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Christopher Levy, Tara McLaren, and Michael Whittaker.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:14) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Major Kerrie Kiley, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Colonel Verus Theus, Lieutenant Brianna Visla, and Major Arden Zevrin.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney sat white faced for a long while, not uttering a sound, nor blinking, nor even appearing to breath. It was as if the life had been momentarily sucked from him and time had ground to a halt. The middle-aged Regional Governor had been utterly devastated by the news that had been presented to him. Finally, his right hand moved across the table and he reached for the pitcher of water. He attempted to pour himself a glass, but his hand visibly shook and knocked the glass over spilling the water over the shiny black reflective surface of the table. "Oh my..." he said, seeming more concerned about the mess he had made, rather than the news he had been told, for the time being. "Someone get ... something..." he stammered, as he sat from his seat as the water rushed towards him, threatening to fall upon his lap and mess the neatly pressed olive grey trousers of his uniform.

Major Arden Zevrin sat silently as well and could not help but smirk as the Grand Moff had his accident, but her glare never left Major Kiley. She had known the Clawdite longer than anyone else aboard the Warspite, and in all that time she had never known her to scheme or show even the slightest hint of ambition. Therefore, she had no reason doubt the presentation she had just been given by the Storm commando. Indeed, the fourteen officers she had named must have been traitors. She was fortunate that only one officer, a Lieutenant whom she barely knew, was named on the list of treacherous fiends. "Good job, Major Kiley. I look forward to reading your report in greater detail..." she said, as she folded gloved hands neatly in her lap as her attention shifted to the Grand Moff's aide and her attempt to clean the mess.

Colonel Verus Theus maintained a similar composure to his Imperial Security Bureau counterpart. The sudden revelation was disturbing news, though not altogether unexpected. The destruction of Alderaan and subsequent loss of the Death Star had steadily driven numerous Imperial officers on the path of apathy, if not outright betrayal, of the Empire. Verus had never served with Internal Affairs nor did he know of the precise intelligence behind such a claim ... while he did not doubt the veracity of the information, his skeptical mind would surely be at ease to read the condemning evidence with his own eyes. The Colonel said nothing following the Major's declaration, only turning to face the Storm commando with a stern look upon his face.

Major Kerrie Kiley stood proudly in front of the panel, having just delivered the shocking news that she had identified fourteen officers who were guilty of treason in the Ringali Shell. "Our interrogation thus far has been quite successful. So far two of the officers have already confessed, Milord," she said to the Grand Moff, seemingly oblivious to the man and his plight with the pitcher of water. "I am ready to dispose of the traitors at once. This kind of scum is unworthy of living amongst us, Milord," she said, as her late 20s face glared angrily from the panel that had assembled in front of them.

The Storm commando who had been a part of the arrest was present for the meeting as well, in case questions needed to be asked of her. Though it was not precisely standard operating procedure, she was not wearing her armor, instead wearing a uniform. She might be asked questions that needed answering, and no one liked communicating with a 'Stormie' while they had their helmet on. She was approximately 1.8 meters tall, with red hair that came down to her shoulders and nearly exceeding Imperial regulations. Her features were surprisingly attractive...her dossier indicated she originated from the Hapes Cluster.

Grand Moff Rodney knew some of the officers by name and was absolutely shocked that some of them were now being identified as traitors. "Captain Starn ... a traitor?" he said, as he sat back down in the chair after the mess had been cleared. He scanned the datapad with tired, brown eyes again as he read over the names once more, shaking his head defiantly. "Treason..." he said with a stammer, before stopping dead in his speech as his eyes arched upwards. "What is your council, Major Zevrin?" he asked, as he shifted in his chair and looked at the attractive blond who had been such a thorn in his side since he first assumed command in the Ringali Shell.

Major Zevrin's pouty red lips pursed as she tilted her head slowly to look at the Grand Moff. "As ISB Sector Officer I am forced to recommend a public execution for all involved in the matter, Governor," she said, nodding her head in affirmation to add emphasis to her words. "Treachery is a disease that cannot be allowed to course through the system. We must act swiftly and remove these individuals before they're allowed to influence others. By doing it in public we will send a message to all Imperial officers ... and civilians too ... that we will spare no effort to root out traitors and bring them to justice!" she said, clenching a gloved fist and slamming it angrily down upon the table. She had to give Major Kiley credit here. The cunning woman had been upstaged by her rival, and she would take her internal affairs staff to task for not allowing her the glory of revealing individuals. "Don't you agree, Colonel Theus?" she asked, swiveling her chair to the left where the man was seated.

The bare hands of the Colonel rested folded upon the tabletop, and the officer slowly turned to face his Bureau colleague. "Public executions would indeed be called for," said the Colonel, allowing the silence of dissension to fill the room for a moment, "though I would caution against such a...hasty verdict against these imprisoned officers. Their rapid executions would foster fear among our ranks, true, though it may also facilitate greater skepticism within our officer corps. It would not be the first time that loyal servants of the Empire have been implicated as traitors due to the schemes of their peers." A sound proclamation, certainly, and one with a sense of truth behind it. However, the Colonel still driven by his desire to confirm the betrayal of the fourteen men himself. If their executions could be temporarily postponed, he could gain the time he required to verify their guilt for himself.

Suddenly the Lieutenant standing in the back would raise a hand to her ear, apparently receiving a message by comm. Stormtroopers knew that interrupting their betters rarely had good results for them, even though they were required to make those interruptions as a part of their duties. "Apologies, sirs. I have just been informed that Lieutenant Trant has died during interrogation." She would return to being at attention, fully prepared for a reprimand or corporal punishment for following orders. For whatever reason Imperial officers could be jerks like that, taking it out on underlings for things they would kill them for not doing in the first place.

"How dare you, sir," Major Kiley angrily said towards Colonel Theus as in her mind she had just been accused of a scheme designed to eliminate other Imperial officers. "I have served the Empire to my utmost capacity and such a statement is unwarranted and offensive," she said, her face reddening angrily as her hands subconsciously balled into fists. The diminutive Kerrie was a font of rage that threatened to explode at any moment. When Lieutenant Visla interrupted and revealed the death of the Lieutenant, she lowered her head dejectedly and sighed. Obviously someone under her command had used too much force.

"Now, now!" Claudius Rodney said, interrupting the duo before things got out of hand. "Major Kiley is not on trial here. She has my utmost confidence, Colonel, is that understood?" he said, as his eyes looked across the table towards the ISB Colonel. His eyes briefly looked towards Lieutenant Visla as she revealed that one of the traitors had died during interrogation. He knew first hand from his experience with his wife just how dangerous Imperial interrogations could be. "Sloppy, Major. No more of that," he said, as he raised his right index finger to scold her.

The Colonel nodded somberly at the news of the unfortunate Lieutenant's death, an outcome not particularly unusual during heated Imperial interrogations. Verus raised his head towards the Grand Moff, his eyes flickering briefly towards Major Kiley. "I have the utmost faith in the Major's abilities, sir, which is the exact reason for my concern. The Major surely would have noticed any false or doctored evidence, and the men in question may well be traitors deserving no less than death." A calm glance towards Major Zevrin indicated the Colonel reflected her views on the final fate to those disloyal to the Empire. "Yet that is the only reason I am troubled, and only wish to assuage any doubts of any investigative tampering from all of our minds." His smooth tone was unruffled by Kiley's outbursts; having long served within the Bureau, Verus was well-acquainted with anger towards the many declarations he had made.

The Lieutenant did an admirable job of...simply standing there. She would have been the very picture of an Imperial officer, were she not female. In any case she was not likely to complain about merely being window dressing for an event such as this. It was the burden of a Stormtrooper to endure, and endure she would. Indeed she was doing her level best to simply blend in and not disrupt the proceedings.

Major Arden Zevrin had thus far remained quiet, but an idea was festering in her head that she could no longer withhold. "Governor Rodney, while I share my colleagues views, I must echo your sentiments regarding the upstanding record of Major Kiley. I have the utmost confidence that she has done her due diligence in this regard. However..." she said, abruptly changing the subject, as her eyes moved from Colonel Theus to the Grand Moff and a small grin curled upon her lips. "As the officers in question were all various Sector offices I feel such a matter falls under my purview as ISB Sector Officer..." she reminded them, pausing to take a deliberate sip of her glass of water. "Therefore, I stand my assessment concerning a hasty public execution. All of us in the room are in adults. What people believe is important, rather than what is factually accurate. Therefore, regardless, it is always advisable to eliminate officers perceived to be traitors, Milord," she said, as she brought her hands in front of her in a pyramidal position.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney raised his left hand to indicate that it was time for silence. He had reached his decision and it was one that would be deliberate and, until the destruction of Alderaan, unthinkable for him to make. "Major Kiley. I hereby pronounce the individuals on your list to be guilty of treason," he said, as he clenched his left hand into a fist and slammed it down onto the conference table, rattling the glass of the water. "In accordance with Major Zevrin's recommendations your unit will carry out an immediate public execution of those aforementioned officers. Tie Lieutenant Starnt to a post and shoot him as well. Let him die the death of a traitor a second time!" he said, as he rose from his seat, to indicate the matter was now closed. "And, ah, young Lieutenant Visla ... perhaps we shall see how you handle your rifle at this event..." he said, as he did not go without noticing the young woman in the back of the room.

The Colonel nodded once more, resisting the urge for a sardonic eye roll at the Imperial patriotism of those present. While Verus was firmly committed to the New Order, he had long since departed from the vehement praise of the Empire than many of his peers still espoused. The officer made a mental note to converse with Lieutenant Visla at a later point ... though he had lost his attempt to defer the executions, Verus still wished to hear the testimony and review the incriminating evidence for himself. The Bureau did not promote those who were lacking in tenacity or resolve ... of those traits, the Colonel and Major Zevrin did indeed share.

"Sir, yes sir." The Stormtrooper put a good deal of enthusiasm for her voice, and the expression on her face never wavered. Still, she didn't sound exactly overjoyed at the prospect of an execution. No doubt she had been trained to do summary executions on the battlefield, but this was likely something different than that. Still, she knew better than to offer any sort of objection.

Major Kerrie Kiley stood confidently in the center of the room long after the other officers had departed. The young woman felt she was on the verge of a great victory and a landmark moment in her career. She felt distinguished, she felt honorable, but the poor woman had little idea she was merely a pawn in a much larger game being played by Valeria and Alliance Intelligence. She and her unit would carry out the executions with pride, believing they were ridding the Oversector of treacherous officers. In reality, all they would do is further undermine the Imperial war effort in the Ringali Shell.

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