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Sean Brandt, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:3) in the Essesia system: Adventurer, Darkened Oblivion, and Interrogator and in the Y'toub system: Adventurer and Fortune's Debt.
Dimona Xirie Nuebla, Flight Captain Randi Trainor, and Rais Triestar.

A determined stare was plastered on Flight Captain Randi Trainor's face as she worked within the Conqueror-class assault ship Darkened Oblivion, making some final adjustments with her hydrospanner. A content smile came upon her ruby red lips as she believed she had *finally* managed to get this bucket of bolts working again. As she adjusted the power cell, she unfortunately triggered a surge of energy that sent power to the ship's blaster cannons, which unexpectedly fired. The result was catastrophic destroying at least two TIE fighters and killing several pilots and technicians. "Wait. That's not it!" she grumbled to herself, as she looked out through the ship's viewport to see the results of her accident. Feeling quite embarrassed, she hurriedly went back to putting the panel back on before the Inquisitor arrived. Once that was accomplished, she climbed out from inside the ship, and stood proudly next to it, covered in grease, but nevertheless ready for inspection, at least in her own mind.

So it was finally time for Dimona to head off on another adventure, she didn't even remember what she was supposed to do. Ah well, it would come to her, she thought as she strolled down the hallways towards the hangar bay. In a bit of an epiphany, she remembered a key bit of information. "Oh, that's right! Peep, do you still have that datapad with the mission briefing on the target?" The thrill seeker glanced down at the black mouse droid rolling along beside her, beeping happily the whole way. As if on cue, it speed quickly in front of her as the back hatch popped open revealing the small device Dimona placed in there after receiving it from Major Serra Eona. "You're the freakin' best, you know that?!" She grinned cheerfully down at her droid before lifting her gaze up and nodding in a friendly manner to every single officer and Stormtrooper they passed. Most were hateful looks of sheer malice, but she got some shy smiles and one officer checked her out when he thought she wasn't looking. "Pish, amateur." She scoffed to herself with a brash grin.

Finally, the peculiar pair rounded a corner and came into view of the hangar bay where all sorts of absurdities seemed to happen on the Interrogator, and Dimona arrived just in time to see the latest set of bizarre circumstances. As soon as the woman entered the expanse, a massive amount of energy was accidentally discharged causing a series of explosions. "Goodness! This place would have likely spontaneously exploded even without me! I feel less special now." Despite a few pilots bursting into flame and screaming in horrid shrieks, Dimona's attention was completely focused on the fully restored image of her beautiful and daring ship, the Adventurer. "Oh! She is gorgeous!" Dimona's ship just so happened to be docked right next to the Darkened Oblivion. That would soon be a mistake. The Bounty Hunter, with a spasm of giggles, ran full speed to her ship and threw her arms around one of the landing pads. "Honey, you are a survivor, just like me!"

Peep's little wheels had to roll in overtime to keep up with Dimona's frantic pace, and after it managed to catch up with her, he beeped to remind her that he too had also survived, feeling left out of the celebration, and feeling a wee bit jealous of the much larger machine Dimona fancied so much. "Peep! You know I didn't forget about you. Of course you are a survivor! Hell, you blew up twice, maybe three times! I lost count. Come here you!" And with a huge smile, she scooped up the little droid, placed him under her arm like baggage and carried herself up the ramp. "Alright, let's get this show on the road! I was getting so bored in my little room listening to El-Nay bitch about ... something. I forgot, it was so lame." Dimona wasted no time keying in her commands to depart the Interrogator. The hydraulics on the landing gear roared and gusted to life, though the sudden output blew over the workbench Captain Trainor was using and spilled the contents all over the deck. But that was just a minor inconvenience, the following was a bit more devastating. The Adventurer reared to life, and it too had some gremlins to work out. Instead of hovering in place, the whole craft convulsed briefly, causing the side to smack a bit roughly up against the side of Darkened Oblivion. As the Adventurer began to take off, the ship was dragged alongside the adjacent vessel, ripping paint and gauging into metal all along the length of the assault craft. Within the cockpit, Dimona noticed the turbulence. "Well damn! Does this seem a little bumpy to you, Peep? Did we hit something? Ha, to hell with it. Let's go!" And with that, the Adventurer sped away out of the hangar bay opening, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Randi watched in horror as the no good bounty hunter recklessly departed the Interrogator, unaware of the way her own infamous takeoffs were viewed by the members of the crew. "I ... I had those all sorted," she said, in a whiny pout as her assortment of tools was haphazardly blown to the deck. She scurried towards them in a frenzy, grabbing up each one, and doing her best to remember the order in which she had them. It was then that the Adventurer crashed into the Darkened Oblivion, causing her jaw to drop and a horrified expression to come upon her face. "Oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!" she exclaimed, as she began chasing after the Adventurer, waving her gloved hist menacingly in the air to no avail. When she turned, her eyes fell upon the Darkened Oblivion, with the dented panels and horribly scratched paint. "But ... but," and with that simple word her lower lip began to quiver, and tears began to flow from her big blue eyes. She turned, taking her comm, and whimpered into it like a sad creature. "Uh. Serry. It's gonna be a lil' longer," she mumbled into the device, before putting it away, and going off to find some place to hide.

Rais Triestar sat in what once had been the troop carrier of his Bantha-class shuttle. The Fortune's Debt, as the ship was now known, had undergone a major overhaul since the Mandalorian had received it. What once had been a sparsely decorated hold for soldiers was now filled to the brim with lavish furniture, complete with its own bar and old but functional service droid. The giant plasteel windows that had been intended to provide commandos with a view of the battlefield now served as an addition to the luxury, allowing him to sit and sip his Corellian whiskey with a tremendously impressive view.

The ship itself had come as partial payment for a recent mission. Rais had been tasked with capturing one of the new transports that the Rebellion was employing for the Empire to study. He had taken two, and accepted half payment in exchange for the spare. The rest of the payment, plus the sale of his former home and a chunk of credits he had put away, went into transforming the ship from a piece of military equipment into a mobile mansion and base of operations. Rais had given up any planetary holdings in the process, but that was of no concern. He lived and died by his work. There was no reason to have any home but the one he took with him.

Fortune's Debt was in a broad orbit around a moon not far from the Ringali Shell, lingering about while Rais waited for a fresh contract. He rose from the plush chair in which he had been sitting and went to refill his drink, sliding the glass to the service droid. Like others of his kind, Rais was dressed in his armor; a Mandalorian was nothing without it. His own was a family heirloom, repainted by each generation upon inheritance, and Rais had chosen a deep midnight blue with yellow piping. The helmet rested on a table not far from where he had been seated.

"T-109, check for any messages on the holoterminal. Not like the Empire to leave me drifting for long." It had only been a few days since his last contract, but that was plenty. It was time to get back to work. He did, after all, need to refill his coffers after this enormous expenditure.

It did not take Dimona too terribly long to lock down the likely places this Rais would be. The datapad Major Eona had given her had many reliable details regarding his ship specifications, known whereabouts and even his comm unit channel. Giving a girl a man's number? Spicy. It was not difficult to locate Fortune's Debt as it was a rather unique craft in a rather predictable orbit in the general area that was anticipated by Serra's briefing. Dimona's own ship was a Kazellis-class light freighter, so the vessels were of comparable size, though remarkably different in shape. What she knew of that man was he had a decent record with the Empire and was, most notably, a Mandalorian. "Geez, you know you can be a Bounty Hunter and not be a Mando. For goodness sake..." She blurted out to herself after remembering the details she had reviewed before tracking him down.

Soon Fortune's Debt would receive a hail coming from the quickly approaching freighter, but Adventurer was speeding towards the other craft at a very reckless approach. "Ahaha, did I catch him taking a nappy?" Anyone onboard of that vessel would likely not have enough time to even notice a ship, let alone answer the hail before the hull of the Adventure zoomed past the underside of Fortune's Debt, so close it nearly scuffed the outer plating. This was an extremely skillful maneuver but extraordinarily dangerous and insane. "Nap time is up, let's chat!" With the speed of her approach, her ship quickly doubled around for a second pass. She figured if this other Bounty Hunter could not handle a bit of careless abandon, how was he going to be able to work for an Inquisitor? Better test his resolve now instead of later when his head rolled off his shoulders by decapitation.

"No new messages, Sir." The droid related with its metallic voice as it handed a fresh glass to Rais. He took a sip, shrugged, and turned to headed to his seat. Not five steps in, an alert sounded through the room. "Incoming ship, Sir. Kazellis-class." Interesting. Certainly not the sort of ship the Empire usually sent if they were paying a visit. "Wonder who this could-" he was cut short when the notification suddenly became an alarm. "The incoming vessel is not reducing speed, Sir. Impact imminent." Well. Someone wanted to play, and was threatening to ruin his brand new ship in the process. The drink was set aside and Rais went for his helmet, snatching it up just as the ship lurched from the near miss of the other. He stumbled but kept his feet and, once he steadied, slipped the helmet over his head and sealed it to the rest of his suit. "Hail the ship, T-109, and open a comm channel. I have a feeling we're about to meet a rather interesting fellow, if not a bit mad." The skill it took to not slam into his ship at that speed wasn't lost on him, but it was still an incredibly insane maneuver. While the service droid saw to the return hail, Rais was headed for the armory. He had a certain feeling that this was not the sort of person one wanted to meet unarmed.

The hull of Fortune's Debt would shudder once again with a second barely near miss pass from the freighter and the Adventurer was even going for a third audacious broadside but the hail caught Dimona's attention. The frenzied pace slowed and her ship was directed to drift along with the other craft to allow her the ability to converse with her target. Communication was established between the two vessels and the striking image of Dimona was broadcasted to the other so he could get a good look at who was so daring. Though she was a fellow Bounty Hunter, he would not recognize her for she tended to run in circles that requested annonymosity. Regardless of her lack of notoriety, she was attractive, seemingly in her late 20s, charismatic, but what was likely most noticeable was her bright green eyes that held a certain spark for challenge and excitement. Perhaps a bit too much, there was certainly an air of eccentric flair in everything that Dimona said and did, including endangering both of their lives. There was an ever present grin upon her face, as if everything that happened was a perpetual game and joke for her. No matter the situation, this woman could find amusement somehow.

"Rais Triestar? Say yes, because damn, this would be extremely awkward if not." It was still awkward, but that was how she liked it. And with that, as if there was some hidden inside joke, Dimona burst into laughter. "Honestly, how many black and yellow Mandos could be out here?" After her fit died down momentarily, she flashed him a showy smile. "Dimona Xirie Nuebla. You're charmed." A little playful wink was given to the other, and before he had a chance to reply, a small black mouse droid was propped up against the camera taking up the whole screen. "And this is Peep. Say hi Peep." A short rude chirp was given to the other Bounty Hunter in reluctant compliance. "Oh goodness, don't be like that." She placed him down, her visage now properly returning to centerfold. "It takes time for him to warm up, you understand."

When the warnings blared through the ship this time, Rais was a bit more prepared, grabbing on to the entrance of the armory to make sure he didn't stumble about again. Clearly this person was a talented pilot, but they also had something of a death wish, which Rais found somewhat amusing. So much so he chuckled to himself as he went for pair of blasters hanging in their harness. "Sooner or later they're going to hit my ship, and then I might get annoyed." He buckled the belt around his waist and secured the holsters themselves to his thigh armor for added support. The belt itself was black, the pistols a pair of custom heavy blasters. They harkened back to an old style of revolving slug thrower, bulkier but still rather sleek, styled to match the armor he wore. Never let it be said a Mando couldn't be fashionable.

The face that appeared on the small screen in the armory wasn't what he had expected. Some sort of half-baked pirate with a cyborg face would have been more suitable to his mental image of the pilot who would be so risky. What he got instead was a very attractive young woman, even if those eyes betrayed a hint of crazy. The fact she felt a need to introduce him to a mouse droid before he even knew what she was here for confirmed it. Still, his voice was light and charming, easy in its nature. "I certainly do understand. Maybe if I had the chance to meet your little companion in person, he would find me much more tolerable. I assume that is your intention? If not, you're welcome to breeze by my ship a few more times, but I promise it's much more comfortable from the inside." While part of his reason for wanting her on board had to do with the fact she was a pretty woman who had sought him out, there was another side to it. If she was here for hostile reasons, he would much rather be able to just gun her down and be done with it rather than risk her ramming the hell out of his expensive ship.

Well, Dimona was just tickled to death by his response. So rarely did someone afford her such a coy tongue-in-cheek offer. It was usually the thief who was so outlandish in her impossible requests and suggestive foreshadowing. She leaned back in her chair, clearly enticed by his offer. There was a light grin as she nibbled upon a finger knuckle from her right hand in consideration. "Well darling, I'm not too keen on blind dates." She was well aware of how Mandos loved to hide behind their armor, she was acquainted by that obsession from her would-be rival El-Nay Darr, and ... every other Mandalorian in existence. "What if you are super gross under there? Maybe all of your girlfriends make you wear that armor so they don't have to look at the real you. Too risky! But I do have a present for you. If you ask nicely, I'll let you know what it is." She nearly sang those words gently in a cooing fashion while waving what appeared to be a datadisk around in her left hand in a teasing manner.

She was a strange one. That much was beyond a doubt. Rais was racking his brain for any reason he might know her, but nothing was coming. Was she some sort of assassin, sent to kill him by a rival? Maybe some of the rebels broke open their piggy banks and scrounged together enough credits to hire someone. Dimona didn't strike him as a particularly expensive professional. No, she would probably do that sort of thing for fun, with the payment a happy bonus. "You would be surprised how many like it with the armor on, my dear. The mystique of taking a Mandalorian to bed, I suppose." His hands moved to either side of the helmet, releasing the airtight seal that locked it in place. As it lifted from his head, spilling short trimmed dark curls about, there was a broad grin on his face. "As to whether or not I'm worth your time, feel free to decide while you tell me about this present you're here to deliver." Rais naturally carried himself with the confidence of a man who absolutely knew he was worth her time, but it was gentlemanly to let her think she was making the choice.

Wasn't he a clever catch!? Coming up with some spry responses that she would never expect from a hardened rigid Mandalorian. No, this one was a bit playful, and that was very alluring for the thrill seeker. She also never expected him to cater to her request which she had thought was an impossible one. Mandos nearly never took off their helmet for anyone, it was taboo or something? Dimona did not quite understand their code or creed because it was not worth knowing, it wasn't fun enough. Eyes grew wider as he began to remove the helmet and she was rewarded with a ruggedly handsome man, and Dimona was instantly captivated. "What a waste! You should really think about dropping the Mando thing, because damn." If the Inquisitor had in mind to hire the best lookers in the galaxy, well ... this was going to be the *best* job ever.

She still did not even come close to trusting this guy though, she knew better than to be won so easily over by sharp wit and stylish looks. Those were the types one needed to be extra careful around, but... it was a good start in the right direction, she mused with a rather large grin at his direction. "So ... need some work? I hear there is this totally fake company, not actually the Empire, called Saber that needs some capable talent to not destroy and blow up things. I hope that was clear enough. Interested? Say yes." If this was supposed to be a secret that they were going to work for the Empire, whoopsie! There was a mischievous smile that tinted her features. She was well aware that she disclosed too much, and had done so on purpose. It was more fun this way.

Trust was on short supply all around, but that didn't mean Rais wasn't going to enjoy himself. When he was working, of course, the helmet wasn't removed for anyone, and most of the time he was disinclined to do without it. If it helped him figure out what this mad woman wanted, though, he had no qualms. "You know, I would, but there's something appealing about the notoriety and fame. It goes a long way to acquiring larger contracts." Hopefully the woman got a good look, because he lifted the helmet once more, sealing it back into place while she threw out the offer.

"The kind of lifestyle I enjoy does not come free, my dear. Of course I'm interested." She was talking nonsense, and the best he could figure was that she was here on some business for the Empire. They must be getting rather desperate for representatives in this sector. "I assume you have details on the job? At the very least a price to consider." It wouldn't be the first time he worked for the Empire, after all. They were his best customer.

Dimona had glanced over the contents of the entire disk Major Eona gave her and there was a notable lack of any details. Of course there wouldn't be any, this was supposed to be so far off the grid, that they would barely even exist. She gave him a look like he was even crazier than her before she burst into laughter once again. "Details?! Who cares about details? Check out how much they are offering us!" She coded in the amount so that it flashed in huge numbers across the screen over and over like a strobe light. Not that Dimona actually cared about the money, but it went a long way to outfit her ship and equipment so she could be better prepared for the next outlandish mission. "I understand if it is just too much for you to handle. I was sent to find you specifically, but ... I guess I'll just have to get lucky and find another dashingly handsome Mandalorian who is willing to take some calculated risks. I'll miss you though. Peep won't." Said honestly with a huge delightful and quirky smile.

This sort of life came with risks, of course, but diving in with no knowledge wasn't something Rais was a particular fan of. When those figures flashed across his screen, though...well, that was far more convincing than a hundred pretty nut jobs. "In such a hurry to get rid of me? Such a pity. I was just about to say how you won me over." Tit for tat, playful for playful. Just because he thought she was a bit off didn't mean he couldn't be a shameless flirt. "If that's the offer on the table, then how can I refuse? Send me the coordinates, dear Dimona, and play the guiding star to my Shoulamain." It was a reference to bit of classical Mandalorian literature, a tale of fierce warriors and romance. He didn't necessarily expect her to get the reference, but if she did all the better! Regardless, Rais would disappear from view as he headed for the cockpit of Fortune's Debt to prepare her to leave orbit, full well trusting this woman hadn't flown all the way out to find him just to run off again.

"Hun, I have no idea what you are talking about, but I will shine for you all day and night." Dimona was extremely ecstatic that this meeting came out so well. If this continued to pay off, she would be successful in bringing in her part of the team, and she wondered how well El-Nay Darr had fared on her side of the coin. "Are you ready for excitement? I am! Let's go!" After giving the man time to reach his controls, she began to depart the orbit with subspace speed. Soon the coordinates to their rendezvous point was sent over to his navicomputers. She was not exactly sure what they would find when they got there... this was all a mystery which made it even more fun and adventurous. "Alright handsome, race you there." And with that, her hyperspace controls were engaged, streaks of lights filled her entire viewpoint and the Adventurer jumped through space.

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