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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:1) in the Brentaal system: Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames and Inquisitor Serine Thanor.

The Imperial I-class Star Destroyer slowly navigated its way through the Brentaal system, scars of its recent battle evident in the form of the destroyed port shield generator. Support ships flanked the vessel and the depleted TIE fighter squadrons maintained a heavy patrols as their limited resources were stretched to their fullest. An escort shuttle hovered over the maximum extent of the damage, taking detailed imaging so the repair crews from the nearby planet of Esseles would be fully prepared for the overhaul.

Lieutenant Allegra Ames made her way through the corridors of the Star Destroyer, a datapad clenched firmly in her glove-covered left hand. She had collected all of the information on the recent attack from Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, and pulled the latest update on the damage report from Lieutenant Alexander. She was one of the few members of the bridge crew who emerged unscathed from the recent conflict, as she was conveniently in the mess during the initial assault and had conveniently failed to arrive on the bridge before the attack concluded. Her uniform was immaculate, the product of an arrangement she had with several male members of the crew. As she arrived at Inquisitor Thanor's quarters, she stopped to adjust her cap one final time before pressing down on the door panel to alert the Inquisitor to her presence.

It had been only a day prior that Serine reluctantly visited the medical bay to have the remnants of her armorweave surgically removed from the skin of her back. It had been an unfortunate event that left her a little bitter but she did not dwell on it... too much. She failed to see the purpose of bringing a flamethrower to a training exercise, no doubt Major Kiley felt the need, or had something to prove. The Inquisitor had been busy the last few days in addition to her little operation. Her full report was due soon, oh, and it was going to be an exciting one for sure. Serine was having a difficult time not including every little shameful occurrence and lost opportunity. Perhaps if the Admiral would have given her a shred of sincere time and willingness, her report would not be so scathing. And yet, the report wasn't fully of misgivings. There was a large section devoted to praising the Captain, the perfection of the engine room and the skill and sacrifice of the TIE pilots. Taking a look at her extremely detailed essays, she nodding with satisfaction, it was nearly complete. The sound at the door snapped her from her deep concentration as eyes drifted quickly and eagerly as she had been anxiously waiting the battle patterns from the recent skirmish. It was the last piece needed to complete her report, as well as perhaps holding some curious information she was intrigued about. The door was promptly opened with the Inquisitor looking expectedly, though perhaps a bit pleased to see Allegra. They had developed quite the working relationship and in fact, Allegra had been positively mentioned in her report. "Please come in, Lieutenant." Serine was a bit... happy today? She never so pleasantly addressed anyone. Her report was close to a masterpiece, how could she not be pleased? She will finally get to share just exactly how she feels about the whole matter here. She instantly noticed the datapad in the other's hands. "I trust you have acquired the information that I requested."

 Lieutenant Ames was always nervous in the presence of the Inquisitor and she swallowed slightly, her throat bulging against the collar of her uniform. She had a difficult time wetting her palette before speaking, "Yes, Inquisitor," she began as she stepped cautiously in the room. She had heard scuttlebutt regarding the Inquisitor's recent run in with the Storm Commandos, but she would not be foolish enough to broach that topic with her. "I have just concluded meeting with the Tactical and Engineering officers and have compressed all of their data into this datapad," she explained, as her hand moved forward to extend the datapad. She did not make eye contact, but instead displayed proper military professional, looking directly forward. It was quite out of character for the less then disciplined officer, but ambition was her paramount goal in this exchange.

Serine had been impressed with Allegra from the beginning. Professional and clean, both of which were hard to come by on their own merits. The datapad was recovered from the other before being placed onto the desk she had been working so diligently at. The entry of the other woman stirred the nexu awake who had been slumbering in a makeshift bed. A large yawn displayed the many rows of teeth and a lengthy stretch ended in long claws scraping the metal flooring in an eerie sound. The creature was used to seeing Allegra as a non-food, non-play-toy object, so the woman did not have that much to worry about. The Inquisitor returned to her desk, sitting comfortably behind it before her attention fell upon Allegra once again. "Despite what is usually said about me, I do have a purpose here that doesn't completely entail making others lose sleep at night." Though that was a welcomed side effect, since the ones that lost sleep were usually the most guilty of incompetence. She waved towards the datapad Allegra brought her then motioned to another datapad that rested beside it. "My report of the inner workings of his vessel and those in command is nearly complete. Rest assured that I was impressed by your efforts. You do realize who will read this report, don't you?" Silver hued eyes peered towards the other woman, awaiting the realization of what Serine was suggesting.

Allegra had to bite down on the corner of her lips to hold back the grin that threatened to reveal her joy. It seemed her plan to endear herself to the Inquisitor was working spectacularly. "Thank you, Inquisitor," she said politely, offering a slight, cordial bow to the woman. "I live to serve the Empire," she explained, sounding something like a recruitment poster, whereas the truth was she lived to serve herself. "I am sure there are many interested in the shortcomings that have transpired in the Ringali Shell..." she offered, revealing her point of view on the subject. Any chance to undermine her follow officers could not be passed up. If she had the Inquisitor's ear, she fully intended to use it.

Serine seemed to consider Allegra's offer with some quiet contemplation. She wasn't sure just how much she wanted to include in her report, but the other had yet to fail her when it came to information. "My report is to point out such shortcomings and offer solutions. As advisor to the Admiral, one of my main duties was to be a fresh perspective. I am not interested in spoilt information, but if you believe you have something of true value to offer, I'm willing to listen. Though honestly, the last piece of data to that is necessary to complete my report is data concerning the skirmish between the rebels. Perhaps if you knew how such an oversight could have happened, how the Admiral ill prepared his fleet to handle such a small outfit of one manned ships, I could include it, as surely Grand Vizier Sate Pestage would find that interesting." Serine made it rather clear what she was implying. If Allegra wished to be further honored in her report, she would have to perhaps betray some information about the Admiral... and the Inquisitor did not care that Allegra knew Serine was attempting to undermine Rodney's influence and honor.

Allegra's head slowly turned, finally allowing herself to make eye contact with the Inquisitor. "You should consider the loyalty of the man you're tasked with advising, Inquisitor..." she began slowly, feeling now was the best chance to undermine her commander and advance herself. "Consider the facts carefully," she continued, as she fought against the urge to slightly laugh at the joy of what she was saying. "He is a nobleman, a politician ... not a career officer," she reminded the Inquisitor as she nodded her head to emphatically state her position. "He surrounds himself with undesirables," she explained, sneering slightly at her disgust for the creatures. "Do you know of any other officers who have an Ithorian physician? A Hapan wife? A Squib adopted child? These aliens are not fit to associate with the likes of us," she brutally continued as she shook her head in mock resentment. "And last of all there is his pet," she said in a condescending tone, the venom oozing from her young lips. "Have you ever even heard of a female Stormtrooper before arriving here? Highly improper, yet she follows him like a pet and answers directly to him. Clearly there is something illicit going on there," she concluded, feeling she had lowered the boom successfully on the Admiral, folding her arms confidently in front of her chest as she allowed her words to set in.

Inquisitor Thanor was not exactly prepared to hear Allegra's wash of discrimination and colorful descriptions, causing her eyebrows to arch in surprise and intrigue. Perhaps she should have been more direct with the Lieutenant about her views of the Admiral earlier in her stay here, it might have relieved some pent up frustration. "I have respect for physician Tohan, I will not allow any other so claimed doctor access to my happenstance injuries." Serine found herself defending the Ithorian, being apparently far less intimidated or arrogantly off put by alien races, but the rest of Allegra's accusations she had no difficulties with. "Focus Lieutenant. I asked about the attack on Warspite. Not your personal feelings about the Admiral." As refreshing as it was to hear, she thought to herself.

Allegra had taken her best shot and had apparently failed, but no matter ... she was confident there would be other opportunities. "I had the opportunity to speak with Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca concerning the attack and she painted the picture of highly coordinated and disciplined attack by the Rebellion," she began, sounding more like an automated machine than a human as she delivered her thoughts. "The starfighters emerge from the nebula in a nearby system and then make a hyperspace jump to our location. They emerged from lightspeed almost on top of our location and we were caught completely off guard," she continued, describing the grim scene of the attack from several days prior. "We have speculated that they are using civilian transports to plot our location so they can undertake precise hyperspace jumps for precise raids like this," she concluded, turning her head back forward in rigid posture.

Serine listened intently to Allegra's briefing though all the while she was still contemplating the woman's quick strike on the Admiral, almost as if the other was bloodthirsty and smelled crimson in the water. The Inquisitor recognized such qualities, not unlike her own rise to power and prestige, and thus she could admire that intensity and esteem, though the false loyalty did perk her caution. It made Allegra a go to target for information, but always in the back of her mind she would be wary of a double-cross. As much as Serine believed the Admiral to be an incompetent drunkard, she was his advisor, and thus her loyalty in that regard remained, never mind the fact that Rodney never requested any advice, or considered the advice she gave freely. Though she can defame him in her reports, that was the extent of her damage, at least openly. Those too willing to jump on an opportunity to backstab always perked her malice regards. She nodded to the other woman. "Very good Lieutenant. If at all possible, I will include your conclusion here in my report. If there is nothing else, you are dismissed." Serine was all too eager to read the datapad detailing the raid herself.

"Very well, Milady," Allegra said with one last respectful bow. She pivoted on her heels as she turned about and began to march out of the Inquisitor's quarters in precision drill. As the door closed behind her, a perverse smile formed upon her lips as she was satisfied that while she had not secured a death blow, she had nevertheless secured a wound on her commander. No longer needed to be prepared for inspection her head immediately went to her head and pulled her uniform cap, from her head, shaking loose her hair. Laughing pleasantly to herself, she hurried on her way to the turbolift as she planned to find a pleasant meal. Scheming always built up her appetite.

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