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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:11) in the Brentaal system: Demon Cat.
Petrus Flosgermen, Lady Zara Rodney, and Luna Ta'em.

"Mmm..." Zara Rodney did not feel well. The lack of sleep, lack of food, and total morning sickness had put her in a bad mood ... and then there was Luna. When she awoke, she found herself in the cargo hold of a strange ship that couldn't possibly belong to her husband. Upon attempting to move, she discovered that her wrists and ankles were bound... It wasn't in the way that made her squirm either. What in the hell had happened? She missed Marcus. As her blue eyes came to focus, more confusion overcame her. She recalled the funeral and heading into the refresher. After that, her memories stopped. "Marcus..?" She called out, trying to make sense of all this madness. With a whole heck of a lot of effort, Zara sat herself up against the wall of the ship. She had no weapons. She had no way of communicating with her husband. She was *helpless*. Helpless, in fact, until Luna showed up dressed in a skin tight costume that reminded her of her own attire for her thieving heists. "Luna, why are you dressed like that?"

The short haired Ta'em was tickled with everything happening. They had recently released a ransom video over the Holonet, demanding five million credits. Threats were attached. If Marcus Rodney didn't pay up within a specific time limit, he'd be receiving his future offspring in a box, followed shortly by the body of his wife. Luna wasn't fucking around. Her hate for her sister was deep seeded. It took everything in her power to stop herself from injuring her sister before she woke up. "Because I *kidnapped* you, sister dear." She prowled towards the younger girl, squatting into a crouched position in front of her. "You think you're so good, don't you? Mommy and Daddy were always so good to you." Her hand swept through Zara's long, silver strands slowly. "Look what you've done to yourself. Tsk, tsk. You naughty little girl." Her other hand touched her sister's stomach. This time, the action made Zara furious. "Pregnant by the playboy. Tell me, did he tell you he loved you *after* you found out about the baby, or before? I gotta say, congratulations on that shotgun wedding. I dream of Petrus and I getting married like that. All. That. Attention." She roughly grasped her hair, yanking it hard.

Zara let out a whimper. She felt so stupid. She had let her sister come into her home without a second of doubt. Now she was held captive.

Petrus smiled contently as he watched one Ta'em sister torment the other ... fortunately the one he was with had the upper hand. He felt foolish for doubting her commitment to the plan as he watched her so viciously tease and paw at the defenseless teenager. He was wearing his crimson colored armor now, slowly moving behind Luna to get a better view of the defeated Zara. He wrapped his arm around Luna, moving his hand over the stomach of her tight catsuit. He pawed Luna's flesh in front Zara. "I'm sure your husband will pay for you. Unless, of course, he views this as an opportunity to rid himself of a scandalous *mistake*," he said, followed by a laugh as he sneered down at her. "Think of the loss of funds as nothing more than a donation for *our* wedding," he said, as he grabbed Luna by the next unexpectedly, and pulled her head backwards until it was on his shoulder. Once there, he had only to turn his head slightly so that he could place a passionate kiss upon her lips. He devoured Luna in front of Zara, all the while his hand moved further down from her stomach and between her thighs over the catsuit. To him Luna had become more than an accomplice on his get rich scheme ... soon she would be his wife, but that bought his future sister-in-law no mercy.

It took very little affection for Luna to crave her Demon inside of her. Her attention was split between Petrus and her little sister. She groaned at the feeling of his hand groping her through her suit. "It's true... Maybe he won't pay. I'm sure he isn't pleased with you. One mistake made two more. Woppsies..." she said, referring to the twins currently residing in Zara's belly. She released her sister's hair only so her hand could join Petrus' at her crotch. It squeezed his hand, prompting him to touch her more. "Oooh, what a wedding it will be, my love. The bride's family *is* supposed to be the one who pays, right?" She looked backwards at him with her head pressed into his shoulder. They shared a kiss, a sexual, passionate kiss in which Luna did not stop herself from shoving her tongue down his throat. A seductive moan emitted from her all the way through it. She broke it suddenly with the intention of resuming it. "Petrus, we haven't had time to properly celebrate our engagement. Can you think of a good way to do that? Maybe we'll include little sister since family is *so* important to her."

Zara was disgusted. She wanted to cry for what she had done to Marcus and their children. She wanted to cry for the way Luna played her like a damn card. She also wanted to strangle her little sister to make sure that she and the babies survived. She knew the Nerf Herder was coming for her. Her sister would be in for an unpleasant surprise when he showed up. She needed to buy time. With her head aching, she sat back. "Think what you will. Marcus will come for me."

The cage was small. It looked like they might have used it to transport a larger wolf. Zara was trapped, forced to watch her sister and her boyfriend ravage each other. It was so messed up. They were cruel about her relationship with Marcus too, cruel enough to bring tears to her eyes. She gathered her knees to her chest silently. Her eyes closed tight. She clung to the thoughts of Marcus and how warm she'd been when they slept together in the Nerf Herder the prior night. She'd rather hear the tauntauns scream over all of this. "Marcus..." She whimpered. She couldn't get herself out of this without him.

Petrus' hands tightened around Luna's hips, grabbing hold of her flesh even through the skintight catsuit that clung to her flesh. "You'll never have what *we* have," Petrus taunted Zara, as he buried his shaft up to the hilt deep inside of her big sister. His hand suddenly moved to the back of Luna's head, grabbing her by the short strands of her pixie cut. He pressed down at the back of her head, forcing her face against the bars of the cage. "Look at her," he said, as he pulled back on her head, and then thrust it against the bars. "Look at your sister, Zara," he demanded, as a rage filled every fiber of his being. He would get every credit for his captive, but he had not yet decided if he would release her.

What she had was so much better, Zara thought. Marcus had become her protector, as well as her sanity. By now, she was so far away from him. She hadn't been feeling good, and still didn't know. She began to scold herself for ever leaving him at the funeral. If she'd thrown up, people would have understood. Everyone knew about the twins. Her eyes shut tighter the first time Petrus slammed her sister's head against the hard, thick bars. The second time, blood splattered from Luna's face all over Zara. It seemed like Luna's old wounds had opened up and additional ones were beginning to form. Her baby blues opened up. She looked shocked and horrified. "Stop it! You're hurting her!" She screamed at the man. "Stop!" Her face had turned red. She was not a happy woman.

Luna laughed and laughed and laughed. She loved Petrus more with every word that came out of his mouth. "Oh my god! I can't wait to fucking marry you." She said the first time her aching face collided with the bars. Her lip split, bleeding down her chin. The second time, she purposely spit her blood all over her sister. "*Look at me*!" She yelled. Like Petrus, she wasn't sure if she'd be returning Zara at all. She certainly wasn't going to be in tip-top shape. "Harder, Petrus!" As he thrust forward, Luna used his momentum to slam herself into the bars. Her forehead had begun to bleed now.

Petrus dropped Luna's broken, freshly fucked body on top of Zara's cage. "You two could use some time to yourselves," he said, as he backed away from them, exhausted. He made his way over towards the HoloNet terminal to see how the 'Zaranapping' was playing on the HoloNet. Perhaps they asked for too little, he thought to himself, as he sat there in the darkness, collecting himself, as he basked in the light of the HoloNet drama he and Luna had authored.

Her exhausted body fell on top of the cage where her sister was stuck. The last of their love making continued to drip from her into the cage. She smiled she wore was so authentic. Luna wasn't innocent. Luna was a naughty girl who found a man who lit her fire. She lay, breathing heavily on top of her sister's cage. She needed a little rest.

The younger sister was horrified by what had happened. Zara shivered and shook in her cage like an abused animal. A puddle of liquids was beginning to form at the bottom of her cage, causing her to scurry towards another corner. Her eyes slammed shut. She whimpered for her husband to come save her.

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