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Audra Baldwin, Brandon Dellinger, Andrew Douglas, Christopher Levy, Melissa Minor, Larry Mottola, Thomas Rogers, and Anonymous.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:9:20) in the Lybeya system: Argo.


Doctor Ari'acoda, Commander Derek Atio, Lieutenant Quar Klynn, Sergeant Zev Ordo, R3-QT, Trooper Leilia Sangre, Lieutenant Wes Thrum, and Captain Dagon Tong.


The engines of the Corvette Argo flared to life as the small vessel maneuvered sharply to port to avoid a large asteroid tumbling in its direction. The vessel had been operation in the Vergesso Asteroids for five days since its Mission to Berea. The majority of the rescued prisoners had been returned to assignments throughout the Fleet, but one prisoner had proved herself worth further investigation. Although she was in an Imperial prison labor camp, no records of her service in the Alliance existed and her presence raised several red flags with Alliance Intelligence.

Quar sat at the head of the conference table reading through information on his datapad. His fingers tapped on the keyboard lightly as he scrolled through some information. His free hand rubbed lightly against his unshaven chin. A smirk came over his face as he felt the stubble. Quar admitted to himself that he had been working too hard lately. He dismissed that thought as he continued to wait for his guest.

Commander Derek Atio, the Argo's engineer-turned-captain, sat in the chair next to Quar. His inexperience in matters such as this would prompt him to rely heavily on the council of others.

Tong was seated in the conference room, in his standard tactical dress, with the Merr-Sonn disruptor pistol on his left thigh. Cigarra smoke curled from his nose, while his dead brown eyes faced the door, one tactical boot on the table.

QT beeped to herself softly as she wheeled about the conference room. It seemed the astromech had a problem with standing still, unless of course she was in the droid socket of a fighter. But at the moment she was under her own locomotion, so that meant the inquisitive little droid was rolling around.

Zev stepped down one of the main corridors of the Argo on his way to the conference room, his military boots clicking with each step. Dressed in his standard green uniform, he spoke towards Lei, his eyes occasionally looking in her direction. "I take it your stay on Berea wasn't too unpleasant?"

Leilia Sangre had been getting a passable bit of rest for a change, not having to endure a hard, icy bunk and the moans and groans of other prisoners, when her sleep had been rather rudely interrupted by the gentleman currently leading her down the corridors of the ship. "Oh, of course not. It was practically a vacation," she responded, her voice dry. "So... where're we headed, and why?"

QT halted her beeping as she rolled over to behind where Quar was seated at the head of the conference table. She leaned upwards on her legs, leaning up to her full height, but finding that did not get her high enough to see over his shoulder, she extended her flexible periscope to spy over his shoulder, to see what was on that datapad. She would have made an excellent spook, it seemed.

As he reached the entrance to the conference room, Zev reached the door's activator with his right hand and thumbed the button. In an instant, the doors opened. Turning to Lei, Zev motioned her into the room with his left hand, ignoring her question. "I'm sure your stay here will be slightly more enjoyable...though the food may be worse."

The fact that he did not answer her question immediately put Leilia on edge. It was all she could do to keep from reaching toward the weapon at her back. Still she followed Zev's gesture, and rather cautiously stepped through the doors and into the room, immediately scanning and taking stock of its occupants. Three men and an astromech...she would be able to handle that. Leilia relaxed ever so slightly.

Stepping inside immediately after Lei, Zev returned the nod to Quar before assuming a seat at the table.

After taking a quick scan of the information QT slid the flexible photoreceptor periscope back down into its purple colored hatch before giving an innocent whistle as she rolled away over to the edge of the table, where she looked over at the new arrival, studying her with that single large black photoreceptor.

"Welcome, please take a seat." Lieutenant Quar Klynn said as he glanced up from his datapad. He surveyed the female for a moment as he glanced over to the soldier. He gave a slight nod to Zev before returning his attention to the female detainee.

For a moment, Leilia looked like she might refuse, but ultimately stepped further into the room, twisting a seat around and plopping down gracelessly. "Suppose I should say thank you, by the by," Leilia spoke as she got comfortable. "I was figuring it would be another year, at least, before I could get out of there on my own."

"So..." Quar said as he pushed away the datapad from in front of himself. "My name is Quar, it is a pleasure to meet you. I'm sorry, what is your name?" Quar let out a half smile as he learned forward extending his hand towards Leilia.

"Leilia Sangre," came her response. Though her voice and expression was amicable enough, she made no move to reach out her own hand.

"Ok...then..." Quar moved back down towards his seat as he rested his hands on the table. "I am just some random pencil pusher here, I'm sorry if I seem a little nervous." Quar looked a bit disheveled being unshaven and his shirt creased and the first few buttons undone. Though it almost appeared as if his faculties were not all there, his mind kept churning. "Well I just assigned the people we saved back to their units. I am just looking here and I don't see an Alliance service record for you. Can I ask how you got into that camp?" Quar smiled lightly as he asked. His hands folded on the table as he leaned back in his chair.

QT of course, had begun recording the interview with Quar's first words. She had assumed a position for best recording, and remained there to witness the exchange. She was silent during the exchange, having retracted her third leg up into her body.

"Pushing pencils sounds awful boring," Leilia said, completely avoiding Quar's latest question. "Sounds like you could use a break." Her gray-violet eyes flicked briefly over each of the room's occupants, lingering for a moment on the astromech, before returning to the tabletop in front of her.

"I thank you for your concern, Leilia. However, how did you get in that camp?" Quar asked. He already knew the answer to the question. However, he wanted to try to look into this girl. One thing that he had learned is always ask questions that you know the answer to. An eyebrow started to furrow slightly as he glanced to Leilia quizzically.

Leilia gave a rather graceful shrug of her shoulders, a faint smile tugging at her lips. "Why are folks usually tossed into those places? I did something the Imps didn't like, and got tossed onto that ice cube for my troubles." She still was not giving a straight answer, and the lines of her body had tensed up again. Apparently, this was a subject of some sensitivity for the woman.

Quar's hands were brought into his lap as he brought his calf to rest upon his knee. "So you were just randomly walking around... and someone grabbed you and threw you into a place where they put people committing treason against the Empire. Leilia, I am trying to help you. I may be able to send you to a planet to hide out - I don't know. What it comes down to is the damn administration is coming down on me to get placements for everyone." Quar said as he yawned heavily. "The sooner you help me, the sooner I can go back to balancing spreadsheets and credit management."

"Ouch. Yeah...I can see how you'd be just hopping to get back to something as exciting as that," Leilia shook her head, slumping back in her chair and swiveling it to an angle, giving her room to raise her legs, and crossed her ankles on the edge of the table.

"Well maybe you can help me get back to something as exciting as that..." Quar said, realizing his tactic wasn't working. He brought his fingers to temple as he brough his hands infront of his face. "So would you like to tell me about your arrest on Ralltir?"

As quickly as that, the friendly, semi-amused expression on Leilia's face shut down, her expression became completely unreadable, her gray-violet eyes clouding with some dark, unnamed emotion. "Not particularly, but I've got a feeling you're not going to let it go with that, are you..."

"And I would hope after the danger we put our men through you would at least tell me why you were there." Quar said as Leilia's expressions became more stoic. "You are a guest on this craft and the least you can do is answer a few questions for us." Quar said with a small smile on his face.

Leilia's lips curled in a barely-there smile, though the expression never reached her eyes, which she kept firmly trained on an apparently fascinating scuff on the tabletop. "...I killed a man. An Imperial officer."

"So you murdered a murderer. An ironic end to an idiot." Quar said as he slightly swiveled in his chair. "What did he do to you?" Quar asked in a tone that was poised as a question between friends.

QT also weighed in with an ascending beep that made it clear she thought that this woman deserved a medal pinned on her chest. After all, the only good imperial was a dead imperial. Or well, one that was safely dumped off one some safe world or converted to the Rebellion was good too. But hey, dead worked.

"Most of the time when you kill people that the Imperials don't want dead, they try to kill you, if not simply execute you. Just about everyone aboard here has done it. And some of us long before we were paid by the Rebels." Tong's scarred visage remained dead as he spoke, the quip meant to enhance the intel officer's question.

"He didn't do me," Leilia murmured, her voice dropping in volume as a deep frown furrowed her brow.

Lieutenant Klynn picked up the slow pause in her words. "Was it a loved one?" Quar said as he leaned forward. He showed what appeared to be a genuine interest.

Suddenly, the room was much too small. Leilia practically shoved herself to a standing position, pacing a few steps behind her chair and back, tugging fitfully on one of the many thin braids into which her almost freakishly long black hair was woven. Even in its braids, her hair whipped about her ankles as she moved in obvious agitation. "I'd only met her twice. Look, is this going to take much longer?"

Quar ignored her question and continued. "They killed someone close to me as well. You have no idea what I would give to kill the man that did that." Quar's smile was completely gone. He nodded slightly as he brought his elbows onto the table in front of him. "Who did they take from you, Leilia?"

"Personally, I won't feel right letting you wander this ship until you either explain why you weren't executed, or until you're disintegrated and floating about in the air purifying system." Tong's voice was as dead as his eyes. No emotion whatsoever.

As Zev sat silently observing the conversation, he could not help but elicit a small smile at the Captain's remarks.

Leilia chuckled faintly, the sound just as devoid of emotion as Tong's voice. "Well ya know, if I had an answer for you...I might just decide to share it. How the hell should I know why I wasn't shot on sight? It's not like I put up some massive struggle! I practically gift wrapped myself for the executioner...flat out confessed and everything! Oddly enough, you know what the Imp witch that arrested me said? She said, 'this one had it coming.' Maybe that has bearing, maybe it don't. Whether that answers your question or not I don't really care, but it's the best I can do with the information I have."

That said to Tong, Leilia sighed heavily, and flicked her eyes over the group in general. "Look...if you don't trust me wandering around the ship, lock me up, do whatever you feel you have to do. That's your prerogative."

"How about this question: why were you found, in a detention camp, brandishing a weapon?" Tong knew that he was not going to get anymore out of her regarding fact that she was still alive, but she did leave a lot of questions open.

"The lady gave instructions that it was to be given back to me once we got to the camp. I don't know why." Leilia sighed again and sank back into her chair, unconsciously rolling a bit of stiffness out of her left shoulder, wincing slightly when the scar tissue hidden beneath fresh bandages pulled uncomfortably from the movement.

"This witch let you keep your weapon?" Commander Atio inquired, not connecting the two.

"A few truly unbelievable turn of events. I don't know who you were dealing with. But they were overly kind, I've never heard of such a thing." Tong really was taken aback. When had Ralltiir turned so kind?

Leilia felt like bashing her head on the tabletop. "Look...what exactly do you want me to tell you, 'cause at this point I'm willing to confess to being the Emperor if you'd just back off a bit." She closed her eyes the minute the words passed her lips. Being in this small space with a group of strangers was wearing on her nerves; she's always been loner by nature: groups of people always set her on edge.

Tong took a moment to light a cigarra, and then shook his head. He was not an interrogator and this crew definitely did not want him running one. He was sure it would breach his terms of service with the Rebellion. So he let Klynn handle it a bit more.

"Let's say we give you the benefit of the doubt," Commander Atio said to Lei, "What do you propose we do with you?" He paused and looked at her a bit confused, "It's not like there's some command we can return you to."

"Heh. You're asking me? You're the guys in charge of this..." Leilia glanced around the room once more, ", right? Just throw me off on the closest inhabited planet. I can make my way from there."

"We are a military vessel operating under time of war," Commander Atio began to explain, "We can't just detour to drop someone off."

It was then that Ari'acoda strode in, obviously in a hurry. She looked tired, but she walked with an air of dignity, twin lekku decorated in silk ribbon of deep blue. She paused before Atio and Lei. "If you are finished with your...questioning, I think it's high time that her arm was tended to properly."

Leilia blinked from the men to the Twi'lek, a frown clouding her features. "Excuse me? What about my arm?"

"I still stand with the idea that she is going to need to be swept up off the deck into a dust bin, or vacuumed up by this obnoxious droid if she doesn't give a reason otherwise." Tong glanced at the doctor for a moment, before returning his eyes to the prisoner.

"I don't think we need to go to such extreme measures," Commander Atio said as he turned to Captain Tong, "but I'm still not sure what to do with her." He sighed and looked towards Ari'acoda, "Well ... I don't see this conversation producing more than it already has ... do whatever you can for her injury."

Leilia's eyes narrowed furiously at the conversation going on around her, "No."

She turned a glare then to Tong before giving a nod to the Commander. Ari frowned at Leilia, puzzled. "It looks bad. The sooner you have it treated the more likely we can be sure to save it."

"When you're on my ship," Commander Atio said as he looked towards Lei, "You do what I say. Get that arm looked at."

"Then jettison me for all I care," Leilia ground out, glaring heatedly across the table toward the Commander. "Nobody's touching this arm."

Ari stepped back, taking a moment to lean against the wall. If she did not have consent from the patient in a case like this, she would not touch it. Not that she was overly upset by that prospect. The arm looked like more than she was used to handling. Now she watched the others with some interest.

Derek turned his attention to Ari'acoda as Lei responded to Tong's questioning, "Doctor, how much longer will they need you aboard the Comfort? I don't like operating in the field without a ship's surgeon."

"Hopefully not much longer, Commander. The last two patients are nearly no longer critical. Once I finish my reports on them, I will probably be free to go." Ari'acoda explained.

The glare went ignored. Tong remembered his own debriefing and felt that there might be an applicable part there. "If you were put on a planet, left to your own devices, what would you do?"

Leilia blinked once, the questions catching her off guard. "Huh?"

"Say I put you on Corellia, or even Tatooine. You were free to go. What would you do with yourself? It's a simple question. How would you survive? How would you thrive?" Tong asked.

Leilia could not help but chuckle lightly. "You put me on Corellia and I'd go back to my place on the coast. Tatooine has loads of opportunities if you know where to look. You must have me mistaken with some yokel fresh from the fields."

"You are avoiding my question. What opportunities would you take? For instance, take my XO Ordo, or myself. You put us on Tatooine, we'll take up work as gun hands. We'll kill, hunt, and bring in credits. What would you do on Tatooine to survive?" Tong showed no excitement, no irritation, just a flat demeanor, and a rather impersonal creature. Even for a Mandalorian.

"Anything I could. You want a bodyguard...I'm there...need a bounty dragged in, fine. Might take a while to get myself a new ship...and let's not forget my knack for breaking and entering. I promise, I'd get by." Leilia sighed for what must have been the twelfth time that night, settling back into her chair and resisting the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose.

"What did you feel when you killed that man on Ralltiir?" Tong seemed to change tactics every time he lit a cigarra, and each time it was marked, as this one was, by a match flaring and igniting the end of his cigarra.

Again a question that caught her off guard...but this time Leilia had an answer, spoke in the low assured tones of total conviction and honesty... "When I killed him... I felt absolutely nothing."

"Then why kill him at all? It wasn't for money. So without the emotion, at least deep inside, it was a meaningless kill. It might as well have been to keep up appearances between you and a dead sibling. And if that is the case, why risk the kill in close proximity to the target? Blasters and explosives have a much better range, and see you clear." Tong stated.

Leilia's eyes fluttered closed briefly, before she lifted her bandaged left hand to eyelevel frowning a bit as the limb quivered slightly form the strain. "I had just watched my little sister burn alive at the end of this hand...wasn't thinking very clearly after that. As for the close proximity, it's what I prefer. Blasters and explosives are so...impersonal."

Suddenly a loud explosion could be heard and the Corvette shook violently. The lights flickered out for a moment before a lower set of emergency lights kicked in.

Commander Atio immediately pressed down the intercom on the control panel in front of him, "Bridge ... report."

"So it was emotionally motivated. Make up your mind. You didn't feel a thing killing him, and yet her death put you into a spin. Seems like you are filled with more inner turmoil than a..." The explosion was not a welcome sign, but Tong had nothing to do with the bridge work. He might have to repel boarders, but that was not likely at this point, so continued calmly smoking his cigarra, and waited for a report.

Lieutenant Wes Thrum yelped at the sudden shake of the ship, but that was all the more surprise he let show as he gripped the station in front of him and punched the intercom in response the Derek's voice coming from it, his voice a little more strained than he had thus far allow to be shown in his short time with the crew. He was not fond of the prospect ahead of him, "Sir, Bridge reporting, we just lost sensors. Not sure if that explosion was internal or from an impact, the damage reports haven't come back yet." There was a pause as he tested the controls in front of him...which was when he noticed this ship was listing slightly. "Verified! We've had a collision, and Lateral control just went down!"

Ari'acoda's frown deepened and she found herself pressing more tightly against the wall. Though this lasted only for a moment. She must not let herself be caught looking wet behind the ears, so to speak. She straightened and attempted not to look quite as interested in the reports back from the bridge.

Leilia rolled her eyes ceiling-ward, shaking her head. "What is this ship put together with? Spit and bailing wire? It's amazing she's still flying at all..."

"Can it be repaired?" Derek asked over the intercom before throwing a glare towards Lei, "This ship saved you from that prison."

"Yeah, and I already said thank you. What, you want a medal, too?" Leilia asked.

Wes worked fast. They were after all in an asteroid field. Pulling up those patchwork hull pickups he'd readied for just such an occasion. "Negative, Sir. The damage is too widespread to be contained locally...I'm getting reports now from affected areas of the ship, evacuation of the damaged sections is proceeding."

Derek threw his glance down towards QT frantically. "QT ... get to the access turbolift and see if you can fix it from outisde ... quick."

QT whistled and beeped excitedly and deployed her third leg onto the deck with a thunk. She shut down her holorecorder and promptly began to wheel towards the door as she patched into the shipwide network. She was already moving by the time Derek was speaking. She rolled out of the room as fast as her wheels could carry her towards the access turbolift, whirling around the traffic in the corridors.

Tong could only close his eyes for a moment, and after a deep drag from his cigarra, glanced over at the ship's commanding officer. "We need to change that droid's name. It's obnoxious enough without it."

"Right now that droid is our only hope," Derek said to Atio quickly.

"Sir, request permission to have one of the others ships in the fleet take formation ahead of us to give a more visual representation of clear lanes of traffic until I can pull us from the asteroid do want me to pull from the field, don't you sir..?" That last bit of question was more than obviously nervous as Wes attempted to maneuver away from a rather large asteroid with what limited to control he had. Damn those lateral controls. The ship was not much for leaving the field.

Lieutenant Thrum's eyes slowly washed wide as the viewport tilted into something he was not at all excited to see. The loss of laterals had locked the ship into a descending spiral, dropping away and clear from the moderate protection of the fleet...and directly towards an asteroid that would have been bad news to a fully functional Imperial-class Star Destroyer. "Sir, we're in a dead spin, controls are locked, and I'd start praying for a miracle, because the five kilometer asteroid dead ahead of us is looking gloom. Estimate time until impact roughly eight minutes."

"QT!" Derek shouted over the intercom, "You've got less than eight minutes to restore the lateral controls or we're all dead."

QT rolled into the access turbolift and did a quick check of her onboard systems, making sure everything was green before she activated the magnetic skids on the underside of her feet to allow her a measure of security while roaming the hull of the ship. She responded with a loud beep as her clear plastex dome spun around as she was deposited on the hull, taking in a complete view of everything around her before she cross referenced the visuals with the blueprints of the ship. Quickly locating the lateral control failure she began to roll towards it, opening the panels on her rotund form that contained her hydrospanner and heavy grasper arm.

After another long inhalation, Tong had turned back to the prisoner. "Best make your peace with your dead sister. You'll be seeing her soon. You'll get to explain to her why you lied to us, and appeared as if you cared for the girl as much as you would a two credit Gamorean prostitute, and took a man's life to keep up appearances. I just hope we end up in the same hell so I can see it." Tong kept a dead, even gaze on the bandages woman while he spoke and completely unflinching in his demeanor.

"Well Miss Sangre," Derek said in a calm demeanor, "Looks like you've only got a few minutes to come up with an answer that'll satisfy Captain Tong. Better make it a good one."

Leilia actually growled at the Captain, closing whatever distance was between them in short, furious strides. "Look, pal, I know precisely two things about my sister. I was supposed to protect her...and I didn't. You asked me what I felt when I killed Drake Yukio...not what motivated me, not my reflections afterward..."

"You want to know why I wasn't killed on the spot...well believe me, so do I...and I wish they had! You want to know why they let me keep my weapons...go ask them, I'm sure they'd be thrilled to have you, if we make it off this bucket of bolts in one piece!" Lei explained.

As Wes reached the end of a small mental checklist of things he could not do to stop the ship or its impending doom, he sighed gently and sat up a bit more fully, never releasing the ships controls, trying in vain to maneuver the Argo away from its current course of self destruction. "Four minutes until impact."

"Now would be a good time, QT," Derek once again barked into the comm unit.

QT came upon the hull breach and studied it quickly. This did not look good, the lateral control line was indeed cut, some sort of explosion or outgassing had damaged it and since the auxiliary had been down for as long as QT had been aboard the ship, which left them in a sticky spot. This was bad, as it was impossible to reconnect the lines...unless. Her head swung around the damaged area...searching. She did a quick search and decided upon a course of action. She extended her fusioncutter/welder and began to use it cut away the damaged portion of the lateral control line. Slicing away the very pieces she was meant to fix. Her heavy grasper arm went to work ripping back frayed bits of metal that covered various other conduits, looking for something as her fine work claw arm started tearing out wires. It looked for all the galaxy as if she had gone crazy and decided to demolish the ship instead.

"We aren't talking about me. We're talking about you. Do you want to die? So you can sit in hell with your sister, and cry on her shoulder? Or would you prefer to do something about the people who would employ a man like you killed?" Tong knocked some of the ash off his cigarra, but aside from that, did not shift in posture, his hands hanging still loosely at his side and his flat brown gaze on the woman.

Leilia's fists had actually clenched, her left raising as if she was all set to try and knock the man's block off...when her eyed widened abruptly, as if she's just stumbled upon a vast realization. "...Oh I see, now..." she blinked, and gave a faint, strained chuckle. "Why didn't you just ask in the first place..?"

Wes' eyes never left the viewport, never moved from the asteroid that loomed ever closer. By now, the viewport was filled, and he could see craters and markings on the surface of the space borne rock. "Two minutes..."

QT started patiently rewiring the lateral control line, using wires ripped from non-essential conduits that were still intact. Odd systems might start shutting off all over the ship, but she didn't much care. This was slightly more important than the autochef. She beeped to herself as she turned her plastex dome around, and saw the incoming asteroid, and then turned back to her work. This was not good at all...she was running out of salvageable wiring to connect up the lateral line. Until of course...she came upon a solution. She rotated her dome to look at the asteroid, growing closer by the second and then rotated it back around to look at the conduit. She beeped sadly once before her heavy grasper arm grasped one of the uncompleted ends of the conduit, and then with her fine work arm grasped the other, using herself to finish the conduit. She then beeped for them to reactivate the power, as it had been turned off to allow her to work on it.

"I did. I asked you what you would do if you were let loose. But you are so confused internally that you can't answer yourself. So, I'll tell you my current course of action. I'll let you run about, even deploy with us. But if you ever point that whip at one of my men, or if I even think that you are playing for the wrong team, I'll have that damned droid down here vacuuming your remains up. Do we understand each other?" Tong knocked another bit of ash away, let the six-foot-one one armed woman tower over him. He was too comfortable with a boot on the desk to move anyway.

Leilia was full-out grinning now, and plopped back down into the closest available chair. "Pointing my whip at someone doesn't do a thing, you know, but I catch your meaning. You guys seem alright to me...I got no problems with sticking around a bit."

Wes lifted his head slightly to look at the bridge around him slowly, speaking under his breath, making sure to take his finger off the comm. "Come on pull this off... I'll have you plated in solid platinum..." He tapped the comm once more. "Forty-five sec..." The Panel in front of him lit up suddenly as R3-QT finished the connections, green started flying across his readouts, and instantly he laid into the controls. They were sluggish at first, refusing to fully acknowledge his commands, as if they were not used to the newly restored flight commands he was giving. Then, without further pause the ship suddenly lurched and began to arc away from the uplifting asteroid. "Yes! Laterals are back online, engines are responding, that little astromech really did it!" He could not help but to laugh out loud as he pulled the Argo back towards its previous position...they had missed by a few ship lengths, point in sharing data that was not directly pertinent.

"Great job, QT," Commander Atio said congratulatory over the intercom, "Lieutenant Thrum ... move us out of the asteroid field."

"Gladly, sir." came the acknowledgement of his orders before Wes scanned the visual readouts carefully as he angled the Corvette towards a break in the floating rocks and debris, easing on the engines at a careful seven MLGT, no point in rushing out of the fire, best to tread carefully and keep his escape options open. Luckily however, there was no further incident in removing the ship from the asteroid, clearing the virtual wall and moving the ship quietly out a few kilometers, just to be on the safe side. "Clear, sir."

"If I'm not needed here..." a brief glance to Leilia and then back to the Commander, "then I'm going to head back. If we make it through this, I might be needed." With that, Ari'acoda headed out again to make herself accessible should anyone have been injured in the initial collision.

Leilia glanced up at the Twi'lek medic. "Oh hey...hold up a bit..."

Ari'acoda paused, head turned to look over her shoulder at the injured Leilia.

Leilia frowned slightly, her bandaged hand flexing marginally. "Uh...this might sound strange...but I want to keep these scars. On the other hand...if you've got the know-how to give me a bit more mobility...well, I'd appreciate it..."

Ari nearly stumbled as the ship lurched and then resumed something resembling normal movement again. Then she canted her head slightly towards Leilia, considering her request. "Hmm. I think I can do that. Simply a matter of reducing the inflammation beneath the flesh and allowing the joints to mend while reducing any diminishing effects to the scarring above. I'll have something ready for you by morning."

"Heh. Thanks, doc," Leilia replied to the medic, her smile actually lighting her face up a bit. She felt better right now than she had in months...she could npt help but wonder how much better she would feel if she had actually hit Captain Tong...

"It's what I'm here for." Ari'acoda returned the smile and then excused herself, her intentions to study up on what sort of treatment would do what she had promised the prisoner.

Her plastex dome spun around like a top as smoke from overloading circuits blew out, the fires quickly consuming the available oxygen in the dome before they died, luckily limiting the damage. All of her compartment covers popped open as crackling blue electricity played over the extend of her case. She let out a wild series of beeps and blurps as she held on to each ends of the conduit for dear continued existence.

Wes frowned as he scanned the readouts of the ships activity. One droid had gone extra-vehicular activity but had yet to report back in. He tapped the comm unit once and leaned back slightly in the chair. "Sir, I'm still reading the R3 unit on the ship's exterior. If the droid doesn't come back under its own power I volunteer to go EVA and bring her back in." That single droid has just saved their believe he was not going to let it get lost in the cold of space now.

"Lieutenant," Commander Atio reported over the comm, "We need our pilot on the bridge right now." Atio looked across the conference table at Lei, "Let's see what you can do."

Wes clipped a single affirmative word back over the intercom before the internal line would be closed once more. "Understood."

Leilia rolled her head on her shoulders a few times, working out a bit of tension before glancing toward the Commander. "Alright then...what do you want me to do?"

"Go out there and see if you can save QT," Derek explained, "She's one of the crew."

Leilia couldn't help but smirk. "Oh, so nothing too difficult my first day on the job...where do I suit up...or should I walk around on the outside of the ship as is? I'm sure some of you would like that..." she gave a pointed glare toward Tong.

"There's a suit in storage near the access hatch," Atio explained.

Tong barely paid the glance, pointed or not, mind as he lit another cigarra, and waited for the conclusion of the issues. "And there is always gear for any occasion, though not always adequate gear, in the squad bay."

I'm sure I'll be able to make due with what I've got," Leilia murmured dismissively, already heading for the doors to attend to her mission.

Leilia was geared and suited up in short order, though getting the suit on proved to be a bit awkward with her messed up arm. She hummed some low, tuneless melody beneath her breath, like she off to a typical day at the office. In no time, Leilia had located the access hatch to the outer hull. "Well...this is peachy...just get off an ice block and what do they do...go take a stroll in deep space, Lei..." She continued muttering as she secured the airlock with a few keystrokes on a bulkhead control panel, before opening the access hatch and poking her head out into the void. "Alright, you little squirt...where've you gone off to?"

The droid could be seen over the edge of the ship, still using her grasper arms to complete the connection. This might turn out to be a bit more of a problem than she had originally anticipated. After all, just going over and touching the droid would probably turn an organic into slag, much less what it was doing to the droid at the moment. But, removing the droid would also sever the lateral line connection that she was completing. Rendering the ship inoperable until a replacement was found.

Leilia was quick to spot the messed-up little astromech, and shook her head slightly. She double-checked to make sure she was secured to the ship, contrary to her earlier statements...she really didn't want to be jettisoned into space, and made her way toward the jumbled little thing. "Well, you are a mess aren't you? This certainly complicates matters..." Leilia frowned slightly, crouching down analyzing the situation. It was not like she could just perform a snatch and grab...she would be atomized, and the ship would lose control again... "I'm asking for a raise after this..." All of a sudden, Leilia blinked once. "Well... duh...wake up, Leilei...and QT... hope you'll forgive me for this..."

QT whirled its head around and sizzled, unable to offer any solution to the problem that faced Leilia at the current moment. Rather she was left to figure it out on her own.

Leilia set down the box of tricks she had brought along for this job, a small selection of tools and a variety of different wires... "Let's pray, alright?" Leilia selected a particular insulated wire, stripping the ends and using a few clips to attach the wire to a bit of exposed framing of the ship and QT shell...redirecting the electricity in a harmless direction, so she could work.

Once more humming her little tune, Leilia sifted through the wires in her stash...selecting three of various colors. Her left hand not up to snuff to a precise task, Leilia grasped the wires in her teeth, twisting them into a thicker cord with her right hand. That accomplished, she stripped the ends, tapping them against one of QT's grasper arms experimentally. When Leilia did not go sailing into space from an electric zap, she went back to work, wrapping the ends of her wire cord around each of QT's little arms. "Droids don't feel pain do they? That'd be kind of weird, really... "

QT, now that the vast amount of the current that was moving through her was grounded, was freed of the paralyzing grasp of the massive amount of electricity that had flowed through her. She beeped and her dome swirled about before turning to look at the organic next to her. A little surprised at seeing who it was...well, maybe they considered it a suicide mission. Of course, the ship would have lost its control again the moment the power and control signals through the main lateral line were diverted. Her grasper arms let go of the ends of the conduit. The damage to the astromech was not as great as one might expect, as she had expected the overflow of voltage, and had managed to safeguard and prepare vital systems, isolating or switching them off. There was still a good deal of damage to some systems, but she was still mostly functional. Now there was still the problem of bridging the gap.

"Ok, little girl uh...whatever...there are some folks inside who're anxious to have you back. You about done here? If not, I'll give you a hand." Leilia grinned lightly at the droid, rummaging through her tools and wires for anything viable to use for a rather complex patch job. "You provide the bailing wire, and I'll provide the spit...alright?"

The droid rocked its body up and down in imitation of a nod. As she considered what to use as a large gauge connection of the conduit. Of course, somebody on the ship might be concerned by the sudden lost of steering power again. Until of course, QT got what might be called a stroke of genius. She looked to where her lariat was sticking out on one side, retracting her other appendage except for her blackened grasper arm which she used to pull the length of conductive cabling, and hold it up in front of the organic. And if she could grin, she just might.

There it was...the controls were dead again. Wes sighed softly and leaned forward a bit on his station, luckily they were far enough away from the field to not bother him, but any ship without steering was a dead ship after a long enough time. He tapped the comm on his station, patching in through the suit's system directly. "I'm hoping the fact that I just lost lateral control again is a good sign...?"

Leilia gave a grin and nodded once, before taking the corded wire she had originally intended to link QT's two grasper arms, adding a few more to it for durability, before linking up the damaged cable. It would not be an especially strong connection, but it ought to hold long enough to limp to a nearby planet for proper repairs. "Think that'll do it, QT?" Leilia asked, wrapping some insulating tape around the exposed wire ends.

QT swung slightly in an imitation of nodding as she thought that indeed, it would hold. She gave an ascending whistle over the com, making it clear that they had everything was under control. Her grasper arms were used to remove the grounding by isolating herself by using parts of the insulation to pull it away. And they ought to be fine.

"Alright then...let's get you back inside, alright?" Leilia carefully got to her feet, carefully patting the little astromech on the top of her dome. "Your buddies are worried about you."

The readouts leapt to life once more, green slowly cycled back across the controls as the computer systems of the Covette once more ran through its internal diagnostic. Wes smirked in a humorless manner, "Guess that's a yes."

QT beeped again and trundled up to Lelia's side and bumped against her side, whistling and beeping excitedly. Obviously she seemed quite excited that she had actually come out to rescue here when nobody else had. And with an injured arm no less. The excited whistling and beeping was meant to be some sort of thank you.

Leilia could not help a little chuckle. Astromechs were so weird. "Well, come on, then," Leilia headed back for the access hatch, gesturing for QT to get a move on.

QT whistled an affirmation before she followed off after Leilia, headed towards the turbolift access that she would have to use to return down to the inside of the ship. Astromechs and stairs did not tend to mix.

Once certain QT was safely on her way back into the ship, Leilia slipped back down through the access hatch she'd come through before, double-checking and triple checking the air locks and cabin pressurization levels before descending back into the ship's innards. Even though a job well-done had put her in a good mood, a frown began to take over her features as got out of her extra-vehicular suit and made her way back to the meeting room where she had been with the other crewmembers prior to her little spacewalk. Unconsciously, she clenched and unclenched her bandaged left hand as she walked.

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