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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:27) in the Lybeya system: Blue Haven.
Commander Iyah Xergo and Mug Zoran.

Mug had settled into his new life aboard the Pelta-class frigate Blue Haven. It was all so very exciting to be aboard a starship, surrounded by passionate young Rebels all with duties to perform. He had even been given a uniform, although parts of it did not fit adequately as they did not have an abundance of sizes or tailors available. He did not have his own quarters, as the ship was too small, and so he was forced to share with three others of the new recruits. They did not talk very much, as they were all quite new to this, and each was being trained for a different role aboard the ship and within the unit. Even though he was now surrounded by people, he very much still felt alone. Whenever he closed his eyes he saw the smile of the sweet young Commander who had recruited him, although he had assumed she had already forgotten him amongst the mass of new recruits. Therefore it was an unexpected and entirely pleasant surprise when he received a message to report to her quarters, and he could not hide his enthusiasm in the form of an excited smile as he navigated the corridors of the frigate to find his way to her. It took a couple extra minutes as he had made a wrong turn and nearly ended up in engineering, but after some effort he arrived, and pressed down on the button to alert her that someone was outisde of her door.

There had been too much awaiting Commander Xergo back on her frigate. Even if she fancied the idea of spending more time with a certain recruit, she shelved it and did what she needed to do. All she could do was hope his situation started getting better after she had taken him under her wing. If the Death Star wasn't destroyed, there were going to be many more like him. She couldn't save them all. Ultimately, Iyah ended up in her quarters putting together a report on what had happened over the day. She had recently reviewed the profiles of all thirty-two new recruits. That included staring at Mug's, wondering if *Mug* was really his name or not. Somewhere in all of her work, she was brought a gift of Alderaan wine. Apparently someone at the Rodney castle was feeling a touch of gratitude. Iyah didn't realize someone was second-gifting the failure son's possessions. She ignored the gift at first for the sake of work. Eventually, she made the rash decision to summon Mug Zoran to her private quarters. She sent a droid to deliver the message, acting like she didn't have any unprofessional wants.

Inside of her office, a beeping let her know that someone had arrived. Her dark eyes lifted from her datapad. A monitor beside her door showed Mug Zoran, dressed awkwardly in his uniform. Her heart beat quickened. She could feel heat spreading over her tanned cheeks. Questioning her intention, Iyah let herself stand. She even opened the door...and then she began opening her mouth. "I see you received my orders, Mug. Come in." Iyah stepped aside to allow him access to the office portion of her quarters. Her bedroom was cut off from view by another door. The office, however, had a desk, a coffee table, several armed chairs and a very plaid couch. She waited to say anything else until he was inside. Using a code on the keypad, she shut the door to any intruders. "I thought you might like to talk." She still sounded professional, that was, until she picked up the case of wine. "And maybe taste Alderaan for the last time with me?"

"Thank you, Commander. I would like to talk," Mug said, as he swiftly moved into her quarters, so that the door could quickly close behind him. Even though he was new to the Rebellion he was aware that his fraternizing with the Commander could be taken the wrong way and cause problems with the other members of the crew. When she produced the bottle of Alderaan wine his eyes lit up, and he moved closer towards her, to carefully examine the bottle in her hand. "Where did you find this?" he asked excitedly, a warm smile plastered upon his face, which alternated between the bottle and her face. In the end, despite his affinity for the wine, her face won out and he ended up fixated upon her. "I never ... I never thought I'd taste this again," he said to her, a mixture of sweet and sadness, as his eyes locked onto hers. When he first met her he was afraid to look in her eyes. Now he was afraid to look anywhere else.

"You can just call me Iyah here. There's no one to judge." She slowly let her strong exterior wear off. Her shoulders fell. Her entire body seemed to relax more once he was inside the room. She didn't mention anything about keeping secrets from his comrades. Until she knew what was happening here, nothing was happening at all. She showed him the bottle. She assumed he knew more about it than she did. Minus the occasional visits to Alderaan, the planet was a mystery to her. "It was a gift. Someone brought it from the Rodney castle. We may not see another like it. I thought it might be fitting for us to share." She kept her eyes on the bottle until he spoke beside her. "That's why you're here. I know you've been through more than I can imagine. You can get some of it out of your system." She set the bottle down only so she could retrieve two win classes from a cabinet above her desk. With two glasses and a bottle of wine in hand, she led the way towards her plaid couch. She was careful when she opened the wine. She was even more careful when she poured their drinks. *Just a little* she told herself, clueless to the fact that the bottle would be empty before the night ended. "You have to tell me," she said, sitting down on the couch with an abundance of room beside her. "Mug. Where did your mother come up with that? I thought you were pulling my leg earlier. I was curious. I looked up your birth records."

"This is so much better than my shack back in Tarkintown," Mug said happily, stating the obvious, as his head swiveled around rapidly to take in every inch of her quarters. Being an officer had its perks, he thought to himself, but he knew that he was at the bottom and it would take many years of work before he could achieve anything like this. "It was very considerate of you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, Com- ... Iyah," he said, as he sat down on the couch, nervously watching her pour the wine in the fear she might spill a single precious drop. Once she was seated, he reached for his glass, and tapped it against hers in a toast, before taking a single sip. A soft moan escaped his lips, and he closed his eyes as the flavor brought back a wealth of memories from his lost home. "My mother hated the nobility. Absolutely could not stand them," he explained, as he placed the wine aside, fearful that he would consume it all too rapidly. He was not likely going to come across another bottle anytime soon, and he did not want to rush it. "She wanted me to have a name that was plain. Something as far from the great houses as she could. She was very young when she had me. Still a student at the University of Alderaan. At that age I guess she did not foresee the long last ramifications it would have for me," he informed her, before going to the wine ... he just *had* to have another sip, which was almost as good as the first.

Iyah crossed one leg over the other once she was comfortable on the couch. There was a light laugh, "Well, I'm glad to hear that. I like to think I do better for the refugees than the Duke of Delaya does. Please tell me you ate your heart out at dinner. I've heard all about the food crisis." Her body turned to the side. There was no one else with him. She could place all of her attention on him without having to feel guilty about it. Softly, she tapped her glass against his. Silently, she swore to never let this happen again. Iyah brought the glass to her lips. She took a small sip at first. Iyah's small body and alcohol got along possibly a little too well. She drank so rarely that it took little to turn her into one hell of a party-goer. The liquid in the cup made her want to weep. It tasted delicious! So delicious, in fact, that she heard a moan from across her. "It's *delicious*. I'm conflicted. I really shouldn't drink it like a savage from the bottle." She listened to him fill in the blanks about his name. Mug was, well, the furthest name from ones of noble value. Iyah smiled, a full, crisp, beautiful smile. "Oh, I don't think it's so bad. It's certainly an original name. I can honestly say I've never known a Mug before ... excluding the ones I keep in my cupboard." The Commander winked at him. "I mean, who am I to talk? *Iyah*? Isn't that something Hutt's scream when they're excited? You should make Mug a family name. Then there will be Mug the Second, Mug the Third..."

"I ate a bit too much," Mug confided in her, as he placed his hand upon his full stomach, smile across from her. "I can't help but think of all the poor refugees suffering back there though with nothing to eat. If I were the Duke I wouldn't allow that to happen..." he said, before taking the final sip from his first glass of wine. He could feel his body temperature rise as the alcohol entered his system. Obviously there was no wine to be had in the refugee camp, so it had been considerable time since he had any and his body responded with the symptoms of intoxication more rapidly. "I'm glad you like it. It was fortunate that you were able to find some," he said, as he sifted in the couch to slide his jacket off. Although they were in the coldness of space, his body temperature had risen to the point where he needed to be free of it. He let off a soft laugh at her comments about his name, as he reached across the table to refill both of their glasses. "And what do you scream when you're excited?" he asked quickly, without thinking, and then froze in place as the terrible implications of what he had just said lingered in front of him.

The man was compassionate too. He cared about those on the surface of Delaya, despite the fact that they weren't his problem. Iyah smiled. "The refugees down there will have full stomachs soon. I've arranged a tradeoff that will aid Delaya with the refugees. That's why I was called back to the ship sooner than I expected." She reached over, patting his knee reassuringly. "Duke Mug, huh? I could get behind that. Delaya needs some change. The guy who's currently Duke has been there for roughly a thousand years. He looks like he could have fathered Emperor." Iyah shared Mug's mother's feelings on royalty. Her feelings were deep seeded, for at one point, she had been of noble blood. It was a past she had written off. In her family's eyes, she was nothing more than a bargaining chip. "Thanks," she said when he refilled her drink directly after she emptied it. She went right back to drinking, the warmness of alcohol taking her to her sweet place. She actually laughed at his comment. It was very straight-forward and, frankly, damn inappropriate. Her eyebrows rose. "Haven't you ever heard the saying about patience. It's *rewarding*." She wasn't going to tell him that she hadn't been with a man. There'd been boyfriends before, but never anything serious. Iyah simply didn't like people like that. She didn't like people like she liked Mug. "I think Iyah is what *you'll* say when you're excited!" She proclaimed. The Commander was strolling down tipsy lane.

"I'm already excited, Iyah," Mug revealed to her, his confidence boosted by the second glass of wine he had begun to more vigorously consume. "I have patience. I endured six long months in that camp. If I can wait that out, I can wait anything out. But things are harder to wait for than others," he mused into his glass, as he was now drinking the wine as if it were water. "Duke Muh, eh?" he said, comedically, as his unsteady hand poured himself a third glass, while topping off hers. His hand shook and the mouth of the bottle struck the top of the glass a couple of times to make a sort of music. "Why not Admiral Xergo while we're at?" he teased, playfully, as he moved closer towards her on the couch. Being around her made it feel as if his entire life had not been suddenly and ruthless destroyed by their brutal enemy.

The wine was about to take them on one hell of a ride. Mug wasn't the only one drinking a little quicker. Iyah spent a lot of time not enjoying herself. As Commander Doom and Gloom, she needed something like this, someone like Mug, to offset the extreme imbalance in her life. "And you're already saying my name!" She pointed out. As a single, small glass of wine turned into Iyah's third, she found herself breaking physical barriers. She recklessly kicked her boots from her feet, stretching out her pant-clad legs across Mug while he inched closer. "Duke Mug and Admiral Xergo..." She laughed, shaking her head. This time around, it was Iyah who reached over the duo, plucking up the wine bottle to drain its contents between their two glasses. "This stuff.. this stuff is damn good. How were you not drunk all your life?" Iyah defenses had fallen. If he wanted to launch an attack, the time had come.

When she places her legs across him it was unexpected, yet wonderful, and he was hesitant to move for fear she would think he was uncomfortable and recoil them. "I have to admit I could of like hearing our names together," he said, as he finished his third glass of wine, and then placed it aside. She looked tired ... it must have been terribly difficult being a Commander with so much responsibility. He did not know why he did it, but he found himself reaching out for her exposed feet that were hanging off his lap. He started with the left one and began to give her an expert, soothing massaging, squeezing at all of the pressure points and manually manipulating her toes. "Just relax," he said softly, as he moved to the next one, repeating the process, in an effort to do whatever he could do to make her feel less strain from the hardships of the world.

She hadn't thought of putting their names *together*. Iyah smiled, much like a happy little child, as she connected the dots in her head. "Mug and Iyah Zoran... It's not bad, is it? Commander Xergo sounds like a videogame character. I like Zoran better." It seemed safe to entertain the idea of them being married as long as drinks were involved. The current predicament felt more like a married couple than complete strangers, especially once he began to rub her feet. She looked like she was going to tell him to stop at first. Peering down at her small feet, she didn't know how they stood up to other feet. Rather than rejecting it, the Commander found that she enjoyed it. There were numerous knots all about the soles of her feet, each which he had begun to massage out. Iyah's body sunk into the couch. She rested her head against the large arm behind her back. She was putty in his hands. "Mmm..." And relax she did. Iyah purred happily. "Your hands are made of magic," she said senselessly. Years of tension washed off of her in a matter of minutes. "I-I don't have any rings." She said, reaching over to the coffee table. The first object she grasped was the cork to the bottle of wine. She thrust it his way. "There. Consider it a promise ring."

Mug rubbed at her feet affectionately while privately wishing he was able to explore other regions of her body. When she said their names together he swooned, blushing slightly as he offered her a warm and loving smile. He had fallen for her completely ... if only there weren't a war in the way of all this. He took his hands off her feet only to catch the cork that was offered to him. He looked at it carefully ... it represented both his past on Alderaan and his hope for a future with her. "It's not official until we seal it with a kiss," he said to her, as he reached out with one hand, resting it firmly upon the back of her head to gently lift her towards him. At that same time, his head descended towards hers. His eyes closed, his head tilted, and his wine stained lips connected with hers in one passionate first brush that dramatically raised the temperature and the room and nearly pushed him over the edge. It was as close to bliss as he had ever come, but the night was young and so was she.

If only there weren't a war...if only. Iyah felt giddy. Her imagination drove her though the idea of them getting married. She grinned wider, thinking about shoving wedding cake in his face while laughing and being *happy*. He was exactly what she needed in her life. She was willing to risk her title for him, and so, she sealed her cork proposal with a kiss. The woman's body started moving forward. Her legs fell out of his lap just as her lips met with his. It was wild, it was crazy, yet it was also perfect. He kissed her with such a passion. Iyah had never felt *loved*. Her own passions stained the kiss. What had she been doing before him? How had she lived? She inched her way closer until she was sitting in his lap, legs straddling him, hands cupping over his face. She knew that there were things against them. She'd seen his age, she knew his rank, and the kiss lingered on. There was a brief interlude, however. "There's no one like you." She whispered. "From the moment I saw you, I wanted so much more."

So this is what it was like to feel *love*, Mug thought to himself as the eternal first kiss finally broke. He was nearly a decade older than her, but that did not mean he had any more luck or experience in relationships than she did. Many of the elements were there for him ... he was handsome, polite, sweet ... but he lacked strength and confidence. He never had it in him to pursue a woman before ... not until now. He had a series of relationships with women that never seemed to go anywhere, and most of those women had undoubtedly perished when Alderaan was destroyed. Ultimately he was what one would call a 'mama's boy', as he always put her first since she raised him alone and with many hardships. It was a turnoff for most women ... a relationship killer. Ultimately they knew he would choose her over them if it came down to it. But now his mother was gone, and nothing would get in the way of a future relationship. His right hand remained planted firmly upon the back of her head, holding her in front of him, as if he were afraid she would go. His other hand began to move up and down her back, exploring her for the first time. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. I was so scared to even talk to you ... and now here we are. I wonder if this can be real..." he said to her, and then quickly moved in for another kiss, devouring her in the same fashion of the wine. His tongue darted from between his lips, running over her teeth, and then entering into a dance with her own tongue.

Mug's heart was beating so rapidly that he was worried he might have a heart attack. His breath was so hot that he would have been able to cook their dinner with that is the only heat source. When they came to a stop in front of the door, his head turned to look into her bedroom, but they made no further forward progress. His hand reached to hers and he gave it a squeeze, as if to say 'its ok'. And with that he moved quickly to place his hands behind her, lifting her off of her feed, and cradling her carefully in his arms. Thankfully she was smaller than him, and did not have much weight on her, which allowed him to easily carry her across the threshold and into the bedroom. Once inside, he deposited her gently into her bed, but did not immediately join her. He stood in front of her stripping out of his clothes for what seemed like forever. His boots, his trousers, his shirt, and finally his underwear found itself balled up on the floor beneath him. The uniform he had come to so cherish hours earlier was not a messy heap in the preamble of love making.

The room was hotter than Iyah could ever remember it being. Mug's body seemed to only be forcing the temperature to increase further. She was entranced by him, pulled into him until nothing else mattered. Her heart thumped for him even though it was all happening so quickly. Iyah didn't have time to second guess things, nor did she have time to analyze everything until she felt nothing. The stars had aligned. It was the perfect man at the perfect moment. Saying no to Mug would be her biggest regret in life as of yet. And so, as he swept her into his arms, she didn't. She let go of everything that made her so uptight and went with the moment. The smile on her face said it all; she was really happy. As he'd eventually learn, that smile was only for him. She seldom showed that she was happy otherwise.

Her hands touched over his face softly. In fear of breaking the spell, Iyah said nothing while he carried her into the bedroom. The bedroom itself, while the details are currently important, was fairly dull. There was nothing on the walls to indicate her personality, nor were there much personal objects on display. Iyah had been through so much in her life. She needed someone to remind her that life was more than a crusade against the Empire. Mug placed her on the bed where she began to creep towards the center of it. There was plenty of room for him to join her, yet he didn't. Instead, she found herself propped up on her shoulders watching the man strip. It was enticing to see layer after layer disappear until he was entirely nude. Iyah stared, bright eyed at the man who she was about to take to her bed. The smile grew rapidly. "I liked you with your uniform on. I like you better without it." She pushed herself back into an upright position for the sake of removing her tank top. Beneath, she wore a black bra with a print of multicolored kitten faces. It seemed there was some personality buried deep inside of her...and that she hadn't come into this expecting to seduce him. She continued on, wiggling her way out of her skin-tight pants. Her underwear, hipster style, had a pattern identical to her bra on it. The pieces of clothing joined his on the floor, yet she went no further. She waited to see how he'd feel about her body, tanned, toned, and untouched. White scars could be seen throughout her body. It looked like she'd been involved in serious combat in her time. Iyah laid back. Your move, Mug.

Watch Iyah strip out of her clothes was the most alluring sight Mug had ever seen in his entire life. As her top slowly crept upwards to reveal more of her, and he took in a deep breath, holding his breath until she stopped moving. If he thought the shirt being removed was seductive, when she began to slide her pants off he damn near keeled over on the spot. He noticed her scars from her service in the Rebellion, but somehow that made her all the more attractive. The suffering she had endured for service to the cause made her more of a hero in his eyes. He stood there silently, not wanting to ruin the moment, but his lust for more finally overcame his fear and he began to move forward. He stepped forward, climbing onto her bed, the squeaking of the springs breaking the awkward silence that had fallen upon the room. He crawled towards her, arriving between her legs, where his face descended to kiss at her navel. Slowly he moved up her body, his lips planting a trail of kisses from her navel to her chest. He stopped only long enough to lift his head, where he began to passionately suck and nibble on her bronze skin. He was completely on top of her now, but did not move to strip her further, instead he simply raised his head again to hover his face upon hers. "I did not think it possible to feel this way about someone," he confessed to her, his eyes looking on her with an intense longing. Then, finally, his head fell, his eyes closed, and he placed a loving kiss upon her young lips.

There were no roadblocks in the way of their evening together. Iyah was a fairly confident woman. The problem was that this was her first time. She'd never taken a nude picture. She'd never fooled around with any of the trainees. This new, undiscovered land was nerve wrecking. Nerve wrecking, that is, until he accepted what he saw before his eyes and joined her on the bed. Suddenly, Iyah's worries moved to the back of her head. Goosebumps erupted on her arms as their bodies touched, mostly nude, for the first time. It became impossible to worry to the point where she let it go. The sound of the springs only briefly distracted her. Her room was secluded. No one would hear. Iyah settled on her back. Her breathing was shallow and slow. She graciously enjoyed every little kiss leading from navel to chest. More goosebumps rose in those sensitive places. Her arousal was growing while her patience receded. "*Mug*..." She sighed. The sucking, the nibbling, it all served to rile her up. Her nipples were hard, concealed within her bra. Her hips shook as they pressed into his. It wouldn't be long before the final barriers were shed.

Her arms rose to his back. At first, her fingertips drew patterns all over it. She was curious to explore him up until he point that he made her heart swell with his words. Realizing that he was joining her on this crazy ride of passion and love was reassuring. He was the kind of guy who was going to stick around. "I didn't either..." She confessed. Her lips gently kissed his back. Iyah fell down the slippery slope of passion. Her kisses grew hotter. With their lips dancing, she guided him to sit up only a little bit. She leaned forward until her torso was nearly off the bed. Blindly, she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra. It fell loosely down her arms. One by one, Iyah slid it off of her arms. She returned back to laying just as their torsos collided. Her smooth, bronze skin nuzzled into his.

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