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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:F2:1) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Ewwiekewwieikkie, Commander Augustus Hood, Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, Canna Omonda, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

"Oooh! Shiny!" Ewwiekewwieikkie squealed, as her hands moved towards yet another control panel on the bridge of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite. For the past 20 minutes the young Squib had been let loose on the bridge and found herself in all sorts of trouble, despite the best efforts on the crew. Her large yellow eyes were opened wide as she had become thoroughly transfixed on the variety of displays and monitors that were scattered throughout the control pits. She could not remember a time when she had more fun, as she slammed her blue fur covered paw down upon the buttons. Little did she know that they had been carefully deactivated before her arrival.

"Major Kiley, I must protest to the presence of this ... thing ... on my bridge," Commander Augustus Hood said defiantly, as his brown eyes scanned down to the pit below where Ewwiekewwieikkie was pressing buttons that ordinarily would have raised and lowered the shields. "Despite her relationship to the Grand Moff she should not have access to such sensitive areas," he again insisted, before turning to grab the railing that overlooked the pit. "Hey! You!" Stop that!" he ordered, as his frustration began to grow exponentially.

"Commander Hood, do not address the Governor's daughter in such a manner," Major Kiley ordered, taking a step towards the man and glaring at him intently. "Do not forget that despite her nature, she is nevertheless a member of the House of Rodney and afforded full diplomatic privileges while aboard this vessel," she reiterated, as she had been forced to do when they first arrived. "You have to understand her position, Commander. She has been sequestered aboard this vessel and for her species that is very difficult. So do be kind to her, or I will report your insolence to the Grand Moff," she informed him, with a firm nod, before smiling down at Ewwikewwieikkie. As an alien, she empathized with the predicament that befell her and all of the other non-humans aboard.

"Whee!" Ewwiekewwieikkie again squealed, hopping up and down as she pretended to fire the Warspite's turbolaser batteries. "Boom! Boom! Crash!" she repeated, mimicking the sound effects of the weapons. Her memories of the Battle of Skor II from the Clone Wars were somewhat blurred in her mind, but there were some flashes of the occupation of her world and the death of her parents. "How make ship go faster?" she asked, no one in particularly, as she thrust her hand back and forth on a deactivated throttle to no avail.

Kerrie was about to see to Ewwiekewwieikkie when her comlink beeped in rapid succession, indicating that she was receiving an important transmission. "Excuse me, Commander," she said before moving to the nearest comm panel. Her eyes scanned over the orders and learned she had been instructed to move Canna Omonda into an interrogation room ... the same room where she had been nearly slain by Kia Kaen. She had not been since and there was some understandable apprehension in returning to that room, but she had her orders and there was little she could do to protest. "Commander Hood, I have been ordered elsewhere. Please allow Lady Ewwiekewwieikkie free roam of the bridge. Should she report any ... irregularities ... I will see that you are properly disciplined," she said, pointing a gloved index finger at the man, before moving towards the nearest life.

"Understood, Major," was the only reply that Augustus could muster, giving a firm nod of his covered head, before returning to supervising the annoying Squib. "Don't let her pry open that ventilation panel!" he warned to one of the junior officers down below, as his hands frustratingly squeezed on the railing. He let out a frustrated sigh, and slumped forward dejectedly, realizing there was nothing he could do to contain this creature without jeopardizing his career. At that moment he wondered what he had done to merit assignment to such a ship populated with so many undesirables.

As Major Kiley arrived on the detention level she was greeted by four well-armed Storm Commandos, adorned in their obsidian black armor. She acknowledged their presence with a nod, before proceeding down the corridor towards the monitoring station. "Prisoner transfer to the interrogation room," she informed the guard, placing down a datapad that contained a copy of the transfer orders. After they were confirmed, she and two of the commandos made their way towards the holding cell of the former Senator of Chandrila, Canna Omonda. When she arrived the guard opened her cell, and Major Kiley stepped forward to confront her. "On your feet. You're wanted in interrogation," she ordered, with a disgusted tone caused by memories of the men that were lost during her arrest.

The former Senator had been contained in the small cell of the belly of the Star Destroyer for quite some time, and it felt as if all of the days had blended into one another. "Very well, Major. You may do your worst," she said, still speaking with the regal air of a diplomat. They had tried to break her spirit, but had thus far failed to do anything more than to bore her. Their attempts at sleep deprivation, starvation, and wild temperature fluctuations had done nothing more than to justify her support of Rebellion and put the Empire's unmitigated cruelty on full display. "I do hope today's interrogation is more interesting than the last," she said, condescendingly, as she gracefully moved past Kerrie, stepped over the threshold, and joined the commandos in the corridor.

The Clawdite commando had no idea who was interrogating the Senator, and felt as if she had grown increasingly out of the loop. "Move," was all Kerrie said, as she moved towards the lift with the former Senator and the four Storm Commandos. Memories of her own interrogations flashed through her mind as the lift ascended towards the interrogation. When it arrived the commandos stepped off with the prisoner, but she hesitated, and seemed to take an extra moment for her to realize where she was. Tensing slightly, she bit her lower lip until she drew blood, allowing the pain to snap her back into reality.

Canna did not protest, nor did she struggle, as the commandos began the process of strapping her to the interrogation table. She closed her eyes and tried to find an inner sense of peace and tranquility, remember her family, and the songs she would listen to as a child. A light humming could be heard emanating from her lips as she remembered a particular song her family would sing at picnics when she was a child. She remembered those warm summer days, the flowers, and the serenity of the water ... those thoughts had sustained her through the ordeals she had been subjected to.

"Catchy tune, Miss Omonda," Kerrie said, as the commandos exited the interrogation room and moved back into the corridor. "If there's anything left of you we'll collect you later," she said, before turning on her heels and marching back with her troopers. Once the door was closed, she took up an attentive position in the corridor to wait for the interrogator to arrive.

Inquisitor Thanor made her way down the hallway towards the appointed interrogation block, confident that her orders had been received and executed by this time. She had left her apprentice Kia in her chambers with the ever primal nexu to guard and protect the young Kaen as instructed. Serine was unaware of the hijinks that were happening with Doctor Shuura at this very moment nor would it have mattered. The young fledgling Inquisitor Kaen was nearly ready to brave the first of an eventual long series of trials that most who attempted never survived. To fail the tests was to fail at life and purpose, or so the Inquisitorius would view it, and thus Serine had been ever cautious to ensure Kia's improved chances of succeeding. But now the time was soon at hand, and there was but a few more lessons before she felt her apprentice was finally ready to tempt fate. The young Kaen had a unique skill set, which is different from her own when she was first introduced to the unforgiving ways this path would lead her to. The Inquisitor could not know what specific trials would be mercilessly pushed upon the girl, so she tried to cover a broad range of topics and skills lest any of them be highlighted in the coming assessment. Upon turning a corner in the interrogation blocks, she would spot Major Kerrie Kiley standing alert in front of the door Serine had requested the prisoner be transferred to. She approached the other woman, standing before her with an assuming gaze. "Major, I trust things are in order with the prisoner." Said as a fact as she eyed Kerrie with a rather impatent stare.

"Oh," Kerrie said instinctively as the Inquisitor arrived and addressed, not expecting it to have been *her* that would be conducting today's interrogation. "Yes, Inquisitor. Prisoner Canna Omonda has been transferred, prepared, and is awaiting you ... as ordered," she said in military precision, after taking a moment to regain her composure. She was no longer used to encounters of this kind, and if she seemed somewhat lagging ... it would be understandable. She had become, in effect, a glorified babysitter for the Grand Moff's problematic family. "Any further orders, Inquisitor?" she said, offering a firm nod of her head, as she sidestepped to allow her clear entry to the cell.

This room would hold memories for all parties involved and perhaps even be a bit of closure for her young apprentice. Things had come around full circle it appeared as the first time she had met the young girl, she had been hanging by her wrists, clasped in stun-cuffs in this very room and an ignorant and pathetic Kerrie Kiley had been laying unconscious on the floor. "I will be the judge of how well you followed orders, Major." Said as the numbered code to the door was keyed into the panel causing the door to slide open allowing the Inquisitor to peer inside and gauge the prisoner's condition. "Of course I have further orders." She snapped angrily. "Do you have someplace better to be?!" It should be obvious that Kerrie's duties were to follow orders. Serine was unaware that she had a Squib to look after who was likely running around the bridge playing her own version of a holovid she watched somewhere.

"I apologize, Inquisitor Thanor," Kerrie quickly inserted, feeling blindsided by her verbal onslaught. "I meant no disrespect. I merely wished to know if I could assist you further, and had assumed you did not want to be disturbed during your interrogation," she explained, trying her best to maintain a respectful air as she sought to be of some use to the woman, who seemed to be exerting so much influence aboard the ship lately. She was unaware that over the past month the Inquisitor had enlisted the support of many of the crew using stolen ISB data, as she was one of only a handful that the Inquisitor had elected not to confide in.

Well this was certainly different. Canna did not recognize the woman, but she recognized the demeanor, and knew that she would no longer be dealing with Imperial Intelligence or the ISB. She smiled for a moment, relishing in the satisfaction that she had frustrated the very best those organizations had thrown at her. She understood, however, that was likely to come would be far, far worse. She swallowed, before leaning back against the cold, unforgiving durasteel table she was splayed upon, and hummed her song as she thought of happier days.

Satisfied with the state of the prisoner, she stepped away from the entrance causing the automatic door to slide shut and lock before she focused her attention back upon Kerrie. "You performed as instructed, Major." Serine had not been completely sure during the more recent time she ran across Kerrie during the promotion ceremony for Randi, but now she was fairly confident in her assessment of Major Kiley. It was very apparent that the woman appeared to be emotionally defeated and completely demoralized. There was not even a single spark of anger or defiance in Kerrie ... which was a bit surprising considering their vibrant history and past associations with each other. This was really disappointing as the Inquisitor had felt the other was making a bold turn around and progression, instead it was now into more of an empty crippled void of a woman, even worse than last time she spent more than a fleeting moment with her. Serine was not sure what had caused this abrupt digression, but aimed to find out. There was a moment in the past the Inquisitor had considered bringing Kerrie into her entourage, but not like this... this broken useless woman. "Major, there are two things I require of you. The first is to retrieve my apprentice, Kia Kaen, from my chambers and bring her here." Serine studied the other woman briefly before she proceeded. "The second is to report to me directly tomorrow at 1500." This would be a peculiar request.

"It will be done, Inquisitor," Kerrie said properly, offering a firm nod of her head at the instructions. She wondered what the Inquisitor had in store for her tomorrow, but it was today and she needed to stay focused. She had a rough history with Kia Kaen, and going to retrieve her was something of a disappointment. However, she felt that perhaps her past objections to orders, and overly aggressive personality was part of the reason she found herself to have fallen so far. She would say nothing, and attempt to do the best job she could, with the hope of regaining her position or privilege.

After proceeding to the Inquisitor's quarters, Major Kiley returned to the interrogation level with Kia Kaen in tow. What she had observed troubled her, but she made no comment, nor did she ask any questions. She was sure one of the Warspite's gossips would inevitably subject her to an exaggerated version of the events that had transpired between Kia and Doctor Shuura. When she arrived back at the holding cell, she offered a firm nod to the Inquisitor, but said nothing, as the arrival of Kia would obvious and did not need to be stated.

Kia was following the Major quietly, not offering an explination for the scene that had transpired, she didn't feel like she had to justify herself to anyone other than Serine. Compared to the way she had behaved when she first had came aboard this ship, she seemed like a different person. She had traded in her olive mechanics overalls and oil smudges for the armorweave, slacks and sleeveless tunic that Serine had insisted she start wearing. She was looking more and more the part of an apprentice, not just the under aged techhead mechanic. Her mannerisms and attitude had started becoming more like her teacher but there was also a new sense of self confidence growing in the girl, one that wasn't there the few months prior when she was brought aboard. "We started off badly, Major, I will accept your apology for my treatment when I was brought on board." She had not looked over at Kerrie once the entire time they had been walking. Moving to stand next to Serine, she gave her teacher a respectful nod, "My apologies for the delay, Master Thanor, you had a visitor. That new 'doctor' and Sanu got a tad bit over zealous in saying hello. I'm sure the ship's doctor will get him all patched up."

It did not take long for the Major to fetch her apprentice as ordered, being rather prompt despite the unsightly confrontation that had occurred in front of her chambers. The news of this short however slightly bloody contest caused an eyebrow to quirk up ever so slightly. "Indeed?" Serine leaves Kia alone for a single moment and the flesh of one unfortunate doctor had torn asunder. Perhaps the Inquisitor should not be so apprehensive for Kia's trials, the young Kaen may perform admirably. "I trust you did not leave our quarters, but instead the foolish doctor decided to have an unannounced house call?" She inquired as she peered over the sight of her apprentice, approving that the teenager was now constantly adorned with armorweave as per her request.

Kerrie paused for a moment as she stared at Kia, and in her mind she saw the faces of the Commandos who were slain at the skillful hands of the renegade Jedi Ty Anzion. Previously, she had held Kia equally responsible for their deaths, but with her increased presence in Imperial affairs it was foolish ... even dangerous ... for her to hold grudges. She offered a small, barely noticeable smile, directed more towards within than without as she took a step forward towards Kia. "Of course you are right, Kia. I apologize for my actions towards you," she said, mustering what little determination she had left. In the past, extracting an apology from her would have taken the same level of torture that was about to be utilized towards Canna Omonda, but this was a different, more practical Kerrie. With that, she lowered her head in obedience, not merely to Serine, but to Kia as well.

"No, Master Thanor, I did not leave the quarters, and I did not let the so-called doctor in either. I told him you were not present, and he kept trying to look in the room, so I stepped aside to let him meet Sanu. He apparently thought I was having some sort of 'fling' in there. Such a nosy person. Sanu pounced on him, I called him off, and then the Major walked up. I set him straight, I do not think he'll bother me again." Kia cast a quick glance at the closed door to the room where the prisoner was currently, recognizing the door and where they were finally. "This is where I was taken when I was brought on board...isn't it, Master? Where you found me..."

Serine stared at Kerrie confused and completely amazed. What the hell had happened in the past few weeks that apparently Serine had missed? It was true she had been completely absorbed with Zevrin's reports and was practically oblivious to everything else ... but how did she miss this odd but remarkable transformation of Kerrie? Perhaps the Inquisitor was completely wrong in her assessment. "That is all Major, you are dismissed." Said as she watched that woman leave still a bit dumbfounded. Was their last tussle so disarming? Serine had assumed the Major could handle a *little* choking. Something else had to have happened to re-mold that woman into something completely different. Do Clawdites change their personalities as well as their physical forms? She did npt have the time to ponder these things now, she will be meeting the Major tomorrow at 1300, for now she needed to focus her attention on Kia, the only thing that mattered to her at this moment. With the knowledge that her apprentice gave the doctor a hard time who no doubt had wished to waste her time, she smiled briefly. "Excellent. I am certainly not going to give that charlatan my attention." Serine waited for the Major to be completely out of view before she would continue with her plans.

Upon receiving her dismissal, Kerrie proceeded down the corridor to return to the nearby lift. Commander Hood had activated her comlink several times, but she had not answered it for fear of enraging the Inquisitor once more. For all she knew, poor Ewwiekewwieikkie had become wedged in a ventilation shaft. Her mind lingered on her pending appointment with the Inquisitor tomorrow ... would it be productive or would she be spending the evening with Doctor Tohan?

"Yes Kia, this is where we first met in any real sense. I supposed you witnessed that joke of a 'duel' with that false Jedi Ty, however, this is where your destiny changed." Said as she appraised her apprentice, mentally remarking the vast improvements in her skill commanding the Force and also the growth of her self confidence. "Much has changed since then. At this point in your training, I now believe you are on par and likely slightly more prepared for the Inquisitor trials in your age category. Up until this point your training had entirely consisted of developing your connection and command of the Force, and it has only been until recently that you surprised me with your knowledge of technology. However, these trials are not for the weak-minded or faint of heart." She stopped to ponder the recent events that lead to Dr. Shuura's likely trip to medical. Perhaps her apprentice is not so hesitant to inflict damage, this was a positive start. She continued as she looked upon the teenage with contemplation. "Despite what you may already assume of these trials to come, they will not cover future Inquisitor responsibilities. Instead they will be aimed to expose what you most fear and what you most cherish, using both against you brutally. They are designed to weed out the weak, the fragile, and the powerless. You will be attacked mentally, physically and emotionally. This is why I must attempt to prepare you as is my responsibility to you, my soon-to-be apprentice." Said with the confidence that Kia will survive this ... she had to as Kia's training was her best shot at finally herself becoming elevated to High Inquisitor ... and her only real shot at taking down Tremayne. She motioned to the door behind her. "Just as you were interrogated here many months ago, so too is another prisoner awaiting interrogation. If you are incapable of inflicting pain, if you become squirmish or unstable at the sight of what may come, then you have already failed." It would not be possible for Kia to ever become a full fledged Inquisitor if she could never actually see the sight of suffering nor inflict it.

Kia had been listening attentively, she had been wondering a lot about what the trials would involve. Learning she would be attacked, not looking forward to whatever they were going to pull up from the depths of her mind. "I will do my best not to disappoint you, Master Thanor, you have done much to teach me." Her glance went back to the door at the mention of another prisoner, the only other prisoner she knew of was the ex-senator, Kia gave a brief nod. "I do not relish inflicting pain, but then again, I do not know how to do so...properly. I would think it's like most any trait, you study, learn and ... practice. I would like to believe I am not squeamish or weak-willed, Master."

"You will not disappoint me if you survive, Kia. That is all I ask of you. Inquisitor apprentice candidates do not get a second chance, they die failing to complete their tests." Serine listened to the young Kaen speak about inflicting pain before she concluded with a simple statement. "We shall see." The access code to the interrogation room was entered allowing access inside and introducing Kia to the bound ex-senator that was fastened to an interrogation table that was set in the horizontal position, likely already extremely uncomfortable. Once both of them were inside, Serine would lock the panel with a high clearance access code, ensuring that they would be uninterrupted. The security feed in addition to the planted Zevrin surveillance however would still be fully functional. The Inquisitor examined the woman who was confined to the table before addressing Kia. "Ex-senator Canna Omonda has been charged with insurrection and sedition against His Majesty the Emperor."

Canna lifted her head from the table to look at the Inquisitor and her charge, wondering what they had in store for her. "I do not think we have had the pleasure of meeting formally," she said, speaking in a regal tone that she had maintained despite what had previously occurred. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Senator Canna Omonda of the planet Chandrila," she said, speaking with clear defiance and lack of acknowledgment of the Emperor's dissolution of the Senate. She then lay her head back down on the table, waiting for the others to make their move against her.

The Inquisitor had been quiet ... too quiet. Major Arden Zevrin knew she was up to something, but exactly what she could not yet determine. She had intercepted the orders sending Kerrie to the prison level, and as a result she had been watching on her displays as the former Senator was moved to the interrogation room. She was at first surprised to see her nemesis taking charge of the interrogation, despite the fact that it was one of the primary roles of the Inquisitorius. She had come to the conclusion that the Grand Moff did not know how to properly utilize those around him, and if things were starting to become more orderly around here it would be a welcome, yet unexpected, surprise. As she watched, she took a bite of a cookie, that had been meant as a get well present for Lieutenant Sheppard from her parents. It seemed that transmissions were not the only thing the ISB intercepted ... deserts also fell into their inescapable reach.

Following her Master into the interrogation room, her gaze flicked to the back wall for a brief instant then down to the woman strapped to the table. Not knowing what the proper proceedure was in this case, Kia did not introduce herself to Canna, instead remaining a quiet shadow of her teacher.

It was wise for Kia to remain silent as this was now not her place to address anyone or even to ask questions until directed to do so due to her being merely an unofficial apprentice. However, Serine was planning on giving the teenager plenty to do shortly. If Kia had been an actual Inquisitor apprentice, Serine would have introduced her. She addressed the captive directly, not even a hint of malice, at least not *yet*, instead Serine was rather formal ... this was her occupation and she took it seriously with a surprising amount of professionalism. "My name is Serine Thanor, my title is Inquisitor. I have read the details regarding your preliminary questioning and found them disappointing and lacking. I am under the impression that you are withholding key information that His Majesty would find vital in the fight for stability in this sector." This was the end of Serine's formality ... as her voice began to grow a bit darker. "You would be wise to disclose this information now."

Canna scoffed at the so-called Inquisitor's presentation, turning her head to the left to avoid even the slightest acknowledgment on her part. "I recognize no such title. There is no figure in the galaxy deserving of the title 'His Majesty'," she replied in a harshly critical tone, rolling her eyes as she uttered the Emperor's title. "Well, Serine, at least we can agree on something. Yes, quite disappointing and lacking. You shan't have to do much to outshine them," she said, taking the opportunity to speak condescendingly of those who came before her.

The ex-senator's disregard and refusal to even address Serine's request for that shielded information was a clear indication that Omonda was not willing or even able to answer. It mattered not actually since Serine's purpose here had multiple objectives. She gave Kia a brief glance to address the youth. "The prisoner's foolish statements and defiance is a clear signal that anything vocal for some time to come would be entirely dribble and a waste of your time. Individuals such as this do not deserve leeway, rather, they need to be physically shown why their pitiful acts are so imbecilic." At one point the ex-senator's attire had been well kept and formal, being an intricate and skillfully embroidered blue and purple dress, but due to the days of force usage, it had grown wrinkled, smudged and now being torn. The bottom of the dress was being ripped so that a long piece of shredded fabric was now in the Inquisitor's hands. It was promptly and quite harshly wrapped around Omonda's head until it gagged her quite effectively. Acquiring rebel intelligence from this woman would be a bonus, but now it was all too painfully apparent that the ex-senator was not here to be interrogated, she was here to be a demonstration.

Kia was a grey and black clad shadow to Serine, following just out enough distance to not be in the way, and still have a very close up view of what was going on. "I understand, Master, if they don't have anything useful to say, why let them say anything at all?"

The former Senator gasped for air as the fabric was wrapped around her head, threatening to gag her. The fabric covering her mouth made it more difficult for her to retreat into the darkness, and she attempted to fill her head with pleasing images of her family and her native Chandrila. Canna did her utmost to put herself back in that time and in that place, far from the monster that was now attempting to torture her. As she struggled to speak, it became harder for her to focus, and she slowly began to lose her composure along with her air and a feeling of lightheadedness came over her.

"That's a shame. That was a nice dress," Major Zevrin mused between bites of cookies, noting that they were a bit dry. She leaned forward in her seat, and cycled the interrogation room display on the largest screen. "Well, that's no way to get her talk," she continued, narrating to no one in particular as she made sure the file was recording in her massive databank. This file could prove incredibly useful should she overstep her authority and damage the Emperor's prize. She hoped the young Inquisitor would be foolish enough to make that mistake. But, to take it a step further, she began an encoded signal to the Star Destroyer Interrogator, so that High Inquisitor Tremayne could also observe the proceedings. She laughed, unable to resist her delight at putting Serine on a grand stage of which she was unaware. The laugher soon turned to choking, however, as the cookie crumbs went down her windpipe. Sheppard would pay for these dry cookies, she thought to herself as she reached for something cold to drink.

Serine was pleased that Kia immediately understood the reasoning behind removing the prisoner's ability to speak for the time being. As the Inquisitor had already stated, she reviewed the preliminary interrogation as well as the data collected on Omonda, so she knew the eventual destination of this prisoner. This would in fact put a few hindrances on what Serine could inflict upon the woman, but she also trusted in the Warspite's excellent surgeon, Pilaq Tohan, to mend any of the more serious wounds before the prisoner was shipped to Coruscant. Perhaps to Kia's interest, a very small medical utensil was removed from one of her utility compartments upon her belt. Upon further inspection, it was a vibro-scalpel that appeared incredibly sharp and used for precision cuts. Who would have thought such an innocent looking piece of metal would be hidden there, and she didin't even have to borrow it from medical, this was her personal utensil that has seen quite a few ... dissections. "Now Kia, it is important that you understand how the body functions. It will make you far more capable in combat if you knew exactly where to strike or puncture." Serine moved to be standing over the prisoner on her left side her where her left wrist was bound to the table. "Let us start with something simple. Do you know how many bones are in the human hand?"

Canna's eyes widened at the presence of the scalpel ... she never dared to think they would violate her in such a manner before she was delivered to the Emperor. She instinctively clamped down her jaw, while trying her best ... yet unsuccessfully ... to remove herself from the restrains clamped to her wrists and ankles. While she was frightened, she nevertheless felt this was a classic example of the Imperial brutality she so vehemently opposed.

The teenager stepped up to the other side of the table, careful not to get in Serine's light or cast any needless shadows, cool blue-green eyes went from the small blade, to various points on the prisoner's body, nodding slowly. What Kia was being told made much more sense than the drivel that Ty had told her, "I think 26, Master. Maybe 27?"

Serine was extremely impressed that her young soon-to-be apprentice knew the answer, at least when adding in the bones for the wrist. "That is excellent Kia. I had not yet required you to study that material." She seriously doubted that failure Ty taught the young girl so perhaps it was something she picked up on her own... or perhaps she performed well above even Serine's expectations and studied anatomy on her own initiative. Either way, she was very proud of her. There was a rumbling in the air as the Inquisitor focused her vile intent into something nearly tangible as an unseen weight would press upon Omonda's left hand, preventing her from fidgeting or even flexing the muscles. "The hand is an extremely sensitive biological machine and intricately complicated, it also can be easily exploited if you are given the opportunity. The metacarpals, the small bones of the hand here..." And that was when the ex-senator would feel the bite of metal as the vibro-scalpel easily carved into the thin skin above the middle bone of the top of the hand that began at the wrist and ended at the base of the middle knuckle. Skin was pulled back to expose it as well as the many muscles and tendons attached. Serine gave her apprentice time to lean in and inspect the wonders of the anatomy of the human hand. "... can be easily broken or raked across to cause an opponent to be stunned for a short duration."

Kia was transfixed by the combination of imobilizing the hand and the explinantion of the the bones in the hand and some of their weaknesses. "They're so small..."

Sounds of goans escaped Canna's lips, but were muffled by the fabric of her dress before they had a chance to reach those in the room. As the scalpel made contact with her flesh, she began to scream uncontrollably while thrashing about on the table like a fish that had been removed from its enclosure. Tears began to form in the corner of her eyes before slowly running down the side of her face and impacting on the surface of the table, eventually mixing with the blood.

Major Zevrin saw that she had received an almost immediately reply from High Inquisitor Tremayne concerning the encrypted transmission. He was eager to learn about the young woman who was in Serine's presence and suspected that she was the one had had sensed during his last visit to the Ringali Shell. She laughed softly as her hands danced across her keypad, as if she were playing a musical instrument. Within moments the file marked 'Kia Kaen' was attached to the transmission and swiftly dispatched to the Interrogator. Her attention then refocused to the broadcast of the interrogation. "Oh dear. So much blood. She really shouldn't be exposing such an impressionable youth to such violence. What would the Imperial Department of Children and Families think..." she wondered aloud, before finishing the last of the cookies. She took a moment to read the handwritten get well note from Lieutenant Sheppard's mother, carelessly discarding it in the refuse.

It was obvious that the ex-senator had led a cushioned life and was not used to this sort of stress, but in addition, was a haughty and prideful woman who had resisted initial Imperial Intelligence attempts to break her. There was absolutely zero pity in silver that gazed indifferently upon the woman, instead more of a disdain. "Really ex-senator? We merely have just begun." The bleeding was not nearly that severe, only where blood vessels had been severed in the skin which had been pulled away from muscle, but the integrity of the hand itself was wholly intact. "Your wild thrashing is unbecoming." Serine's attention was drawn back to her work. The back of the hand lay exposed though the Inquisitor had to continuously concentrate upon the Force to ensure it was, or she would have required metal pins to secure the peeled back skin in place. She directed the vibro-scalpel to pierce the skin above the knuckle of the pointer-finger, slicing cleanly up the entire finger. This time she directed the utensil much deeper to cut to the bone so she could expose that for Kia to gander. Both skin and tendons were pulled back to show the three phalanges hidden beneath. "Each finger has three phalanges, the thumb has two. They are so small, you would think nothing of them, but crushing even a single one would incapacitate a rival long enough for another offensive. If you wound your opponents hands, then victory is almost assured. Observe. " With that introduction, the intensity of the rumblings increased momentarily. The pressure upon the unfortunate prisoner's hand would increase but was focused to a point upon the first small bone in the pointer finger, causing it to shatter. "I prefer to use the Force, Kia, but you can break these bones easily with a directed physical blow, especially the metacarpals."

The former Senator's eyes widened to the point that her eyes very nearly threatened to pop from their sockets. She had never experienced such pain, and did not understand why she was being subjected to such an experiment without so much as a question being asked. Her attempts at remembering her happy youth under the Republic's banner did nothing to ease her pain, and she could do nothing but shake her head from side to side in a desperate attempt to convey that she could stand nothing further.

Serine could tell that Canna Omonda was eager to end this demonstration much to the Inquisitor's scorn as she scoffed down at the woman. There was so much more she wanted to show her apprentice. Unfortunately for the pitiful sight of the prisoner, Serine at least wanted Kia to witness that experience herself. She may need to do something like this to stay alive in the trials. "I want you to repeat this yourself, Kia. Show me how well you have practiced your control of the Force since you came here. The bone right above this one..." She motioned to the eerie and disturbing sight of a crushed bone. "...splinter it."

She leaned forward a bit, lowering herself to get a closer look at the insides of the prisoner's hand. Seeing this on the holonet was one thing, seeing it up close and able to really *see* what was going on was completely different and interesting. Serine's words made her lean up again, blinking with an enthusiastic but determined grin. "Yes, Master." Two simple words, but with them, she let her mind find that quiet spot, pulling her emotions toward that single pinpoint in her mind, she drew in her anger and frustration most, but that nagging fear that she would disappoint Serine was pulled in as well. As the energy rushed in with the ingathering of emotion, the Dark side followed with it, giving the euphoric sense of power that only the darkside could. Without moving her own hand to touch the woman, Kia focused the gathered Force into the spot Serine had indicated, It was much slower than her teacher's break, but the bone groaned then made a sickening wet crunch sound as the Force broke through it.

The impact of Kia's unseen onslaught caused her so much pain that her feet curled, causing both of her shoes to drop to the floor below with dramatic *thud*s. A sigh emerged from her mouth, causing her nearly to choke on the remnants of her dress as she sucked desperately for more air. A river of tears was now flowing from both of her eyes, destroying what little makeup still remained on her once ravishing face. She had been destroyed ... by the Empire.

Major Zevrin could not believe how far they had gone in their interrogation ... and with no information yet obtained. The ceremony on Coruscant had already been arranged and if anything were to go wrong to jeopardize it ... then surely there would be repercussions for those involved. And so, with increasing delight, she leaned forward, softly licking at her lower lip in anticipation of what might yet come. All the while making sure both the record and the retransmission were both active.

Serine could feel that dark power resonating within her apprentice and it pleased her as she watched with anticipation Kia's attempt to replicate the action. The resulting damage was less of a splinter and more of a crush but the destruction had been completed. The Inquisitor was satisfied for now, content that Kia could not only focus the Force to a fine point to cause physical devastation, but also that the young teenager had absolutely no issue with inflicting pain. "Excellent Kia, you performed as I had hoped." Serine's real goals here were secured, and it appeared by the frantic and desperate sobs of the ex-senator, that the interrogation may also be successful. The gag that had been tightly tied around Canna's head was ripped clear allowing the woman to speak once again. "Pathetic. You better not be wasting my time." She threatened sternly and it was all too clear what would continue if the bound woman did not disclose what was desired.

"You are a monster!" Canna shouted at the Inquisitor, as the garment was torn away and she was finally allowed to speak. "Do you think this barbaric display will help your beloved-" she said as quickly as possible, before the garment was reinserted into her mouth. She realized this was not going to get her anywhere, so she began to murmur beneath the clothing. "Ask your questions. I'm sure they will prove insightful," she stammered, loud enough so that the Inquisitor would be likely to hear.

Serine was in the middle of shoving the torn garment back violently into the woman's mouth but she stopped when the other conceded quickly. "Wise choice." Said cruelly as she held onto the vibro-scalpel very close to the woman's face as she addressed her, indicating that the demonstration could easily continue at any moment if Serine was not pleased with what the ex-senator had to say. The Inquisitor had no qualms with showing her apprentice what a retina looked like, as the prisoner did not need both of her eyes to be executed. "I want names of your contacts! Keep in mind I will know if you are lying to me ... and you are not due for transfer for days." Said with a low ominous tone, the vibro-scalpel moving very close to her left cornea, so close that it would become blurred in Canna's sight.

Hearing the bone snap and knowing she had done that, was a completely mind changing experience, before Kia had unintentionally caused harm to people, this was a whole new rush of power. Leaning back in just a bit to look at what she had done, she was only really paying about 3/4 attention to what Serine was saying, she wanted to poke at the bone she'd broken but thought better of it.

"Inquisitor, do you really think my contacts would be foolish enough to reveal their true identities to me?" Canna asked, half-joking, and if she were not in so much pain she would have actually laughed at the audacity of the question. "These are not the type of people who leave calling cards, nor do they sign any sort of guestbook. Surely you should know this or you would have caught them by now!" she took pleasure in being truthful with the woman, and felt that with people such as this at the head of the search for the Alliance they would surely emerge victorious in the end.

A disgusted look flashed into those cool blue-green eyes, not quite the mirror of her teacher's but they were getting close. "Don't think you can get off that easily. What are the names you contacted them by? Surely you still have some of the codes you used for initiating the connections. Aliases or code names can work just as well." Kia flushed a slightly, looking up at Serine apologetically, she hadn't intended on just jumping in.

Serine was nearly in the process of asking another question before Kia helped herself suddenly and quite unexpectedly. Instead of an unfettered rage for any assumed disrespect, she was extremely pleased Kia was taking to interrogation so well! And had legit questions that could prove to be useful for the Empire, which Serine had not taught her, Kia had picked this up on her own. The Inquisitor was going to have an excellent apprentice ... and together they would eventually be Tremayne's undoing. "Indeed." She sided with the young Kaen's reasoning before including her own. "I am also interested to know how you were informed of your impending arrest. You had been expecting it. Were you not?"

"Aliases? Code names? My dear, surely you do not think this is some cheap thriller on the HoloNet do you?" Canna chastised her once more, somewhat pleased at how little they seemed to know about the Alliance and their innerworkings. "Yes. Of course I was expecting it. Even a rudimentary investigator could determine my security forces were ready for your little arrest. Not ready enough to save me, but ready enough to do away with many of your jackals," she explained, as the pain of the continued exposed wounds and shattered bones continue to plague her. "I never contacted them. They deemed it was too dangerous ... and it would appear it was. My contact was a beautiful young woman and a middle-aged man who seemed more pre-occupied with her than he did with me. But names? Code names? No such thing. But do invent some for them. It will add such color to your report, and I know how fond you all are of code names..." she smirked, before falling back on the table, and feeling incredibly light headed from the blood loss. "My role was mainly one of finance and providing inspiration behind their recruitment efforts in the region. But I'm sorry to say that your attacks on Ralltiir have done more to recruit for the Rebellion than my speeches ever could," she concluded, her voice sounding weaker by the moment, as her eyelids began to close from their seemingly increased weight.

Serine had been vigorously trained by her own Master Tremayne to be able to conclude when a prisoner was telling at least what they believed to be true, and she was getting that vibe from this woman unfortunately. The ex-senator was basically a front and was not even privy to any working developments of the rebellion, however she had been successful where the others had failed in convincing her to talk which was a victory in of itself. The Inquisitor's tactics were sound and her apprentice was growing quickly, so overall, Serine was very satisfied in the proceedings. It was also apparent that Canna was close to falling unconscious due to blood loss and stress, it was a shame Serine had to actually care since this was a high priority detainee. "I have no further questions." Said coldly before she activated the comm to request medical staff to retrieve the bleeding woman. It should be an easy fix for the skillful Doctor Tohan. She turned to her apprentice as they were exiting. "I should mention, Kia, that it will be always advantageous to you in the future to have a working relationship with a skillful surgeon." It could be easily inferred what the Inquisitor meant.

"A pity. Neither usable information, nor a death I could make useful," Arden said with a faux disappointment, minimizing the screen with the interrogation room. "Hmm. What else is on?" she pondered, as she cycled between Grand Moff Rodney asleep at his desk being comforted by Liliya, Kerrie frantically chasing Ewwiekewwieikkie across the Star Destroyer's bridge, the newly arrived Doctor Shuura being treated in sickbay by Doctor Tohan, and an assortment of other similar displays. "Hmm. All reruns..." she frowned, before walking away from the monitors to see about something to eat.

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