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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:9:27) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Major Sierra Rodney.

Now that Papius Arundel had no power over when Claudius Rodney visited his home planet, Sierra felt it was time for a bit of a celebration. Callista's birthday had gone well, despite the little girl experiencing an allergic reaction. They had decided to remain at Castle Rodney a little longer, just to enjoy it. However, there were some undeniable perks ... like leaving all the children with Marcus, Zara, and their nanny droid. "We better hurry and leave before your brother regrets his decision." Sierra commented as she emerged from the bathroom looking more polished than when she had crept into it. She immediately spotted Nea making his way towards Claudius. The felinx had gone to great measures to stay close to his owner, including scaling stairs. The feline was obsessed with her husband. It made her laugh softly. "I'd say we can take him with us, but my purse isn't quite big enough."

Claudius Rodney had remained remarkably stoic since returning to his boyhood home of Castle Rodney on Delaya. His old suite of rooms were made available to him, but he had not been there in many months so it felt somewhat unfamiliar. Still, it was good to be back, even with the unexpected tag along of Nea. He sat on the edge of their bed, already dressed and ready, as he scratched the felinx' head affectionately. "We are not taking him with us," he said to his wife, as he smiled across at her. "You look wonderful," he said, as he rose from the bed, and moved across to her. When he neared her his steps increased and he met her in the middle of the room with an impassioned kiss.

A smile quickly spread over her face. She shyly winked at him. "Thank you. I'm going to have the most handsome man in the galaxy on my arm tonight. I figured I'd better make an effort." That smile grew brighter and brighter as he approached her until their lips were locked. Her hands brushed down his shoulders and the length of both of his arms slowly. "I love you so much," she told him for the millionth time today. With those words, she whisked him off. It was Sierra's intention to give him a good night, a night to derail his mind from thoughts of all the time he'd spent away from home.

At the front of the castle, a speeder already awaited them. Sierra sat at the wheel. She glanced towards her purse, just to reassure herself that Nea hadn't attempted to come with them again. It wasn't probable that the felinx could fit in her purse, but he *had* snuck into their luggage. She wouldn't put much passed the cat. With her hands on the wheel, she began to carefully navigate down the narrow mountain pass. She glanced over at Claudius briefly. "I promise Auntie Mae's isn't on the itinerary tonight. I hear she lives at her Leilani location. What an annoying woman.." She grumbled, slowly driving them down into town.

As Claudius entered the passenger side of the speeder it occurred to him that she had spent more time on Delaya than him in recent months, which gave her a more up to date impression of Leiliani during the rebuilding process. Usually he preferred to drive, but trusted his wife to get them to their destination safely. He disliked surprises, but the anticipation he was feeling made everything more enjoyable to him. "No Auntie Mae's? Aww..." he said, pouting, as he had enjoyed the ice cream cake at Callista's birthday party very much. As he settled back into the speeder he looked at the fading memory of the mountain road they were descending, glad that his wife had enabled him to return. He reached over, placing a hand upon her thigh, and squeezing affectionately.

"Okay... Maybe Auntie Mae's at the end of the night!" That pout. With the addition of the twins, there would be far too many people in their household capable of pouting. Sierra had yet to develop any sort of resistance to it. "We won't be returning to the castle tonight, so Ewwiekewwieikkie won't be able to smell our betrayal when we go without her." Sierra cryptically told him. Her smile inched a little bigger at his affection. She was glad that everything had worked out. It had been bugging her for far too long that Arundel had some sort of control over them. "Since we haven't been able to be here frequently for a long time, I thought we'd do something new tonight."

The speeder reached Leilani without any incidents. Frankly, Sierra was a pretty good driver. "I'm going to take you someplace I always wanted to show you, then you'll take me someplace you wanted to show me. With Alderaan gone, there's so much I can never share with you." She said, her eyebrows knotting. "But Delaya has become so much more than my second home." She had already planned their first destination. She turned the speeder into the parking lot of an old, abandoned building. There were planks on the windows and doors except in one area. Sierra looked at her husband, grinning. This was one of the few parts of their date that she had pre-planned, otherwise, the evening was made to be random.

Sierra stepped out of the speeder. She reached into the backseat where she retrieved a hard violin case. She made her way over to Claudius' side to take his hand. "Welcome to special place number one." As they walked up towards the doors, Sierra continued to speak, "Ironically named 'Casa di Amore', the house of love, this is the first place I ever played violin for an audience. You'll love it, just wait." Sierra promised. She may have looked like she had fallen off of her rocker. Thankfully, she hadn't ... yet.

"Yay!" Claudius said, before smiling, at the news that there would be ice cream at the end of the day. However, when the speeder came to a stop at the aptly named 'house of love' Claudius' imagination was thoroughly piqued and he forgot all about dessert. "What have you been up to?" he asked her, as he briefly stopped, and looked at her quixotically. Clearly she had been a busy little bee and had not stumbled upon this location by chance. He reached over as she described her personal connection to the place, taking her hand in his, and giving it a reassuring squeeze. He loved her very much and was glad she was opening up more of her past to him.

Indeed, she had been a busy little bee. It was hard to plan surprises for him. If he even caught a hint that something was going on, Sierra would unravel and reveal everything. As to his question, she answered it by prying a loose piece of plywood aside so they could slip into the building. Though the building had not been used in some time, the smell of freshly cooked food hung in the air. There were lights on for the first time in years. The interior itself was gorgeous. Like so many things in the city, it was heavily inspired by Alderaan architecture. The notable difference was that the ceiling had been painted in a beautiful mural. There was a stage near the front of the building, but the rest of it was dominated by upside down tables that were covered with clothes. Of them all, there was a single one that was set for two. There was already plates of covered food waiting for them. Sierra silently thanked Doo Doo Fast for catering for this event, though she had been specific in what she wanted him to make. As she had learned in prior times, Gungan food wasn't always 'okie dokie'. "I played here on several occasions. I always liked it a lot, especially because the owner would keep my mother swimming in drinks." She laughed softly. "Sit down," she persuaded him over to the table.

Claudius' nose began to twitch as he smelled fresh food, which caused a massive smile to curl onto his face. However, he soon recognized the smell as Gungan cuisine, which caused him to shift his gaze towards her. "Is that Gungan food I smell?" he asked, as his brown eyes gazed across the room at the murals and decor. "Is that for us?" he asked her, as he was led by her over towards the table. He smiled at her, as he slid into the chair in front of the covered food, and looked across at her. "Thank you for sharing this part about your past with me," he said, but he did not uncover his food until she uncovered hers. He wondered how she managed to plan all of this ... he was impressed.

"Don't worry. The food shouldn't be too weird..." The last thing Sierra wanted was to spend the remainder of their time on Delaya suffering from food poisoning. They had done that enough times since they'd been married, beginning with His Majesty's insane dinner. She sat on the side opposite of him at the intimate table. She placed her violin case on the ground for now. Her blue eyes glanced nervously at the covered dishes. She was worried it would be something sickening. At four months pregnant, Sierra's hangry monster would hit the surface quickly if she was denied food. She looked up at him. "Thank you for coming to a strange abandoned building with me. You passed the trust test with flying colors, Claudius. Now, let's see if I've doomed us all to hunting down the closest fast food restaurant or not.." She reached in front of her and lifted the cover from her plate slowly. "Please no eyeballs. Please no eyeballs." She whispered. Despite the smell, Doo Doo had managed to make some nerf steak for them. The side dishes were, undoubtedly, Gungan. "Okay.. Looks like the main course is good. We can fill up on ice cream later." She sighed in relief. It seemed their date was off to a good start. As she began eating her dinner, she felt stronger flutters from within her womb. "I can feel the twins," she told him, glowing with her pregnancy. "I think they don't like the Gungan food either."

"You say that now, but you haven't looked yet..." Claudius teased her, as he continued to smile across the table at her. "I would follow you into places much stranger than this," he said, as he reached across the table to place his hand upon hers. When she revealed her food he was pleasantly surprised, but when he pulled the lid off his there was a fish face staring back at him. "Oh my," he added, as he looked down at the whole fish that had been prepared at him. "Nea would *love* this," he said to her, as he poked and prodded it with his fork. "You can feel them? Really?" he asked her, as he looked affectionately at her stomach.

She sat up to look at his meal. She frowned at the fish face while internally cringing. "Maybe we should take a doggy bag home to Nea then." Her hand squeezed his lovingly. Before the smell of his fish could make all of them sick, she placed the lid back over it and set it aside. Instead, she pushed her plate forward to the center of the table. "Here. This steak is pretty big. We can both share it." She wondered if Nea remembered staring at the fish in their hotel room. It looked like it had come from that aquarium. She imagined he'd been one happy feline to feast on such a fatty fish. "Really!" She reported happily. "I started feeling them at Callista's birthday. It was the ice cream cake. I wasn't sure then, but I'm sure now." Sierra began to pick at the steak. She didn't want to let go of him. In fact, she wanted to be closer than close. After she tried a piece, she made a face. "Oh my." She grabbed her glass of water, instantly drinking half of it down. "Oh my!" She fanned at her mouth. "Don't eat it!" She warned. Doo Doo Fast apparently didn't know his spices well. "Gahhhh!"

"Hmm. Does he really deserve that?" Claudius asked, as he moved his thumb over his wife's hand and stroked it affectionately. Soon the fish was no longer staring at him and he was offered half of the nerf steak, which he had never turned down in his life. "You did? And you didn't tell me?!" he asked, as he opened his mouth wide and looked at her shocked. "Oh well now I have to try it!" he said, as he reached over and cut himself a piece of the steak. He forked it into his mouth and quickly his cheeks flushed red and he began to cough. His hand trembled as he reached for the glass of water, picking it up and drinking from it hurriedly.

"Maybe. He is cute... Kinda..." Nea had been behaving himself lately. He had been leaving them alone during intimate time. The felinx really knew how to make their special moments *really* awkward. "I wasn't sure! It feels really weird right at the beginning. I didn't want to tell you until I was totally sure." She defended as she drank the rest of her water. Despite her warning, he decided to take his life into his own hands. "You're going to regret that." Sierra warned. His reaction was nearly identical to her own. It was official: they'd never eat anything non-ice cream that was made by Doo Doo Fast. She coughed. She could still feel the spice on her tongue. "Well, that's the last time I trust someone else to make us dinner." She wiped her mouth off quickly with a napkin. She wished she could remove her tongue and wash it. Instead, Sierra attempted to salvage their evening. The young woman rose from her chair.

"Okay, so the food wasn't great, but the building didn't collapse on us. I'll call this a wash." She took both of his hands. Sierra guided him in the opposite direction of the door. Instead, she brought him up to the stage where an old baby grand piano was covered by a large cloth. Sierra removed it, exposing the old instrument. Her fingers glided over the keys. "I have something I wanted to play you on the violin, however, the piano will be so much better." She sat down on the bench, patting the empty area directly beside her. Her feet touched with the pedals while her fingers quickly became acquainted with the weight of the keys. Sierra could handle playing for a lot of people. It was Claudius who she grew shy around. She cared about his opinion. Since he would spend the rest of his life listening to her instruments, she also cared that she played well. "A- ... Are you ready? I'm not going to blame you if you want to put your hands on your ears, or plug them up with any means necessary.. Or run away screaming. You know, the kind of things we do when Drusilla's jizz drives us insane."

Claudius was eagerly led up to the stage where the piano was waiting, as if on queue, where he was glad to see she would be performing for him. He always loved her musical inclinations, but worried that the lingering effects of her mother's machinations still made it painful for her. "Of course I'm ready," he said, as he slid into a chair beside the piano to watch her intently. "I won't cover my ears. You're wonderful," he said to her, with a soft smile, as he patiently waited for her to begin. He knew what a step she was taking here and he was glad that she was opening this side of her life to him. "I love you," he reminded her, before folding his hands in his lap.

In so many ways, Claudius had helped her closed the door between her past abuse and her current life, as well as her future. When they met, it was something that very much so had an influence on her life. He had taught her to stand up for herself and that she didn't need to take the various things her mother did to her. He'd gifted the cowardly lion with courageous. He'd given the tin man (or lady) with a heart. Thankfully for everyone, Sierra came equipped with a semi-working brain. Her cheeks flushed red at his compliment. "I love you," she spoke in a quieter voice. She settled in and began to play a soft, slow song. It wasn't like her to sing, but this time she *did* Sierra's voice was soft, gentle, and beautiful. "Lovesick the beat inside my head, waves struck at a sea of bitterness. Light out solo in blue. Before I found *you*."

She warmed up a little more to performing as she continued to play. "Blood running in my veins, I've never been here before. I got love falling like the rain. I never could've asked for more. I got so much soul inside my bones. Take a look at me know, I'm young forever in the sun. Ever since you came, I'm living ultralife." She made eye contact each time that line came up while she played. The smile behind her song remained until the last chord rang out from the piano and reverberated around the whole building. Like a shy mouse, she instantly fell silent when she had finished.

Claudius rocked back and forth to the gentle voice of Sierra's singing and the soft melody coming out of the piano. He was grinning from ear to ear as he listened to her, feeling a renewed sense of closeness between them. When she finished he brought his hands together to begin clapping, before standing up to give her an ovation. "That was wonderful ... wonderful," he told her, as he moved towards her, placing a tender and loving kiss upon her lips. "Thank you for sharing that," he said to her, as the kiss broke, and he smiled affectionately at her. He was seeing his wife in a way that he had not seen before and he loved every moment of it. His hand reached across her, gently caressing her arm to thank her.

Her hands remained positioned on the piano while he clapped for her. She was flattered. Now her face wasn't just red, it was as red as a Chiss' eyes. The kiss brought feeling back to her hands, which she lifted from the keys to place them on his shoulders. His positive reaction was impacting. This was apart of her that she was nervous about sharing. She didn't want to be an irritation despite the fact that she was a classically trained violinist, and no slacker at the piano. "Thank you for listening.. And for being so sweet." She rose from the piano slowly. "Is there anywhere else you want to go, or should I just whisk you away to our sea island retreat now?" She placed a hand on her growing bump. The twins were working off of Sierra's nerves and moving around a lot more noticeably inside of her.

Claudius sat there, listening to his wife, as he considered her request. There was so much on Delaya that he longed to see, but returning to the Sea Islands was definitely at the top of the list. "Whisk me. Whisk me," he said to her, with a broad smile, as he rose up from his chair and wrapped his arms around her. "As long as we aren't shot down this time," he added, with a wink, before moving his face to place a kiss upon her. He then began moving through past the tables towards the doorway where their ship awaited.

She grinned. "Not today! I will shoot down anyone who gets been us and our sea home ... and steals our bed." Somewhere, two Rebel pilots were happily snuggling with a plush, comfortable bed that was beyond their wages. Her efforts to find whoever the Rebel jacket belonged to had come out empty handed. All she knew was that they smoked far too much, for the article of clothing was extremely smelly. After sharing a kiss with him, Sierra didn't think twice about leaving the city for the sea islands. They could spend the whole next day exploring the city together and sharing their various memories from it.

On the way to the islands, Sierra was seated behind the controls and keeping an eye trained on the horizon for other ships. She wouldn't let there be a repeat. It seemed that the deep bruises had just finally faded from her husband. The memory of his sacrifice would remain fresh with Sierra forever. "I'm putting you in charge of where we go tomorrow. Take me places you enjoy, and yes, that includes Auntie Mae's."

Both of them could feel relieved when they reached the landing pad of their home without any incidents. Sierra felt that the family was tapped out on incidents for the rest of the year. Pilaq Tohan wouldn't be making any more house calls until babies started arriving. "I think there's some Rum Raeni in the freezer." She recalled as she rose. It was obvious that Zara and Marcus had used their sea island home by the amount of ice cream that kept showing up. Sadly, Zara wasn't a fan of pudding like Sierra.

"Mmm. Auntie Mae's..." Claudius said as he settled into the co-pilot's seat for the short flight to the sea islands. "Oh my favorite," he said, when she informed him that there might be Rum Raeni in the freezer. He looked towards her, smiling, as he rose from the chair, took her hand and began leading her towards their island home. "We're safe," he said, as he looked into her beautiful eyes. As he opened the door the automated holonet system activated where they were midway through a report highlighting Marcus and Zara's escapades in Auntie Maeland combined with an ad for Over the Hillberry. "Glad that isn't us," he said, as he moved further into their home, which had been thoroughly refurbished since their last visit.

Auntie Mae was focusing her efforts elsewhere. That was relieving. She briefly watched the news on the holonet regarding her in-laws at Auntie Maeland. The 'Over the Hillberry' ice cream made Sierra laugh softly. If it had been Claudius, she would have been furious. "Me too. Let's hope she leaves us alone for awhile." Sierra made the mental note to celebrate her husband's next birthday quietly. Since dinner had been ruined, the very first place she took him was the kitchen. Upon opening the freezer, sure enough, Sierra discovered an array of Auntie Mae flavors. The Rum Raeni was untouched. "Here you go. An exquisite meal for you." She joked, handing him off the carton. As for herself, she decided to try Zara's beloved purple potato. Unknowingly, she grabbed the last carton and set Marcus up for a disaster. She grabbed them spoons and immediately began eating. Now she understood why Zara consumed so much when she was pregnant with the twins. If she wasn't hungry, she was feeling sick. There seemed to be no in between.

The purple potato ice cream wasn't bad but it wasn't pudding. As she scooped up a spoonful, an absolutely wild idea crossed her mind. Maybe it was the influence of Ewwiekewwieikkie, or simply Sierra acting childish for a change. Regardless of the reason, Sierra declared war on her husband when she used the spoon as a catapult. The purple ice cream soared through the air. It landed on his cheek. Sierra's giggling could be heard, but she was no longer in his line of vision. She was using the kitchen island as a blockade for the onslaught that was about to begin.

Claudius was completely preoccupied with the excitement of receiving a carton of Rum Raeni that he was unable to see that he was being targeted by his wife. The purple potato ice cream slammed into his forehead and streaked down his face, getting in his eyes, and causing quite a chill. "What?" he asked, as he brought his hands up to wipe at his face to get the ice cream out of his eyes. He waited for a moment but when he saw that she was giggling he knew there was only one thing that he could do. He took hold of his spoon, loaded as much Rum Raeni into it as he could, and flung it in her direction. Two could most definitely play that game.

Even though he couldn't see her, he still managed to land a hit ... directly on top of her head. "Ahhh!" She squeaked. Their food fight took her back to the food fight she had with Callista and Ewwiekewwieikkie much early on in their relationship. He didn't realize he was dealing with a *professional*. Deciding that guerrilla warfare was no fun, Sierra rose to her feet with a spoon ready. There was still visible ice cream dripping down her hair. "I'm gonna get you!" She flung ice cream at him. Her aim was sloppy this time. She pegged him in the chest, but quickly had a second spoonful ready to go and soaring through the air. "You'll never win. I've done this plenty of times with Ewwiekewwieikkie!" She revealed how masses of ice cream disappeared so quickly around the estate.

"The only difference is when you do this with Ewwiekewwieikkie she eats up the mess!" Claudius protested, as he felt himself splattered with ice cream, which was then pooling on the floor. "I'm not trying to win. I'm trying to survive," he explained to her, as he began scooping more and more of the ice cream onto his spoon and flinging it at her. "There'll be none left to eat at this rate," he warned her, but as he ran to get away from her his foot connected with her, causing him to stumble. "Sier-!" he cried out, as he went flailing forward, falling right into the exposed hole in the floor. There was a loud *splash* as he fell into the sea, where he was quickly surrounded by curious sea cows ... perhaps the relatives of the one they transported to Esseles. "-ra!" he finished the thought, as he popped his head above the water, spit out a plume of water, before receiving curious kisses from the creatures.

"...She is good at cleaning up after our food wars..." Sierra commented. Ice cream kept colliding with her now that she was hiding from him. A well-aimed (or not so well aimed) scoop of ice cream slid down her chest and into the cleavage of her dress. A shiver zapped down her spine. When she had food fights with Ewwiekewwieikkie, she wasn't in sexy dresses either. "Eating is for the w-weak!" She stuttered as the ice cream melted beneath her dress. She sure hoped he liked Rum Raeni a lot, because Sierra was covered in it now. "Ohno!" She reached out to catch him when he stumbled. Rather than saving Claudius, he fell into the ocean through the hole they had both thought was so clever. "Claudius!" She dashed towards the exposed hole and stood at its edge, watching him surface along with several sea cows. At that point, she couldn't help laughing. Without giving him a warning, Sierra hopped in the water and purposely splashed him *and* the sea cows. She came bobbing back up to the surface, rapidly wrapping her arms around his waist. "I win." She claimed her victory by promptly kissing him on the lips.

"You always win," Claudius told her with a smirk before placing a loving kiss upon her face. Unfortunately for Sierra, however, his breath stunk like sea cow. All around them the sea cows were flocking, sticking their heads up from the water and snorting at them. "I know what you're thinking and *no* you can't take them to the lakehouse," he said to her, as the kiss broke and he looked at her. "I think this is the first time we've gotten to use this amenity. The Rebels probably used it..." he muttered to himself, shaking his head, as he bobbed up and down in the water.

One thing that Sierra learned was that sea cow kisses were not one of her favorite things ever. They ate greens from the bottom of the ocean all day long. Inevitably, it gave them some funky smelling breath. Her little nose scrunched up, deciding that she needed to get her husband in a shower with a toothbrush stat. "What about just one?" Sierra bargained. "Sea Betsy needs a companion." She was actually attempting to persuade him into *another* sea cow. Sierra reached a hand out to run it along the top of one of the sea cow's heads. "Ugh. Don't remind me. I defeated Governor Papius today. I'll get the Rebels who came here another." She bobbed towards the edge of the hole and slowly climbed out. Her dress was clinging to her body now that it was soaked. She removed the pins holding back her hair, then her comm, realizing that it was probably damaged beyond repair. Wopps. "At least everything is back in order after the Rebels foolishly robbed us. There's a brand new bed for us to destroy." She winked.

"Do you even know what gender Sea Betsy is? You decided she was a *she*, but did you actually check?" Claudius asked her, as he brought his hand up to his chin and considered the situation in a manner similar to Ewwiekewwieikkie. "For all you know she is a *he* or the he you might bring might be her brother," he said, but he had talked himself into a headache. "It's always good to have a shrinking enemy's list, but I'm sure you ISB types will always find a way to add names to it," he said, with a wink, before a sea cow unexpectedly swam between his legs and nearly upended him. "Woah," he commented, before falling backwards, into a big splash, while the sea cow got up close and perfect with Sierra.

"How can you ask me that? Of course I didn't check. I don't know how to identify sea cow gender by genitalia. Sea Betsy *identifies* with being female." She stuck her tongue out at him playfully while wondering how one might find out if the sea cow was a female or male. That sounded like a risky HoloNet search to her. "What if I did bring her brother? Incest occurs in nature. Though, I don't want to recreate a scene of Game of Coruscant at the lakehouse." She frowned. Claudius had won this one. She snickered as he paid retribution for his comment by way of sea cow. "Mhm. The top name on my list currently is Claudius Rodney!" Using one hand, she splashed him. The other hand ran over the sea cow. "You want to come back home with me, don't you?" Over the sea cow, Sierra looked at her husband. She copied the family's signature pout to a T. "Pleeasseeeee?"

"Well Sea Betsy can identify however she pleases," Claudius said, with a firm nod of his head in agreement with her wife. "Eww. But if you did bring more think what would happen every time you brought Bruce to the lakehouse," he reminded her, as he repositioned himself after being upended. "Named in my honor, well that is something to consider," he said to her, before leaning over and gently running his hand over the sea cow also. "Oh don't use that voice," he said, as he looked at her, his lower lip trembling as he began to imagine what would happen if he did not give in. "Fine," he said, with a soft sigh, before playfully rolling his eyes.

There was already quite the herd at the lakehouse. All the animals enjoyed being close to Bruce. She wondered how it would be for the boy when he was able to go swimming on his own. She imagined Sea Betsy constantly demanding pets. In many ways, she was even worse than Nea. Sierra laughed. "Oooh, I'm talking about the original. There's no Claudius like my Claudius." Sierra had yet to realize that she had leverage against her husband. His pouts had won her over many, many times. This time, Sierra took home the win. She laughed once more. "Oh, come on you." She offered him her hands to help him out of the water. As she rose to her feet, she could feel kicks and punches erupting from her stomach. "Your children are abusing me from the inside." She tattled. She led them to their room, more specifically, the bathroom, without caring about the wet trail they left behind. Tonight was about him, not about cleaning.

The sea cows seemed disappointed when the couple left the water, but Claudius was glad to be out of the water and back on his feet. "Oh. Are they?" he said, as he quickly moved his hand to her stomach in an attempt to feel their movement. "Oh who is going to mop these floors?" he asked her, as he was led towards the bedroom and then the bathroom. "Going to get the seawater and sea cow smell off?" he asked, as he began to strip out of his soaking wet clothing. And allowing to pool it on the floor beneath him.

Beneath the surface, movement persisted. Since Sierra had noticed the kicks, it seemed like the twins were working in double time...or quadruple time considering there were *two* of them. She paused as his hand came to rest on her stomach. "Do you feel anything?" She asked him. "Some poor Ensign is going to mop them." Sierra was solving her problems with Ensigns now. It seemed she was getting cozy in her position as his wife. "I'm certainly going to try. If not, I can live with you smelling like a sea cow." She winked at him, then promptly began moving her own clothing. Her dress had been ruined long before taking a dip in the ocean. She could see ice cream stains from the food fight she had initiated. Reaching into the shower, she turned on the warm water. "Thanks for being my date tonight, love." Sierra said from over her shoulder. She straightened up as the water grew warmer. "Now come and get me." Wiggling her rear end in his direction, the blonde quickly disappeared into the shower. Lucky for him, she had nowhere else to go. The chase had already ended. "Ah.." She sighed.

"I do feel *something*," Claudius said, as his smile widened to the point that it threatened to split his face in two. "Exactly. That's what Ensigns are for!" he teased, as he reluctantly pulled his hand away. "You're welcome," Claudius said, before following her into the shower where the water was already quite warm. He came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her, and tightening his grip around her waist. He lowered his head, placing a tender kiss upon her cheek, and then moving it down until he reached her shoulder where the kisses turned into bites.

Sierra was happy that he could share in the movement of their twins with her. As they'd learned prior, the kicks would only become more noticeable at time went on. And this time...this time Inquisitor Thrope wouldn't touch her or their children. With a wide smile on her face, Sierra found herself captured by her sweet husband. "Mm.. You got me.." She stepped back to nuzzle the back of her body against the front of his. The evening had been so good in ways that only they could enjoy together. For the billionth time this day, Sierra was thankful for Claudius. The slight pain of his bites drew her back to their moment in the shower where she let out a little gasp. Her hand dropped down to one of his arms. Her fingernails gently teased his flesh by lightly scratching over them. She wouldn't leave marks in such a visual place, but she couldn't make the same guarantee for his backside. "I love you so much," she turned her head to the side. She nose pressed into his hair while her free hand cupped his cheek.

"I've got you and I'm never letting go," Claudius told her, before moving his face down to kiss at her shoulder and then down her arm. As her hand caressed him it sent a shiver down his spine, which made his entire body tingle. "I love you too," he said, as he felt her nose nestle on the top of his head. The warm cascaded down upon him, as their two bodies became one in the small, heated enclosure. The smell of the sea cows gradually faded as the rushing water ran over their bodies. Gradually he raised his head until he was looking her in the eyes where he smiled affectionately before pressing his lips to hers again and again and again. He moved forward until her back was pressed up against her wall.

"Mmm... You're assuming I'd ever *let* you go. I married you twice. That's two times the forevers we'll be together." His kisses made her skin feel electric. His presence made her so much happier than she ever could have been. Sierra found herself positioned against the shower wall. Her arms wrapped around him, hands positioned on his back where her nails continued to tease him with gentle scratching. Over and over again, she kissed him. She let her torrent of passions meet the surface far away from where anyone could see them. Sierra tried to help him as much as she could. She placed a foot on the lip of the shower to give him easier access. Her short height didn't help when it came to sex in the shower. "God, I can't get enough of you," she groaned. There was heat to her voice. Lust was taking its toll on her.

"And lest we forget the pending Ithorian marriage ceremony. That's thrice," Claudius was quick to point out, even as he had her backed up against the wall. Every time her hand went over his back his entire body trembled, and there were several times when he nearly jumped out of his skin. "Don't worry. There's plenty of me," he said, as he moved forward, until there was no distance between his body and hers.

Claudius did not deserve to be treated as well as Sierra was treating him at that moment, as she virtually carried him to their bed and tucked him in. He lay there for a moment in post-orgasmic bliss, staring at the ceiling and feeling very content and relaxed. "Of course it'll *always* be you," he said to her, as he sighed contently at her hand upon his chest. "Yes. Even when you're nine months pregnant and the size of a wampa," he promised her, before raising his head, leaning over, and placing a tender kiss upon her. "Or when you're as old as Pilaq ... hey ... how old is he anyway?" he asked, as he pursed his lips and considered it. He wondered if humans even lived as long as he suspected his old, dear friend Pilaq was.

She could feel her cheeks warming up to his response. Sierra drew herself close to her husband once more and resumed her drawings on his chest. Rising slightly, she met him halfway so that they could share a loving kiss. Chuckling, Sierra replied, "I'd estimate roughly 539." She pulled the number from a hat like a magician might a rabbit. As long as she had known Pilaq, he had been old. "You can ask him how old he is right after you ask about Ithorian marriage ceremonies." She giggled.

"539? Just saying that makes me feel old," Claudius said, with a soft chuckle and a smirk in her direction. "I have a feeling that if I asked him his age I would get a terrible whack on the noggin requiring the intervention of Doctor Bailo," he teased, before bringing his hand up to rub at his head, imagining the pain. "I will, however, speak to him about Ithorian marriage ceremonies!" he was quick to add, continuing to smile, as he daydreamed about the idea of an Ithorian marriage ceremony. Everything was right in the world between them.

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