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David Cole and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:8:10) in the Kessel system: Kessel (Cabra the Hutt's palace).
Baroness Hanna Ardent and Cabra the Hutt.

Hanna was furious at Cabra the Hutt, as she continued to endure captivity in his lavish palace near the spice mines of Kessel. Despite the fact that she had agreed to to marry the Hutt to spare the life of her would-be rescuer, El-Nay Darr, the Hutt's continued unwanted advancements caused her to rage. She grabbed the nearest golden goblet that she could find and stared at a moment, before she glared at the creature with her cheeks emblazoned red as she entered an uncontrollable rage. "Damn you!" she cursed at him, as best she could given her background, before hurling the goblet at the Hutt. "I will not do *that* for you. Ever," she protested, before reaching into the container of frogs and angrily throwing them at the Hutt. He had asked her to pleasure herself for him, which she felt to be a vile and disgusting act ... he had crossed the line and her fit was unrelenting.

The Gamorreans in the room would immediately grab Hanna by the arms after the Baroness started to throw the frogs as Cabra smirked at her, knowing she had gone off on a fit and shook his head, saying "You disappoint me, my future wife. On our wedding night, I will insist that you do this, and if you do not ... it may result in the death of your planet." Cabra motioned for the guards to bring Hanna towards the dais. Meanwhile, a comely Twi'lek servant would run over to pick up the frogs and try and put them back in the bowl. The Twi'lek would offer Cabra the smallest tadpole in the bowl as Cabra said "Open the Baroness' mouth?" The Gamorreans would force Hanna's mouth open and said "The thing about Twi'leks is that they are completely obedient to our kind and are willing to serve us to are too spoiled for your own good Baroness Ardent. I think you should eat the smallest tadpole in the bowl, to show me that you are willing to obey me in some regard. Or else ... the pretty Twi'lek that bathes you will meet her death today."

"Those things are disgusting!" Hanna protested, as she was dragged by the Gamorreans back to the dais to be place in front of the Hutt. "You know *nothing about women!" she scolded him, in utter disgust, as she looked at the small frog being prepared for her. "You have tried that trick with me once before, Cabra. It is your actions that would result in her death ... not my inaction," she continued, as she did her best to avoid eating the frog. "It is amazing that any of these people here listen to your commands with the way you so casually discard their lives. Look at you all. Cowering to this creature as he kills you off one at a time," she said, turning her head to look at all of the various thugs, servants, and slaves that populated the throne room ... brought together from a variety of impoverished outer rim species.

With Hanna fighting to keep her mouth closed, the Gamorreans forced it open, as Cabra dangled it over her lips, before dropping it into Hanna's mouth as the guards forced her mouth closed and the Hutt said "Swallow... Swallow now..." Cabra would gazed at her, making sure she obeyed him in that sense as there was that Hutt chuckle, and the "ho ho ho" comment he always made and said "Perhaps it would just be easier to discard your life Baroness Ardent. You would look quite beautiful as a statue near the dais and I wouldn't have to put up with your defiance every time I asked you to do something..." Cabra gazed at her as he smirked, saying "Perhaps I will have you entombed in gold and shipped back to your father, much to his horror..."

Hanna choked uncontrollably as the frog was forced into her mouth, and her saliva began to run from the corner of her lips as she tried her best to force it out, but to no avail. Finally she bit down, killing the frog, and spit out what was in her mouth leaving quite the mess down her chin. "You have no manners," she chastised him, before the rest of the frog was forced into her mouth, causing her to choke once again. She had too much of the Hutt today and it would take a great deal to calm her down, and she could only hope that her father would mount a second, more successful, rescue attempt. But for now she would have to endure, as she had endured, but what little patience she had was eroded by the Hutt's lustful demands upon her in the public throne room. Even the threat of the death of the Twi'lek did little to ease her emotions on the subject.

Hanna looked like a mess as Cabra was going to play the mind game on the redhead. Her mouth was dribbling with tadpole juice as he patted her on the head and said "Before you tried to defy me, I was going to see if you wanted to eventually graduate to larger frogs. I was planning on seeing you fattened up a bit as my wife. However, I am growing bored of you and your defiance." Cabra waved a hand dismissively, saying "Set up the statue mold, I think our Hanna here will make a fine addition to the collection. I can find another Baroness from another planet that is far more willing to serve me." The Gamorreans would begin to drag Hanna away as Cabra said "I will be able to view it on the screen." This was Cabra trying to break Hanna once more as he snapped his fingers and the Twi'lek would join him on the dais.

Hanna stomped her feet upon the floor as the Gamorreans dragged her away, and she continued to scream at the merciless Hutt crime lord. "If you end me you will never find someone so lovely for your liking again," she began, as her green eyes narrowed on the bulbous eyes of the creature. "...and you will have to start all over again with the training process," she continued screaming, as she was now nearly out of the throne room. "And my father ... my father will have settled his debt to you for nothing," she concluded, that last line meant to be particularly cutting as she attempted to dissuade the Hutt from his task. She did not want to die and serve as a statue for centuries for the creature she had come to despise so much.

Once Hanna was taken away from the dais and out of Cabra's eye sight, the messy redhead was taken away to be cleaned up and prepared to be entombed in gold for the Hutt. All her makeup was removed by the servant, and her red locks were pulled into a tight ponytail, with large golden hoop earrings put into her ears. She was in the steel bikini once more as she was cleaned up and walked into the cauldron room. There was a concrete platform with ankle restraints, in which the servants would lock Hanna's ankles in place. Glancing at her, the servants locked her arms against her side, making her immobile as they laugh and looked at the Baroness.

"Stop this ... stop this immediately!" Hanna demanded as she tugged at her restraints, letting out groans of pain as she unsuccessfully squirmed, damaging her wrists in the process. As she took note of her surroundings she began to realize that perhaps she had gone too far with her latest temper tantrum, and feared that he might actually kill her this time. She started to cry, because despite the fact that being slave to a Hutt was a ghastly ordeal ... she desperately wanted to go on living. "Cabra!" she screamed, as her nose began to run and the tears began to flow in excess. "Cabra!" she screamed again, her cheeks flushing red from a combination of anger and frustration. Was he really going to have her killed, she wondered pathetically, beginning to shiver in the restraints.

As the girls rolling concert stand was rolled right above the cauldron that would turn Hanna into a golden statue was almost right below her, the men would look towards them and ask her "Any last words Baroness?" She was in shock, fear and somberness as she was really thinking she was going to die ... the Hutt came slithering into the cauldron room. Hanna was restrained as he chuckled a bit as he saw her "You really do know how to put your best tears forward when you know you have lost." Cabra smirked and wanted to embarrass her more, break her down by commanding "I want you to tell these men why you are becoming a statue and how you wish to look for me in your eternal resting place? The honor you will show me in this state..." Cabra was just playing the role of manipulative prick now, and he was not sure how far he was going yet.

"You would find me much better looking in the flesh than as a statue, Cabra!" Hanna screamed at him, as she tried her best to pull away from the cauldron, but the restraints of course made that impossible. "What is it you wish of me?" she asked, as she tilted her head up to look at the Hutt crime lord desperately. She was forced between two horrible outcomes ... years of suffering or death. There might come a time in the next couple of years where she might welcome death, but that had not come yet ... she wanted to desperately live. "Do not do this ... it is unnecessary," she pleaded, after a pause, shaking her arms back and forth repeatedly to rattle the chains and amplify the noise.

Cabra saw what she was doing and saying to keep herself alive at this point. The pool of liquid gold was starting to warm beneath her feet as she was broken down to a point where she might do anything to live. But Cabra looked to her and said "If I am to keep you alive...we are going to have some ground rules. If you do not obey one of them, we are lowering you into the cauldron ... do you understand?" Cabra awaited her head nod as he would state his demands "One, you will marry me, as you have agreed to. Two, you will not look disgusted every time you have to show affection. And look content being with me." Glancing at her as he said "Three, I will be feeding you more, as I feel you would be far more alluring with a little more meat on you." The Hutts and their weird kinks, but perhaps Hanna was just naturally in good shape as he continued "And four, serve me, no questions asked. You will make a beautiful wife and will you need to accept the way life works here, as it is far different than what you are used to."

As the Hutt rattled off his series of unjust demands her head sunk so low that her chin was pressed to her chest. He was asking for too much ... far more than she would ordinarily be willing to give his, but his show of force would be enough to scare her into submission. Without verbally acknowledging him, she simply nodded her head a couple of times, as she agreed to his demands ... a hard thing for a spoiled noblewoman from the core to do. As she did that she went limp in the restraints, and would have fallen if she were not bound. The color left her face and she was soon a ghastly shade of pale white ... she had been broken completely by the Hutt's machinations.

Cabra nodded and motioned to the servants and said to them "Bring her down from there. Have the servants put her back in the leather bikini and brought back to the hookah room." Glancing over at Hanna, he said "I will be back in my quarters. Please join me and come to serve..." Cabra slithered out of the cauldron room as he headed back to his quarters and the guards began to move Hanna away from her proposed golden grave and motioned for the servants to take her away and prepare for Cabra.

An exasperated Hanna found herself once again on the dais in the throne room of Cabra the Hutt, having pledged to faithfully serve him when confronted with her imminent demise. The young noblewoman had been pushed to her limit ... and cracked accordingly. She had come to loathe the Hutt, but more so her father for placing her in the position that led to this. As she arranged the frogs for consumption by the Hutt she muttered curses beneath her breath directed towards her father, while maintaining a lessened hope that he might somehow launch a more effective rescue. In her mind she was counting down to the expected day of her release, as if she had been sentenced to the spice mines like a common criminal. However, she, like them, found it very unlikely that she would survive her captivity on Kessel.

Cabra was on the dais as he was in his private quarters once more as he knew that Hanna had broken down and accepted her role as his slave and future wife. The human was now arranging his frogs and setting up his hookah area as she looked lovely in that ponytail, leather bikini and large hoop earrings. Hanna had already taken a few hits off the hookah as Cabra was trying to calm her down on this night in the quiet chambers as he offered her another hit from the hookah as he said to her "Feeling more relaxed now? Come set up your bed and join me on the dais..."

Hanna was privately disgusted by the hookah, but she had learned to stop voicing her complaints, as it would only end up in the same desperate struggle where she would have to beg for her life. "Yes," she said quietly, although she was lying ... she could never imagine being relaxed in this setting, in bondage, and in a ridiculous outfit to boot. The young noblewoman had learned much in her time on Kessel, and chief among these was to take her defiance to a more subversive tone that the vile Hutt would be less likely to observe. Maybe she would even get lucky and one of the Hutt's numerous enemies would strike and do the job for her. Lowering her head, she grabbed the throw blanket, and large pillows and began to move towards the dais. "As you wish Cabra," she said in a cold voice, devoid of any emotion, as she took up her spot on the dais beside the large creature.

Hanna was offered another shot on the hookah, in which she did just that as Cabra glanced at her and smiled. Watching her, even if she just went about her servitude and did her time in slavery. She at least was not fighting back all the time as she set up her bed and began to lay next to him a bit as his chunky fingers rested upon the redhead's shoulder a bit, tapping on them slightly. The Hutt would state "We will be married in two weeks, your father knows of the arrangement and will be attending the event. It will be the biggest event in Kessel as you will take the last name 'Hutt' and join our a roundabout way."

"Two weeks?!" Hanna repeated, in confused exclamation, not at all expecting it to come this quickly. She felt the blood flow from her head, and she suddenly felt very faint as the complexion left her head. She staggered slightly before stumbling down to her makeshift bed, where she began to hyperventilate, trying to regain her composure. "Cabra ... don't you believe in courtship?" she asked, with her back towards him, so that he could not see her facial expression at the moment. "Two weeks is such a short while. Things like this take time. There's much to plan and prepare," she continued, stammering off a list of excuses for why they should not rush into things. The thought of her father attending, however, did give her some hope as it might be the perfect distraction to launch a more successful rescue attempt. There would also be many in attendance seeking favor with Cabra who secretly wanted him gone as much as she did.

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