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D. Wade Hyde and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:8:31) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Imperial Garrison).
El-Nay Darr, Tycho Starlight, and Captain Thaddeus Updike.

El-Nay Darr moved through Brentaal IV's Imperial Garrison slowly, walking in a rigid manner consistent with how she had seen the others walk. "Tycho," she whispered, so that only he would hear via the comm system. "...I think I forgot part of the uniform. Everyone else seems to have something wedged up their ass," she said, jokingly, trying to calm her nerves. Each of the corridors seemed to look identical to the one before it, and she had no idea how anyone knew where where they were going. As she reached the restricted area the code cylinder in the upper pocket of her tunic did the job, and she was successfully able to gain access. At that moment she wanted to let out a little cheer of success, but she stopped herself, as she still had to use the computer spike, and then safely exit the structure.

Tycho was once again dressed in his full body armor, armed as per usual. He loitered about near the building, simply listening in on comms. When she spoke, he had a brief flash of worry, then a single sound of mirth escaped his throat. "Well, we'll have to get something crammed up your ass later. For now, worry about the mission." After a moment, he added, "Good job. You're through the first hard part. Now, just continue on and act like you belong there. Don't worry about anyone else unless they talk to you. Remember what I showed you about rank and insignia. If they're lower rank, tell them you're in a rush and get rid of them. If it's a higher ranking officer... we'll go from there."

It did not take long for El-Nay to find the room with the computer terminal, as she was quite competent when she was sober, and had refrained from drinking the entire day. "Did you ever stop to ask what it is we're shipping to Esseles?" She whispered silently, as she took hold of the computer spike and inserted it as she had showed him. The terminal ran through the program loaded on the spike issuing orders to prepare a shuttle to transport a shuttle to Esseles along with a Stormtrooper escort and an expected mercenary contingent. When it was done she grabbed hold of the spike and pulled it from the terminal, and the program began the process of deleting all of the surveillance footage during the time she was present. "I think I got it..." she whispered, before stepping out of the room with the terminal, back into the restricted area. All she would need to do is walk out of the garrison and her mission would be complete.

"You don't ask the client about the merchandise," he said. "It's something illegal, obviously. They'll either tell you or they won't." Asking such questions often led to losing the job. Another thing he'd have to teach the girl. She had a lot to learn, but he could teach her. At confirmation of completing the mission he said, "Good job. Come on back and drinks are on me. Should only be an hour or two before we're ready to depart." Though everything had gone well thus far, he still had to worry a touch. There was still time for things to go bad. All she needed to do was walk out, though. Just walk out.

El-Nay briskly walked through the security doors and returned to the series of corridors that would lead to the exit, and she was starting to feel confident about her escape. She wanted to smile, but did her best to bite at her lower lip to contain her enthusiasm. Each time she turned the corner at the corridor she was one step closer to a breath of freedom. She could taste the drinks Tycho had promised her.

It was then that Captain Thad Updike of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps spotted the young Lieutenant, and a perplexed look came upon his phase as he studied her ... specifically her hair. He was a Storm Commando, and was a strictly by the books officer. "You there, Lieutenant. Halt!" He ordered, as he adjusted the tunic of his black uniform before walking swiftly towards her position. A stern finger was raised to her face, before moving further north to knock her uniform's cover to the ground. "Is this some idea of a joke, Lieutenant? Lose a bet perhaps? Or was this a prank and someone did this to you in your sleep?" He asked, turning his head slightly to the side, angrily glaring down at her as he waited a response.

El-Nay swallowed in terror when the officer ordered her to stop, and as she was pretending to be an Imperial she saw no need to disobey orders, and waited for him to approach. Her grey eyes looked up to him cautiously, and she listened silently as he scolded her, but she was slightly confused. "I apologize, sir. I do not know what it is you're referring to, sir," she said, trying her best to speak properly, but her roguish Corellian accent broke through the manner in which she spoke. She had only hoped Tycho would understand what was happening, and help her.

Tycho listened as she ran into trouble. He hoped she could talk her way out of it, but quickly realized that she was only going to dig herself deeper. He didn't know why the Imperial had stopped her, but he knew that he couldn't let it go any farther. He entered the building and started down the hall, following the locator beacon on his gauntlet. Soon, he rounded a corner to see her standing at attention, searching for a way out of her situation. "Excuse me, sir!" He called out, his voice distorted intentionally by the mask. He soon reached them. "Sir, I need to check on a shuttle. It's a very important and..." He paused and looked at El-Nay briefly, then returned his attention to the real Imperial officer. "Well, it's a sensitive subject. We should speak alone about it.

Captain Updike was irate when he found himself interrupted by the mercenary, having had plans in mind for the young Lieutenant. "Damn it, man. Can't you see I'm busy?" He asked, his cheeks flaring red as he yelled at him. "If you want to find out about a shuttle than you had best find the deck officer," he chastised him, casually brushing him off and dismissing him, before he turned his attention back to El-Nay. "Now, Lieutenant. You were just about to tell me why your hair was styled out of line with regulations," he said, nodding his head at her once. "I'm going to have to put you on report," he informed him, feigning sorrow at having to do this.

El-Nay stared up at the Imperial captain quixotically, before flashing a 'help me' glare towards Tycho. She brought a hand up to check on her hair, trying to figure out what was wrong with it, but it seemed to be as she always had it. "Sir. I apologize. I will have it restyled immediately, sir," she said, doing her best to sound Imperial. She wondered why Tycho did not know about these regulations. It was his plan, and he should have been the one to sneak in and skulk about. Beneath her calm exterior she was becoming quite enraged by what has happening this close to the exit.

He could feel anger rolling off of El-Nay as she grew more frightened and indignant. He could understand. She must have blamed him for her snafu, but it wasn't exactly Tycho's fault. He didn't know everything, couldn't plan for every contingency. He wasn't exactly an expert with Imperials. Besides, he'd figured the hat would cover enough of her head that he'd never expected hair to be an issue. The merc shook his head. "No, I'm sorry, Captain, but you'll be assisting me," he said, still sounding calm. "This mission is classified and cannot be discussed with anyone below a Captain's rank. Forget the lieutenant. You *will* assist me." There was no anger in his voice and he didn't even raise it, but there was a more forceful tone.

Captain Updike's expression went blank as the mercenary spoke to him, and he suddenly felt his mind become overcome, and he had entered a trance. "I will assist you," he repeated, without changing his voice. He would follow any instructions for the time being, as his mind was now under Tycho's complete influence.

El-Nay's eyes went wide as she watched the Captain's expression change, and she felt as if she had just had her own mind blown. She did nothing, she said nothing, but her eyes slowly moved from the Captain towards Tycho, before bending down to pick up the cover, and place it back down upon her head. She adjusted it as best she could to cover up the dyed portion of her hair, and she hoped that she would not run into any officers who were sticklers for detail like this one. "What's the plan now, hotshot?" She asked him, moving away from the Captain, and behind Tycho for an added level of safety.

Tycho also bore a look of surprise, shocked at how easily the man had relented. He didn't know what he was capable of, but he realized that something odd had happened. The man's mind was now clouded, influenced by Tycho somehow. It was the Force. He felt it. He felt how somehow the Force had allowed him to control the man's mind to an extent. It was an exciting development, finding something new he could do, but it was frightening because he worried that El-Nay might realize he'd done something so weird. The other worry was the Captain. How would he react after coming out of that haze? However, it was too late to take it back. He waved toward the exit, signaling for the girl to get the hell out of there. To keep up the ruse, he looked at the Captain and said, "I need to know when my shuttle departs at once. Look it up for me, please." And he would walk along with the Captain to find out.

"You need to know when your shuttle departs. I will look it up for you at once," Captain Updike repeated as if we were a protocol droid, and then turned on his heels and began slowly walking down the corridor towards the nearest access terminal. Eventually he came upon it and entered his security clearance to bring up the schedule of transports that were scheduled to depart over the next several hours. Following that, he stood silently, waiting for further command.

As El-Nay watched what was going on with the captain she silently mouthed, "what ... the ... fuck," and then quickly moved towards the exit. As she was halfway down the corridor she stopped, and turned to look over her shoulder at Tycho and the Captain, shaking her head one more time before heading out of the Garrison. Once she was safely away she moved towards the speeder, still confused about what she had seen. "Tycho, I'm clear," she said over the comm, as she nervously waited for him to come back as well. This was the time when she needed a cigarra the most, but *someone* had gotten rid of them, and that someone was an asshole.

Yes he was, but the asshole had just saved her, so that had to count for something. Quite the dichotomy, wasn't he? Tycho followed the Captain, maintaining his cool much better than El-Nay. When they arrived at the terminal and the man simply stood there waiting for instructions, Tycho once again found himself surprised. Whatever he'd done was still working. He wasn't sure how to turn it off, and he wasn't sure if that was a good idea anyway. He licked his lips, then drew on the Force and spoke again. "You will insure that the classified shuttle to Esseles is ready to leave within... two hours." He bit his lip, hoping this would work and he could get the hell out of there!

"I will insure that the classified shuttle to Esseles is ready to leave within ... two hours," Captain Updike repeated, before turning to leave the terminal, and move towards the flight deck. The further he got from Tycho, the less sway the Force had over him, and as he reached the upper level where the shuttles were being prepared he stopped suddenly and regained himself. He looked around having no recollection of even coming here, nor what he intended to do when he got there. Strange, he thought to himself, before he turned around to return to his duties.

"What the fuck," he muttered, as the man retreated. Of course, El-Nay was hearing all of this over their comm channel and he wished he hadn't said the last. Revealing that he didn't know what was going on wasn't the best idea he'd ever had. Clearing his throat, he left the building and came to join her. "Wow ... that suggestive drug I used on him worked even better than I thought. Gave him a poke when he wasn't looking ... that stuff works fast." He cleared his throat again. "Anyway," he went on, changing the subject, "let's go get your gear and get ready. We'll have a few drinks after. We've got two hours before we get out of this Imperial overrun shithole."

"Don't use any of that shit on me, Tycho. I'm serious," El-Nay warned him, believing his cover story, as she had never seen anything like that before and it seemed the most likely solution. "You know I don't think that guy liked my hair," she said, slightly disappointed, as she looked in one of the mirrors in the speeder get a better glimpse at herself. "Well. I like it..." she said, quietly, before settling back in the seat for the ride back to where their gear had been stowed. She had actually done it, and she finally let out a deep exhale as the anxiety from the mission began to wear off.

Tycho knew now that the problem was dress code, though he hadn't thought about it before. Instead of mentioning it, he simply said, "I like it, too." Sometimes he could be nice, then other times he would turn into a raging asshole. What an interesting guy! Speaking of which, he did look a little indignant. "Why would I ever use it on you? That's insulting, young lady." But he managed a twitch of a smile. He couldn't help but be amped up after using the Force to influence the man's mind. It had been kind of a rush. "Anyway ... good job in there. Let's go get our stuff ... I'm hungry and I can't wait for a drink."

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