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Danielle Higley and Christopher Levy.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:8:29) in the Brentaal system: Warspite.


Sub-Vigo Kalista Mandu, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, and Vice Admiral Claudius Rodney.


Claudius Rodney strode out of the turbolift onto the flightdeck of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite in a deliberate pace. His expression was one of concern and his usually polite demeanor had been washed away by the stress of the past twenty-four hours. While he was on Gallinore one of his subordinates, Major Arden Zevrin, ordered the destruction of Mal Medy, a village on Ralltiir. Since that time the planet had been nearing open revolt and nothing the Admiral could think of was having any affect on quelling the situation. On top of that, he had received word that an Sub-Vigo was being dispatched to to the region. He swallowed nervously and adjusted his tunic, looking over the group of Imperial officers arranged in formation to salute her.

Kalista walked along the dark walkway in measured strides. Her dark green dress flowing around her lithe figure. It's low-cut was rather revealing for a person of her standing, but still the edge of tasteful with it's U-shaped neck and plunging back. It went to the floor hiding her black knee high boots that were clicking with her every step. Her auburn locks were up in a shamelessly sexy messy bun, with a few tendrils framing her face, and one trailing down her spine. Her skin had a healthy glow to it, but her face was set in stone and her gray eyes seemed ablaze as she approached Lord Rodney.

The Admiral bowed in respect to her as she approached. He was incredibly nervous. He had stories about the Black Sun and their methods. As he rose back up he cleared his throat and began the necessary pleasantries, "On behalf of the crew of this vessel and my staff, allow me to welcome you aboard. We will do everything in our power to make your stay aboard the Warspite as pleasant as possible."

She spoke with a slight accent, one of poise and distinctive pronunciation. Her eyes looked around at the officers, quirking her right brow. "Thank you, My Lord Rodney," she inclined her head to him in her gesture of good faith. "I have heard of bad news in your front. Would you please regale me with its proceedings?"

"Of course," Claudius began, "But please let us retire to a more suitable location." He extended his right arm towards the nearby turbolift, ushering her towards it. At a steady pace he walked towards the turbolift and stepped inside, patiently waiting for her to join him in the lift.

"Indeed." She said as she nodded in agreement and followed him to the lift. She glanced back to the officers as she entered it, waving her fingers toward them with a smirk on her lips. Naughty, naughty.

After a few moments the turbolift ascended the conning tower of the Star Destroyer. Arriving several levels below the bridge the turbolift doors opened and the Admiral exited. He walked towards a conference room that had been prepared with various unnecessary items like snacks and beverages. Inside the room Lieutenant Meham'ohoriv'cloca stood patiently near a tactical display. Claudius nodded to her politely as he took a seat at the conference table.

Kalista sat to his right while her eyes ran across the Lieutenant. "Show me all, then, sir," she said to Lord Rodney.

"While I was on leave Major Arden Zevrin, the ISB's Sector Officer for this region, neutralized a rebel threat on the planet Ralltiir," Claudius explained nervously, "The village in question ... Mal Medy ... was a known haven of rebel sympathizers. Intelligence routinely placed rebel operatives in or around the village and it was believe the local population was providing them with supplies. We were attempting to win their hearts and minds, but apparently Major Zevrin felt it was not working. She ordered one of warships to bombard the village. It was a total loss."

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca activated the display, bringing up satellite photos of the village. The first slide showed the village. An average sized population center with homes, basic facilities, and the like. The second slide showed nothing more than a burnt out crater.

Kalista placed her hands on the table, making a steeple with her fingers. "And your plans, sir?" she spoke her words with a quiet ferocity, studying the images.

"Well," Claudius continued to explain, "This event follows up on the massacre in the city of Grallia two months ago. The population of Ralltiir has taken to the streets and is demanding the Empire remove all troops from the system. There have been clashes between our forces and the local population for the past forty-eight hours. We can deploy more troops and attempt to pacify them or we can pull back and see if the situation calms."

"Do we need these people for anything? Or would it be better for us to finish it?"

"Well, Miss Mandu," Claudius continued, "This is a fire that must be contained here on Ralltiir. If we escalate the situation it will spread to neighboring worlds. Soon the entire sector will be in flames. We cannot allow the rebellion to take shape in the core. However, if we simply 'finish it' we will only be giving the rebels more propaganda to use against us. We must isolate this planet from the rest of the galaxy. Cut it off entirely and the rest of the galaxy will simply forget it exists."

She tried to quell her anger toward him. She was trying to be civil. "So you are going to blockade them. This sounds like Naboo, all over again. Except, they hadn't blown the city to bits..." She glowered toward him.

"A blockade is a time honored naval tradition, Miss Mandu," Lieutenant Meham'ohoriv'cloca, the Admiral's Chiss tactical officer opined.

"We feel it will be most effective at giving us time to deal with the situation without allowing it to spread to any of the neighboring worlds," Admiral Rodney added to his officer's statement.

"Yes, and one which will attract a great deal of rebel attention. You see, no matter what is done, others will know. They will know when they cannot travel to their neighbors, or if they cannot contact them. They will know. Just like we do." Her eyes narrowed. "However, it is better to blockade than destroy. To gain any margin of trust, it is likely you will have to make amends by punishing your acting officer, or something of similar consequence. There is a great deal of fixing needed here. I shall be staying presently and until the matter is adequately resolved, if it is possible, Lord Rodney." She said it with civility enough, but there was an obvious edge of, and I expect nothing less.

"Of course it is possible, Miss Mandu," the Admiral told her with a polite, diplomatic smile. In private he was horrified. He wanted the Sub-Vigo to leave as quickly as possible, but he would never openly state such a fact. "We will make a full ambassadorial suite available to you and provide you with whatever personnel and resources you require."

"I do not require such a extravagant place for sleeping, sir. If there is a place," she smiled wickedly, "closer to the rest of the crew, that would be preferable. I will retire presently to review notes and communicate. If you will escort, sir." She stood, inclining her head to the Lieutenant before turning to Lord Rodney expectantly.

"Of course, Miss Mandu," the Admiral said as he rose from his seat at the conference table, "I am at your disposal." He smiled to her politely once again and proceeded out of the conference room. He walked down the corridor once again to the familiar turbolift where he held it open for her arrival.

She followed him, her gait slightly lighter for her inner smile. If they could read minds, they would rather have died than have her running around, she knew. She strode into the lift and clasped her hands together in what appeared as glee, but also from habit.

Claudius swallowed nervously as the turbolift activated again. It descended several decks towards the crew compartments. He nodded to her politely as he exited the turbolift once again. He proceeded down the long corridor once again until coming to a stop at a nondescript set of quarters. He stood at attention adjacent to the doorway, awaiting the Sub-Vigo.

Kalista followed him from the lift and to the quarters, walking in. She glanced around before turning back to him. "This will be excellent. And could you have someone bring me some tea, sir? It would be most appreciated." She smiled sweetly as she said it. It was her way of saying, 'I'm nicer when you give me tea...'

"Tea? Of course," the Admiral said with a diplomatic smile as he walked towards the nearest wall comm panel. Activating the unit he signaled the bridge, "Bridge ... this is the Admiral. Have some tea prepared for our guest. Top priority." Claudius then turned his attention away from the comm unit and refocused on the Sub-Vigo, "Is there anything else we can do to make your stay more pleasant?"

"Unless you make problems disappear, then no, sir. But thank you." She inclined her head to him before moving toward the nearest wall to sit on the floor and meditate. "The tea may come at any time, it will not disturb me. And have a nice evening, Lord Rodney." She smiled genuinely, before clasping her hands together and focusing elsewhere.

"Of course," the Admiral replied with another bow of respect, "Have a wonderful evening and enjoy your tea when it arrives. I will meet with you again tomorrow and we can discuss the situation further." The Admiral nodded his head one final time before retreating down the hallway from which he came.

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