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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:2) in the Naboo system: Kima, Naboo (Amaran enclave and Theed: Spaceport) and Wolfbane.
Ni Chaact (death), Chuvak, Reg Collingwood, and Oola Dulovic

It has been several long days since Oola had found out she was the daughter of the first, meaning her mother was the first girl to ever been born to the small Amaran village. To know she was in fact royalty was something that threw Oola off in fact, all her life she thought of herself as a street ran. Getting what little scraps she could find to live off of, then she meets a human who looks at her different from any other human who she had ever. Then to fall in love with him which she thought she would never do in a million years. To Oola life seemed to turn out funny for her more and more as she leaned who she was, where she came from. About her mother and her father, her home on Naboo. Soon the days seemed to carry on as she leaned that her grandfather has passed away when she was no more than a mere infant, which left Ni to take care of the small village, thought she was getting on in years and needed to find someone that would one day take her role.

Oola was torn, she wanted to be there for her people but she could not and would not leave Reg, she knew he was fighting with his own personal goals in life, stay with her in this eden or continue running from every known bounty hunter. To fly among the stars as the long time smuggler he was. Oola could see it every time he would stare off and think, the way Reg would look at the people and their perfect little life outside of harm's way. Ni could see it as well, a lot of the talks Ool and her would have involved the life of Reg, would Oola give up all that she had with him for her people or would she stay with the man who saved her?

Oola would need to make a choice sooner than later and the day where Ni would pass her role on as the village elder would fall on someone but would it be Oola herself? This was a burden the young Amaran girl would have to face when the time came and Ni asked.

Oola had been sleeping less and less with everything that had happened to her on the day of the village feast, her mind drifting like tied back and forth to then and now, she found herself hardly eating, often zoning out on conversations among others. THe nights where the hardest for Oola, she could not talk to anyone, she didn't want to put the burden on Reg's shoulder anymore then he already had. Slowly slipping from the newly formed bed made for much taller men than where in the village Oola slowly made her way outside, she looked at the night sky and seen each star twinkling. The sounds of insects rubbing their back legs together causing soft night music, if it was anyone else they would think it was soothing and could calm one's mind, but for Oola it didn't.

Walking towards the fountain she looked at the rippling water, she could see her reflection, right before her very eyes she was growing up into something, someone that needed to make a decision, to stay or to go. Lifting her gaze up Oola sighed softly as she bit in her bottom lip lightly. Thinking out loud she spoke "What do I do?" Her voice was a soft whisper as the insects filled the night air louder as she headed away from the fountain and deeper into the woods, she didn't mind getting lost for she would always find her way back.

The trees around her where tall, lush and green, large thick leaves from the trees draped around the canopy tops making it hard for the silver light of the moon to come threw but come on a small clearing. It wasn't big, just the right size for someone like Oola. sitting down on the soft ground she laid back looking up, she could see the stars once more, the moon bathing her in it's silver light. Here seemed like the place Oola would need to think, here was where she could come to and get away form all that was troubling her. This spot was one where Ni nor Reg would tug at her pulling her to one side then the other, the clearing was one where she could run away for a while and be herself. Which ever that was now.

Slowly Oola started to drift off to sleep till her eyelids closed, she fell asleep curling up in her tight little ball making a soft purring sound as she fell off to sleep, the first sleep that she didn't have to fear anyone worrying about her and her not having to make her mind up on something.

Reg was enjoying a peaceful night's rest after devouring most of the Amaran enclave's food at that night's dinner. He had drifted away into a food coma, comfortably next to his unexpected beloved, Oola Dulovic. He turned on the bed, expecting to collide with the smaller, fur colored vixen, but instead felt nothing but empty space. "Wha-" he stammered, as he slowly extended his arm over the mattress, feeling nothing. Growing concerned, he began to open his eyes to see if he could locate her. He blinked several times, rubbing his eyes, as he tried to focus his vision in the darkness. Sitting up to get a better view, he once again hit his head against the ceiling. "Damn it," he cursed at himself, angrily, as he began to rub at his noggin. He would never get used to how low the ceilings were.

After a few moments of recovery, he swung his feet off the mattress, and began to walk towards the door of their makeshift residence. He grabbed his jacket to cover himself, and proceeded out into the darkened Amaran enclave to search for her. It was cold and he wished that he had spent more time getting dressed, but he was determined to find her as quickly as possible. As he moved through the village he found himself becoming increasingly lost in the darkness, until he exited civilization and moved towards the riverbank where they often gathered for meals and walks.

Pressing further, he came to a wooded area, and let out a sharp scream as his bare foot stepped upon a twig. "Gaah," he cried out, as he lifted his foot, and moved away from the woods. He was about to give up when he saw a bundle of fur lying just through the trees. "Oola?!" he called out, feeling both frightened and confused, before he hurried towards her location. As he drew near he could tell it was her, and quickly found himself kneeling next to her. "Are you alright? What are you doing out here?" he asked in rapid succession, as he moved his hands over her to check on her.

It didn't take long for Oola to be woken up by the sound of footsteps, they were heavy, hard. Human, sitting up she flipped her bangs out of her face as she stretched it was still night, it must have only been possible several minutes and hour for Oola it was the best rest she could have had since they arrived to Naboo, looking at Reg she started rubbing her eyes nodding. Speaking she was still half asleep. "I'm alright, just a lot on my mind, it found it hard to go to sleep, guess the night air helped." She said yawning a little looking at Reg. "You must be freezing out here," The little Amaran said as she wrapped her large tail around him hoping it would add some warm to his body. "I am sorry I worried you so, as you possibly noticed a lot has been on my mind as wall as yours, and I just found it hard to stay in the room knowing that someone would find me so quickly, needed to take a walk and it lead me here I guess." Oola said looking around the small clearing.

"We should get you back inside though, I don't want you ending up sick, and I'm not sure how cold it is out here but it might not be so good for humans as it is Amaran." She said slowing rising to her feet keeping her tail wrapped around Reg as she looked at him smiling. "I know once I get a good night sleep things will be better I'll have a clear head. And I'll know just what to do." The slender fox reached her hands out and placed it against Reg's cheek and stroked it lightly smiling. "I promise!" She whispered lightly nodding her head towards the direction of the village. "Let's get back before you decide to wake up the rest of the village and they come after us with pitchforks and torches screaming "burn them, burn them." Oola said in a joking manner as she let out a soft chuckle.

The fear that he had for Oola was immediately brushed away by the strands of her tail that wrapped around his barely clothed human form. "I'm not ... I'm not freezing anymore," he said, as he grew comfortable in the moonlit woods. "But yes, I would be more comfortable inside," he confessed to her, as he rose from the ground and took her by the hand. "What have you been thinking?" he asked, nervously, sounding as if he already knew the answer. As he led her, instead of moving back towards the enclave, he began leading her down towards the riverbank. The water was flowing slowly, but the light of the full moon showered down upon it, causing a beautiful streak of white to be cast out upon the dark sea.

"You want to stay here. Don't you?" Reg asked her, bluntly, as he came to a stop just inches from the water. He turned to face her, taking both of her paws into his hand, as he looked down into her beautiful green eyes. "I understand how wonderful this must all seem to you after years of horrors on Nal Hutta," he said to her, trying his best to be empathetic with his plight. Before he met her, he never considered a relationship of any kind, but now he was hopelessly in love. "I love you, Oola. I don't want to lose you..." he admitted, revealing his vulnerable side, rather than the hard, charming exterior of the smuggler that he put on for the rest of the galaxy.

Slowly Oola followed Reg as he lead them both to the riverbank, his question about what she had been thinking about didn't stop her in her tracks she had a feeling he would ask her such a question. "Ni is dying, she has been village Elder for now 200 years. And as much as she as asked me to think about taking her place I can't... I can't stay here and run this place. I'm not my mother and I will never be like her, she was the first I am not, that title was not passed onto me. So I can not take it"She said looking at Reg as she sighed softly. "I can't lead this people to victory or greatness, I can not run them and give them advice like Ni had all these years, all I can do is do what I want... And what I want is to be with you." Oola said as she smiled slightly.

"I don't want greatness, power or people to lead. I don't want to to give them answers to questions that I don't understand, I was not trained for that. What I do know and what I've learned over all my years, all this time. Thought all the heartbreak and pain is to fight alongside you. To live the life that you live. I love you Reg and I have never loved anyone before as much as I do you,"She told Regs squeezing his hands tight.

"Ni will have to find someone else, someone to carry on her title and duties because I do not wish that, as as much as I love it here, I can't stay, I can't live here where I feel my problems with the Hutts will find me and tear this village from limb to limb for my crimes. He fact they have not come now it's still amazing to me, that they have not found us and tried to distros this peaceful place."Oola said quietly, Thought the stillness, and the sound of the insects the played their mid-night music was suddenly interrupted with a loud ear piercing sound of a flash bang, an explosion of one one of the uncoupled huts along the hillside send wood and other depry out along the village causing the villagers to wake up in horror.

"I love you too, Oola," Reg said, as he tilted his head down to place a loving kiss upon her snout. "If you want to stay here ... I'll stay with you," he pledged to her, as the moonlight cascaded down upon them. Before he could get an answer from her the grenade exploded, and brought him back to the harsh reality of life. "Stay here," he said, as his hands moved to the side where he normally kept his blaster pistol, but unfortunately he had left it back in the room. Frustrated at himself, he let go of his beloved's hand, and began to stealthily return to the enclave.

When he reached the border of the village he could make out that a ship had landed in the center of the enclave, and that a trio of brutish, alien thugs were going over each of the villagers roughly. It seemed that the Hutts had come looking for him and Oola, as they were holding up a holographic image of Oola as they inspected each female member of the tribe. To the thugs, all Amaran looked alike, and whenever they discovered one of the women was not Oola, they would roughly throw her to the ground and move on.

"We have come for the fugitives Captain Reg Collingwood and Oola Dulovic," the large Shistavanen enforcer, Chuvak, shouted to the village, before firing off a burst from his flamethrower. "We know they're here. We know you're helping them. Give them to us or we will burn this village to the ground," he yelled at the group that had been assembled, before letting a loose enough burst of flame from the weapon.

Oola couldn't just stand by and see her home destroyed and she couldn't let him go by himself, watching a Reg went to reach for his blaster that was left in the room she looked at him horrified shaking her head. "Those are my people!" She snarled before quickly running on all fours as fast and quietly as she could towards the wooded hillside out of sight from whom ever was attacking. Soon Oola made her way along the thick wood line of the enclave watching as each woman was thrown down to the ground, she could see how scared they where the sound of little one crying as they watched their mothers cast aside like nothing.

Watching as the flame engulfed one of the homes she could hear crying from inside women and men screamed in horror as they started to watch a home that had a small child still inside screaming loudly, Oola's ears were pinned down the side of her head as she ripped off the night dress she had on and quickly ran as fast as her leg could into the village towards the house that was set on fire. She knew it was stupid but she could not let a child dire because of her, looking around each room she tried to look for the small Amaran who was hiding on the second floor of the house. Oola found it hard to breath as the thick black smoke filled the house, she was finding it hotter with each passing second.

Coughing hard Oola began to slow down becoming weak as she headed towards the bedroom looking around she seen a closet, opening the door she found the curled up child clinging to a small stuffed bear of a fox crying. The little one was crying as she looked at Oola holding her arms up shaking.

"I got you wee one."Oola said as she picked up the little girl, turning around she watched as a burst of flames shot up from the stairs cutting them off, looking around she found window, without thinking Oola ran as fast she could in the small room and jumped out the window, rolling off the roof that was connected to the first floor of the bundling, her body was in a tight ball as both Amarans rolled down the side falling hard to the ground below them, but the small child was not harm, Oola thought suffered dislocated shoulder, her fur was singed in placed, her had a cut on her upper left arm, her knee was also dislocated.

Slowly she uncurled from the ball as the crying child ran from her arms to the scared mother who looked at Oola's limp body Soon the villagers watched as she looked up, her sight was blurred as she looked at the men who had attacked her people. "Get away from them!" Oola snapped as she pushed herself off the ground only to fall down again.

"Oola! No! What are you doing?! Get back here?!" Reg exclaimed, as he watched in petrified horror as she moved towards the danger. His instinct was to chase after her, but that instinct was *wrong*, and he decided not to chase after her. Instead, he began running as fast as he could *away* from the Amaran enclave. He was moving as quickly as he could until he returned to Theed, commandeering the first speeder bike he could find, and moving directly towards the spaceport where he had left the Kima.

When he arrived at the ship, he quickly climbed aboard, and moved towards the cargo area in desperate search of a weapon. With all of the crates of spice around it was difficult to find anything, but eventually he remembered the hold-out blaster that Oola gave him. It wasn't much to look at, he thought to himself, but it would get the job done. Grabbing the pistol he returned to the stolen speeder bike, and headed back towards the enclave. He only hoped it would not be too late.

In the village the Shistavanen, Chuvak, took hold of Oola roughly, grabbing her by the fur of her chiny chin chin. "You thought you could escape after what you did to Derba?" he sneered, squeezing her mouth tightly together so that she could not response. "Bubla the Hutt has put a bounty on you so big every hunter in the galaxy is out looking for you," he said, before releasing her, before his two thugs grabbed each of her arms and held her upright. "Now where is the human?" he asked, snarling at her, and showing the ferocity of his sharpened fangs.

Screaming loudly as he held her mouth closed the pain of his grips caused her body to shake. Where was Reg? Did he abandoned her and run? Was he watching any of this and waiting for the right time to show, feeling her weak body being pulled off the ground she snarled as the bounty hunter tried to size her up. "The weak bag of meat! He ditched me once we landed here, thought why keep a weak little runt like myself around." She said gasping in pain as one of the men held her by her dislocated arm wrong. "Dick only wanted to save his skin, heard about this placed and ran like the little bitch he was." Oola said as she looked down huffing slightly. Her body felt like a thousand pound as she dangled off the ground, looking up she seen a weak sick Ni being shoved from her home and down to the ground.

None of her helpers were able to get to here as one of the hunters kicked her around causing Ni to roll across the village and towards Oola, she was bleeding badly as she couched hard trying to gain her breath back. "You will never gain control over her, and you will never gain your reward!" Ni said as she started to cough up blood. Her body limp on the ground below Oola's feet as she looked up at the young girl wheezing as she reached up with a shaking hand. "Do not be scared my child, the spirits will gather what is needed." She said softly as her hand fell, her breathing was slow as the villagers looked on with worry, they could not understand any of what has happening.

Oola made a soft whimpering sound as she watched Ni suffer in pain, she couldn't let someone so close to her become so hurt like this, she felt like her whole soul was being ripped from her chest. Soon Oola watched Shistavanen walked heavily over towards them both as he let out a deep laugh. Oola tried to fight back as she started snapping but one of the other hunter placed a muzzle over her mouth and locked it shut so she couldn't try to bite them.

"The human is not here," Chuvak declared, as he motioned towards the thugs begin to dragging Oola towards the waiting ship. Angered that they only had half their bounty for Bubla, he decided he would take it out on the pathetic Amaran during their trip back to Nal Hutta. Once she was safely stowed in the cargo hull, the freighter blasted off Naboo and disappeared into the upper atmosphere before entering hyperspace. Oola was gone and the damage the Hutt's thugs had left on the village was unspeakable.

A distraught Reg returned just in time to see the bright lights of the freighter's engines disappear into oblivion. "No!" he screamed, as he remained seated on the speeder bike, his head angled up to eyeball the heavens. "Oola..." he said weakly, as his head sank so low that his chin nearly connected with his chest. It was only then that he noticed how the villagers had gathered around the fallen Ni, and he climbed from the bike and towards the fallen Ni. "Ni!" he cried out, as he lowered himself next to her bloody and broken body. His heart sunk as he reached out, taking her hand in his own, and giving her a squeeze. "I'll get help..." he promised, before turning his head, but was stopped by her before he could go further.

Ni laid gasping for each breath as she looked at Reg "There is no one to go and find," She said softly looking at the human, a trail of blood ran down her mouth as she couched hard, the villagers gathered around her as they started to weep softly, one of the women walked up next to her as she sat down onto her knees offering the old dying elder water who accepted the drink though it did little for her, the elder gasped as she laid back her breathing slow as she looked at Reg. "She is hurt, and she needs your help." Ni said as her eyelids started to close. "They did not say where they would take her, through the said one name." She whispered softly.

Ni's grip on Reg's hand loosened as her head turned to the side, with a soft breath she spoke her last word to save Oola "Bubla." with that Ni's body became limp, her breathing stopped, the village started to let out a soft sad howling sound that filled the night air.

Back on the ship Oola was trying to find a way out of the mess she got herself into, though she first needed to place her shoulder back into the socket, placing her limp arm against the cage they had put her in the slender girl moved her body carefully till she felt her shoulder pop back into place. The pain was intent that it caused her to gasp but she couldn't scream since the muzzle was still on. She noticed the lock was made for whoever placed it on her so she was unable to take it off. Looking at her knees she sighed softly knowing it needed to be placed back in or it would only be her downfall later.

Taking a hold of her leg Oola grabbed it and twisted it quickly till she heard another loud pop, this time the pain made her fall down to her side shaking hard, why did she always end up hurt like this, why did she need to be a hero, why didn't Reg and her just leave the moment Ni found them, why did she have to get of the ship when they first landed on Naboo, and now she had not clue where she was going only that her fur was going to be skinned off her body and draped about a Hutt's neck.

The only good thing that came from all this mess was Reg was safe, that was all that mattered to Oola now, was Reg and his life. He showed her love, he showed her what it was like to be looked at as an equal and not kicked around, what it was like to have a smile and ot have a laugh. Now that his life would be spared she knew her life had meaning now, and Oola would do all it took to get the bounty off his head. Sitting in the corner of her cage she pressed her back against one of the metal corner, her knees were bent, her arms rested on her knees as she let her hands dangle between them, looking out one of the window, she watched as the ship started to enter lightspeed, and on to the unknown and what awaited her.

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