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Alice Bee, Kit Gwynne, and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:21) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
General Morgan Glin, Commander Caligula Howe, Commander Kerrie Kiley, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca stood near the holotank of the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Retributor, her red eyes briefly looking over everyone in attendance. She wanted to make sure everyone had arrived before beginning her briefing, so as to not have to repeat herself. She cleared her throat before bringing up a holographic representation of the Chandrila system, which showed the seven planets, as well as the Imperial Navy's Chandrila Force. Refining the display slightly it began to focus on the second planet of the system ... Chandrila itself. "Milord, the planet Chandrila," she began, as she first addressed the Grand Moff. "An unremarkable world if not for a ... forgive me ... remarkable woman," she continued, speaking with a decidedly foreign and exotic voice. "The key to the planet is its capital, Hanna City," she continued, before reprogramming the holotank to provide a detailed and accurate map of the planet's capital. "It is home to the majority of its people and its government ... as assembly," she continued, before briefly flashing a glance to everyone in attendance to see if they were keeping up. "Over the past several months Imperial agents and ... mercenaries ... have been removing members of the government believed to be disloyal to the Emperor. This has put them on a higher sense of alert and forced the remaining Rebels into hiding," she explained, before lifting a datapad that had yesterday's reports from Chandrila. "Recent events imply there is a Rebel cell now operating on Chandrila, with bombings in the warehouse district of Hanna City," she informed them, before passing the datapad around should anyone wish to see for themselves. "The planet has two lesser, but still vital cities ... Emita and Nayli ... which will also have to be pacified," she explained, before zooming out the holotank so they could view the full extent of the navy and army presence in the system. "The Imperial Navy boasts a systems force, consisting of two heavy squadrons and two light squadrons ... sufficient for bombardment duty," she continued, before shifting to the army. "The army on Chandrila is comprised of four corps ... line, artisan, armor, and mobile ... that should easily squash the Ringali Shell Security Force should they oppose us," she said, before stepping aside and nearly concluding her briefing. "However, they will be inadequate against the Rebel commandos. In fact, they will be a nice target for them. It will be up to the Stormcommandos and their mercenary allies to combat them," she concluded, on a negative, yet honest note, before nodding her head and stepping aside.

Commander Caligula Howe of the Imperial Security Bureau had been called upon with short notice following the grievous injury to Colonel Zevrin. At first he did not even know what the meeting was about, but the developments of the meeting quickly made the subject matter clear. When the Chiss finished her *lengthy* briefing, he cleared his throat and moved forward. "Since capturing the traitor Canna Omonda our forces have been hard at work rounding up Rebels and sympathizers throughout Chandrila," he explained, proudly, as with Zevrin temporarily out of the picture he was free to boast and take credit of it. "Of the 1.2 billion citizens of Chandrila 96-percent are Human, leaving only a paltry four-percent as potential agitators," he said, exhibiting xenophobia, despite the fact he was standing next to a Chiss. "Most of the traitors have been rounded up so we should meet no organized resistance. However, I have nevertheless prepared a list of bombardment targets for the fleet and arrests to keep the Stormcommandos busy," he said, as he flashed a smug glance at Commander Kiley. If the operation was a success he would reap the success at COMPNOR and perhaps they would call him something more than 'Commander' afterwards.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney listened as the Chiss gave her briefing, grateful that it was happening at the holotank, because if he was sitting down he would have likely fallen asleep. He knew, regretfully, that what the Emperor had commanded was not a sound military assault, but rather a clumsy attack that would cause panic and suffering. He nodded to Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca and Commander Howe, before stepping forward himself. "We must punish the Chandrilans to send a message not just to the other planets in the Ringali Shell, but throughout the Empire," he said, confidently, as he moved a hand out towards the holographic representation of the planet. He held his hand around it, wanting to crush it between his fingers like a vice. This was his chance to prove himself to the Emperor *and* wipe out the Rebellion in one fell swoop. "I appreciate your precision, Lieutenant, but instead of a scalpel we will use a sword," he said, before turning to his military commanders. "An orbital bombardment will proceed ground assault. The people of Chandrila will be considered traitors until proven otherwise," he informed them, in uncharacteristic tone, before folding his hands behind the small of his back and clicking the heels of his boots together.

Major Sierra Rodney stood with a surprising amount of attention for Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, who was perhaps the only person capable of putting Sierra to sleep with her voice alone. Times were changing in the Ringali Sector. As the Grand Moff's adjutant, she was required to be present. As Claudius Rodney's wife, she was proud to be here to witness him in action. The visitation with the Emperor had struck a new light inside of her husband unlike anything she had ever seen before. With Colonel Zevrin out of their lives, however brief it may be, it gave him the time he needed to shine. Sierra's eyes settled on the holotank while the Chiss Lieutenant went on and on. The commandos were to be sent out again, meaning that Commando Crion would likely take the opportunity to slaughter more innocent people. She realized that the Cathar commando was too valuable at this point. As much as she wanted it, no one would see justice for the family of Squibs she had killed. The Empire was far too xenophobic for that. Her eyes flickered down to her own datapad which had additional notes she had researched herself. After falling ass-backwards into this job, she was finally grabbing the reigns of it. She watched as Claudius spoke. He was so gung ho to bring success to Palpatine himself. A small smile appeared on her face as their eyes met briefly. She nodded her head supportively. As risky as it was going to be, the probability was sky high that the Rebels would come rushing into their own defeat.

General Glin looked up from his datapad as Grand Moff Rodney finished. "The garrisons on the planet are ready for action. More troops will need to be landed to support them, but those are currently being transported and should be here within the timeframe needed for this operation. Assuming that the Stormcommandos have minimal resistance achieving their mission objectives, my troopers are ready to hold whatever territory is needed to subdue the planet."

He glanced down at his datapad again, before looking back up, "If heavy resistance is encountered, reinforcements are not immediately available and will have to be moved from other systems to Chandrila." Glancing over at Commander Howe, "I do hope your reports are correct as to the expected resistance, Commander." Glancing at the others, he said, "The Imperial Army is ready to move out on the time table given."

Punishing an entire planet for one person he privately thought was reckless, though he did agree with the principle of teaching the civilians the price of harboring Rebels. He did wonder if the Grand Moff had thought through the problem of housing however many Chandrila civilians survived this onslaught as they were processed to determine if they were actually traitors and Rebel sympathizers. He let out a very small sigh, making a note on his datapad to figure out what security requirements would need to be along with other logistics. There would be cleanup details and the Imperial Army was often left holding the bag on that one.

Commander Howe briefly flashed a glare towards General Glin when he made his comment. "The ISB reports are *always* accurate, General," he shot back, as he stared down the older man. This type of infighting was common among the ranks of the Empire with its numerous agencies, many of which overlapped and came into near constant conflict with one another. No one would have dared challenge Colonel Zevrin in such a public manner, which made him resent the comment all the more. He was seething under the surface, but he did not want the other officers in assemblage to pick up on it. "Any resistance on Chandrila will be the work of outside agitators or the rumored Rebel cell operating in the Oversector," he reiterated, not just to General Glin, but to everyone. It was the final word of the ISB on the matter.

Grand Moff Rodney had no love for the ISB because of the actions of Colonel Zevrin, but he did not want officers bickering on the eve of the offensive. "General, I will put the four corps of the Bormea Sector Army's reserves on alert and make them available for this offensive," he said, as he reached out and placed a hand on each man's shoulder in an attempt to refocus them. "I am sure your reports are accurate, Commander, but General Glin is just concerned for the troops," he said, before releasing his grasp on them and stepped away, closer towards his wife. He flashed her a quick glance, with a slightly worried look, wondering if the real battle was going to be in this room. The Chiss Lieutenant had done her work well, as always, which made the operation look neat and tidy ... but in the field *anything* could happen, and he had limited intelligence on what the Rebellion could put into the field. So much *could* go wrong. He swallowed, his fingers momentarily curling into fists within his gloves.

The environment seemed to become increasingly heated. For once, it wasn't a result of Sierra being pregnant, but the beginning of bickering happening between General Glin and Commander Howe. ISB information truly was normally accurate ... she would know. While she had finally ended her days of playing psychologist to broken Imperial soldiers, she would never forget having to provide Colonel Zevrin with detailed reports on her patients...many of these reports lead to disappearances of said patients. Her mind briefly wandered to Jelena Rodney and her Rebels on New Aldera. She prayed that Jelena's involvement in the community would stop her from letting her heart drive her to Chandrila. A battle was brewing. Once the killings went into full swing on Chandrila, the Rebels would come. The only question left was what they'd be up against. She wanted her husband snuff out the quarrel in an expert matter that she felt she should take notes on and apply it to scenarios at home between bickering daughters. Sierra saw the worry in his eyes and felt her own anxieties in her stomach. She'd need to fight his worries to keep him confident. Her hand idly brushed against his in a casual manner that no one would notice. All the pieces were aligning for one hell of a battle.

General Glin nodded towards the Grand Moff as he walked away, hiding his irritation at being touched, "I will prepare a briefing for the Bormea reserves so they will be ready to go if needed, then. As for the intelligence reports, I meant no disrespect, just emphasizing the importance of their correctness. If we are forced to pull troopers from other regions, the Rebellion might change their tactics and attempt to destabilize those areas. I wish to fight my battles one at a time, not all at once." He nodded in apology towards Commander Howe, "My apologies for any misunderstanding."

Personally, he thought Commander Howe a fool for insisting his reports were always accurate. All it would take would be one report being slightly off and a bit of bad luck and things would blow up in his face. If the Rebellion weren't crushed soon, it wouldn't take long before someone on the other side figured out how to feed ISB some false data which would lead to wasted resources at best, total catastrophe at worst. He always verified ISB reports through his own channels as much as he could before using their data in his planning. He wasn't able to confirm everything and sometimes hadn't the time, but he always planned accordingly, which is why he was a general and his rivals weren't.

The meeting had reached its conclusion. With one last glance at the holotank, Sierra Rodney made her way out. She couldn't help feeling quite a bit out of her league in meetings like those. While she wasn't there to have input, she certainly felt like she should do more than be a body count. She escaped the room into the corridor and proceeded forward until she reached a viewport. There, she took a breather to collect herself. Her eyes stared out into the vast, beautiful space before them. She silently prayed that this operation would go smoothly, for her husband couldn't afford to find himself on the wrong side of the Emperor.

Commander Kerrie Kiley had been silent for much of the briefing. The Grand Moff who was speaking in front of her was not the Claudius Rodney she knew. To her it sounded like a light version of Arden Zevrin, and she was almost dumbfounded by it. When the meeting adjourned she decided not to speak to Claudius, but instead to seek out to Sierra. She moved down the corridor after Sierra like a predator, and when the opportunity struck she reached out, taking her by the arm and pulled her, gently, into a side passage. "It is not my place to ask or question, milady," she began, realizing she could be executed for what she had just done. "...but I speak out of concern. What ... what happened to the Governor?" she asked, seeming genuinely nervous and unsettled. She shifted about, as if her uniform were suddenly uncomfortable or even itchy. Her eyes darted around to make sure no one else was watching.

No sooner had Sierra caught her breath did someone grasp her arm and pull her aside. Her head snapped towards a face she recognized: Commander Kiley. They had not been in any kind of regular connection for some time. Her question brought on a worried look from Sierra. She seemed to debate what to say next, choosing her words wisely while she bit on her lower lip. Kerrie was worried...and she was too. She knew Claudius was blinded by the Emperor's praise. He was disregarding his morals. Sierra deflated all at once. She, too, looked around to make sure no one was watching. When she thought she was safe, she lowered her voice and spoke close to Kerrie. "He shot Colonel Zevrin." Sierra started, "In the aftermath, we were summoned to see His Majesty. It seemed logical that something terrible was about to happen. Instead, His Majesty pumped Claudius up, talking about how he was to be his instrument, crush the Rebels, and so on." The worry was apparent in Sierra's eyes. "I support him but... I'm worried about him. This isn't like him. I don't want him to wake up one day hating himself for what happens on Chandrila." She sighed. "I need you assigned back to the family, Commander."

Kerrie listened to what Sierra had to say, shaking her head in frustration at what was happening here. She knew Claudius to be a good man, but also an ambitious one. "I've been ordered to use *all* of my commandos in the mission. Do you understand what I'm saying, milady? *All* of them," she informed her, implying that Updike and Crion had been assigned to the operation. "And to put all of the mercenaries into the field. Including your sister-in-law's family," she added, clearly upset, as she again made a deliberate point to look around. She was speaking treason, but her duty was to the House of Rodney before the Galactic Empire. "...and the orders didn't come from Arden Zevrin this time," she added, grimly before lowering her head, as if she had already lost. "I had no greater duty than to serve, milady, but the reason I am where I am is no longer due to Zevrin," she added, reminding her that it was now solely up to her husband where she served.

Crion... Sierra shivered. Revenge had been right at her grasp. She had hoped to see Crion and Updike suffer for more than just the death of an innocent Squib family...but for hurting her as well. She looked much more pale than she had a minute ago. Sierra anxiously swept a hand over her face. "I understand... Melickielickie cries in her sleep nearly every night... She'll never get justice. . ." Her eyes fell to the ground. She needed to try to steer Claudius back onto the right track. It hurt to hear Kerrie admit the truth: this time the orders had come from Claudius. As innocent people died, it would be him tainting his own name with blood. Her head rose. "I have to do something." She told Kerrie, looking like the woman had awoken something inside of her. She feared her husband was led down a very bad path. It started here ... and where did it end?

"Ah. There you are. I wondered where you'd been hiding," Claudius said, as he made his way down the corridor and spied Sierra and Kerrie in the side passage. "Trying to keep my wife from me, Commander?" he said, seeming happier than he had in quite some time. "Come, my love," he said, as he attempted to lead Sierra away. "As we have Ensign Sheppard at the estate I thought we might retire to your lakehouse," he suggested, as he continued to walk away. He then stopped, and briefly turned to look back to Kerrie. "Good seeing you again, Commander. I expect excellent performance from her unit in the operation to come," he told her, addressing her by rank rather than name, before continuing with his wife towards the turbolift.

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