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Brandon Derive, Teddy Gunther, Tom Hutchens, Christopher Levy, John Liczbinski, and Thomas Rogers.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:3:34) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station and in the Ralltiir system: Solace.


Flight Lieutenant Estai, Flight Lieutenant Jaden Leora, Flight Officer Noriel, Flight Officer Zan Shelby, and Flight Officer Richard Zalar.


Flight Officer Zan Shelby approached the entrance to briefing room on the Rebellion space station he was stationed on, he had finally fully recovered from his physical wounds from the last air battle he was involved in. But the his ego was quite damaged, he should have never second-guessed himself. But perhaps he could redeem himself in the next mission he was assigned to. Zan still awaited on the assignment of a new X-wing craft and astromech droid that hopefully be assigned to him before a mission of importance would occur. Even at this time in his life, Zan felt like a part of him was missing. And toward the fact, Zan was getting bored being stationed on a space station in a large nebula.

Standing in the briefing amphitheater waiting for the members of his squadron to make their way in Jaden sat looking over the mission they were assigned to having a cup of extra strong coffee to wake him fully. Looking up he noticed Zan entering the room looking a little down about the loss of his X-wing and astromech in the last battle. After a little bit the rest showed up and took their seats. Putting down the cup he stood at the podium and cleared his throat, "Ahem alright attention every one. We have a new assignment for us we will be on escort duty. This should be a simply squat and fly mission no real problems that we know of yet just get the ship and get back in one piece. Now Zan we have a semi new X-wing for you in the hanger with a R5 astromech to go with it."

Zan choose to stand and wait for the briefing to begin. He wondered why there was still so few of us. Zan still missed Naboo, which will be forever his home. Zan stood in full attention as it seemed the briefing had already begun.

Noticing that Zan was still standing Jaden cocked an eyebrow, "Zan is there a problem with your chair or are your legs unable to bend at the moment?"

Zan replied with some emotion, "I prefer to stand Sir. I've been sitting for weeks anyway."

Jaden got a little red in the face and leaned forward slightly, "Doesn't matter Zan while in briefing you will sit like everyone else does until asked to stand now please have a seat and I won't be nice the next time I have to ask understand." By this time the little vein in Jaden's head was throbbing.

Zan quietly sat down in the closest chair to his ass and replied with a hint of sarcasm, "Yes, sir."

Running his fingers through his hair and sighing Jaden just looked down for a second to recollect himself, "Alright as I was saying Zan we have a new ship for you with a R5-B5. I suggest going over it before launch to make sure everything is in order so you don't have any problems out there. Now again simple escort duty, but we will keep our eyes open for interference by the Empire. I don't want to lose any one or this ship there is too few of us as there is right now. We don't need more losses is that clear. Alright we have about two hours before launch make final preps to anything you need to do and check your ships and droids. I will see you all in the bay in two hours. Dismissed."

With a small smile on his face Zan replied, "Oh great, another ship for me. Celebration for everyone."

"Zan please see me in my office," stepping away from the podium Jaden exited the side door and went straight to his office that was a little ways down the hall to prepare for the mission.

Zan stood upward soon after it seemed the briefing had concluded, Zan left through the door he entered through the briefing room and walked downward to the hanger to observe his new fighter craft and new astromech droid. Even though he was supposed to report to Lieutenant Leora's office, he desired to observe his new fighter and droid first. Zan was reckless ever since he was a small lad, but not reckless enough to treat his equipment incorrectly.

Entering the hanger Jaden saw Zan looking over his new slightly used X-wing and decided now would be the time to talk to him. Walking over to him he stopped about a meter behind him. "Attention!" his voice echoed all throughout the hanger as techs of all species looked up and snapped to attention.

Zan dropped what he was doing and looked toward where the loud and angered voice had came from, "Yes?"

Jaden stood there looking at Zan turn and look at him, "Flight Officer when I say attention you better snap up straighter then a vibroblade until I say otherwise." Looking around he saw a small corner where they could talk in private, "Follow me we are going to discuss your lack of respect and attitude problem eight now." Turning on his heel he started to the corner where they would talk.

Zan replied with a with such joy and happiness, "Yes, sir." Zan followed the the Lieutenant to the quiet corner Lieutenant Leora had signaled would be a good place to a chat. Zan always had a authority problem, but he was always worthy.

Stopping at the corner Jaden turned and looked Zan straight in the eyes, "Zan the disrespect you showed me in the briefing earlier will not happen again you are very, very, very lucky that I did not send you to the brig for insubordination. Then to make it worse when told to stand at attention you just turn around and say yes. Your attitude towards me and other authority figures will change and they will change fast or you will find your self in some other squadron really fast or worse out of the starfigter corps. This is your last chance to shape up or ship out I will not have this in my squadron do you understand me?"

Zan tried not to roll his eyes around, since he had heard this speech so many times before that it lost its purpose long ago. Zan replied to the Lieutenant , "Yes, sir." As Zan stood upward in attention.

Jaden looked around and saw the techs clearing some things away, "Alright Zan get back to your check and get your things ready we launch soon."

Coming through the nebula once again with his squadron behind him Jaden took up position at the head flying towards the rendezvous with the new warship they are to escort. Looking over his displays he sees all readings are normal and that there is nothing out of the ordinary going on.

Zan's new X-wing followed not to close behind Corsair Leader, Zan always had bad feelings about escort missions. Always and always will. Zan checked over his gauges, which seemed to be reading off normal readings. But something did not seem right to him. Maybe perhaps he had not got a decent night of sleep in a months time.

The Nebulon-B Frigate Solace emerged from hyperspace several kilometers from the Ringali Nebula. The rebellion's efforts in the Ringali Shell had been progressing well over the past month, and the deployment of this more powerful warship to the region represented high command's commitment to this operation. Although the vessel was a considerable upgrade over what the Alliance currently fielded in the Ringali Shell, it would not be able to survive long against an Imperial assault. It was imperative that the vessel reach the safe confines of the nebula quickly, or it would surely be detected and destroyed.

Jaden saw the Nebulon-B Frigate exit hyperspace it was a sight to be seen. Turning his X-wing on a intercept course he brought up the ship on his ships comlink, "Solace this is Corsair Leader do you copy? Over."

The Solace's tactical officer breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the X-wing escort over the comlink. There were no guarantees in this business, and the crew pool gave the odds that their escort would arrive successfully at only four to one. "Copy, Corsair Leader," the officer transmitted over the comlink, "it's good to hear you. Transmit the waypoints and we'll follow you into the nebula. Over."

"Copy Solace transmitting now," with that Jaden started transmitting the way points to the Solace so they would be able to get through the nebula, "two on my wing let's move into position and take the Solace home." Maneuvering his X-wing into a escort position he got a better look at the Nebulon-B Frigate.

Zan heard Corsair Leader order over the comlink, Zan at that time gently glided his X-wing over closer toward Solace. Zan replied over the comlink, "Two in position and wow that warship is huge."

The large engines behind the Nebulon-B Frigate flared to life as it accelerated at cruising speed towards the first waypoint it had received. As the vessel approached the nebula, its crew prepared for their systems to go offline. Throughout the Solace, the crew hurriedly manned their battle stations, unsure of what to expect in their first visit to the region.

Zan read his scanners as part of the checklist, but the scanners were detecting three bogeys. All three were Z-95 Headhunters, standard fighters for the Ringali Shell Security Force. Zan replied over to Corsair Leader using the comlink, "Corsair Leader, we got three bogeys, I repeat got three Z-95 headhunters with laser cannons and concussion missiles." Zan's X-wing changed it's S-foils into attack formation, "Engage with caution, Lieutenant ." Zan slammed the controls of his X-wing to dive under and swoop upward the location of one of the Z-95 Headhunters. Zan locked onto one of the Z-95 Headhunter's using his targeting computer on his head-up display. Zan fired off a rapid burst of laser cannon fire toward the closest Z-95 Headhunter.

Flight Officer Noriel felt sweat as it started to bead up on his forehead. Laser bolts collided with the nose of his Z-95 Headhunter, rocking his ship soundly. His shouts could be heard over the comlink to his group leader.

Richard Zalar, an Flight Officer of the Ringali Shell Security Force sat in the cockpit of his Z-95 Headhunter watching his comrade's fighter getting hit with the laser bolts. A sudden jerk in the controls of the figher sent it to break the formation heading towards the attacking X-wing fighter. His hues gazed at the targeting computer as the X-wing fighter came into display. Richard then fired a burst of laser bolts from his fighter's cannon towards the attacking X-wing.

Zan quickly yanked backward on his flight controls, sending the craft flying straight upward. Pulling the controls across his chest, Zan pulled his X-wing out of the maneuver and centered the craft once more. Zan thought to himself, "wow that was close."

Flight Officer Noriel maneuvered his fighter around to close on his aggressor. He lined up his missile lock on the HUD and waited for a good tone for lock-on. Hearing tone he jammed down on the missile button with his thumb.

Zan felt the impact of the concussion missiles explode onto his X-wing but the shields took the main course of the damage. But his shields were at zero, and the hull went to seventy-five-percent. Zan thought he could attack maybe on one more pass if the hull held just a little longer. Zan turned his head and replied to his new droid R5-B5, "hold on there little dude."

Jaden saw the impact of the missile on Corsair Two He took a glance back at his astromech, "Slider, paint that damaged head hunter as target One then the other two as Two and Three. Lock on to the first target." Snap rolling to port then quickly pulling up into a tight loop he came in just behind the Z-95 Headhunter painted as target one. Switching his lasers to quad burst for more damage he waited until the HUD went green and squeezed the trigger sending scarlet energy waves shooting from his lasers.

Flight Officer Noriel felt the heat from the blasts as they all but shattered the hull of his head hunter. Every light, dial, and indicator lit up in red as his ship began to lurch from the damaging impacts.

Lieutenant Estai did not waste a lot of time as the first X-wing righted itself and prepped for its second attack run. The tone of an emissions lock sounded in his headset, giving the Lieutenant the all clear for a concussion missile launch. His thumb graced over the trigger button once, and then the tone hardened, and the trigger was depressed fully, sending one of the missiles off towards the X-wing. Throughout the process, his voice chattered over the comlink, "Noriel, cut and run, bring your bogey straight between us for a better shot, and steer clear of that nebula unless you come up from the aft through her blind spot.

Zan slammed his craft's engines to try to out run the concussion missile. Zan pulled up tightly and dived leftward to send the missile flying past him.

The anti-starfighter laser cannon batteries of the Nebulon-B Frigate Solace roared to life, opening fire on one of the nearby Z-95 Headhunters that were attacking her escorts.

Zalar felt the batteries slam into the side of his fighter. A mere shake of his head as stared at his displays indicating that his shields were gone.

Noriel pulled back hard on the stick and began to retreat from the battle. His Z-95 Headhunter felt as if it was barely able to hold together as he routed all available power to the engines for a quick escape.

The Lieutenant only blinked at the strange occurrence of an X-wing outrunning a concussion missile and fired again, this one aimed in the same manner, via tone, and streaking towards the X-wing's canopy from above.

Zan's control panel blanked eject, eject. Zan closed down his visors, and yanked on the eject cord. Sending his seat blasting to space.

Zalar jerked his controls again bringing him on course for behind the Nebulon-B Frigate. A grin was on his face as the Nebulon-B Frigate showed up on his targeting display. A quick push of a button activated the fighter's missile system as he continued on course for the Nebulon-B Frigate. He sent a missile from the fighter flying towards the Nebulon-B Frigate.

The concussion missile slammed into the port side of the Solace. The shields shimmered as the missiles impacted, reducing their effectiveness to only seventy-five-percent of their effectiveness.

Jaden seeing Zan eject once again called into the Nebulon-B Frigate, "Solace, Corsair Two is EV can you send out rescue?" Not even waiting for a response he turned to target two the Z-95 Headhunter that shot down Zan. Pushing his engines to max he moved in on the Z-95 Headhunter from below waiting for the HUD to flash green once it did he squeezed the trigger.

The first laser blast struck his shield, and the second struck his nose, jolting the Z-95 Headhunter and pushing her into a shallow dive, which the Lieutenant only furthered, diving him a bit more of angle and hopefully passing underneath his attack.

"Copy, Corsair Leader. We will hold position until the pilot is recovered," the Solace's tactical officer informed the pilot over the comlink. The laser cannons on the Nebulon-B Frigate then opened fire on one the Z-95 headhunter that the X-wing had just engaged.

A snarl escaped the lips of the Lieutenant as every warning that the Z-95 Headhunter had was flaring, the ship almost begging for him to cut and run, but that was not an option. He still had a ship out there. He rejoined formation with his remaining vessel, while relaying the details of the misadventure to the folks back home incase the ship that had already run did not make it home.

Zalar saw his pulling along side with his fighter. It was clear to him that his 's fighter was severely damaged. A strong pull of the controls sent him on course for the lone X-wing fighter. He waited as the fighter showed up on his targeting display. He was now behind the X-wing with his lasers armed and ready. When his display indicated that he was clear to fire, he sent a rapid burst of lasers toward the fighter.

Jaden felt the jolt of a laser hitting his shields the controls showed very little damage propping up on his starboard S-foil he banked hard to get away from his attacker.

The Z-95 Headhunter groaned in protest at the stress put on her hull with even a lazy banking turn to follow his wingman, but the ship made it. And just in time as the X-wing banked away from Zalar, and into the reticule. A tone sounded in his ear, and Estai fired another missile, aiming again to catch the target topside and end that threat.

This time a stronger jolt hit Jaden and right away the cockpit started to fill with smoke as warning klaxons blared in his ears his astromech screamed then went dead he had two choices fight or run. The X-wing shook side to side and his stick was barely responsive. Jaden cursed under his breath at the sluggish controls, "This is just like being in a Y-wing." Doing the best loop he could he found the damaged Z-95 Headhunter and started in on it. When he was in range and the target lock went off he fired.

The Lieutenant actually spit on the canopy as the power in the Z-95 Headhunter went dead. He had nothing to left, and was a dead drift, with only life support and comlinks left.

The Nebulon-B Frigate Solace targeted the remaining Z-95 Headhunter, and opened fire with all of its available laser cannons.

Zalar felt the blasts from the Nebulon-B Frigate's cannons hit the fighter. All the caution alerts started going off within his cockpit. Slowly shaking his head, he held the controls to keep the fighter on course. Zalar rolled out of his current course with a shift move in the controls. He looked for the lone escort fighter which destroyed his . He brought the fighter with it's nose facing under the X-wing. With another push of the button, he activated the fighter's missiles. He quickly slammed his controls which sent a missile flying towards the X-wing fighter.

Feeling the blast Jaden knew what he had to due he pulled the string and ejects from his fighter looking down he sees the fire ball that was once his X-wing. He was going to miss her he came to Corsair Squadron with the ship and now it was gone. He couln dot believe that this had happened.

The Nebulon-B Frigate detected the other X-wing exploding, and programmed the ejected pilot's location into its computers. The laser cannons immediately opened fire on the Z-95 Headhunter that had taken out the X-wing.

Zalar quickly hit the eject button attempting to eject his destroyed fighters. However, the ejected was damaged due to the Nebulon-B Frigate's attack. He leaned back in his cockpit seat and felt the explosions engulfing him. The fighter turned into a fireball along with him in it.

The Nebulon-B Frigate Solace targeted the two rebel pilots with its tractor beams. Activating the tractor beams, the two pilots were carefully brought into the vessel's substantial hangar bar, where medical crews were standing by. With all of the Z-95 Headhunters wither withdrawn, destroyed or disabled, the Nebulon-B Frigate accelerated to cruising speed and headed into the safe of the Ringali Nebula. It had taken the destruction of two precious X-wings, but the Nebulon-B Frigate had survived. In the long run, this vessel should prove more valuable.

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