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Rachel King and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:8) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Apprentice Inquisitor Kia Kaen, High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, and Major Arden Zevrin.

Major Arden Zevrin had been silent for far too long. She felt a change in the air and the manner in which many members of the crew, from the lowliest bridge officer to the Grand Moff himself, addressed her had changed for the worse. Someone or something had turned them all against her ... she had her suspicions, but few facts. As she sat at her terminals watching the events that were transpiring aboard the ship, she continuously looped the footage from the other day of the young Kia Kaen on the bridge of the Warspite. A very interesting development, she thought silently to herself before turning his attention to the comm. "Apprentice Inquisitor Kia Kaen?" she asked as she cycled comm channels, clearing her throat before speaking. She had decided she wanted to talk to this young developing Inquisitor in her midst.

Sitting indian-style in front of a small holo table, there were various data padds with schematics and readouts scattered around her, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer revolved in both wire-frame and model formats, key systems were lit in matching colors to show which were linked and which were independently ran. Leaning forward, Kia tapped the wireframe, enlarging the section that held the controls for the tactical sensors and deflector shield generators. So engrossed in her work, she missed the comm call the first time. It was a voice she recognized from video only, and out of habit she checked one of her monitors that showed what the cameras in Kia's quarters were 'showing'. The teenager waited a moment, then answered, ''This is Apprentice Inquisitor Kaen. Go ahead.'' Her tone was bored, as if answering the comm was the least important thing she could be doing.

"This is Major Arden Zevrin of the Imperial Security Bureau," Arden stated plainly, as she coolly addressed her over the comm. "I would like to congratulate you on your recent exploits," she said, as she moved her mouth closer towards the transceiver. "If you have a free moment I wonder if I might speak with you in person. These devices are so impersonal," she complained in a mocking gesture. Privately, she was eager to learn more about this young Inquisitor, and wondered if she could get her to reveal something she ought not to say.

So the aging spider wanted to meet her successor, Kia was convinced she would be at the center of the web soon enough. On one hand, she was supposed to be trying to keep on good terms with both ISB and Intel, on the other, Zevrin was creepy in ways Kia could not even begin to describe. ''I am aware of who you are.'' There was no indication of adding a title or designation at all to her words, ''As for my exploits, I wasn't aware that they were something of an interest. Thank you for your ... kind words.'' Kia looked at her wireframe model and datapads, then shrugged. ''I do not think that Master Thanor would object to my meeting with a member of the Imperial Security Bureau. Where is your office, I will be over there momentarily.'' She could not give away that she knew where the woman's office was, she had no reason to know where it was.

Zevrin suspected that Kia knew where her office was located, but she decided to play along ... for now. "Yes. Of course. I am transmitting the coordinates now," and with that, she pressed a button next to the comm panel that would send the location of her office. "See you soon," she cooed softly, before ending the transmission. She then rose from her desk and began cleaning her office, gathering up all the datapads, and care packages that she had raided. She wanted to make the right first impression when it came to the Apprentice Inquisitor ... she so rarely had guests.

The teenage Apprentice checked her appearance in the mirror in her quarters before heading out to meet a spider. Her appearance was perfect as Serine usually demanded, lightsabers clipped to her belt and no other weapons visible, she strode confidently through the corridors and soon she stopped outside the office of the ISB officer. Kia knocked twice, then stood still, she looked composed and was managing to keep her expression blank.

Arden pressed a button on her control panel and immediately the door to her office swung open. Inside she stood in the unmistakable cream tunic of the Imperial Security Bureau, her long-flowing blonde hair down below her shoulders in spite of regulations. "Welcome, Inquisitor Kaen. Please do enter," she said sweetly, plastering a facetious smile upon her face as she strode to meet her. Looking her over it seemed she could pass for a typical teenager if not for the two lightsabers clipped to her belt. Much more civilized than the whip her master used, she thought to herself.

Kia did not hesitate in stepping into the woman's office...lair..? office. Looking around with a feigned interest, the office was even more boring when she was here legitimately. ''Thank you. What did you need to see me about? Master Thanor may not mind my speaking with members of the security bureau, but I do have my studies.'' It was not said disrespectfully, and it was true, for the most part, even though she had finished the bulk of her studies for the day already. There was always more time for practice with the Force. She did not bother smiling at this woman, she knew the kinds of things that she was capable of and thought her lazy and horrible.

"It is your studies that I wish to speak of, Inquisitor," Arden said, as she moved to the pair of sofas that sat opposite one another separated by a small coffee table. "Please have a seat," she said, before sitting down on one of the sofas herself. There was a decanter filled with caf, and two cups at the ready. Pulling one of the cups up, she began to sip at the hot beverage, her eyes never leaving the Inquisitor.

Kia was doing her damnedest to remain dignified, making her way quietly to the other sofa, she perched on the edge of it, watching Zevrin watch her, ''I wasn't aware you were interested in the Inquisitorius. Most questions would be best addressed to Master Thanor, however, if I can I'll try to be helpful.''

"I have observed you on the bridge quite a bit these past few days," Arden said briefly, before taking another sip of the caf. "You seem to have taken quite an interest in the operations of the Warspite ... certainly more so that Inquisitor Thanor ever did," she continued, before the placing the cup back down on the table in front of her. "How would you say the experience has been going thus far?" she asked, a seemingly innocent question, as she did her best to gauge the young one from the perimeter before questioning her more directly.

Kia managed a bit of a sheepish grin at the mention of her time on the bridge, ''Oh, that. Captain Anson has been polite enough not to kick me off the bridge for wanting to learn more about the way the ship works. You probably read my file ... if you haven't though, my parents were research and design engineers. I love knowing how mechanical things tick. This ship when you think about it, is just a really big machine, knowing how they work is fascinating. I don't think the rest of the bridge crew is too fond of my being there though.'' She was keeping her answers to things that were readily and easily known, determined not to let this spider get the better of her. ''Well, the tactical officer and Captain let me fire the turbolasers, so that was neat. Overall I like the experience so far.''

"File?" Major Zevrin asked curiously, as if to act like she had no idea what the young Inquisitor was speaking of. "Has your Master been telling you about ISB boogymen making files on everyone?" she asked wryly, before bringing the cup of caf back up to her lips and taking a prolonged sip. "So then your background is in technology is it?" she asked, not particularly caring, but every piece would contribute to the larger puzzle. Of course she knew most of the woman's background, and her experienced with Tremayne, but there was no reason to reveal that.

Kia tilted her head, studying Zevrin. ''I'm well aware from dealings my parents had with the Empire, that you keep records on everyone, and everything they do. I may be young, but I'm neither ignorant or a child. Please do not insult me by treating me as such.'' She remained perched where she was, not touching the caf. ''More so in design, I enjoy knowing how things work.''

"Oh of course you're not a child. You are a member of the Inquisitorius," Arden said, offering a kind smile as she paid the young girl a compliment. "I understand you recently underwent your first trial," she said, before finishing her first cup of the caf. "How did you find that experience?" she asked, tilting her head slightly to the right as she waited a reply. "I see you haven't samples the caf. Would you like something more mild ... blue milk perhaps?" she asked, as her eyes went down to the untouched caf in front of Kia.

Kia was determined not to let this cretin get a rise out of her, simply inclining her head at the offer of something more child-friendly than caf. A half smile that did not reach past her lips and she thought she was doing really good at controlling her emotions. ''That is correct, I am an initiate of the Inquisitorius now, as such, being handled with 'kid gloves' is incredibly demeaning. You wouldn't want to come across that way to a fellow member of the Intelligence community, since that is what the Inquisitorius falls under, would you? That seems like it would be counter productive to your duty. As for the records of my first trial, those are public to any with the clearance for them, If you wish to know how I did, I am still alive, that should be answer enough.''

"Fair enough," Arden said, leaning back against the plush upholstery of the sofa, while crossing her right leg over the left to become more comfortable. Her eyes ran over the young woman's form before locking onto the two lightsaber hilts that she so proudly wore. "I see you are now adorned with two lightsabers..." she said, lifting her head softly to lock onto the young woman's eyes. "Did you make them yourself ... using your knowledge of technology?" she asked, as her hands ran over one another, making the unconscious gestures of small talk.

''I'm not at that stage in my training yet, to build my own, these were obtained during my trial.'' If all this woman wanted to do was grill her about things she probably already knew, Kia had better things to be checking on and doing. ''I can imagine that you're rather busy, the doings of a teenager, even one in the Inquisitorius, can't be that interesting.''

"On the contrary, my dear Inquisitor, I can assure you that you are the most interesting individual on board at the moment," Arden said, quite truthfully, as she uncrossed her legs and leaned forward towards her. "Obtained, you say? Very interesting. Do you know who the prior owners were? Such legends make for entertaining stories," she correctly pointed out, before reaching over to take the youngsters cup of caf. There was no need for it to go to waste, so she began earnestly sipping it.

''Thank you for the compliment, as unlikely as it is to be true.'' Kia resisted the urge to touch and make sure the weapons were still clipped to her belt, ''One of them, you likely saw Master Thanor wearing. It was the lightsaber of the Jedi she rescued me from. I do not know who owned the other one, it doesn't matter really, it's mine now, and I have no intention of parting with either for quite some time.''

"Ah, yes. The mad bomber Ty Anzion. I do not think anyone will be forgetting him for sometime. Particularly Maj-," Arden began, but then stopped herself noting the Clawdite likely no longer had a rank. "Quite attached to it, are you? That is good. It is good to be proud of the things that we have earned," she said confidently, nodding her head as she spoke. The smile that was on her face was now genuine, briefly obscured as she took another sip of the caf.

Kia nodded a few times, letting her right hand rest atop one of the two sabers, but she did not ignite or remove either weapon from her belt, ''Did you have any other questions, thinly veiled or otherwise? I really do have to get back my studies, Master Thanor will be displeased if I don't get everything finished that she assigned for the day.''

"Of course, Inquisitor," Arden said, as she placed the cup down on the table before standing. "I do not want to hold you up any longer," she continued, as she began to lead her towards the door. "Do give my regards to your Master," she said politely, as she opened the door so that she could leave. "It was a pleasure meeting you ... formally ... as I am sure we have both heard a great deal about one another," she concluded, blushing slightly as she lowered her head demurely.

The teenager stood gracefully, allowing herself to be led back to the door. ''Thank you for your understanding.'' She managed to remain civil and at the least distant. ''Likewise, I do enjoy meeting new people as well.'' Kia paused to think, or seem to, as she stepped out of the office, ''Actually I haven't, Master Thanor doesn't speak much of those beneath her...'' It was a remark with just enough barbs to it that it was barely on the edge of polite, but it still made her snicker inside.

When the young Inquisitor was gone, Arden made her way back over towards her comm panel. "It would seem that she likes your present," she said with a soft laugh, with some satisfaction of knowing High Inquisitor Tremayne had monitored the developments. On her terminal was the biographical material of Jerasea Ginhers ... the Jedi whose lightsaber the young Kia wielded. Of course Arden had already known the answer to every question she asked, but sometimes the reasons for asking questions are to learn the way they are answered ... not the answers themselves.

"Indeed she does, Major," the voice of High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne replied through the comm, having monitored the entirety of the encounter from his meditation chamber aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Interrogator. "Attachment is a dangerous path for one so powerful. Especially when she does not yet fully realize what she has attached herself too," he said in a serious tone, before unleashing a mocking laugh. He was quite eager to learn if placing the lightsaber of Serine's former Master in the hands of her Apprentice had weakened their bond, but that was as yet to be unseen. "Be mindful, Major. I sense ... uncertainty in your region," and with that, free of any pleasantries or goodbyes, the transmission terminated and silence fell over the comm.

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