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Alice Bee, Geoff Elder, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:26) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila (Hanna City: Power station and Warehouse district).
Governor Grandon Holleck (death), Ashori Monoceros, Major Elayne Passik, Flight Captain Sienala Pavo, and Captain Dagon Tong.

Governor Grandon Holleck was reviewing the defeat of the Imperial Navy's systems force that was supposed to be keeping Rebel reinforcements from reaching the surface of the Chandrila. "Well. Let it never be said the Imperial Navy is capable of defeating this rabble alone," he condescendingly said to his staff, as he terminated the report on his terminal. "It seems, General, that the task will be now up to the Imperial Army. Let us hope you fair better than the *late* Admiral Phelps," he said, as he raised his nose condescendingly. "Show me what precautions you have taken," he ordered, before moving from the Imperial garrison towards the waiting Imperial Troop Transport. As he entered the transport with his squad of Stormtroopers the vehicle began moving through Hanna City, which was now occupied by two entire Imperial Army corps. "Impressive force, but the Rebel commandos are too small for these units. A more precise unit is needed," he informed them, as they reached the security checkpoint at the city's eastern border. Exiting the speeder he began checking over the defensives and the security scanners. As he looked up at the massive Imperial AT-AT he expected more likely he would face improvised forces than a tank.

Dagon Tong sat in the hide he had built rather quickly, choosing the location due to intelligence provided from various Rebel sympathizers on Chandrila, who seem to have been embolden, due to the recent rescue mission he had taken part in, and the success of Rebel Naval forces. With the death of Admiral Phelps, it left the system with only two senior level command personalities, the Imperial Army General, and the Governor. Dagon intended to remove Governor Holleck today. He faced a difficult shot to make that happen, as the Governor wouldn't be making any static speeches, so he could not simply shoot a loophole, which stressed planning and proper marksmanship fundamentals to a point that most shooters did not attempt them, but it aided greatly in disguising the location of the shooter. Instead he had to cut a single loop hole in a wall of the 3rd floor of the building, which would mean that the Storm Troopers responding would know almost instantly which building to search, even if they didn't see the actual flight path of the laser bolt in detail. He would have preferred to have been back another block, fire a shot through specifically opened windows to make it appear he had been in the first building, but it was too narrow a field of view for a moving target. It meant his exfil would be hasty at best, and probably not the neatest thing he had done in his career. He had already keyed the comlink in his helmet to the frequency of the Rebel Y wing squadron's commander, so that he could order bombing runs as soon as the shot was fired on pre planned targets. In his mercenary armor with full gear, he now laid on a table, the DLT-20A laser rifle set on a bipod as he looked through the five inch wide hole he had cut in the wall in front of him. The laser rifle's optic was focused on a power substation 400 meters away that was central to supplying electricity to the various anti air capabilities in the area, and thus was a prime target for the Rebels, and one that Holleck was scheduled to personally inspect at some point this day.

Major Elayne Passik had been seeing far, *far* too much of Chandrila lately. She was starved for a scene change from the terrible gas mining station that the Rebellion had been hiding out on...but this wasn't exactly what she imagined. There had been little time to rest, or celebrate, after taking out the Victory II-class Star Destroyer that had become one hell of an obstacle for transports. No sooner had she caught her breath did she find herself rounding up the best pilots from each Squadron to aid in creating a diversion once the Governor of Chandrila was killed. It was made to be one hell of a day, and she was in the mood to blow shit up. The Squadron was prepared for Tong's orders as soon as they arrived. Everything was going to go down very rapidly. In order to successfully bring home the Rebels on the surface, her Squadrons were going to need to do a good job. She spoke on an encrypted channel to those she had brought with her. "Hang tight everybody. We'll be feelin' the heat soon. We're waiting, Tong." Elayne reported in.

Commander Xergo had hand selected Ashori Monoceros to aid Dagon in his mission to kill what important authority figures were left on Chandrila. She had the most experience with this kind of mission. It had been a recent change that she'd ended up with Xergo's crew on the Blue Haven. She sat huddled up inside of his tiny hide. Space was limited and far from comfortable. They weren't here to stay, so that was hardly a problem in her mind. Intel on Governor Holleck was only going to get them so far. With the airstrike that had occurred above the planet, the man was in motion. Her X-45 sniper rifle lay on the ground next to her, ready for usage. In between her hands, she held a datapad which was receiving a live feed from a tiny droid scurry about outside of the hide. It offered a clear image of what they were dealing with on the outside. The city was dirty with Storm commandos and troopers alike, but they were all tiny compared to what Ash and Dagon were here for. She caught her first sights of Governor Holleck standing near the AT-AT. "I found him," she reported quietly, adjusted the datapad so he could see too. It wouldn't be much longer for Governor Holleck was within their limited field of vision. Ash rested the datapad down on the ground and grasped her sniper.

"It is a waste of my talents and abilities to Govern a world such as this," Governor Holleck complained bitterly to himself, as he continued his inspection. "While no doubt these walkers will inspire fear in the local population, they'll do nothing but make large targets for the Rebel cell. We might as well paint them red," he commented, as he moved to inspect the power station. He felt somewhat safe in the company of a squad of seasoned Stormtroopers, but he felt targets such as this would draw the attention of the Rebel cell. "We'll need to reinforce here. If they manage to knock out power to this part of the city they'll be able to reach the government quarter unchecked," he commented, as he brought his hand to his chin to study the deployments. The Governor had been given an offensive force designed for ground assault against a sizable enemy force, but they would do nothing to protect small targets spread thin throughout a bustling core worlds city.

The former Imperial Commando almost wanted to thank the Governor and his security detail for their competency. If the man were an idiot, he wouldn't have wanted to check these critical points in any serious way. He wasn't sure who's idea that the AT-AT was, but that wasn't about to deter him. "Mark the AT-AT for the fighters, add it to their priority list." It would be a simple couple of touches on the datapad to let the fighters flying close air support know that they had an additional target. They were far enough away at 400 meters that a plasma bomb wouldn't kill them, but would render the Imperial detail guarding Holleck decimated. Because he didn't have any information as to whether or not the governor was wearing body armor, Dagon was forced to go for the head shot. When he saw the Governor stop to examine the substation in a meaningful way, Dagon let out part of a breath, then ceased to breathe subtly, before he pressed the trigger of the laser rifle evenly and smoothly to the rear. The recoil didn't exactly surprise him so to speak, as marksmanship instructors routinely preach, but he didn't flinch in anticipation, and didn't throw his shot off. He kept the trigger pressed the the rear as part of his follow through on the shot, while he settled his reticle back on target, wanting to visually confirm the hit and positive effect on the target.

Ash quickly picked up her datapad and added the AT-AT to the priority list. It was bound to cause more trouble than it was worth. However, they had the Squadron to back them up. "Done and done." She reported. The visual feed she was watching from the small droid wasn't perfect, but it was enough. The precision shot was his to take...and take it he did. She zoomed the camera close-up on the Governor. The feed became shaky and blurry, but there was no missing what happened once Dagon pulled the trigger. Needless to say, he hit his intended target. She watched the shot collide with the Governor's head in a way that was noteworthy. The man was dead upon impact, and luckily so as his head was no longer pieced together. Fragments of his skulls flew in the opposite direction. A Stormtrooper standing close by was covered in a combination of blood and brain matter. "He's down." There was a slight touch of excitement in her voice. She collected up her rifle but before she could tuck her datapad away, she caught something, or *someone* that was just as important at the Governor to kill. Chaos was breaking out around the Governor's dead body. She could hear the wail of alarms as they sounded off, indicating Rebel attack.

Time was suddenly ticking down, but Ash had spotted the Imperial Army General. She didn't want to leave until he, too, was gone. She dropped the datapad to the ground and moved into position with her sniper rifle on her stomach. She carefully moved the muzzle of the rifle through the small hole in the wall in which she had created for herself. The wailing was ongoing, but all was silent for Ash once she was on her stomach, staring through her scope. Like the Governor, they had no idea what kind of armor he wore, if any at all. It seemed most intelligent to assume he was wearing *something*. Her finger brushed over the trigger of the sniper. The General was a moving target, likely shitting his pants as he suspected he was the next to die ... which he was. The AT-AT came alive the very same moment Ash squeezed the trigger. She didn't have time to see what happened to the General, for the AT-AT began shooting in their general direction. It was time to get going!

As the Governor was moving a laser bolt suddenly impacted his head, virtually obliterating it and killing him instantly. There was a moment where no one knew what had happened, and in that moment the General was struck as well ... destroying Imperial command and control on the planet. "Where did that fire come from?" a Stormtrooper Sergeant cried out, as the troopers began attempting to return fire in the suspected area where the blaster bolts came from. No one was sure what had happened until it was too late, but eventually the massive Imperial walker began to surge forward, firing its massive laser cannons at the structure where the first was suspected of originating. They would destroy the entire building if needed to remove the Rebels responsible for the assassination. The garrison was going on alert, but it would take time to mobilize, and even when they arrived the fast moving, large Imperial units would likely trample over the Rebels sooner than locate them.

He didn't bother to pick up his laser rifle as the storm troopers started to fire on the suspected areas that the snipers might have been hiding. Fortunately, Dagon and Ash were outside of their E-11s' maximum range. But it was small comfort if they were still on the front side of the building when the AT-AT started firing. He quickly slipped off the table, and roughly grabbed the other Rebel, pulling her to her feet as they made for the door. His EE-3 was pulled from its position on his back, loosely slung, around to his front as he sprinted down the hall to the far end of the building. He ignored the turbo lifts, preferring instead to take the emergency stairs. He got the sling of his carbine tightened again, helping to hold it in front of him should he fall and lose his grip on the weapon. Once on the first floor, he led them out the back door, and towards the next building back. The speeder he had staged for their escape was on the other side of that structure, to shield it from view or damage from the initial reaction of the Imperials. As he got outside, he transmitted quickly to the Squadron commander. "Commence bombing runs. Ground element is clear of hide, and primary blast areas." He knew that if not for all the warehouses in the area, finding a hide that wouldn't have resulted in civilian casualties would have been impossible, and he knew the Empire would level the building he'd taken the shot from. He didn't really care about civilian casualties, but he didn't want to listen to the griping and whining by Rebel command.

In an instant, Ash was on her feet and moving. She dropped her sniper on the ground. She had a much more reliable VES-700 Pulse Rifle on her back. However, she needed neither right now. Ash's primary focus was getting to the speeder which would provide an escape for then. The red-haired woman dashed down the emergency stairs as the AT-AT made its way towards the warehouses in attempts to find those who had shot down the General and the Governor. She moved into the ground floor of the final building separating them from escape. It was clear, as many of the other warehouses in the district were. A maze of far too much old machinery was conquered in order to reach the building's back door. She opened it. Before her was the speeder. "So far so good." She whispered, hoping she wasn't summoning bad luck. She jumped on the back of it and awaited Dagon, all the while watching for any Imperial intrusions.

"Copy, copy," Major Passik had heard her orders loud and clear. "Let's blow some shit up! You know what you're looking for. Let's get those asshole AT-ATs taken down. Knave Squadron, concentrate your bombs on the marked power substations. We need to get those things down to get the ground crew out alive. As for the rest of us, keep the Y-wings safe and create maximum damage!" Her X-wing flew over the army base. She immediately targeted an AT-AT and began to shoot at the large bastard's legs.

Sienala was already flying in a holding pattern, avoiding anti-aircraft fire from the surface. Her humming was, as always providing the tempo for her flight. The Knaves under her command maintained position in a delicate folding and unfolding dance of Y-wings. When the order came in for their bombing run, the music of her voice changed and became more aggressive. The tempo increased, there was a drum-like sound from her throat that permeated the comms of her flight. Three of her flight would make runs on the substations, while the other two would support ground forces in their AT-AT busting run. She was timing this for absolute confusion on the part of the Imperials. A staggered run, hummed in a round. S'slavo would provide counterpoint for the AT-AT run and Ysiera would provide counterpoint on the substations attacks. The three of them, humming in a round with differing keys that harmonized like a hive of buzzing insects dedicated to the song of battle guided the flight towards the targets.

The tempo subflight of S'slavo and Ular dipped low in the atmosphere, flying along the nape of Chandrila, following the terrain to avoid sensor contacts. Their payload full of shaped explosives, guided by the signature of AT-AT power plants. Ular held back, staying thirty seconds behind S'slavo. Sienala with the primary flight formed a tight wedge with Sienala being the underpoint of the other two wingwomen. Their payload was a pair of bunker busters each. As though they were a single flight, the two flights reached their target range at the same time. S'slavo fired the full payload at the AT-AT. The missiles flew low and fast, twisting and winding their way over the ground. The bunker busters were dropped, their shaped chassis guiding them directly to the ground, striking the base of the power stations. Then a loop back in a high speed tight turn that required their astromechs to fly for that brief moment. The music of Sienala's humming was all that was needed though to have them fire in their daze and confusion just as Ula fired her payload at the solitary AT-AT. Explosions rocked through the substation, shattering the foundation, weakening it so that the further explosions collapsed the power generators into the foundations. With their payloads deployed, the Knaves flew out of the target zone to fly defense for the ground forces, covering them with aerial support and ground fire.

With the TIE fighters having been called away to reinforce the remaining Imperial ships in orbit, the necessary air support for the AT-AT was not present. As the bombs began to fall the massive walker staggered at first, before its rear compartment exploded in a massive fireball. The remnant of the walk began to keel over, slowly, before toppling into the power substation. The Stormtroopers looked up in horror as they lost their heaviest element in the battle. As the remaining bombs fell upon the power station the area around them suddenly went dark. The darkness began to spread like a virus until the entire quarter of Hanna City was in the dark. As the Imperials had only recently occupied the city they were tied into the local grid and had lost power to their systems as well. In the distance the sound of twin ion engines began to fill the air as the TIE Strikers summoned at the onset of the engagement began to move towards the already destroyed power station. (d)

Once Ash and Dagon had made their way through the inactive factory, and come out the other side where their speeder was waiting, he moved immediately to the passenger seat. He opened the door and slipped in quickly, setting his carbine across his lap as he opened the sunroof, and prepped the flechette launcher he had hidden in the backseat. He had already loaded an anti vehicle round, with several more sitting in an open case that he put at his feet so he could simply stand up in speeder, fire out of the sun roof if the need arose, and sit back down, without the backblast of the launcher killing them just due to heat or overpressure. The anti vehicle launcher wouldn't kill an AT-AT, but it would do plenty of damage to smaller armored vehicles and troop transports. "Ground assets have reached checkpoint 2. En route to final ground checkpoint."

As soon as Dagon was in the speeder, they were off. She had already memorized the low risk route she'd be taking to the warehouse district where their getaway ship was hidden. She could see the X-wings and Y-wings moving in to provide cover far above their heads. In her rear mirror, she could see the AT-AT turn into a flame ball. Well, that was one pain in their rear ends gone. They were quickly growing closer to where their ship was. And so good. Ash had no doubt that both of their targets were goners now. If she had managed to miss the General, then the Squadrons would take care of him. They soon arrived. The speeder came to a sudden, screeching halt near the light freighter. She abandoned the speeder and darted towards the ship. It seemed the whole escape was up to her, and soon she'd find herself strapping in inside of the light freighter. She grabbed its controls and prepared for take off, but didn't immediately lift off the ground. They needed to know that they were safe to pass before they went.

Major Passik said a quiet prayer that the Knave Squadron wouldn't leave her wishing she had brought a spare pair of pants. The Knaves were impressing, but they also typically shaved several years off of her life. She could see everyone working hard on their targets. When they took out the AT-AT, Elayne let out a cheer in her cockpit. "Yes!! Great job, comrades. Let's keep it up." She took Tong's report into consideration. They needed to finish the job and get out. The substations were gone. The AT-AT was a thing of the past. It was now a mass destruction. She checked in with Tong. "Oye, Tong. The substations are out. Get the fuck out of here. I repeat, get the *fuck* out of here." No battle was complete without dogfighting with TIEs. An irritated Elayne shot down a TIE striker riding much too close to a Y-wing. "We're just about done here. Just a little longer." She spoke to her Squadrons, anticipating some time out of the cockpit to stretch her cybernetic prosthetic legs.

"You're clear to start your run out Knave squadron..." Dagon replied over the internal comlink in his helmet as Ash bolted for the freighter. He was about to do the same when an Imperial troop transport pulled into the open area of the landing pad. The troop transport's laser cannons opened up almost immediately, tearing up the ground behind Ash as she sprinted to the cover of their ship. Dagon stood up in speeder, turning his upper body so that he was facing the troop transport. The HUD in his helmet linked with the sights of the flechette launcher, which he settled on the center of the vehicle. As the ramp dropped to offload the contingent of storm troopers that it carried, he depressed the trigger and sent the rocket on its way. As the rocket flew, it reached its arming distance, and suddenly split into numerous smaller rockets that slammed into the side of the armored vehicle and detonated. The effect was instant, the laser cannons falling silent. The troops that had made it out of the interior were thrown to the ground, but not killed. Dagon dropped the launcher, and hopped out of the speeder. He took a half second to bring his EE-3 up, and fire a quick pair of blaster bolts at one of the downed troopers who was laying out in the open, and then himself sprinted to the ramp of their freighter, slapping the close button as soon as he was onboard, and then turned to fire on the storm troopers until the ramp cut off his line of sight, while he called out on the comlink, "Ash, get us in the air now." There would be more troops arriving soon if the vehicle he had just taken out got any transmissions out before he'd destroyed it.

Sienala's hum changed to the Dancer flight's retreat song. Her voice was hopeful but urgent. There was a rolling dance to avoid any stray shots from the incoming TIEs. Each member of the Knaves who had flown in the flight stayed close to formation, and finally, their voices were added to Sienala's. Apparently, they had been given permission to join in the chorus which was being broadcast on a subcarrier as a kind of emotional context to the rest of rebels. There was speed, there was urgency, there was aspiration, all in those five voices that rode through the undercurrent of the attack and retreat. The still provided cover fire for the ships leaving the planet, but it was as though that was secondary to keeping everyone focused.

It seemed like it was going to be a relatively easy day for Dagon and Ash until the troop transport appeared. They were already so close to home. The ship was ready. The airstrike had taken care of all other obstacles. She grabbed her VES-700 pulse rifle from where it hung loosely on her back. She took cover near the ship to ensure their transport didn't go up in flames. She lifted the rifle, but rather than fire, she waited. It was Dagon who took care of this obstacle with his quick thinking. She watched, in awe, as the small rocket collided with the transport and quickly resolved all of their problems. Ash didn't let herself linger long. It was time to get the heck out of there. She soon had the craft off the ground. Like him, she was certain that more visitor would be coming. As a woman who didn't make a great hostess, she wanted out. She focused on piloting the freighter into the skies of Chandrila. The craft shook as they ascended through the atmosphere and finally, *finally* they were free. It was then that Ash found it possible to grin. All the tension she'd been unknowingly holding released. She put Chandrila behind them and quickly added space. "Mission complete..." The girl reached out her hand for a high five. They'd done it.

In the skies, Major Passik was overseeing the retreat of both the Corsair Squadron and the Knave Squadron. Again, the crazy tactics of the Dancers had been effective. She *had* to spend some time with them after she got a few drinks in her system. "Everybody out. You know where we're goin'." The hidden Rebel station was waiting for all of them. She thought of the A-wing pilots who had been left behind for this mission. In some way, she was glad. In others, she just wanted to get back to the crap shack she now called home. At last, she ascended with her fleet. It was over.

Dagon took a moment to disconnect his helmet, and pull it off, setting it down on the console in front of the co-pilot's chair. He lit a cigarra, and ran a hand through his hair to push it back, and wipe some of the sweat away. Only then did he notice that Ash was holding up her hand. "Do you have a question, or just a problem I don't know about?" His gravely voice was quiet, with none of the excitement of someone who had just finished a gun fight and barely escaped an Imperial dragnet.

Her face shrunk. "You weren't stationed on Chandrila that long. You know what a high five looks like, Tong." Ash said sarcastically. She was glad to have gotten out alive, for there had been much tighter missions in her past. When she removed her own helmet, her fiery red hair was sticking to her head from all the sweating she'd done. What a day it had been. "Slap your hand against my hand and pretend you're happy we didn't have to struggle too much to get out." A few more explosions may have been nice. She melted into her seat.

"I wasn't stationed there at all. It was a solid exfil, and not every mission demands you demo entire blocks at a time. If not for the extremely active garrison, I would have preferred to not have to bomb or demo anything. Other planets, they would have been searching for us for weeks and have had no idea where the shot came from. It just wasn't possible here."

You'll all have to forgive Alice. She's a military newbie and still learning from all of you... Ash adjusted in her seat so she was sitting cross-legged facing him. "The planet was far too dirty with Imperials. I'm grateful everything went as smoothly as it did. That AT-AT might have caused some problems for us if it hadn't been taken out immediately." Ash had given up on her high five. Maybe a fist bump would be possible after a few rounds of victory drinks. "Do you know where you're headed to next?"

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