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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:2:4) in the Squab system: Skor II (Metrobig City).
Kiran Chasta (death), Raeni Corliss, Ryssa Rodan (death), Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus), and Kaul Varsin (death).

Germanicus Rodney had brought Raeni to Metrobig City, capital of Skor II ... the Squib homeworld. It was here that he had decided to give her his next lesson, to test how she would react upon first meeting the Jedi. In front of him lay countless dead Squibs. There was blue fur everywhere and large fires were raging. He was determined to make a large enough disturbance that the Republic would be forced to send a Jedi to investigate. Having his full of violence for the time being, he was at rest, kneeling on the ground as he concentrated on the world around him. He could feel the fear of the Squibs who had fled the scene, as well as the anger of those who had lost loved ones. It gave him strength. It gave him power. They would come for him soon, and he was determined to be ready, but he wondered whether the same could be said for Raeni.

Raeni Corliss had no idea how trying of a day she was about to have. She arrived on Skor II with Germanicus feeling antsy. They had been spending a lot of time within the chalet. She began to hunger for action. Little did she know, she was soon to be stuffed full with it. Ever the good pupil, Raeni watched him work. The Squibs were powerless to what had come. Germanicus had slayed them with no effort. He wasn't the only one feasting off of the fear which filled the air. The wreckage reminded her of her own moment of glory. She closed her eyes, breathing in slowly. She felt stronger than she had in some time. Her eyes opened as she felt something different through the Force. The hair on the back of her neck stood up as she tensed. What was it? It was like Germanicus but not *really*. Raeni was about to meet Jedi for the very first time.

"They will come for you soon. Then you must show them what you are capable of," Germanicus said, as he could already sense their arrival within the system. "If you survive you will proven yourself worthy of being called Sith, and should you disarm them you will have the tools to become even more powerful," he said, as he pulled his hood over his head and shoulders. He knew not what would come, or what to expect, but he needed to test her before daring to confront his master. And, should the Jedi eliminate her, he could alway return to his master's fold without him having a suitable replacement for him. No matter what happened here on Skor II he had set himself out to be the true winner. With that statement he stepped in the shadows and disappeared, content to watch from afar. After all, should the Jedi spot him and survive he could not hope to effectively govern a system within the Republic like Alderaan.

Wait..! He wasn't going to arm her before putting her against Jedi? Raeni felt just as she had when he first 'tested' her by nearly drowning her. Now she was drowning without water. She could not say a world before he had disappeared. The young woman sighed. It seemed like her master was more pleased with attempting to get her killed than actually training her. As Raeni looked up into the smoky skies, she relaxed herself. She cleared her mind and opened her body up to all the fear around her. She was going to need every tool to get through yet another one of Germanicus' trials.

Kiran Chasta had sensed despair beyond what he was able to ignore. As he traveled through the Squab system with his two apprentices on the way back to Coruscant, he found himself rapidly changing course. His fingers scratched at his beard. "Change of plans. It seems someone is harassing the Squib on Skor II. Let us land and investigate." He slammed his fist down on the ship's controls. What terrible Sith would do such a thing? As the ship landed in Metrobig City, the Jedi Master Chasta witnessed a disturbing sight. Blue furred bodies littered the streets. He could sense anxiety and discomfort all around him. A curious young Squib stared at the sleek, shiny ship as it descended into the city then ran out to begin scratching at it. He looked behind him at his two apprentices; Ryssa Rodan and Kaul Varsin. "Be careful. Show no fear in front of the monster who has done this. Show no mercy, for this Sith will not." With that, the man exited his craft. He ran down the ramp, igniting his lightsaber along the way. He could sense the presence of a force user, but he had yet to find who it belonged to. He made his way further into the city. Despite his outward appearance, even he was disturbed by someone who would do this to Squibs.

Kaul Varsin, a teenage human male, followed behind Master Chasta cautiously. He had never seen the devastation that had unfolded in front of him on Skor II before. He knelt down next to one of the bodies and placed his hand upon it, confirming that the poor, unfortunate soul was dead. "Who could have done this?" he asked, as he began to feel unnerved. He felt cold ... it was the sensation of fear. As he looked to Ryssa he felt even more concerned, as he did not want anything to happen to her. It was dangerous to pair two hormonally charged teenagers as had been done, and dropping them into combat like this was bound to create unpredictability. He swallowed nervously, removing the hilt of his lightsaber from his belt, and igniting the shimmering blue blade in front of him with a *snap-hiss*. He held the blade in front of his fight, briefly illuminating it among the darkness.

Ryssa Rodan could not help feeling overwhelmed by sadness for all those who had been senselessly murdered. There were small, young Squib amongst the carnage. The Twi'lek was massively disturbed by what she saw. Though she had spent time out in the field before, she had never seen such a gruesome sight. Master Chasta was much better at keeping a level head than she was. As she drew her lightsaber and lit it, she noticed that her hand was shaking uncontrollably. She tried to settle herself. "A Sith." She said, observing the burn marks on a Squib that almost certainly came from a lightsaber. She nervously walked slowly, thus placing more and more distance between her and Kaul. She, too, worried for him. Their time as apprentices under Master Chasta had many unexpected developments. Her eyes spotted the form of a small Squib moving underneath a mass of rubble. She parted from the other two Jedi to investigate by herself. "It's going to be okay now." She said to the little one, concentrating herself on lifting the rubble with the Force.

The apprentice had been watching. Raeni was a silent stalker. She investigated what she was working with: three Jedi. A master and his two apprentices. She could sense the fear playing off of both of them. It only made logical sense to pick them off first before directly attacking the master. Using the Force, she made it appear as if the young, dead Squib in the rubble was alive. Playing off of the sensitive female Jedi, she successfully forced the Twi'lek to go off on her own. As soon as the woman was preoccupied attempting to lift tons of garbage-like rubble, Raeni struck. She used the Force to guide a fallen narrow metal pillar from the ground near the Twi'lek straight through her back. It emerged through her stomach, impaling her and nearly instantly killing her. Pain and suffering filled Raeni's senses. She instantly felt stronger by killing one. Summoning the girl's lightsaber to her hand, Raeni grasped it. She made herself apparent to the male apprentice, who would surely lose his mind to see the pretty young Twi'lek killed in such a violent fashion.

"Ryssa!" Kaul cried out as he felt a disturbance in the force that severed his link permanently to the other apprentice. He fell to his knees in agony, tears were already forming in his eyes, as he struggled to cope with the loss of one whom he shared an unlawful bond with. His free hand clenched the ashen soil of Skor II, before he rose from the ground with a renewed sense of anger. He surged forward to where he had last felt Ryssa, and upon seeing her impaled body he let out an uncontrollable scream from deep within him. In that moment he gave into his anger, reaching for the dark side, as he brought his lightsaber out in front of him in an aggressive stance. "Show yourself!" he screamed, as he tried to sense her, but he was so conflicted with emotions he could not feel a thing.

She took a deep breath in. Killing the female first had worked out infinitely better than she could ever have imagined. As she disappeared to the force sensitive people, Raeni tasted despair unlike any other. The male apprentice provided a buffet for her powers to feast on. On his knees, Kaul made Raeni a much more powerful opponent. She watched him from the shadows, allowing his despair to play out. Surely the boy had never experienced anything like what had just happened. His body was filling up with anger. In it, he lost his vision. Raeni revealed herself to the boy. Even under her hood, her piercing blue eyes were noticeable. They were colder than the environment on Hoth. "You'll be with her soon." Raeni said softly. The blue lightsaber cast a glow over her face. It illuminated her pale flesh briefly as she lazily awaited for him to come at her. When he did, blind as a damn fool, it took no effort to dodge him.

Instead of killing him in the same manner which she did Ryssa, she decided to put her new toy to use. She enhanced her speed and shot towards him. Just before she attacked him, she dropped down into a deep squat and thrust the blade of her lightsaber diagonally through his body from his crotch crossing to his shoulder. At that point, Raeni was on fire. Her body temperature had shifted. The dark side was going wild inside of her. There was so much hate inside of her. Plucking the boy's lightsaber from the ground, she placed it on her belt.

Master Kiran Chasta was drawn back to his apprentice the very moment he felt Ryssa's death. "Kaul! Do not give in to the dark side!" He yelled towards the boy, but he didn't care. Kiran tried to stop him. He ran back in the same direction that Kaul had. Though only mere seconds behind his apprentice, he was far too late. The broken body of Ryssa hung limply from where she had been crucified. Kaul was cut in two. The female Sith who was responsible for all of this still remained. She held what he recognized to be Ryssa's weapon. "No..." Even he felt despair as he had come to care for his apprentices. They were both dead now. "I will avenge them!" He cried out, charging towards Raeni.

The two fought. Master Chasta was infinitely more suited for combat with her than Ryssa and Kaul. Raeni found herself having to work hard to keep him from killing her. She relied heavily upon the Force to ready herself for his next moves. Master Chasta had advantages over her. He was much bigger and much stronger. When he flung his lightsaber downward, it was hard to block. She was seared once through her pants. His lightsaber grazed along her leg, causing an intense pain to shoot up the rest of her body. She realized that she needed to end the battle soon. The more tired she became, the more injured she would find herself. Germanicus wasn't going to save her. Not now. Not ever.

Raeni baited the Jedi Master. She made herself appear much more worn that she was; breathing heavy, her small frame moving dramatically with each breath. She took recovery on what looked to be a very large, shiny hubcap in between two destroying buildings. She waited for him to come after her. When he did, the Sith girl shot herself into the sky with a convenient burst of force energy. She looked down at the buildings, summoning her strength to crash them together to kill the Jedi Master. As the buildings collided with his body, shiny bits of trash flew from them. The Jedi Master was dead yet Raeni wasn't done. Upon landing on the ground, Raeni opened up her small hand. Several seconds later, the master's lightsaber settled in her palm. She placed it at her other hip before extinguishing the blade of her current lightsaber. "How's that, Master?!" She yelled out into the city. "Is that good enough for you!?"

From the shadows the sound of clapping emerged. It was slow at first, but soon grew more intense, traveling through the battered structures and echoing to create the impression an entire audience was clapping. Finally he stepped forward, revealing he had been near all along. "Now they will fear you," he said calmly, as he began walking towards his starfighter. "You are armed now," he explained to her, stating the obviously, as he coolly stepped over the dead Squibs on his way back to the ship. "The two children you killed were nothing. Simply a resource for you to draw upon and build your arsenal," he said, as he neared the ship, still not having turned his face to acknowledge her directly. He knew that by using her in such a way the Jedi would be drawn to her, while simultaneously ignoring him. It would allow him to move forward with his schemes without their unwanted and meddlesome attention. "You did well to kill the master," he added, slowly turning to her, in the most basic of compliments. In time, now that she had a lightsaber, she could be taught to confront his master. They had made another step forward in her training, and in his plot to become Dark Lord of the Sith. But as he watched her walking through the fire still enraged from her fight with the Jedi he wondered how long he would hold the title before being replaced by the Dark Lady of the Sith. He knew that he was training his replacement, and in that moment he began to fear her.

Sweat rolled down her body beneath her layers of clothing. It would take some time before Raeni fully cooled off from her fight against the Jedi. She was pleased with herself, for he had placed before her an impossible task which she completed. Silently, she began following along after him towards the starfighter. She didn't feel conflicted about what she had done. The more Jedi she killed, the better. His light praise still felt good on her growing confidence. "I wasn't going to let him survive." She commented, placing the third lightsaber at her belt. Raeni now had begun a new collection. Settling into the starfighter, Raeni was oblivious where her path would take her. She didn't realize that eventually she would need to kill Germanicus to continue growing. She crossed one leg over the other, frowning as she ran her hand over her seared outer thigh. "Dammit." She cursed. There was still so much to learn. It seemed like her capabilities were endless as long as Germanicus showed her how to unlock more power. She sighed, sitting back. She was ready to go home.

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