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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:9) in the New Alderaan system: New Alderaan (New Aldera: Mug Zoran's homestead).
Doctor Alessandra Bailo, Commander Dillon Hobbes, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Major Elayne Passik/Hobbes, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, Commander Iyah Zoran and Mug Zoran.

Doctor Pilaq Tohan found himself in the backyard of Mug and Iyah's homestead on New Alderaan as yet another wedding was about to occur. While he had never performed a wedding before everyone assumed that because he was old and had once been a herd leader that he could perform the ceremony, so he did not object when he was pressed into service. As he stood there in the garden he planted, which was already starting to sprout, he was hopeful for one thing ... a quick and uneventful ceremony. These hastily thrown together war weddings were becoming a common occurrence. He did not know the two that were getting married, but that did not stop them from asking. As long as there were no unexpected pregnancy shockers he believed he could get through the day just fine. As he looked towards Mug Zoran he hoped that he, unlike his brothers, was not one of the most fertile beings in the galaxy.

Everything had come together very quickly. Major Elayne Passik had all but run into the old Ithorian and asked him to complete the service. She only knew him from Iyah's wedding. He, nonetheless, seemed willing to help. She had been confined to single room within Iyah Zoran's home. There, she chain smoked anxiously until she was asked to put out the cigarra so Callista Nilar, Iyah and Mug's hyperactive adopted daughter, could come in and shine her bright smile everywhere. Elayne was hardly a sentimental person. Instead of wearing a traditional white gown, it was a soft blue color. It extended to the ground so no one could see her legs... or lack thereof. She still wore boots beneath her ground, refusing to be a typical bride in any sense.

"I made this for you," Callista Nilar said as she producing a beautiful flower crown from behind her back. She set it on Elayne's head happily. "You look so pretty. You look pretty like a princess! ...You aren't a princess, are you?" She stared up at the woman. "Mama says you saved her life. I think that makes you a princess." Callista didn't understand what her mother and father met exactly, but it didn't stop her big heart from accepting Elayne. She gave the woman a big, tight squeeze. "Don't be nervous. Mister Hobbes is going to think you look pretty too."

Dillon Hobbes was standing in the garden waiting for his bride to be. Everything had happened so quickly on Ringali Station and now here they were on New Alderaan about to get married. He did not know anyone here, but after purchasing real estate he realized he was now neighbors of Commander Xergo and her husband, who had graciously volunteered to be best man. The Ithorian he did know either, but he was kind enough to perform the ceremony. He was in the camp of believing that because the Ithorian was old he knew how to do everything, including this. "Thank you again, Mug," he said, finding it hard to say the name out loud. Every time he said it he wanted to laugh and nearly did.

Mug Zoran would forever owe Major Passik for the role she played in rescuing his wife from Delaya. Therefore, when it was asked if the wedding could be in their garden he did not hesitate in his answer of 'yes'. "Don't be nervous, Commander. I just did this myself," he said, proudly, as he reached out and grabbed the man's shoulder. He was glad that his adopted daughter, Callista, was being allowed to participate in the ceremony as she always enjoyed pomp and circumstance. Any moment now he expected the bridal party to arrive, although with how long it sometimes took for them to get ready he wondered if they might be there for hours.

Iyah Zoran, too, owed Major Passik. The potty-mouthed ill-mannered pilot had been the difference between life, death, or long term imprisonment. She would give the woman anything she needed on her special day. Iyah had been in charge of making a wedding cake. After Callista ate far too much frosting, Iyah was forced to send her upstairs to check on Elayne while she finished making a pathetic wedding cake. She was just putting the finishing touches on it when it was time for the ceremony to start. Iyah peeked into the backyard. There was a small crowd gathered for Elayne and Dillon, who were both looking for a quiet wedding. She smiled to herself as she made her way upstairs. She knocked on the door before entering Callista's room, and Elayne's makeshift changing room. "Major Passik, it's time." She said.

Callista's squeal answered her mother's call. "Come on! Come on! Come on!" The little girl was happy to be getting a second use out of the special dress auntie Zara had brought for her parent's wedding. She picked up a basket of flowers, which she had picked, and stood up. She extended a tiny hand to Elayne. "Let's go together."

Iyah's words sent a chill down her spine. Her little daughter had her just about in tears. The crown of flowers that sat on her head had been a thoughtful gift. The girl continued to be sweet to her. As they locked hands, Elayne was reminded of the future she wanted: a future with Dillon. She took the stairs carefully to the lower floor of Iyah's home. What she wanted was to treasure every day with Dillon as his *wife*. When the war ended...when the Rebels won the war, she only saw life here with him. She froze in the doorway when she saw Dillon. Her heart was beating fast in her chest. The anxieties she had surrounding their wedding had nothing to do with her feelings about him. Instead, Elayne was concerned that *he* was making a mistake. Just within their Squadron, there were women who were more sane than her. If he looked outside of the war, he could find someone who had never been tainted by it. Instead, he set his sights on *her*. Broken. Damaged. That was Major Passik.

Dillon inhaled sharply when he saw Elayne emerge from the house, but he was not sure if he ever exhaled again. He stood there frozen ... lost in her beauty ... unable to move ... unable to think ... unable to do anything, but look upon her and smile. He could not believe that in the midst of this terrible war, wrought with death and destruction, that he would be able to find someone like her *and* marry her. Finally he remembered to breath, which prevented his cheeks from turning a ghastly shade of blue. He stood there, waiting for her to join him, with the knowledge that from this moment on they would never be apart. He smiled at her, before turning to look upon the aged Ithorian. Soon she would be his wife.

The wedding had come to a screeching halt. Elayne wasn't moving anymore. Her head was turned towards Dillon's. She was processing everything that had happened since he was stationed at the Ringali Station. It had been real, *true* love from the first night. The way his arms felt around her that day was unforgettable. Callista, however, was not frozen. She was determined to get the wedding moving. She skipped in front of Elayne then began working her way down the aisle. She beamed brightly as she threw flowers this way and that. She even broke the silence by waving at Doctor Bailo. "Hiii doctor!" The old Ithorian woman had been paying attention to her a lot frequently, and so Callista had instantly fallen in love. She continued throwing flowers until she reached the end of the aisle. At that point, she made a cute curtsey for her father and Dillon, before coming to settle in the front row. She kicked her legs in and out excitedly, then turned around to stare at Elayne.

Elayne's dark eyes had become filled with tears. The emotions were hitting her from every angle. This was never supposed to happen. She had imagined only a dark future for herself: alone, sad, angry. Another path had suddenly appeared before her. In order to achieve her new life, she needed to walk. Slowly, she began to move toward towards the Ithorian doctor. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Elayne counted them mentally while praying her metal legs wouldn't give out. She was so close to him. She was close enough that she began to feel the warmth of the light which he cast down on her. "Dillon.." She stood in front of him. Each of her small hands took hold of his. The attention of their small audience had made her feel uncomfortable until they touched. At that point, everyone else melted away. It was Elayne, Dillon, and the Ithorian they had roped into marrying them. Her hands squeezed his. Her chin tilted downward as she began to blush. Today was the most special day of her life.

Doctor Tohan watched with growing impatience as Elayne remained frozen in the doorway. "Hmph," he murmured, through both of his mouths, as he slammed the base of his walking stick into the grass. He was getting older by the minute and the Rebel pilot showed no indication of movement. *Finally* she began to move and arrived before him, which would allow him to commence the ceremony. "Dear gentlebeings who are gathered here today..." he began, as his large bulbous eyes looked over the small crowd. "To bring together Dillon and Elayne in a sacred, timeless bond," he said, as he he looked over each of them to ensure they were both committed. His eyes settled upon Dillon first, as he lowered his hammerhead to him. "Do you commit yourself to this woman through all things?" he asked, in a serious tone, but received no reply. To him Dillon looked like he was in shock, so there was only one thing he could. He raised his walking stick and whacked the man squarely on the head with it.

Dillon was still in awe of Elayne's beauty when the ceremony began, so much so that he could barely form a word. It was not until Doctor Tohan cracked him over the head with his walking stick that he slowly blinked and remember who he was, where he was, and what was going on. "I do!" he said quickly, as he looked towards Elayne. He brought one hand over to her to hold her hand, while the other moved up to rub his head. He was confused why the Ithorian had struck him, as he heard that Ithorians were non-violent and, in fact, that the one performing the ceremony was a physician.

Pilaq nodded his head at Dillon, smiling with both of his mouths, before turning his attention to Elayne. "Do you commit yourself to this man through all things?" he asked her, as he prepared his walking stick in case she, too, needed a little help answering. He looked at her, waiting for her answer. The ceremony was nearly complete.

Seated beside Callista, Alessandra let out a gentle laugh with both of her mouths. It seemed that Pilaq was getting sassier in his old age. She had seen many people fall prey to his walking stick as of late. "Callista, calm down.." The little girl beside her was kicking her legs so hard that it looked like she might build momentum and take off. Clearly she had eaten far too much icing during baking time. Alessandra rested a hand on the little one's knee and squeezed. She was happy today. New Alderaan always seemed to make her happiest. A wedding was just what everyone needed to be reminded that even in war times, love still persists.

It was happening. The Ithorian was speaking. At first, she swore he was conducting the ceremony in Huttese. Her ears couldn't begin to process his words, for she had become dumb, blind, and deaf in front of her husband-to-be. Elayne prided herself on being a tough woman. It was especially annoying for her that she couldn't stop crying. Dillon looked so handsome today. She embedded the image of him inside of her head so that she might think about it for the rest of forever. She began to zone out further and further. When Doctor Tohan whacked him with the walking stick, she blinked. Oh! She was still at the ceremony!

The commitment Dillon gave her floored her. It was that moment that she realized he didn't view her as a curse, or a little black cloud of doom in his life. Dillon had agreed to marry her knowing that she wasn't like other women. In her mind, her list of flaws was infinitely longer than her list of positive qualities. In all her years, she never expected to find someone quite like him. Dillon silenced the voices in her head. Dillon made it easier to sleep; easier to *live*. There was still a pause between Doctor Tohan's words and Elayne's answer. The pause was short enough that she avoided getting hit herself. "I do." She smiled. She stepped closer to him. She knew what was coming next.

Dillon shed a single tear as he heard Elayne speak two simple words that signified they were one. With prodding from Pilaq he moved quickly to kiss her, lest the Ithorian grow impatient and whack him again. He placed his hand upon the side of her face, caressing her skin, before leaning in to place a kiss upon her tender lips. They had done it. They were married. There was tumultuous applause, but all he heard was the beating of his wife's heart. The kiss lingered forever, but when it did break his eyes opened and he looked upon his wife for the first time. "I love you, my wife," he said, for the first time ever, but it would not be the last.

She watched him lean in. Slowly, the distance between them melted away to nothingness. There was a happiness in her heart that was greater than anything else she had ever felt. When their lips met, slowly and tenderly, Elayne's future aligned. With her eyes close, she kissed him forever. Her mind played forth a happy video from what *she* hoped to be their future. Behind her eyes, she clearly watched Dillon playing pilots with a child perched upon his shoulders wearing his helmet. The next time her eyes opened, she found another dream: Dillon. Her lips quivered. Her eyes continued to fill with tears. "I love you, my husband." The word ‘husband' felt good to say. Dillon was a man deserving of such a title for he had rapidly stolen her heart.
Overcome with emotion, Elayne pressed in for a second kiss.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," Pilaq declared, but neither of them heard me as they both went right for the kiss. The kiss went on longer than advisable, and he began to move his walking stick between them to forcibly separate them, but fortunately the kiss broke first. "Congratulations, but should you impregnate her do not contact me," he said, before he began walking, between them, to move towards the reception where he could savage the buffet. His work was done for the day.

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