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Sean Brandt, Rachel King, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:29) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Captain Serra Eona, Kia Kaen, and Inquisitor Serine Thanor.

Kia had done the unthinkable, she prepared a report. It contained everything she'd learned in that dismal excuse for an interrogation she had watched. If propaganding someone to death were a thing, that officer would have gotten a gold star. Grumbling softly to herself about unhelpful people, she looked up at Serine, "Did you have a chance to read the report I drew up for you, Master Thanor? The first person to reply ... he was horrible. I thought these people were supposed to be *good* at what they do?"

The Inquisitor had been focused intently on her screen, reading details of that now infamous data leak that her apprentice had so craftily sliced into those many days ago, trying to find anything else she could use to her advantage to crush and ruin that woman.... Arden Zevrin. Serine barely even heard anything Kia had mentioned, so absorbed in her quest for dominance that the only word that abruptly snapped her from it was 'report'. Eyes flicked to the teenager with confusion and disbelief, she must have heard that incorrectly. "What was that? What are you talking about?" She snapped a bit agitated, her apprentice ripping her from her activities with some absurdities. Unbeknownst to the Inquisitor or to Kia was the simple fact that the report was not on Serine's desk... It was under Kia's bed in a million pieces thanks to the efforts of Sanu, the furious but loyal nexu companion to the fledgling inquisitor Kaen.

"I 'observed' a prisoner being talked to death last night, they called it an interrogation, but I didn't want to forget anything ... so I took notes, and wrote it up as a report for you. I thought you'd want to know about it? I left it there on your desk, it had a note on it." Kia's eyes flicked to where the note still was, with teeth marks in it, and she turned to stare at the Nexu, "Sanu! You ate it didn't you? I put a lot of work into that! We do not eat reports!" Looking back up at Serine, she had a mildly sheepish look, "Well ... there *was* a report. See the note there? The one that looks chewed a little? I'm sorry, Master, Thanor. I can tell you what was in it though, if you'd like."

"Of course, sir. I'll be in touch." The encrypted datalink was depowered. Captain Serra Eona removed the power cell from it and dropped the rest in what looked to be a glass of water, where it rapidly dissolved into nothing. No level of caution was high enough at certain times, and like others in her field, Serra was well aware of that. It was just an exchange of questions regarding the arrival of the doctor, but even something as innocent as that had to be erased. A separate glass was collected and filled with actual water before she moved to her desk, placing it down and removing her uniform jacket, hanging it up neatly by the door. For the time being she returned to the desk and took a seat, scrolling through a few low-clearance reports that had filtered in from the sector. Might as well keep up to date. A cigarra was dug from a drawer and lit; one of her few vices, and she had taken to not smoking them outside of her quarters for now.

Serine's silver eyes flared open in fury as her apprentice informed her of an interrogation that no one bothered to update her on. "What?!" She yelled fiercely as a fist slammed onto her desk causing small items to jump suddenly then clatter across noisily. Was this truly what had transpired? How dare Imperial Intel deny her access to such information, so much so, that her young apprentice had to slice into the very act and reduce herself to stealing said data. This was an outrage and someone will be paying for this insult. Inquisitor Thanor had been specially trained in the art of interrogation and it was her specialty, in addition to intimidation and executions. The woman glared at her apprentice, unintentionally focusing that frustration towards Kia. "Who dared to disrespect me? ... I want names!" Serine had been personally tasked with advising Grand Moff Rodney in this sector, so why did she always feel she was purposely left out of vital intel?

Kia flinched back at the sudden shout, but didn't step back from her teacher, "It happened last night, Master Thanor. Late last night actually. You only told me not to leave the room, not that I couldn't monitor things outside of it. I have been bouncing my own signals off of Zevrin's existing surveillance net on the ship, so I can watch almost everywhere. I.. I thought you'd want to know. The prisoner's name is Canna Omonda, they were talking about the senate being disbanded, and Chandrila, and a *lot* of Imperial propaganda, and.." She trailed off at being the target of that glare, "The two people in the interrogation room were Captain Serra Eona and Jonas Garrett." Her tone had changed just slightly to one of disgust at saying Jonas' name. "Of the two I think Jonas is the more incompetent. He wouldn't even ask the questions I posted to one of their datapadds. I was trying to ask questions that seemed important. He said he was going to put my interruption in his 'incident report'. Oh *no*, an incident report. I got tattled on to the hall monitor? If that's Imperial Intelligence, no wonder the Rebels are still around."

Sanu who had been laying on Kia's bed, looking very pleased at his destruction of that square play toy, jumped in fear with the sudden aggression from its Master. With a gentle whine, it crawled under the bed where the broken pieces of datapad were to cower there quietly, hoping to become as unimportant and forgotten as possible.

The Inquisitor slowly stood up from her seated position, an air of malice about her clearly hemorrhaging which Kia would be able to instantly sense with their growing Force connection they shared, but also she would pick up a stirring sense of pride in her apprentice. That fearlessness Kia was beginning to develop in the face of adversary would be vital in her survival in the Inquisitorius trials to come. "I foresee a unique opportunity for your training Kia..." Indeed, not only could Serine introduce the young Kaen to the art of the special draconic brand of interrogation the Inquisitors deployed, but also a lesson on the chain of command. It was necessary for the teenager to grasp duty, responsibility for one's actions and also... knowing who to punish when things fell through the grating. "Who was the superior officer during this so called interrogation? That is who we shall go visit."

Straightening before her teacher, Kia marveled at the malicious intent she felt near Serine, a tiny grin forming at the undercurrent of pride she sensed as well, quickly masking her glee at that. Only months ago, she would have been hiding under the bed with Sanu, or being gnawed on by Sanu was more likely, now though she knew she was no match power wise to her teacher, she knew she hadn't done anything to draw her ire. Learning when something was focused at you versus when you were the closest person to vent at seemed to be a lesson she had picked up. Her gaze flicked once to the lightsaber at Serine's belt, then away again just as quick. "That was Captain Eona, Master Thanor."

"Captain Serra Eona..." Serine rolled the words across her tongue and lips, not recalling ever meeting that officer, or at least reading a report about her absolute failings. Perhaps a visit had been long overdue if this woman was now going to be interrogating high-priority prisoners... and especially doing so without informing the Inquisitor first! It did not matter that Serine and her apprentice would be unannounced, she felt it her right to clean the clogs that prevented this ship from working functionally. So far, this Captain had failed in her duties twice catastrophically: not informing the Inquisitor and not getting worthwhile information from her interrogation! What a waste. The door leading into Serine's chambers could barely open fast enough before the irate woman burst from them with her apprentice in quick pace behind her. All occupants of the hallway nearly tripped over themselves trying to move from her path, some fully pressing their backs to the wall. There was an eerie quiet before the storm around Captain Eona's quarters... something would not seem.... just right.

It finally got through her brain that Serine had said 'we', "I get to go with?!" Kia quickly grabbed her datapadd, hurrying to keep up with Serine's stalking. She still looked less than intimidating, pulling off intimidating for a fifteen-year-old was just ... silly. She'd still keep up and stay quiet.

Suddenly peculiar instances started to occur within Serra's quarters, almost as if the engine room was causing an unsteady vibration throughout the room. Small objects just slightly jittered in their places, almost as if reacting to an unseen presence before the vibration began to intensify. The uniform jacket that the Captain had hung up beside the door fell from its place quite unexpectedly to cumple in a pile on the floor. Only the briefest of moments afterwards was there an overwhelming intense outward explosion as the door leading into the room was violently ripped from its durasteel hinges creating a gaping and hideous hole in the side of the room. The door had been locked, but that was but a mere obstacle for a fully irate Inquisitor. The jagged pieces of metal that resembled the shredded door were flung effortlessly behind the woman to collide with the hallway wall far behind her, introducing Serine Thanor standing in the midst of the destruction glaring intensely at the woman inside. "Captain Eona..." Said in a slow menacing statement, there was no doubt that this conversation was going to be heated.

Kia looked in surprise at the shards of door embedded in the wall behind her, remembering what she had done to the cell door. She was standing just to the side and a little behind Serine, not wanting to get in the way, or incur her teacher's wrath.

Serra had a habit of keeping quiet surroundings. It made it easier to notice when things were off, if something wasn't quite right. The silence of the hall was the first suggestion that something might be remiss, but she gave it little thought. Then came the vibrations. At the onset it could have been nothing more than some slight trouble with the engines, but as it gradually intensified, she quickly came to the conclusion that this simple explanation wouldn't suffice. A hand moved to the small of her back where a concealed holster contained her modified DL-18 blaster pistol. Fingers coiled around the grip as she sat upright, then slowly rose to her feet. Metal bending, twisting, wrenching. The sound grew in intensity. The door. Her pistol flew free, leveled at the doorway as it was torn free with seemingly effortless swiftness. Her finger was on the trigger and when the Sith first entered, it was that pistol and a cold, eerily calm expression behind it. The pistol, of course, was lowered as soon as she recognized the violent woman who had torn her way into Eona's quarters. Her expression, however, did not waver. If the sith had succeeded in intimidating or frightening the Captain, none of it showed, nor could it be sensed. It was an incredibly unusual ability to resist the utter terror a Sith could inspire, one for which agents of Imperial Intelligence were somewhat known. "Inquisitor Thanor." The woman's menace and anger were met with a calm, even tone as she slid the pistol back into its holster. "To what do I owe your ire?" Stated as a simple question, as if asking how the woman's day had been. Not that she was failing to pick up on the clear and evident clues of Serine's anger.

The Inquisitor was impressed that the Intel Officer was keeping her cool demeanor despite the chaos that had just ensued when most people would have been trembling in the corner, but this degree of intimidation resistance was to be expected with members of the Imperial Intelligence. Serine's silver gaze scrutinized the officer before her blatantly, analyzing her bold exterior though no attempts were made to sense further using unfair tactics ... that was saved for actual interrogation ... apparently an art the Captain was pitifully incompetent in. Serine sauntered into the room in a deliberate stalk, much like a predator sizing up her prey. Quick glances were afforded to the interior, attempting to gather information on this woman other than her initial appraisal. An angry grimace twitched upon her features before she snapped a gaze back towards the other woman. "The fact that you must ask that is unbecoming to your profession as you should already know why I am here." Said coldly, did the Inquisitor have to engrave the information into the other's skin painfully? "Perhaps you need me to spell it out in youngling terms..." The other trailed off dangerously, a few long deathly quiet moments were spent in contemplation before she continued. "You are to inform me when a high-priority subject requires ... an experts inquiry, as apparently you are unable to perform your duties adequately. In addition, I find my time utterly wasted here! Captain, you seemed to feel it was worthwhile to insult me... Why was it that my apprentice had to rip information from your unsatisfying interrogation attempt?!" She said with almost a snarl. This whole situation was so easy to avoid as well ... such a waste of her time.

Her mutter was likely loud enough to be understood by any caring to pay attention to the teenager, "I was right. Oxymoron." Kia did not want to interrupt her Master's tirade though. Staring intently at the Intel officer, so this was the one that was at least polite to her...

Captain Serra Eona listened. She stood there, the very image of patience, calm, almost apathy. There was a rigid professionalism broken occasionally by a drag from the cigarra, the smoke lazily rolling from her mouth after a pass through her lungs. The room itself was neat and orderly; other than the fallen jacket and ruined door, there was nothing at all remarkable about it. A glass of water by a well kept bed, a desk with nothing on it but a computer interface and a datapad; the very datapad Kia had hacked during the interrogation. Serine was given ample time to speak without even a hint of interruption. Only when it was clear that it was her turn did Serra speak, meeting that snarl with an exhale of smoke and a voice as level and even as ever. "Allow me to address your concerns one at a time, Inquisitor. First, the prisoner. Subject RA-B one-seven was documented in the ship log upon being taken into custody, which occured two nights ago during an extraction operation which I oversaw. As per standard operating procedures, she was given a preliminary interrogation. I assume that's the one you're referring to? Now, perhaps things are done differently in this sector..." a pause for a drag from the cigarra before she continued, her eyes focused exclusively on Serine, unwavering in their attention. "...but standard procedure dictates that a preliminary interrogation is simply a measuring of the captive's demeanor, nothing more. I felt it would be a waste of time to bring someone of your caliber in for what is, of course, a very simple exercise." One more inhale, then the cigarra was extinguished in a small tray on the desk. "As is done with all preliminary interrogations, the results were published to the Intelligence Bureau's database. I assume, as an Inquisitor, you have access to this. I was also under the impression that it was common practice for an Inquisitor to maintain vigil over all pertinent intelligence reports in her sector, as doing so would easily reveal the details of the capture of the prisoner, where she was being kept, as well as the full log of the preliminary investigation. If I am mistaken about your operating procedures, then in the future I'll have you notified of developments." Time for a breath, but there was one last thing to address. "As for your apprentice...her hacking consisted of sending a series of anonymous questions to my datapad in the middle of the interrogation proceedings. Had she identified herself, perhaps she might have been taken more seriously by my subordinate. As it stood, I assumed a low-level security technician was trying to be clever, since the questions displayed a clear lack of understanding of proper interrogation procedure." That was where she left it, tossing the proverbial ball into the court of the Sith.

The young woman hid a quick grin at the thought that flashed through her head, wisely keeping that particular comment to herself, however Serine likely would feel pure mirth in her apprentice's mind. Not at the situation, but Kia had finally gotten a good look at the Captain's decor and the similarities in lack of decoration struck her as beyond amusing, "Captain, I will have to get you a potted plant..."

Let it be known that the Inquisitor was willing to listen to the defense of those accused, even to worthless drabble as long as it had even the smallest semblance of meaningful content. Serine folded her arms across her chest as she listened to the other's long-winded explanation. Usually she only accepted solutions, never excuses... but the more she listened, the more she began to respect what the Captain had to say. Serra was tactfully and skillfully deflecting the Inquisitor's accusations like she was counter-moving her in pazaak. This was actually surprising since this was the first time since she met Zevrin did anyone on the Warspite give her any sort of resistance or challenge, but unlike Zevrin, Captain Serra was far more agreeable to Serine. She nearly grimaced when realizing the truth to the other woman's words, the brief details of the preliminary interrogation were within easy grasp, but the obsessed Inquisitor was so smitten by the desire to crush her rival did that simple fact elude her. Perhaps it was the many months of prisoner drought, or lack of anything substantial for Serine to focus her attention on that she merely had given up on the notion of meaningful opportunities to practice her craft. Because of this, the truth was Serine simply stopped checking the Intelligence databanks, assuming it was a waste of time and likely contaminated or infiltrated by Zevrin's ill presence. But oh, it did not take long for her to find a new target for unsightly aggression. It appeared her so-called apprentice... was interrupting others performing their critical duties, directly disregarding Serine's orders. It did not help that Kia had to blurt out something irritating when she knew to stay silent while her Master... performed. "Kia!" Serine snapped her attention now to the youth behind her though not moving from her position directly in front of the Captain's desk. "A classified interrogation is not a holovid to post messages at!" She growled, more irritated and frustrated than irate. Serine had been expertly maneuvered by Captain Eona's words and that put an unpleasant taste in her mouth. Slowly the Inquisitor directed her attention back to the Officer, regarding the other silently for a moment, it was clear her anger towards Serra had been extinguished greatly, turning into a mild contempt. "Very well Captain Eona ... where is this prisoner being held now? I believe a visit is in order."

Sensing the shift, Kia squared her shoulders, but did not start in with protests, that would have seemed childish. "I.. am sorry, Master Thanor, it won't happen again. I did not intend to interrupt anything important, it did not appear that I was." She glanced up at the Captain, giving her a nod, "My apologies for interrupting your...interrogation...of the prisoner." At that she fell silent again, looking more than a bit dejected at getting snapped at.

Serra waited while her words sank in, while the Sith processed it all and came to her conclusions. It was clear she'd out-maneuvered the Inquisitor's rage, but doing so had cost her no small amount of revelations. Serine knew the measure of Serra now, and that was something she had to keep in mind. Not that it was an entirely negative thing; oh, she knew they weren't friends by any means, but they both knew the other was capable and could turn great ally or terrible foe depending on how things were played. For now she was satisfied they were at some kind of unspoken agreement; a mutual appreciation of the other that would suffice for now. "Detention Cell Seventeen, primary block. She's been put through the usual stress regiment, but she's a zealot. Don't feel obliged to hold back with her." She wouldn't rub salt in any wounds for now. They had had their face-off. As for Kia...the girl got a glance from the Captain, a brief but pointed look. No words were exchanged, but during the eye contact she produced a fresh cigarra, lit it, and inhaled. It was a silent means of letting her know that the path of Captain Serra Eona was one best not crossed until you were prepared for it.

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