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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:30) in the Brentaal system: Warspite.
Lieutenant Philip Horst, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

Major Arden Zevrin sat comfortably in her office aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite. Her booted feet rested on the polished black table in front of her, arms folded over the cream-colored tunic that covered her womanly frame. She was quite pleased with herself, having only just recently escaped from the jaws of defeat to regain her status in the Oversector. She was quite pleased with herself, but perhaps a bit too pleased as she had only recently dispatched a lackey to summon the visiting Inquisitor to her office for an impromptu meeting.

The knock on the door was presumed by Serine to be either a summons to see the Admiral or her faithful gossiper Allegra with additional information. To her disgruntled dismay, it was neither, but a lowly lieutenant who informed her that none other than Major Zevrin had the audacity to summon the Inquisitor to her office. An irate glare to the man with a curl of her lip as she spoke dangerously. "You were foolish enough to take that assignment... Your loyalty to the Major is in itself a waste." Suddenly the Lieutenant was yanked inside before being brutally tossed deep into the center of the room. There was a low vicious growl coming from beneath the table as hungry eyes locked onto its prey. "I've been meaning to assay just how well my pet has been trained so far." The soft click of the door being locked sealed the other's fate in the room. "Fear not Lieutenant, I haven't trained him to kill just yet, merely... to maim."

Lieutenant Philip Horst cowered as he watched the ferocious beast beneath the table, realizing that his service to Major Zevrin had resulted in him getting in 'another fine mess.' "I assure you, Madam," he said, turning his attention briefly to the Inquisitor. "...Major Zevrin intended no disrespect," he said as his back went prone against the wall, unsure of whether or not the beast would soon cause his untimely demise. When he was accepted into the ISB, he never imagined he would end up a message boy.

"Oh? And what exactly did the Major intend?" A threatening whine purred softly from under the table before the large feline creature gracefully prowled into clear view. The nexu was a rare shadow variety, built for speed and ambush... and it lowered itself slowly into a pouncing stance, talons scraping at the metallic floor eagerly for the taste of blood. Serine's attention wasn't even at the poor man, she was focused upon the beast beside her, watching its reactions to her slight hand gestures... and it was performing splendidly. Despite it being locked up within Serine's room, he appeared to be well fed... not starved by any means... but the taste for human flesh gleamed in those many beady black eyes trained upon Philip.

Horst continued to back up, moving practically up against the door as a look of fear overtook the Human officer. He swallowed visibly, his Adam's apple bobbing ominously in his throat as he considered his position. "The Major merely wishes to be briefed," he tried to explain, his arms twitching visibly at his sides as he prepared to defend himself. He had thought, perhaps incorrectly, that there were regulations against such creatures aboard Imperial warships.

"Ridiculous!" Serine snapped at the man, her anger excited the nexu who squirmed with anticipation of a kill. The Major wished for Serine to brief her?! The Inquisitor was no gopher, nor did she jump to the snap of the fingers of extremely outclassed officers. This mere suggestion was an outrage. "Then perhaps I will visit Major Zevrin to brief her... on the status of her messenger." A soft smile was given to the other that lacked all remorse or pity... an empty smile of cruelty as she began to motion to her pet, but before she gave the final command, she would address the man once again. "Lieutenant, I admit I wasn't completely honest with you... my pet has been trained to kill." A flick of her hand was all that was needed, the nexu greedily lunged for the man; its huge maw filled with rows of teeth clamped down upon his shoulder as the extreme force of impact slammed Philip into the wall which rendered the man unconscious almost immediately. His body slumped into the nexu's mouth like a toy in which the feline chewed happily, rending some flesh from the man's back and causing blood to pour from those lacerations. Serine quickly motioned for the beast to stop, for she didn't wish the man to be killed. A few moments later the Inquisitor strode down the hallways with her nexu right next to her... carrying the limp body of Lieutenant Horst. The occupants on the ship gasped in terror at the creature by Serine and even more so by the body that it clasped in its jaws. The door to Zevrin's office was ripped asunder, causing it to slam into the wall adjacent to where the Major sat, allowing Serine and the nexu entry. "I believe this... officer belongs to you." The body was coughed up upon the nice flooring, but the man wasn't dead... however, he was still bleeding. "Watch where you leave your mindless possessions next time, Major."

Major Zevrin was unfazed by the display in front of her, viewing it nothing more than a simple nuisance as Lieutenant Horst was an expendable resource. "You have a knack for dramatic entrances, my dear," she commented, of course referring to the story circulating concerning her encounter with Lord Nam'a'taht. "You do understand some poor soul will be required to come in here later and clean all that up, don't you?" she remarked as she turned in her chair slightly, booted feet touching down upon the ground. "You really should have more consideration for the lowest of the low, Inquisitor..." she observed as she adjusted her uniform. "...after all, it is those people who we draw our power from. Clones are such a bother. They all look the same to me..." she commented idly, her eyes slowly dropping to her hand as she toyed with one of her fingernails.

"Perhaps you are too busy looking down to scrounge followers from the petty officers that you forgot to look up at the much more influential authorities you continue to anger. Your support structure seems very flimsy to me, how you feel the need to alienate others, as I have told you before, is not a winning strategy." Really, what was she doing here wasting time with the Major? "Since I feel there could not possibly be anything of substantial worth by talking to you, I will adjourn." The beast was a rather intelligent creature, able to pick up the subtle annoyance from its new master, and thus decided to whip its forked tail across the top of Zevrin's desk, knocking everything all over the floor, breaking lamps and scattering papers. With a purr and a rub to Serine's leg, it would begin to follow the Inquisitor from the office back into the hallway.

"Inquisitor..." Major Zevrin said as she nonchalantly rose from her seat, and strolled around her desk looking quite pleased with herself. "We have not yet discussed the current state of affairs..." she was quick to point out as her head emerged into the corridor, watching both woman and beast saunter off. She was careful not to allow her boots step in the blood, despite the fact it was Horst whom she had polish them. "...unlike the Admiral, I believe in an exchange of information," she was quick to point out in a personal jab, as she withdrew back into the confines of her blood-splattered abode.

Her interests were perked as Arden suggested... information, and Serine found herself sundering back into the room, the door would have closed behind but it was across the room in a wrecked heap. "Why should I trust any of your information when you get everything so embarrassingly wrong?" The nexu yawned widely in response to having to walk back into the room, there wasn't anything new or exciting to see in here... but it was still much different than the room it had been kept and secluded in for so long. "I warn you now Major, your tactics will not work on me. Change your attitude and perhaps... I would be curious to listen."

Arden sneered softly at the Inquisitor's comment as she returned to her seat behind the desk. "Wrong is merely a point of view, Inquisitor," she pointed out as she looked towards her datapad as it sat in front of her. "There are also varying degrees of wrong..." she added, leaning forward on the desk slightly as her eyes fixated upon the young woman. "I may have been wrong about Lady Rodney's involvement, but..." she paused as her eyes roamed a bit searching for the next words carefully. " data was wrong. That means someone made it wrong," she pointed out angrily, her jaw clenching slightly as her hand curled into a fist. "There are spies and traitors in our midst," she said with a firm nod of her head, as she glared up at the woman. "...and of that, I am most assuredly as far from wrong as possible," she concluded as she leaned back in the chair.

Information... perhaps on the spies lingering around would be a huge victory for her to report to the Grand Vizier, and the Major would be able to see that spark of interest now gleaming within the Inquisitor's eyes. "Indeed, do you have anything of substance... or is that too much to ask? I can't say I could fully trust your Intel, seeing the kind of people you like to send to do your work." Eyes fell upon the unconscious body that still lay bleeding on the floor. "I didn't see you in a big rush to aid him, or even the decency to call the medical staff, and yet, you claim to cherish the help of the... how did you put it... the 'lowest of the low'. In fact, everything you've told me up to this point was nonsense. Why should I believe you at all, Major?"

Major Zevrin's eyes moved down slowly to examine Lieutenant Sartyh, looking none-to-concerned. "He'll live," she mused quietly before refocusing on the Inquisitor. "I know someone forged the datadisk to implicate Lady Rodney," she began, as her hand reached down slap the cursed device on the desk in front of her. "And as I know how I obtained it is only a matter of time before I discover the culprit behind this series of events..." she continued, seeming very confident as a vengeful smile curled onto her young face. "Then I will have the traitor and they shall suffer greatly!" she said angrily, fist coming down to slam upon the desk that had taken quite a beating since her release.

"Believe me when I say with honesty that I hope you are successful, however, still I stand here, not anywhere closer to understanding just why you took the risk in summoning me. This act is not exactly common practice. There is a purpose to this, you wouldn't do such a thing unless it could eventually be in your favor. What exactly do you have to gain, Major?" This explanation should prove to be either entertaining or interesting, so the Inquisitor decided to settle down into one of the chairs within the room, comfortably crossing her legs while resting her arms upon the armrests. The nexu followed suit, laying down loyally by Serine's feet with a huff of breath though eyes darted longingly at the bleeding body not too far away.

The Major turned her eyes upon the striking feature of the woman's face, tilting her head slightly as a smirk uncontrollably found its way creeping onto her face. "As you are no doubt aware..." she began as she raised her head slightly to look down at Horst's body once more. Still breathing, she thought to herself as attention returned to the Inquisitor. "...I do not exactly have the best and the brightest at my disposal," she commented with a rude sneer. "I require your assistance in getting to the bottom of this..." she explained as she leaned forward, focusing intently on the woman now. "Given your ... mood ... in the brig the other day I get the sense we could both stand to use a little credit..." she commented slowly, her right eyebrow arching slightly as she awaited a response.

Fingertips lightly tapped the armrest as she listened carefully to the other's words. This could potentially lead to a dangerous game, one that may or... may not be worth the effort involved. Serine knew the kind of person Arden was, a scheming, corrupted, backstabbing woman who probably had already took time to plot how she could swindle the Inquisitor into her game, this time personally. "You were fortunate that day. I admit I am still questioning how you managed... to exhort your situation all the way up to the Grand Vizier himself." She paused for a moment, seizing up her new opponent, because that was what this was really about, Serine was far too wise to be mistaken for a fool. "I doubt your intentions are pure, there is nothing sincere about you, but I also realize that you are perhaps a bit too smart for your own good, which then I question... you must either be really arrogant with your new victory to think you can challenge me to a game of wit, or you are desperate for revenge in which you feel I could assist with that in some fashion. Either way, I must insist... " Her sentence trailed for but a moment as eyes narrowed darkly at the Major. "... I am not the type to be toyed with haphazardly. If I get even the slightest hint that you may be using me for your own gain, I will personally pull your intestines out inch by inch until you gurgle and chock to death with your own vomit."

Major Zevrin had been threatened before, and fully expected to be threatened again, as it came with being whom she was. "Ah, but then we return to the topic of the janitor..." she pointed out as she slid the corrupt datadisk back within the safe confines of her utility belt. "This is the key to unraveling the mystery..." she explained as she considered her next strategy very carefully. "Accompany me when I interrogate the individual who provided me this item..." she said as she looked down slowly, trying to conceal the glee she was experiencing as she pondered the man's fate. "You look the type who might inspire a man to talk..." she commented as her tongue subconsciously swirled across her lips, as if there were some remnant of a sweet taste upon them.

"A bit of an understatement, Major, but yes, I could accompany you." Inquisitors were well known for their interrogations, often times being called in to deal with a particularly difficult and stubborn subject in which dark Force arts would be used. This was an opportunity for Serine to collect vital information for Pestage... information that she would gladly alert him of, especially if she was able to single handedly apprehend the spy. "Very well, Major Zevrin. I find this a peculiar arrangement that could potentially yield real fruit, however, I am wary of your... dealings. Know that since I am personally involved, I will be watching you very carefully."

Major Zevrin nodded to the woman as she escorted her, and the creature, from the confines of what she considered to be a undersized office. As she turned, she noted the fallen body of Lieutenant Horst. "Still here?" she asked as she shook her head in disappointment, before finally moving towards the comm panel. "Medical team to Major Zevrin's office," she announced very dryly, devoid of any concern or emotional attachment. As her eyes returned to the datadisk she plotted the first step of her revenge, believing full well she could now count on the support of the Inquisitor. She could feel the balance beam begin to shake beneath her, but as a child she had always been Queen of the Mountain and she saw no need for that to change in adulthood.

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