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Danielle Higley, Christopher Levy, and Shawn Lovelett.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:5:18) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Spaceport) and Corellian Dream and the Essesia system: Esseles (Calamar: Ixion Chall's estate).


Jixton Cordell, Krinveedo, Sub-Vigo Kalista Mandu, Timo Pendar, and Sub-Lieutenant Khepri Tott.


The polished black boots fell heavy witch each step he took. A hand waved through his graying brown hair as his eyes cast upon the estate's front gate. Jixton Cordell leaned forward, and pressed a button to notify someone he had arrived. "This is Jixton Cordell ... I have an appointment," he said into the speaker. His right hand pulled back from the speaker, and came to rest on the gun belt he wore. He missed the weight of the DL-44 that usually was at the ready.

The front door at the entrance to Ixion Chall's estate opened suddenly without any notice. Before him was revealed a long hallway, which would be familiar to anyone in the employ of the Black Sun. He would have no trouble finding exactly where he had to go. In the antechamber, Khepri Tott paced nervously. He never did like dealing with the help directly, but such were his orders this day. He sighed, waiting impatiently for the smuggler to arrive. He wanted this over before it even began.

Jixton let out a low whistle, as he began to walk down the hallway. It had been a long time since he had to deal with the Black Sun. He walked down the halls, whistling an old Corellian ditty out of habit. Jixton knew where to go, and he strode in confidently. He was an old man in his prime with years of experience under his belt. He stepped into the room, and took one glance at Hetro, and nodded a greeting.

"You're running a bit late," Khepri pointed out, "but no matter." He moved towards Jixton slowly, talking with motions of hands more than his mouth, "Your cargo is being loaded aboard your transport as we speak. Do not ask me what it is ... I will not tell you. It is a simple run to Esseles. Your contact will take control of the shipment at our facility there."

The Corellian ditty stopped, and he took a moment to consider his words. Deciding there was no real excuse for his lateness he could only nod as Hetro began to ramble off the details for his mission. "What's the security like?" Jixton asked, the only questions as far as he is concerned is important.

"With this rebellion business," Khepri was quick to point out, "the Ringali Shell Security Force won't be giving you any trouble. Speed is the key ... if you get in ... and get out ... you'll be fine."

"Anything else I should know before I go?" Jixton, asked.

"In this business, kid," Khepri was quick to point out, "The less you know the better."

Jixton turned about on the balls of his feet so that his back was to Khepri. He waved a goodbye with his right hand. As he started to walk back down the corridor from whence he came. The only sound that could reach his ears was the sound of his boots moving along the duracrette. He wondered what could go wrong. Deciding that anything could happen he shrugged it off as Jixton finally reached the end of the hallway, and was now finally back out on the street. He took one last look around the surrounding city. He wondered if this was going to be his last mission. Figuring it probably would not be ... Jixton turned about face once again. Jixton walked back through the corridors, this time making a turn. Then a few more turns, before flashing his identification at a check point. He wanted to get back to the Corellian Dream as soon as possible. He glanced up at the ugly Trandoshan at the check point. Then he gave the affirmative nod. Jixton walked through, and stepped up the ramp of the beat up old YT-1300. He slapped the panel shutting the ramp door, and retracting it. As he moved through the length of the ship. He picked up his discarded blaster pistol as he passed it. He manually checked the weapon for its safety being on, and it set on stun. He had a permit that would get him through owning it if they boarded the ship. When he reached the pilot's seat, he sat down next to the annoying Rodian that was his co-pilot. He had no idea where they got him. But as far as Jixton was concerned, he could do without him. "He says he hates you by the way...," Jixton said, as the ship starts to come online with a few flips of switches.

"Really? Krinveedo hates him too ... heh heh heh," the Rodian replied to Jixton.

Jixton was sure that one day he was probably going to kill that Rodian. He just hoped that day was coming soon, he could not take that laugh. He pulled on a lever to signal to the repslurlift engines to kick in. After the ship was a few feet off the ground, he retracted the landing gears. Then started climbing the ship into the air. After hitting the atmosphere, Jixton switched the engines once again. He waited as Krinveedo worked the astrogation computer. Eventually they worked it out, and entered hyperspace towards their final destination.

After some time within hyperspace the ship exited. Jixton moved his chair over towards the comm channel, and he turned it on, waiting for a reply.

Brentaal Docking Authority transmitted a message over the comlink to the Corellian Dream, "This is the Brentaal Docking Authority, please identify, over."

"This is Jixton Cordell of the Corellian Dream," Jixton stated.

"What is your cargo and destination, over," the Docking Authority Officer inquired.

He glanced at the falsified documents, that were supposed to clear up any mess if he ran into it. "I've got food surplus, and my destination is outside of Calamar," Jixton did not miss a beat, he did not pause ... though his voice sounded tired as if it was all pretty much boring the hell out of him. Jixton waited for a few moments before heard control give him clearance.

"Landing clearance granted. Welcome to Brentaal, over and out," the Docking Authority informed him.

With the help of Krinveedo, Jixton was able to turn the ship towards planetside. He switched the engines back to resplourlift after hitting atmosphere. Then Jixton started to pilot the ship towards his intended destination. Keeping the ship leveled, and flying normally. That was when Jixton brought the ship in, and started landing procedures at his intended destination. He retracted the landing gears of the beat up old YT-1300. As his eyes glanced over the sensor board. "Keep the ship warmed up ... if we have any trouble I want us to be ready to hit space as soon as possible," he said, as he got up out of the pilot's seat. Then walked his way around the ship to the landing ramp, he hit the button, and began walking down the ramp.

Timo Pendar, one of the Black Sun's men on Brentaal, patiently waited for the pilot of the YT-1300. He had been informed of the arrival by his Lieutenant, and he understood just how important it was to get this shipment unloaded and in their custody as quickly as possible.

He stepped down the ramp of the YT-1300, and took one glance at Timo. Jixton did not care about the cargo or the credits. Jixton then waited at the bottom of the ramp. "Go ahead, and start unloading," Jixton said, with a nod.

Timo clapped his hands twice and a cadre of goons of various shapes, sizes, and species emerged. They quickly made their way aboard the YT-1300, completely ignoring the pilot. As efficient as worker droids, the goons began lifting the cargo out of the transport, and onto the ground. Timo was pleased with the progress, but would never let that show outwardly. "Almost done," he informed Jixton.

Jixton gave a nonchalant care, as he watched the goons do their work. He folded his arms back across his chest. Thinking that the day had started out nice enough.

The last goon brought the last cargo container off the ship, and signaled the information to Timo. Timo then turned his attention back towards Jixton, "Looks like we made it in time. You'd better get back to Esseles."

"Sure thing," Jixton said, as he turned, and headed back up the ramp of the ship. Part of him wondered what the hell was in that cargo. Then again, that part of him would probably get him killed in the long run. He shut the ramp on his way further into the ship. Jixton waited until all of them were out of the docking area before lifting off. He called control, and got confirmation to leave planet. He hit space as soon as he could, and switched back over the engines once again. Jixton liked it at least when things went according to plan.

A few more hours later he was back on Esseles, walking down the ramp of the Corellian Dream. He looked around the facility that he had left not so long ago. Then made his way back into the long corridors searching out the person who was supposed to pay him. Jixton made his way to the antechamber. He stepped to the lounger, and sat down. The blaster pistol resting once again secured within it's quick draw holster. He tapped his right hand against his leg, as Jixton's eyes drifted up to the doorway. He wondered when in the hell the person would arrive with his payment for the run he just made.

Kalista Mandu walked through the doorway quickly. There was a scowl across her almost pale skin and she carried a smallish black satchel with her as well as a blaster pistol in her boot, "Jixton, I presume?"

Jixton stood up slowly as if he was twice his age. Though it was always a front he put on. He let a right hand slowly come up to move through the graying brown hair as if nervously. He was past all of that, he was simply putting on one hell of a show. "Yup ... Jixton Cordell at your service," he said, as his hand slowly lowered back to his side.

Kalista extended her hand calmly for a handshake, "I'm Kalista Mandu. Were there any difficulties?"

"None, though my co-pilot the Rodian was a bantha spit," Jixton said, as he glanced down at her hand. He leaned forward with the same right hand. Though his weight had shifted to his left. Then firmly shook her hand.

Kalista's gray eyes watched him carefully. "5,000 credits, as agreed," she handed him the satchel. "Sorry it took so long. Somebody needed disciplining," she smirked slightly.

Jixton took the bag, and did not even bother counting the credits. As he shifted the bag over his left shoulder. He would have preferred them transmitted to his credit chip. Then again that could always be traced, he had been doing this for way too long. His other hand returned to his side as he nodded. "I'll put this away, and then I'll be fit to fly," Jixton said. "Know where I can get an astromech? I want to replace the Rodian," he asked, the voice held no humor in it or joking tone.

"Of course," Kalista nodded her head, wondering if he knew exactly who he was talking to, "How soon do you need it?"

"Whenever my next mission is ... you can take it out of this pay if you want to," Jixton said, as he hefted up the bag with his right arm.

"Contact my people tomorrow with your specifications. If there's anything else, Mr. Cordell?" Kalista stated.

"That is it...," The older Jixton said. "You've got my comm number," he mumbled, before turning away. He walked out of the room, and into the corridor. The man moved as if he had nothing to live for except for the jobs he was given.

Kalista almost glared after him, but instead grumbled angrily about the punishments she was going to oversee and their stupidity. Could no one whip right? she wondered as she turned back to the door and left the chamber.

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