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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:22) in the Y'toub system: Adventurer and Nal Hutta (Derba the Hutt's palace).
El-Nay Darr, Derba the Hutt, and Dimona Xirie Nuebla.

Derba the Hutt had enjoyed an unrivaled three months of prosperous fortune due to his acquisition of the services of one Dimona Xirie Nuebla. His palace on the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta was now filled with vast treasures and priceless baubles from throughout the known galaxy that the young thief had acquired for him effortlessly. Anything his vile heart wanted, she had managed to deliver on a silver platter. "Ho ho ho ho," he laughed, as his small arms moved up and down excitedly. The hunter would soon arrive with the latest object of his affection ... a valuable, ornate egg that was nearly a millennia old that he *had* to possess. What did it matter if it just so happened to belong to his uncle? The Hutts were a race of scoundrels and could not be trusted ... one's family should almost come to expect it.

It would not be long until the sound of the distant engine blasts could be heard from Dimona's personal aircraft, The Adventurer, a Kazellis-class light freighter that she so lovingly outfitted with the most illegal weapons and equipment imaginable. She spared no expense in its furnishings for she did not have much else to spend her quickly amassing wealth on. The money was not even her concern, it was the excitement that drove her to the most dangerous missions she could find. How lucky for her she fell into the best arrangement ever! The Bounty Hunter turned tomb robber and esteemed thief now found herself constantly employed by various members of a single Hutt family ... and they actually fought eagerly for her services ... it sometimes got bloody. Oh well! She did not mind the attention, it only proved that the missions would become more and more outlandishly perilous. After a few moments of anticipation, Dimona would fling open the huge double doors leading into the Hutt's chambers triumphantly with her cherished little black mouse droid beeping in tow. Guards had been for a second alarmed but then quickly realized who it was and instantly relaxed, even throwing Dimona a couple of high-fives. She was here all the time, everyone was on a first name basis ... she could babysit their kids if she wanted. "Derba!!! Luv!" Dimona exclaimed loudly while opening her arms wide in welcome and adoration before approaching the Hutt for a rather informal hug. "You look fantastic! But I think you will look even better when I show you something! I have a present, want to see?" A lavish grin was plastered across her face, although a bit devilishly. "That egg you wanted? I totally stole it from your Uncle! He is going to be so pissed, I can't wait!" Little Peep the mouse droid rolled in front of Dimona then opened its hatch to expose the small ornate egg. Gently the woman lifted it to present it in all its beauty to the Hutt.

The Hutt's large orange eyes opened wide as he saw the egg lifted from the mouse droid. "Ho ho ho ho. Ho ho ho ho," he laughed repeatedly, feeling quite excited by his newly acquired prize. The protocol droid that was with him began the process of translating the Hutt's native tongue into Basic that the hunter could more easily understand. "You have done well, Dimona," the Hutt spoke, first in Huttese, before the droid would translate. "You have gone to great lengths to fill my palace with the greatest treasures in the galaxy," he continued, boastfully, as the droid repeated in a rather nondescript tone. "You have never disappointed me. How may I reward you?" he said, before his hand reached into a bowl to snatch a living aquatic creature. Before he said anymore he placed it, still alive, inside of his mouth and consumed it in one bite. A small, foul smelling burp escaped his lips as the creature died inside of his grotesque maw. Before the celebratory feast could commence, the droid reported that his uncle was incessantly calling, angrily demanding the return of his stolen egg. "The mighty Derba's uncle wishes us to inform you that he is quite angry that Derba hired you to steal his prized egg. He also wishes us to remind you that he is hosting a dinner party that he wishes you to attend ... but wishes me to point out that Derba is no longer welcome," the droid added, as he relayed a message per his master's instructions, before being slammed in the chest by the annoyed junior Hutt.

"Derba, you know that I keep telling you that it isn't about the money for me!" She flashed a bright smile at the Hutt before scooping up her beloved mouse droid and playfully rolling a wheel with her fingers, causing Peep to whistle and tweet happily. "And I only ask that I am welcome in your beautiful home... someday I might need to hide for a bit." There was a wink to the much larger creature as she gently bumped an elbow into the rather soft squishy side of Derba to emphasis that she probably will be running from someone or something eventually. The fortune hunter was delightfully surprised to hear that Derba's uncle was already complaining about the heist and that she was still invited to the dinner party! "Oh! Well that is incredibly generous! Please inform him that I would be delighted and I am currently now available for a new contract if he is so inclined." That dinner party was actually today she remembered... and if she was going to show up on time, she needed to make her way out. "Derba, we will keep in touch. And don't worry too much about your Uncle, he will forget about all of this when I bring him his next obsession." She bowed respectfully to the Hutt before carrying her droid out of the great hall, heading back towards her docked ship.

Derba was no longer in a good humor ... not only was he disinvited from uncle's dinner party, but Dimona was already departing. "Wait. When will I see you again?" he asked, through his droid translator, but by the time she droid had translated the thief was already gone. "You incompetent droid. You translated too slow, and now she's gone!" he yelled at the protocol droid, as his anger built within him. He swung his stubby arm at the droid, sending him flying to the ground, where he broke into countless pieces. The Hutt crime lord's anger had momentarily been satiated through the destruction of the droid, but the absence in his heart that he felt when Dimona was away only grew deeper.

El-Nay Darr had no trouble tracking Dimona to Nal Hutta. While she was loathsome to work for the Empire again following the ordeals of the last two encounters, she nevertheless could not turn down a chance to go after the woman who had upstaged her in front of the Nerf Herder. Revenge was always the prime motivator for an individual in her line of work. The targeting scanner was down over the T-shaped visor of her distinct Mandalorian helmet where she watched from a distance as the woman departed the Hutt palace. Once she was safely away from the structure, El-Nay activated her jetpack and began soaring towards Dimona at breakneck speed. The young Mandalorian wannabe was wearing her distinct suit of Clone Wars-era armor, repainted in a bright shade of orange the signified her lust for life. It was poorly suited for a combat engagement, but it allowed other Mandalorians to identify her walk in life. As she neared her target, she flew directly into her, knocking her roughly to the ground. She then cut out the power to her jetpack and landed, roughly, on her feet a few meters from Dimona. "Bam! Bitch goes down!" she cheered from beneath her helmet, as she stood over the fellow hunter, feeling quite confident. She had swagger, but not skill, and she thought the fight was already over before it began, and therefore her guard was down.

Dimona was absolutely only thinking about making it to the dinner party on time, not at all expecting to get completely smashed by a surprise attack from her rival El-Nay. Though rival was too kind ... more like hopeless piece of shit that *thought* she could take down the fortune hunter. That initial bash to Dimona's frame was very convincing, the energetic collision was more than enough to hurtle the woman many meters through the air. The initial strength of that severe contact immediately dislodged the mouse droid from her arms and he also went soaring through the air, tumbling end over end while screeching in code until he shattered into a dozen pieces onto the jagged ground. Dimona landed into a pile of unsightly rocks, nearly crumbling everything into bits and she disappeared within the ruble from sight as debris continued to pile onto the location. There was no other movement for the longest time ... and it was rather likely that single strike had enough impact to severely damage the woman.

"Heh heh heh," El-Nay chuckled beneath her helmet, as she watched Dimona seemingly descend into oblivion. Now they were even, or so she thought. As she was celebrating it slowly dawned on her that the mission was to *capture* Dimona ... not *kill* her, and therefore she had inadvertently failed her mission by overzealously going after the target. "Uh. Dim ... you okay down there?" she asked, as she took a couple of hesitant steps forward, hoping what was left of her would last long enough to answer the Empire's questions. Stupidly, she moved her hands to the side of her helmet, lifting it off to reveal the young woman that lay beneath. Her skin was soft and unmarked by the hardships of her culture and occupation, but her brown hair was styled in a rather unique fashion. It had been dyed blonde and cut short at the top, combed to one side in unwieldy fashion, but both sides were shaved betraying the brown roots that lay beneath. "Dim! You can come out now!" she said, hoping she were still alive, as she crept up to the area where she had disappeared to get a better look into what happened.

Dimona got knocked pretty damn good but she was still alive under there, and in fact, still conscious and biding her time. She figured El-Nay would be an idiot like always and approach the debris pile out of curiosity or concern. What a moron and thus the former Bounty Hunter did not have to wait long to spring her opportunity. Her rival moved in a bit too close and quickly would she regret that mistake as a hand popped out of the pile and clutched her ankle. With a swift movement, Nuebla yanked harshly upon her prize as she emerged from the crumbled rocks in a fluid motion, this would no doubt send El-Nay sprawling hard on her back. Sand and dirt slid off of Dimona's patchwork armorweave attire, now completely covered in filth and in no position to be attending a Hutt dinner party. "You're alive!? How durable of you! That's fine, now I get to beat your stupid ass again. More fun for me!" She exclaimed with a cheerful laugh before suddenly realizing her mouse droid was no where near. She frantically looked around until brown eyes fell upon the shattered remains of Peep whose metal and duraplast carcass was strewn about the place in dozens of pieces. Oh no ... now she was ... kinda pissed. "Well, the good news is ... I'm going to enjoy this more than I thought!"

"Wha..!" El-Nay exclaimed, as she was upended suddenly by the still very much alive Dimona. She impacted on her back harshly, causing sparks to fly from her now disabled JT-12 jetpack ... the thief would pay for that. The back of her head, now exposed from the removed helmet, hit the ground hard, concussing her. "You bitch!" a dazed El-Nay cursed, while still laying on her back, rolling from side to side to get back onto her feet. She raised her right arm towards Dimona and quickly activated the button that unleashed a column of flame at the rival thief. "Can you take the heat?" she queried, like a cheap HoloNet action star. A smirk curled upon those young lips as she watched her wrist mounted flamethrower fire in the direction of Dimona. She realized she was risking burning the woman alive and failing her mission, but her lust for revenge clouded her judgment and was causing her to make a series of errors in judgment.

Dimona was still trying to recover from that immense tackle she survived or she would have gone on the offensive sooner. She was playing it tough, but the fortune hunter had sustained some internal bruising, It was not enough to keep her from the fight though, she was just proficient in hiding the extent of her injuries to her foes. There was definitely a lag in her reaction time as El-Nay activated the hidden flamethrower in her arm. Eyes went wide with surprise and also ... excitement as flames burst forth towards her direction. "Oh goodness!" Thank the stars her tattered and filthy armor weave was still intact enough to take a few seconds of sustained blaze before she skittered away quickly and vanished behind a boulder. Though not horribly burned, the smell of burning linen, flesh and hair was evident ... and it was not terribly pleasant. This whole area was covered in huge natural structures, quite the becoming atmosphere for a duel to the death. Luckily for Dimona, she traversed this area often and knew the layout of the land. This gave her quite the homefield advantage even though things were looking a bit dire at the moment. El-Nay surely had technology and gadgets at her disposal, but Dimona was quite unpredictable in her approach to scrapping. "Hey darling! Up here!" The thief was perched on a boulder with another boulder perched on top of it ... and it was now rolling right off and falling towards the once unsuspecting orange clad Bounty Hunter.

As the flamethrower ran out of fuel, El-Nay repositioned her to get a better look at Dimona as she climbing atop a nearby outcropping. She raised her left arm, where she planned to shoot out a cable that would wrap around Dimona, but before she could fire the boulder was sent in her direction. "Nice try, sweetie!" she said, as she activated her jetpack to fly out of the way of the boulder, with a confident grin plastered on her young, naive face. Only the jetpack had been damaged in Dimona's first strike and nothing but sparks emanated from the unit. Suddenly, the look of confidence on El-Nay's face eroded like the rocky surface near them, and she was unable to dodge the boulder that struck her. "Oof" she groaned, as the speeder-sized boulder collided with her, pinning her legs beneath. "Ahhhhhhh!" she screamed in a horrific groan of pain as the Mandalorian iron struggled with the immensity of the rock, which nearly crushed both of her legs. The screams of pain were unbearable, and she struggled with all of her might to save her legs, but she was only make it worse. The tears began to flow from each of her eyes as she placed both of her hands on the rock, trying in vain to leverage her way out, but she was simply not strong enough. She began to feel dizzy, and then lightheaded. The terrain in front of her was suddenly spinning out of control. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she fell backwards, losing consciousness. She had lost to Dimona ... again.

If Dimona was perfectly honest with herself, she knew that jetpack had been damaged ... and that El-Nay would rely on such faulty hardware like she always did... and then would be crushed by the boulder. Did that make her a bad person? Hrm... nah! There was a part of her that was happy El-Nay was not dead at least. The bandit dropped down from where she had witnessed the grandiose defeat to survey the damage at a closer range. "Yesh ... hun, that is no good." She shook her head with mild disgust ... this was a bit unsightly. Even though the armor contained any possible gory damage from her eyes, she could only imagine what it looked like inside. Well ... she did feel somewhat responsible and thus couldn't leave her would-be rival here to die, even though she did last time. And it all worked out anyway! With a bit of strength, Dimona managed to roll the massive boulder enough so that it freed up the Bounty Hunter's legs... but there was a sickening crunching sound as she did so. "Well, it appears as if the bones in your legs are as shattered as my poor mouse droid, so I think this is all fair." Said to an obviously unconscious woman who couldn't possibly hear her.

Hours went by before the young Mandalorian awoke aboard Dimona's transport in hyperspace. The first thing she felt was pain ... intense pain beginning at her legs and radiating throughout her entire body. The second thing she felt was cold ... she had been stripped of her armor, which was a fate worse than any pain that could be inflicted upon her. "Hey!" she screamed at the top of her lungs once she realized what had happened to her. She attempted to move, but she found that she was tied down to, of all things, a dining room table. What kind of sick dining room had she found herself in, she wondered, as she turned her head from side to side to get a better look at her surroundings. The only thing that covered her young flesh were basic athletic wrappings in a shade of off white that covered all of her parts that were best not seen by strangers. "Uh. Dim?" she called out, hoping it was her who had it, and not the Imperial handlers she had apparently failed.

After a few minutes of silence, Dimona emerged from an adjacent room with an awkwardly patched up mouse droid that certainly looked like it would explode if you attempted to reactivate it. The woman presented the delopitated Peep to El-Nay as if she were a very proud kid completing a science project and showing it off. "What do you think?! You would be amazed what some adhesive would do." It was literally the broken pieces of the droid glued together in a messy and sloppy attempt at restoring it to working condition. "Let's see what happens!" And with that the miserable and pathetic looking droid was placed upon the ground and switched on. Dimona jumped back quickly as if it may be a bomb and was rewarded with brilliant sparks that shot out of every crack and crevice until the whole thing actually did explode. Pieces once again flying in all directions, the second time Peep was massacred today. "Needs work, but I'm confident that I can fix him. I made great progress!" Only an insane person would think this. "Now ... let's have a little ... girl chat." Dimona pulled up a chair that matched her dining room set, in fact there were four chairs as you would expect. There was an odd sort of gleam in her eyes, and bit of gleeful diabolic evil sparked just a bit. "You know, I never had a set of Mandalorian armor before. Do you think orange will look good on me? Say yes." A wild grin was instantly plastered all over her face as she giggled with enticed excitement.

El-Nay looked up at Dimona angrily, a deep seated bitterness formed in her delicate facial features, which were accentuated by her piercing blue eyes. If looks could kill, then she had just delivered a death blow. "That armor does *not* belong to you. You have no right to wear it. My mother forged that armor before I was born on Mandalore. She wore it with honor during the civil war on Mandalore. I honor it by wearing it. You disgrace her by even touching it," she said, the anger spilling from her mouth with each word. "I demand you release me and return what is mine," she said, continuing to stare at her with vicious intent. "First you stole my man. Then you stole my bounty. Now you're stealing my mother's armor?" she asked, going over their complicated past from her point of view. She exhaled a deep sigh before letting her head fall back upon the dining table. "Ow," she said, as her bruised noggin collided with the hard wood of the table ... she had forgotten about that injury with all that was going on.

"Oh I understand hun. I'm all take and take and take from you, and I am never give! Well, I'm feeling *really* generous today, so I want to give you the opportunity of getting your armor back. I already tried it on anyway and I just don't like it that much." Dimona disappeared into the other room once again before returning with the two pieces of leg armor that were totally crushed, displaying them to El-Nay and tossing them towards the table where they clanged underneath. "You see, those pieces are totally broken, now they don't match the full set." Dimona pulled from the room another piece of armor, this time a shoulder part and ... a huge sledgehammer. "I kinda want them all to match now." Said with a dark grin as she dropped the shoulder piece before her and began readying the very large and imposing sledgehammer. "I'm kinda obsessed about making stuff match ... but you may be able to change my mind if you kindly tell me ... what is going on. Would you do that deary?" A small smile turned rather wicked as a low chuckle began. "I so miss our girl nights out."

"Mandalorian iron may bend, but never breaks. I can fix the armor," El-Nay informed Dimona, as she watched in horror as it was tossed aside so carelessly. It meant everything to her, but seemingly nothing to anyone else. Her hands tightened into fists, and she struggled mightily to escape her captivity, but the restraints would not budge. When Dimona returned with more of her armor and the sledgehammer, her heart sunk, and all of the color retreated from her face. "What are you doing?! No! Stop!" she said in a frenzied panic, rocking from side to side under the force of the restraints. "It was Jabba the Hutt ... he wanted his lamp back," she told the fellow hunter, but when she saw that she was not believed she finally relented. "Okay. Okay. Okay," she said, as she pleaded with her, as she tried to descalate the situation. "Look do you remember three months ago when we were on that Star Destroyer?" she began, realizing that she would be in deep, deep shit for revealing this to Dimona. She would worry about the implications later ... right now her concern was the armor. "Well that bitch of an Inquisitor who crushed me with the door had some lackey hire me to go get you. It was tough at first, but then I decided I'd go with the door crusher over the man stealing, bounty stealing, throwing me out of the shipper," she said, honestly, as her eyes focused on the remaining pieces of the armor. "Okay. That's the truth. Now, please. Give me back the armor," she said, begging now, as she looked as helpless as ever.

As Dimona listened to the explanation, her own memory was indeed jogged back to three months ago. She remembered witnessing the incredible near dismantling of her would-be rival by a female Inquisitor and remembered being completely enthralled. "Well ... shit hun! Why didn't you just lead with that? Could have saved you a lot of pain and humiliation." She laughed outlandishly before dropping the hammer and armor piece to the ground. It did not even matter that El-Nay almost killed her or that she was wanted by the Inquisitorius, in fact, that was the best part. "I guess I'm kinda hard to get in contact with, yeah? I should have just left my damn comm unit number. Give me the coordinates of the drop off point." And there could be no mistake on what Dimona was requesting, she wanted to know where El-Nay was supposed to turn *her* in. An unwarranted enthusiasm was building ... Dimona found this whole situation absolutely enticing in the worst sort of way, an uncanny desire burning in her eyes. She had totally forgot about that Hutt dinner party, and even if she remembered about it, she could not care less ... there were far more incredible adventures to be had with this new bit of information.

El-Nay furrowed her brow when she heard Dimona ask for the rendezvous coordinates. "You're ... you're going to go there?" she asked, sounding a bit confused, as she arched an eyebrow up at the obviously crazy woman. "Well. In that case, can I deliver you? I kind of need the money," she admitted, as the situation went from life threatening to comedic in mere moments. "So you gonna let me out of these restraints? I'll be nice," she pleaded with her jailor, winking at the woman with the hope that this ordeal would soon be over. This was going to be *the last time ... the last time ... she ever took a job from the Empire.

As soon as El-Nay suggested she could deliver Dimona, the thief broke out in near hysterical laughter so much so that she had to take a few minutes to regain herself and wipe some tears from her eyes. "Oh gosh, that was hilarious... Like hell you will." She managed to choke out between laughs that turned into a bit of coughing as she winced and held her side. She had still not recovered from her own ordeal. Both of the woman took some significant damage. Dimona stood up from the chair and began to loom dangerously over the bound Bounty Hunter. "You see, I would be far more concerned if you even survive this, because you are not exactly going to arrive in very good condition." Said darkly as the sledgehammer was picked back up into her hands. Even though Dimona's demeanor during the majority of this was more gleeful than sinister, she was extremely upset about the death of her beloved mouse droid, and was going to take it out on the unfortunate El-Nay... Perhaps that woman will finally realize that Dimona might be a tad bit out of her league. "Now ... which arm is your dominate arm?"

"My ... what?" El-Nay asked, looking up at her with a blank expression. Her eyes trailed down towards the sledgehammer, causing her to gasp suddenly with a sharp intake of air when she suddenly saw it. "What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?" she asked, as a severe panic suddenly overcame her. She did her best to pull away from the oncoming woman, but the restraints made it impossible to get more than a few millimeters further from him. "Dim ... Dimona ... listen ... you don't have to do this. You really don't have to do this. I'll go away. I'll never bother you again," she said, as the tears began to come. They were flowing one of the great mountain waterfalls of Corellian where she spent her youth and adolescence. She was rocking side to side in a last ditch effort to try and flip the dining table, but alas, it was made of an incredibly sturdy wood and expertly built to the point where her light weight did not even jostle it. "Ahhhhh!" she screamed as loud as she could, resigned to the fact that this *was* going to happen and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Looks like I have to guess then... Hope you are not a lefty." There was not even a pause for consideration for mercy or anything even remotely human. It had been replaced with an intense delighted gleam in those eyes. There was certainly something not right here. El-Nay never knew Dimona to be so brutal, and if only she recognized the cause from previous encounters with the woman, she might, just maybe, have been able to avoid such a fate. Dimona tested the weight of the sledgehammer in her hands, balancing it properly before centering her attention on the task at hand. Brown eyes began to dilate due to an intense pleasure brought on by adrenaline that was rushing through her veins with an ever increasing heart rate. "You see ... hun... El-Nay dear, I *really* enjoy it when things are exciting." The unfortunate truth was that Dimona was a severe addict, and her addiction was her own adrenaline. Despite her cruel actions, Dimona was not motivated to inflict pain, but by receiving a rush, no matter the cause or origin. With that reveal, she brought the hammer down hard over the upper left arm and was greeted with a resounding and grotesque snap.

Although it had been said, in space no one can hear you scream, the noise that came out of El-Nay Darr's voice when the sledgehammer connected with her arm surely made its way through at least three systems. Long after the scream was over her face remained frozen in place, her face still as if locked. The bone in her arm shattered instantly, but did not break the skin, but instead a grotesquely colored swelling appeared, with the real damage lurking beneath. After considerable time, her head fell back upon the table, and she stared up at the ceiling, focusing on one light in an attempt to focus away the pain. "Just kill me. Get it over with," she pleaded, turning her head away from the woman in utter defeat. What was worse to her was, before her body had broken, her spirit had cracked and she revealed everything. Now it was revealed that she told her everything for nothing. She could have maintained her armor, and kept her secrets, and still only suffered the same fate she was facing now.

The hammer was discarded to the side to clang noisily upon durasteel, fully satisfied that it had performed its duties properly. Perhaps a bit harsh, but honestly, sometimes some people just needed to learn the hard way because they are so dense. At this moment, Nuebla was fully enamored by adrenaline and her breathing came in soft ragged bursts. As she leaned in towards the broken visage of El-Nay, her hot breath cascaded over her neck. She whispered gently to the other's ear. "I am never to find you following me again..." She paused but for a moment in contemplation. "...unless you are fully prepared for the consequences." Dimona would never deny someone the opportunity to perhaps make things even more interesting. Perhaps El-Nay would never attempt revenge again ... or perhaps she will always be an idiot. "I am now going to punch you until you pass out." She said with a soft coo as she delicately nibbled the other's ear, in an almost cherished way. The delighted fortune hunter leaned backwards and with an extremely intoxicated look to her, began to pummel El-Nay over and over again with right hooks to her face.

El-Nay was through talking. If she was going to die like an animal she would not give her foe the satisfaction of hearing her beg. Rather than meet death with her eyes open, she reverted to the young Corellian girl she once was and closed her eyes as tightly as she could. All she could see was the darkness. She did her best to prepare herself for what was to come, but then suddenly she felt the woman seductively chewing on her ear. Her eyes flashed open in shock and disbelief, and she needed to see with her own eyes what was going on. But the mistake had been made, and as she turned the first of Dimona's right hooks connected with her once beautiful face. She was pounded over and over again, each thrust pounding the back of her head into the hardwood table. Eventually ... mercifully ... the young woman lost consciousness and faded into oblivion, but that did not stop her attacker from getting a few blows in long after she had faded away.

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