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Michelle Green, Bob Halula, Erin Highberg, and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:4) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio, Lieutenant Vance Dajus, Duchess Ava Khalessi, and Emi Shinohara.

Commander Derek Atio was standing in the command center aboard Ringali Station. He was wearing the brown uniform of a Rebel officer, or what passed for one, given his unkempt nature and lack of military bearing. Things had not been going well for the Rebel cell in the Ringali Shell, and he had been notified to expect a new hotshot from high command with an opinion on how to reevaluate their stratagem in the sector. In front of him were the six major planets of the Ringali Shell, slowly spinning with a tactical overlay of the current situation. The first planet was Brentaal IV at the intersection of the Perlemian trade route and the Hydian way, where the Rebels had first begun operations before withdrawing. The next was Chandrila, home to the Chief of State, where they had failed to stop the Empire from eliminating members of the local government who were loyal to the Rebellion. Then came Corulag, a world with strong Imperial ties, whom they had not invested any energy on. In the neighboring Darpa sector stood the planet Esseles, whom the Empire had turned into a major military stronghold, and therefore too daunting a nut to crack for the Rebel cell. Rhinnal, who also supported the Empire, was their latest target, but an information leak had driven them off there as well. And as for Ralltiir, the planet had been virtually obliterated by a base-delta-zero that left most of the planet destroyed following their open support for the Rebel cause. Now the entirety of the Rebel forces drawn from six systems and two sectors was now confined to a small space station in the Ringali nebula, barely in a state of operation, with only a commando unit, two starfighter squadron, and a ragtag fleet of small escort vessels. Things were going very bad ... very bad indeed ... so perhaps it was logical that high command would be sending a liaison.

Vance Dajus frowned gently at the holo display in the tactical overlay, casting his gaze over to the Commander that seemed to be studying it intently. "Commander Atio, I assume?" His inflection was somewhere between amused and casual as he approached the man, extending his hand to shake. He wore the same style of uniform as the Commander, but Vance's was a bit more 'proper' in appearance. It had all the flair and distinguished look of somebody who probably hasn't seen a battle in quite some time. "If I can make a suggestion, beginning briefings with the map panned back a bit more can help your crew understand where their cell is making an impact on the grander scale. The trade routes that Brentaal IV sits on connect to such important worlds as Carida and Coruscant. So much information and materiel travels through that planet that has a huge impact on the Imperial efforts far beyond these two key sectors." He didn't speak as if trying to be condescending, but rather did appear to be attempting to be helpful. Perhaps not the best timing, but it would appear this young Lieutenant's social skills when dealing with Rebel units was not quite well practiced.

The Tetan Commander clenched his jaw slightly when the junior officer emerged on the scene with a sharp criticism. Although Dajus was a junior officer, he nevertheless held the ear of high command, and could fairly easy wield enough influence to get any of them reassigned. "Yes. Commander Derek Atio," he said, with a firm nod of his head, as he circled the holographic projector until he reached the controls. Adjusting the zoom on the table, the six planets began to diminish in size until only the sectors remained. The two prominent trade routes were highlighted, glowing brightly to emphasize their location. "Is this what you suggest, Lieutenant?" he asked, trying to be polite. His background was in engineering aboard civilian luxury liners and was ill suited for military affairs. Had his senior officers not been killed in a mission against the Empire last year, he very likely would still be a Lieutenant himself, toiling away in an engine room.

Rising from her bed the young diplomat from Naboo looked down at her little droid unit, she was wearing a long white dress, the tip op wrapped around her shoulders, a golden collar wrapped around her neck, a chain connected to the center of the top. It was slimming with a long train in the back, her brunette locks were pulled back behind her head and curled, she had a silver head band on top with special marking, she let out a heavy side and headed towards the door slowly exiting her quarters Ava made her way down to the briefing room. The past few days had put a lon on the young diplomats mind causing her to think of actions on how the rebels were carrying out their missions she knew they did all they could, tried their best but it seemed like the Empire was always several step ahead of them, organized. It put a lot of worry and doubt on the others shoulders as well. And the commander had the most worry, to know he didn't even know what he was doing was something that made Ava uneasy about the whole war, they were nothing but a rag tag group of people who barely knew what they were even doing himself. Looking back over her shoulder she called R2-C1 "Come on we're late again. Least this time you don't have my bloomers." She said crossing her arms as the droid followed beeping as he scooted along behind Ava. Soon the two of them headed towards the briefing room where she found commander Aito and another person. "I'm sorry I'm late Commander... Some things came up."

Vance shook his head a bit and internally made a note to try to be more open in the future, realizing his approach was a bit forward and perhaps not done diplomatically. He nodded and changed his approach, smiling at the display and taking a few long seconds to take in the overall vastness that was the galaxy. "Yes, sir..much better." He noticed another pair enter the room and adjusted his stance to put the commander and the new arrivals both in his forward view. "Pardon my lack of politeness. My name is Lieutenant Vance Dajus. I was assigned as a liaison to your unit by the high command to help determine a way forward in trying to take your missions and fold them into the overall narrative that is the Rebellion." He turned to the Commander more fully and his face became a little more serious. "I just wish to lead in, Commander, by letting you know that I'm not here to judge you or impede your efforts in any way. Even if some command officers might have made it seem that way, my role here is to make sure you are working with the best data and leverage my knowledge and understanding of Rebel operations to guide your team into more beneficial and safe situations. I truly do believe that, despite the benefit of the cells operating nearly autonomously, sometimes coordination or at least an understanding of other nearby plans and force strengths can come in handy." He took a noticeable step back away from the display so that the Commander could continue with his duties. Anybody who had any sort of empathic abilities to read people could see Vance was backpedaling with his last statements, but in that rush to make up for it seemed to be speaking more frankly and with more emotion.

The Commander nodded to the ambassador who was once again late to one of their important meetings. He nodded to the woman, briefly, and made a mental note that he should begin telling her the meetings begin fifteen minutes earlier than they actually do. He slowly moved around the tactical display so that he could lay eyes on the Lieutenant without having to look through the holographic image. "We welcome whatever assistance you can offer, Lieutenant," he began, out of mere politeness and what discipline he could muster. "But I'm compelled to ask. Has high command been dissatisfied with our lack of progress in the region?" he asked, before placing a palm on the side of the holographic projector to help himself up. He hoped the Lieutenant would do him the service of being blunt and honest, as he liked to know where he stood at all times. He was not meant for this kind of position and it would soon become obvious to any officer that spent more than a few hours with him.

Ava bowed her head slightly in respect to the Lieutenant giving a slight smiled she greeted him "I am Ava Khalessi, diplomat from Naboo." She said stepping forward to close the space between them, R2-C1 scooted next to her as he made a sound "This is my little droid unit R2-C1, he helps out when needed." She said confidently while placing her hands neatly in front of her. "I think we can all agree with your presence here will help us greatly, Commander Atio had been of great help since he started to take lead. Though as any leader he has had a lot on his mind, a lot to think about and to take care of. I know that he had done what anyone could in his position." Ava said giving a smirk. "If you do wish to help us with any data that is available I suggest you also inform our fighters as well, they are the ones who risk everything for what you and I have now. They are the ones fighting while we stand her and talk." She started to get rather defensive for the rebels she had started to get to know and slowly understand.

The Lieutenant was beginning to form an answer as the diplomat spoke, and paused to allow her to finish. He stood for a second watching the pulsing lights of the display galaxy and furrowed his brow. "There are two camps in high command regarding your actions here in the Shell, Commander. One feels like you have stalled out after your initial success against the Imperial Naval Forces on Esseles. The other, and in my opinion the more understanding of the two camps, respects the major impact your team has had on the efforts with the removal of the Retributor from operational status." He turned his cobalt blue eyes to regard Ava as he continued his dialogue. "I feel the team is well served with a little time away from the limelight, I'm surprised the Empire has cracked down further." He worked his way over to the control panel for the display and again brought the Ringali Shell into a tighter focus. "I feel like high command hasn't supported you as much as they could have, and with proper support you could fare much better, even in this highly controlled Imperial environment." Dajus' body became more rigid and professional as he turned back to the Commander. "How have your requests for supplies and material been received with high command thus far?"

Ava cleared her throat as her attention when to the image as the Lieutenant spoke, her tightened her jaw slightly rolling her shoulder back Her brown orbs moved quickly to him as he asked about supplied. "We have had problems with supplies after the base was compromised, we do our best to make due with what we have and what is given to us, I understand that there are other based who need assistance as well. At times it is hard to say the least about waiting." Ava said softly, looking down at her droid unite she spoke "R2-C1 please show the Lieutenant what supplies have been destroyed with the attack." With her request being asked the little droid unite moved over the the display panel and attached one of his utility arm into a port and projected a image of the supplies that were needed. Ava looked at the Lieutenant taking a deep breath. "As you can tell our medical supplies are low and we desperately need them." R2-C1 dome slowly moved side to side he kept displaying what was needed. "I urge you to help Lieutenant, you seem like the only one that cares out this base... Or has shown any interested. If you wish to help in any way you can then I implore you to start with these supplies." Ava spoke rather harshly .She didn't know till after the matter that the supplied she had gathered on her first mission with the Rebel's was destroyed with rather set her back slightly.

The Commander felt uncomfortable as the ambassador spoke up, and did his best to step between the two to reach a compromise. "We've gotten a fair amount of supplies, Lieutenant," he admitted, believing the bulk of the conflict to be taking place on the Outer Rim. He turned his head towards Ava, offering a nervous smile, as he waved his right hand and up down, as if signaling her to take it easy. "It's true. Losing our safehouse on Rhinnal and most of the medical supplies we arranged from the Rhinnal State Medical Academy was a setback," he said, nodding in agreement with Ava, before turning his attention back towards the Lieutenant. "But there are five other planets in the Ringali Shell, each full of supplies and targets that are just waiting for us to target," he explained, sounding confident, even if he did feel they were a bit outmatched given the increase in Imperial forces that seemed to be moving into the region everyday. When they started they were simply up against the Ringali Shell Security Force, followed by a single Imperial squadron, which then grew into an Imperial systems force, and now finally a full Imperial fleet commanded from an Executor-class Star Dreadnaught. Their 24 starfighters and half dozen escort vessels would not make a dent. They would have to resort to hit and run attacks and subterfuge in his opinion.

"Supplies are the first step, if we are going to expand operations and deal with the response that the Imperials will slowly develop as you become more successful." He began, trying to make sure that they knew he understood their limitations. "Perhaps, instead of going directly for what we want we can find less defended items and make trade through more legal channels on Brentaal IV. It is a large planet, it is easy to get lost in the everyday business that goes on if it seems like you need to be there?" He thought for a bit more about the possible troubles that could cause. "Has the Empire shown any sign of cracking down on legitimate business operations, or are they still reluctant to tighten that noose? My hope is we can be active and passive in our operations in stark contrast to their expectations." He reached down into his bag that was slung over his shoulder and produced a datapad, tapping it gently with his opposite index finger. "I have some of the background of the team you've assembled, so I've got some studying to do. Anything I should know that wouldn't be covered in the official brief?"

"There was a blockade of Esseles when the Grand Moff's daughter went missing some months ago. It destroyed many businesses on the planet due to a lack of a trade. There are many still bitter and angry about it," the Commander reported, as he adjusted the controls on the holoprojector again. As he zoomed in the screen transitioned from the Core Worlds down to the Ringali Shell and then to the Darpa Sector before settling in on the Esssesia system. Displayed were dozens of Imperial vessels ranging from the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught, to supporting Star Destroyers, cruisers, frigates, and corvettes. "The blockade is lifted and trade has resumed, but the damage has been done, and the massive Imperial fleet is still present," he explained, with an emphatic nod of his head. "It's possible there might be some there who would aid us and provide credits, materials ... perhaps even manpower," he continued, as he zoomed in further, focusing in on the planet Esseles and the major cities.

Vance glanced at the detailed display and nodded gently, looking down at his datapad and entering a few notes for himself to think about later. Businesses that are dissatisfied with the Empire were always promising, he still hears stories about the burden the Empire put on Incom and the benefit it was for the Alliance. "I'll take some time and see if there are any avenues we can pursue on Esseles, although going into the heart of the beast isn't fun...sometimes it is worth the risk. It was a pleasure to have met the three of you, I look forward to working together." The Lieutenant bowed his head a bit out of respect and padded quietly out of the main briefing room toward his assigned billet. He noted to himself that the whole interaction went better than he had feared it might go, and chastised himself for his approach and first impression failure.

Watching the Commander's hand she relaxed a little as he spoke about agreeing with her, though Ava didn't like not being able to speak her mind about the frustrations she was dealing with, she was there to be a voice of the rebels. She was to address the issues they were having and here the Commander was trying to settle her down like wild pup, the young diplomat was getting rather frustrated with this matter, with the topic of the supplies. Remaining silent Ava listened to the Lieutenant and Commander speak about. Her attention was torn between both and what they were doing, the information that the Lieutenant and Commander Atio related to one another.

"The pleasure was all mine Lieutenant, I do look forward to meeting with you again," Ava said almost catty towards him. Bowing to the commander she spoke "with your permission Commander I think I need to go and check on something with Sergeant Correson, I would not want to be behind on anything dealing with missions." She said knowing that it was only away to get out of his sights for one of his rather unpleasant speeches to her." Looking at her droid unit "Come R2-C1 it's also about time I get your system checked, you seem to be running slower than the other units...I seem to always be running late around here." She said as R2-C1 detached his utility arm and quickly rolled in front of her out of the room. Ava bowed once more to both men and gracefully made her way out.

Vance was about three quarters of the way to his billet, reading from his datapad as he went, when he came across information that had been kept from him. He came to an abrupt halt in the hallway and a few passers-by nearly plowed over him as he stood there in amazement at the data. He performed a nearly perfect parade 180 degree turn and started back toward the briefing room, as he rounded a turn in the hallway he came face to face with Emi in the hallway, exactly where he was thought the briefing room should have been. "I'm sorry, I must have gotten lost. Can you tell me how to get to Commander Atio's briefing room?"

Emi Shinohara had known that there was some kind of 'big-wig' to arrive at the station at some point. Though the woman had no idea that she'd actually run into to man. She wore a simple tunic of gray and khaki colored pants. A nice pair of pristinely shined boots covered those rather dainty feet. Although she had a smaller frame, she packed a hard punch. At least she was learning to anyway. Her bark had always been worse than her bite. That dark hair framed her rather angular features as she looked up to the man and tilted her head. Those brows furrowed for a moment before she took in what he had asked. Those mocha tinted eyes narrowed as lids closed ever so slightly. "W-what?" A snicker of a laugh left those parting lips before a tongue swept over them. "We... Don't... Have... One?" It was said in more of a question than a statement. A hand moved to scratch her head as she then raised it up to Vance, palm facing up. "Who are you?" Emi was more than a confused.

"My name is Lieutenant Dajus. I had just met with him and an Ava, we were discussing some far reaching strategy...and I realized some of his data was incomplete in the file I have. I figured I'd get it straightened out so I can conduct a more thorough analysis and have better ideas on how to move forward." He took her hand and shook it briefly. He had begun the conversation paying attention to her, but as he got deeper into what concerned him, his eyes went back to his datapad and he began to fiddle with it, in a way somebody does with a technological device that obviously must be faulty and not the user. "The information I had been given at high command was very vague, but these numbers don't seem to match at all." Suddenly realizing that there was a breakdown in their initial connection. "Wait, you don't have a briefing room? I guess I keep failing to realize this isn't some larger construct we are using as a staging area."

"Well, so you're the Lieutenant." The features of her face softened as she realized who it was she was talking to. Emi watched as he shook her hand ever so nonchalantly. The shorter woman cleared her throat and took in a deep breath. "Ambassador Emi Shinohara, not so much at your service though." As a woman who lost her home planet, she wasn't as friendly as she should have been. "Well. There is no briefing room but I can direct you to Commander Atio." Emi gave off the vibe that she wasn't impressed with Lieutenant who-ever-he-was. But, as someone who didn't really answer to anyone, she did have to conduct herself in a more professional manner. Another clearing of her throat. "Maybe if we were given better quarters, we'd be able to accept your visit in a lavish briefing room." She let her hand hang back at her side as she turned on her heel and motioned with her neck and head for him to follow.

Vance continued behind the Ambassador, there was a hint of flushness to his face as he adjusted to the demeanor of Emi's responses. He was going to have to get adjusted to not being liked onboard the station, he thought to himself. He knew there would be the idea that he was there to render judgment from on high, and he did his best to try to lay that idea to rest...but he knew it was going to be an uphill battle. "Which Rebel supporting planet do you represent? Are you a local planetary diplomat?" He was still flipping through his information on the crew when he came to her file, and his flushed face went even darker when he realized the foolish question he just asked. "I apologize, I just came to your condolences." He subconsciously fell an additional step behind her to give distance as he fully expected her to spin around and engage him either physically or verbally.

There was silence. Though her hands at her sides would turn into small fists. She had clutched so hard those rather olive tones knuckles turned white. Nostrils flared as she took in a slow deep breath. She wanted to lash out. She wanted to swing. But, fortunately she resisted the urge. Her jaw tightened as her teeth clenched. "You and everyone else." Emi spoke through her teeth as she continued to walk. After another few moments those hands flexed and she shook them. Her head shook as she parted those lips to speak. "Word of advice, you might want to brief yourself before landing on a station full of 'underlings.'" Emi looked at Vance from over her shoulder. And if looks could kill, her's would have blown up a planet.

His voice broke a bit as he replied. "Noted, and I'm sorry again. I wasn't given information as to the compliment of this cell until I arrived, all the data had been very broad and without details as to create less chance of information getting into the wrong hands." There was an odd silence for a bit before he could bring his voice back from the hole he placed it in. "I'm not the most diplomatic of people, I assure you I didn't mean to insult or specialty is unconventional warfare and tactics. I don't exactly interact with people very often." He could see the briefing room now and started slowing down as they approached. "The Commander and the other member of the team I spoke with seemed adamant that a resupply was desperately needed to help keep things moving in the right direction. Diplomatically speaking, how are we doing with the planets in the sector? Is there any localized support or underground elements we can leverage?"

Emi blinked a few times as she listened to the Lieutenant. She took in a very slow deep breath, as if to calm herself more than anything. "I'll let that go then, I guess." There was a tinge of pain in her words. It was hard being one of the survivors. Survivor's guilt was quite apparent. Emi licked her lips before she came up to the make-shift briefing room, or at least what the Lieutenant would think it was. "This sector is secure or we wouldn't be here, Lieutenant." A roll of those deep brown eyes as she then spotted Commander Atio. A look of relief filled those sharp facial features. She turned around to face Vance. "Your briefing room, Lieutenant." She moved to the side as to let the taller one scold the wider one. It would seem interesting enough for her to hear the lot, mostly she wanted to stare Vance down and make him feel even more guilty for that sting. She knew it was unintentional, but it hurt all the same.

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