancor live made the small Squib scream. "Yay!!" As if she understood her sisters wants, she produced a fur-covered thranta wing from the purse. She sat on the ground, digging through Sierra's purse. "What dis?" She said, opening up Sierra's compact. She stared at herself in the tiny mirror. "Wooooahhhh." She threw the compact on the ground towards the rancor. The lights of El-Nay's blaster only briefly caught her short attention span. She continued to ravage through her mother's bag. The next object she found in the purse was lipstick. She ripped the top off of it. "Sissy! *Candy*!" She climbed up into Ewwiekewwieikkie's lap. There, she took a large bite from the lipstick. "You try," she shoved the lipstick towards her. "Nay-Nay! Hug him! Hug him!"

Nothing she did seemed to have any effect on the beast whose hide was like armor. "Uh. Sierra. Let me call you back," she pleaded, before dropping to her knee and aiming the rocket at the top of her jetpack at the creature. She launched it, being knocked aside by the force of the blast. When it impacted the rancor there was a large explosion, flame, and a column of smoke. The crowd cheered and El-Nay took a bow in victory. But it was a short-lived victory as the rancor emerged from the smoke with a loud roar. Now she had really pissed it off. The crowd screamed and everyone got out their recording devices to continue recording what had been a truly epic encounter between a Mandalorian and a rancor monster. There was nothing she could do to defeat the rancor, and so she rushed over towards the two Squibs. "We're gonna go for a ride!" she declared, as she took Melickielickie in one arm and Ewwiekewwieikkie in the other before blasting off from the bottom of the enclosure just as the monster was about to strike. As she landed she released the Squibs and turned her attention to Sierra. "Yeah ... we're at the zoo..." she said, panting heavily.

"Where you get candy? I knew SiSi was holding out," Ewwiekewwieikkie said as she attempted to bite the lipstick. "Eww. Yuck! Old lady candy is *gross*," she declared, despite the fact she was almost a decade older than Sierra. "What was that!" she said, as she rose to her feet when the missile exploded and created the giant fireball. "Best show ever!" she declared, but just as things were getting good El-Nay took her out of the enclosure. "Again! Again! More! More!" she declared, as she began hopping up and down excitedly. She would never understand how much danger she had been in.

"Bleh! Bleh!" Melickielickie spat out the lipstick. The terrible taste stopped her from going through Sierra's purse anymore. She sat, watching El-Nay battle the rancor. It was epic. It was exciting. There were flames and scary rancor noises. "*Wow*!" She pointed at the rancor. "Rainbow rancor! Rainbow rancor!" Melickielickie stopped chanting for El-Nay was soon as she saw the beast. All of her attention was on it. "Don't wanna go!" She said to El-Nay, stomping a foot on the ground. "Nonononono. Don't wanna go!" The girl flung her arms and legs out in every direction. It did not make their escape anymore graceful. Melickielickie frowned. "Bye bye rainbow rancor... I *wuv* you." She sniffed. Soon, she was on her feet outside of the enclosure. "More! More! More! More!" She chanted. Her small ears twitched. She could hear Sierra's voice through El-Nay's comm. "*Momeee*!" She squeaked. Melickielickie raced towards El-Nay and grabbed the comm. "Mommeeee! Mommeee! Nay-Nay and rainbow rancor played together!" She explained excitedly. "Pewpew pew! Boom! Pshh. *Roooarr*! *Ahhh*!" The little Squib verbally reenacted the whole scene. "*Rainbow Rancor live*! *So cool*!"

Sierra sat on the other end of the transmission listening to Melickielickie. "Hi sweetie," she said lovingly. Her youngest adopted daughter revealed that El-Nay and the rainbow rancor had 'played'. The array of wild sounds that followed didn't help Sierra understand what had happened at all. Knowing her girls, *something* had happened. She would witness that something through HoloNet videos later on. "Melickielickie, I'm glad you're having fun at the zoo. Will you go see the choreamnos for me? I love those. I love you. Me and your daddy miss you very much. Can you let me talk to Nay-Nay again?"

Underneath her helmet El-Nay Darr had a mortified look upon her young face. She was completely traumatized by what Melickielickie was telling Sierra. She was sure she was done for. "No. Don't tell her tha-" she tried to stop her, but failed, and exhaled in a deep sigh. What a disaster, she thought to herself, as she listened to the young Squib even make sound effects. When she regained the comlink she tried to sound cheerful, but it was difficult. "Uh. Hi. Sierra. So yeah ... that happened," she told her, as she brought her free hand up to the back of her neck and began to rub. She was sure she was about to get fired.

"Yeah... I'm going to need you to fill the blanks in on that one.." First the sea monster had snatched Bruce, now this? "...But not right now. Is everyone okay there? All children in one piece?" There were things that Sierra was still processing. She missed the Squibs. At the same time, she wasn't ready to return home. "...Please don't bring the rancor home. We're going to be at maximum capacity after the twins arrive." Sierra sighed, revealing to El-Nay for the first time that there would be *two* more Rodneys.

"Uh. One moment," El-Nay stammered, as she lowered herself to quickly check over Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie. They seemed alright. "Yes. Everyone is fine. Everyone is in one piece," she said, before exhaling deeply underneath her helmet. "Uh. No. I don't think the rancor is coming home," she said, as she saw the animal trainers begin to inspect the damage. "C'mon girls," she said, as she began leading them deeper into the zoo before they were interrogated while on the comm with Sierra. "Twins? Oh. 'Grats," she said to Sierra, as she moved the girls to where they could see the choremanos that Sierra had told them about. "See girls. Choreamnos!" she told them, to make it sound to Sierra like she was doing a good job.

Relief. Whatever had happened on Esseles had been taken care of. Sierra had to trust El-Nay instead of running home to look at the Squibs under a microscope. "Oh, uh, thank you." She shyly said. "I'll let you go. You probably need both hands and the attention of a platoon of Stomtroopers. Thanks, El-Nay..." With that, Sierra forced herself not to be a control freak and terminated their connection.

"What's a Choreammmm... What's one of those thingies? Callista asked as she linked hands with Melickielickie and Ewwiekewwieikkie. "I've never heard of that before. Is it cute? It is fluffy?" The little girl was so happy both of her friends were safe. She had been too scared to enter the enclosure. "Is there a pretty zoo, Nay-Nay? I wanna pet stuff." As if to demonstrate, she reached over and pet Ewwiekewwieikkie's arm. "Sooofttttt!"

"Ngh. Ngh," Ewwikewwieikkie groaned as she looked at the choreamnos in the display. "You want to pet? Okay," she declared, as she grabbed hold of Callista by the waist and lifted her over the railing into the enclosure. She was quick to climb over herself, and then helped Melickielickie as well. She ran over towards one of the choreamnos who was clinging upside down to a blasť tree. "Pet it! Pet it!" she encouraged Callista, as she smiled at the creature. "Yay! So many animals!" she declared, as she was beginning to get tired from the sensory overload.

"Weeee!" Callista climbed into the choreamnos enclosure. She stared at the strange, upside down creature. She brought her hands up to her face and giggled into them. "Silly choreamnos!" She easily succumbed to peer pressure. She inched over towards the choreamnos and began to pet it. "It's really soft, Ewwie. You pet it!" She pressed her face up against it. "*I love you*!" She squeaked.

Melickielickie had made it into the enclosure. Instead of joining the girls, she sat on the ground and began to eat what was left of their fried thranta legs. Slowly, a choreamnos approached her. It moved like a sloth. Melickielickie growled at it. "*No*! *Mine*!" She squeaked. She dug a paw into Sierra's purse. She started throwing various objects at the choreamons: a pack of tissues, a toy belonging to Bruce, another belonging to herself. "Oh no!" She scrambled after the toy. It seemed Sierra's purse was bigger on the inside.

"Oh no!" El-Nay yelled, wanting to just sit down and cry as the girls got into the choreamnos display. "Girls! Girls! Girls!" she called after them, as she climbed over the guardrail and entered the display herself. "These animals aren't for petting!" she said, as she reached down to collect all of the items from Sierra's purse that were being cast aside. "I'll take you to the petting zoo," she assured them, as she began pushing them away from the startled creatures. All she wanted to do was get them back to the estate safe and sound.

"Soft!" Ewwiekewwieikkie said as she started petting the choreamnos, happy as she could be. "Ut oh. Busted!" she said, when she saw El-Nay coming to get them. "Okay. We go pet s'more," she declared, as she started heading towards the petting zoo. "Oh my!" she yelled when she saw the petting zoo was now sponsored by Auntie Mae. The had Doug the Dewback and Brad the Bantha to ride ... and that was all that took to get her to break from the pack and started running. "Me first! Me first!" she declared, selfishly, as she jumped on the back of the young Dewback. "Yay!" she squealed, as the handler began leading her around in a circle.

"Mmphffffmm!" Callista said into the choreamnos fur. Suddenly, she withdrew her head from the animal. "*More* pets?!" El-Nay had muttered the magical words to get two Squibs and a little human girl on the move. The petting zoo was mystical and magical for Callista. She could pet *all* the animals, which happened to include two celebrities. "*Wow*!" She was staring at a large photo of Doug the Dewback. "Imma petchu." Callista sounded determined. "Uh...Uh...uh...*Choo*!" She sneezed as she made her way towards the exhibit the Dewback had been corralled off to. She watched, in jealousy, while Ewwiekewwieikkie rode on its back. "Ooooh!! I wanna go next! Me next! Me next!" She began to dance in place out of over excitement. "Achoo!" She sneezed again.

Melickielickie was, as she always was, *last*. Her little legs moved as quickly as she could to catch up. She was easily distracted by the sights and smells of the zoo. "Callie...!" She huffed and puffed outside of the Dewback corral. She waved with both of her hands towards her sister. "Hi! Ewwie! Hi!!!" Her yellow eyes were wide. So far, she'd seen a real life rainbow rancor, and now Doug the 'Dewwie', as she liked to call it. "Nay-nay.." She said, looking towards El-Nay. "You ride with me?"

"Oh no, Callista! Are you sick?!" El-Nay asked from beneath her helmet, as she watched the little refugee girl begin to sneeze. She watched as Ewwiekewwieikkie got off the dewback and Callista was being helped on. Suddenly she felt like everything was under control, but that is when she saw Melickielickie had been left out. "Yes. I'll ride with you," she said, as she reached down and picked her up. Suddenly there was blue fur all over her orange armor, but she did not mind. She held her up so she could watch Callista go on her ride.

"Okay. Me done. You go," Ewwiekewwieikkie said to Callista, as she ran over to see what was going on with the bantha. "Oh. I have one of these at home," she told the handler, as she circled about towards the ice cream vendor. "I'll have my broken uncle," she ordered, her way of ordering Deadbeat Dingleberry, named for Marcus Rodney. After a few moments everything was figured out and she had her ice cream, and another charge was placed on Sierra's credit chit. "Om nom nom," she declared, as she had no sense of how the credit chit worked, only that whenever she handed it to someone they gave her food. A very fair bargain indeed.

Callista rubbed her nose with her hand. "I'm not sick!" She declined. Callista *never* wanted to leave the zoo. She did feel really itchy. She began to scratch at her face and arms during her dewback ride. "Achoooo!" She sneezed loudly. No one was aware that Callista had a allergy to choreamnos, and slowly she was beginning to erupt with little, red bumps. "I'm so itchy!" She said as she was lifted off of the dewback. The little girl had barely paid attention to her ride.

"Weeeee!" Melickielickie suddenly gained several feet when El-Nay picked her up. She felt like she could see all across the zoo. "Nay-Nay. I wanna be tall like you!" She proclaimed happily. The Squib was excited that she wouldn't have to ride the dewback alone, and showed her appreciation by licking the visor of El-Nay's helmet. "Thankies, Nay-Nay!" Together, they were taken aboard the baby dewback. It seemed to have a difficult time handling the weight of El-Nay's armor. "So fun!" Melickielickie proclaimed. "Faster! Faster! Weeeee!" From ontop of the dewback, she spotted Ewwiekewwwieikkie eating ice cream. "Awwww. I hungry too." She frowned.

El-Nay had heard stories of her ancestors riding basilisks into battle and now here she was riding on a miniature dewback with a Squib on her lap. "This is fast enough," she told Ewwiekewwieikkie as they were led around in a circle. But then she spied Callista and her face was starting to really break out. Clearly she was having an allergic reaction, and she needed to do something quickly. Unfortunately, Doctors Tohan and Bailo were on Delaya. "Girls. You read to go home?" she asked, as Melickielickie's ride was finished. "Please say 'yes'. Please say 'yes'," she muttered to herself beneath her helmet.

"Hmm," Ewwiekewwieikkie muttered, as she began spooning more and more of the Deadbeat Dingleberry into her mouth. "Hmm," she said, as she brought her paw up to her chin and began thinking about it. "No!" she declared, as she stomped her foot on the ground. "Come on," she said, as she took hold of Melickielickie and Callista and began running towards the boat ride. "We gonna see the fishies," she said, as she climbed aboard the boat that would take them through the Aquarium. Poor El-Nay could barely keep up and she did not notice what was wrong with Callista.

No sooner had Melickielickie stepped off the back of Doug was she dragged elsewhere. She tried to steal a lick, or three, of Ewwiekewwieikkie's Deadbeat Dingleberry ice cream on the way. "Fishies? Fishes are cool!" She sat on the boat with her head hanging over its edge. "Here fishy fishy." She sang, extending a paw towards the water. As the boat began to move and Melickielickie saw more water, the water reminded her that she *really* needed to go potty. "Ohno!" She squeaked, scurrying towards El-Nay. "Nay-Nay! Nay-Nay! I gotta go potty!" The small Squib began to dance in front of her, only it wasn't an excited dance.

Callista was seated on the boat looking worse and worse. "I don't wanna pet animals anymore." She said. Her nose felt stuffy and her face felt *weird*. However, Callista was now significantly less mobile than before. She stuck close to El-Nay so the Mandalorian no longer had to chase her. "Ugh..." There was fur sticking to her face from when she had gotten up close and personal with the choreamnos. There would have been no way for her mother or father to know she was allergic to such an exotic creature.

With Melickielickie in danger of leakieleaking El-Nay began to panic, despite the safety afforded her by her orange helmet. "We'll find a potty," she promised the orphaned Squib when suddenly she took a look at Callista. "Oh no," she declared, as she picked up Melickielickie and carried her as fast as she could to the potty. "Excuse me. Lady Sierra," she pleaded over the comm, while she placed Melickielickie on the potty. "Is ... is Callista allergic to anything?" she asked, as she impatiently waited for the Squib to finish going to the bathroom so she could get back to Callista. As soon as this boat docked she was going to get them back to the estate, one way or the other. As she waited for Sierra to reply her heart was in her throat.

"I gotta go!!!!" Melickielickie added pressure to the situation. The time was counting down. Luckily, El-Nay was able to find a bathroom in time. "Thankies, Nay-Nay." She said. She could still hear Callista's sneezing from inside the bathroom. "Doug the Dewback was so cool!" Melickielickie tried to hold an awkward conversation from within the bathroom.

Sierra Rodney was seemingly *always* being interrupted during bath time. No sooner had she undressed and settled did her comm being to beep ... from across the room. She cursed as she rose up from the tub and made an uncomfortably cold sprint to grab her comm in the guest bedroom. "El-Nay?" The question that followed made her tense. "Uh, jogan fruit. I made jogan fruit cake for her once. She swelled up and had red bumps on her skin. Unless she's having a problem breathing, you can go into my bathroom. In the first aid kit, you'll find pink chewable tablets. Give her two. They smell good, so, for the love of Germanicus, do *not* let the Squibs eat them." Sierra instructed. "Is she okay? I'll come home right now..."

El-Nay was on the verge of having a complete and utter breakdown as she conversed with Sierra over the comm. "Jogan fruit ... no, I didn't give her any jogan fruit," she said, as she brought up her hand to the back of her neck. "No! Don't come home!" she said in a panic, as she closed her eyes and lowered her head. She regretted ever contacting her ... she had only made herself look more incompetent. "I'll get her the medicine," she promised, before terminating the comm and moving Melickielickie from the refresher to Callista. "Callista, we are going home to get you medicine from your Auntie Sierra," she said to Callista, before she looked around for Ewwiekewwieikkie. "Oh. Where is she now?" she asked herself, as she placed both of her hands on her hips.

Ewwiekewwieikkie had gone to the front of the boat, where she had climbed up to look at the creatures swimming in front of the ship. The sun was setting over the mountains where he estate was and the zoo would soon be closing, which meant the ship was coming into port. Excitedly she outstretched her arms and cheered. "I'm the King of the Squibs!" she screamed, at the top of her lungs, as she was the happiest she ever remembered being. This had been a good trip to the zoo and she had arranged it all by herself without her parents. She was very proud of herself and hoped they would be too, as she was completely oblivious to everything that had gone wrong.

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