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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:F1:3) in the Naboo system: Naboo (Amaran enclave).
Ni Chaact, Reg Collingwood, and Oola Dulovic

Reg Collingwood opened his eyes, having spent his first night in a real bed in years. He had spent every night aboard the Kima, but this night had past comfortably in the Amaran enclave in the capital city of Theed on Naboo. The room they had was much nicer than he expected to be, and he was surprised with how hospitable the Amaran people had been. Unfortunately, the room had been built for an Amaran, and as a result he had to duck slightly to avoid his head hitting the ceiling. As his eyes opened the first thing he saw was the plush orangeish red fur of Oola's tail and he smiled, noting that she was still there. "Good morning," he said to her with a soft voice, as he stretched, his legs from below the knees hanging off the similarly proportioned Amaran size bed.

Oola was curled up in a semi tight ball, her body was pressed against Reg's as they shared the bed, normally she would have slept on the ground of one of the bed that often felt like she was. The young Amaran found it hard to get any sleep though during the night, she not only found her and birthday, but the fact that her very own mother was a leader of the village before she left for still an unknown reason to Oola, Ni still had not talked to her about her past, and the waiting was driving her more and amore mad. Though once she heard Reg's voice all that seemed to slip back her mind pulling Oola back to the real world, back to him. Looking over her shoulder she smiled sweetly. "Good morning, how did you sleep?" She asked him softly before rolling over to her side facing him her tail under her as it lightly moved against the bed. "I do hope it wasn't to small for you." She said chuckling lightly.

Reg sat up quickly, his head immediately slamming into the roof. "Ow!" he exclaimed, as he quickly flopped back on the bed, raising his hand to rub at the newly developing welt on top of his head. "I slept great," he said to her, through the occasional groan of pain from the knot that was growing beneath his hair. "No ... no it's fine ... really," he said, as he wiggled the end of his legs that were hanging off the edge of the bed. Any place with you is perfect," he told you, happily, as he offered a loving smile in her direction, despite his condition. "And you? How did you sleep?" he asked, sensing she still looked tired, and noting he had felt her tossing and turning throughout most of the night.

Watching Reg sit up she tried to say something but it was to late, seeing him hit his head and fall back on the bed she looked down at him "Stay here, I'll get something for that... Don't move." Oola said squinting her eyes a little as she slowly slipped from the bed to her feet and walked over to a small table. Grabbing a white cotton wash rag that was resting next to a bowl of fresh water Oola dipped it into the water letting the rag soaked up some of the cold liquid that would help with the bump forming on his head. Squeezing the extra water out Oola moved back over to the bed and lightly placed the semi-damp rag on the welt .Smirking down at him she left the rag where it was and looked down at his feet. "Well I didn't sleep very well, so much going on in my mind, guess I have a lot of questions that need to be answered and I can't even get them answered by the one person who knows be better than I do I think." Oola said softly looking at Reg sighing. Hearing a soft tap on the door Oola's ears perked up as she smirked "Ni's here." She said without even needing to ask who it was.

"I can only imagine," Reg said to Oola, as he lay there, on the bed beside her. "I'm sorry you didn't get the answers you hoped for right away," he said to her, before rolling onto his side to look at her directly. His hand reached over towards her sigh, lovingly stroking the fur on her side. Before he could say any more there was the knock at the door, and he quieted down, still not feeling comfortable having private conversations amongst strangers ... even if they seemed nice. He realized Oola's desire to learn more about her family and her species would cause her to let her guard down and more easily trust, so his guard was elevated ... almost the point of paranoia ... as he silently observed the Amaran people.

"I'll be right back. Keep that rag on your head, don't need a lump the side of a rock to show... Other might think I've been doing bad things to you" Oola said as she leaned down kissing his lips softly before she pulled away from him smirking "I love you." the slender fox whispered. Slowly she rose from the bed and walked over to the door, slightly cracking it she seen the ender women standing before her, she was wearing a long blue robe today, attached to one ear was a gold ring that had a chain leading down from one hear across her chest to her other ear. There were small crystals attached to the chain as Ni bowed her head slightly.

Ni started to speak softly "I do hope I did not wake either one of you, and that you both rested well? I know how hard it must be to have your mind full of things and old women like myself not giving you what you seek most, but I think it will be good for you to observe the way of your people. We are rare breed and you should know what off-worlders do to us." She said looking up at Oola, slowly reaching out she handed the young fox a small box "This is for you my dear, something I know you will enjoy greatly, there will be a great fest this morning, I do hope I will see you and your mate there. Though if you wish to look around please feel free to, there are no limits with us, just all we ask is to treat one as you would want to be treated and looked upon, so no steal, and do not fight. We are a peaceful village and we do not associate with the war. Though we often do bring in the hurt and treat their wounds." Ni shook her head slowly "So much has happened." She said softly looking at Oola "Though for now take your time, I will help you later on today." The elder fox said as she smiled sweetly and turned to head the other way.

Oola watched Ni slowly walked off as she looked down at the box in her hand, turning back inside she kept looking down at it while closing the door behind her. "Strange things to give to someone... Should I open it?" She asked Reg softly while heading back to the bed. "I know I shouldn't be so open to them and trust them like I've known them my whole life I understand that. And I know that it's all new to me and that I Can't trust them so easily and I know you are looking out for me my love, I see that and I will take any advice you have to offer me." She said softly laying next ot Reg in bed as she held her hands open with the small box still inside.

Reg watched with some undue apprehension as Ni offered Oola the box, but it was not his place to speak, and he remained silently until Ni left their room. He looked to her with a heavy face, before shifting his focus to the box she was given. "It's just a box. I don't see the harm," he told her, as he sat up more carefully this time, until he arrived next to her. "Though what is inside might be emotionally harmful," he said, before taking his arm and placing it around her waist, drawing her near to him. He held her close, lowering himself until his chin was on her shoulder, and his eyes peered down to look at the box intently, wondering what she would decide.

Oola sighed softly as she looked at the small box in her hand, she didn't know it if was a small bomb, or a trinket left by her mother at some point. She didn't want to open it possible killing Reg and her but she didn't want to leave it and offend Ni in any way. Biting the inside of her cheek Oola reached over and set the box on a small table next to the bed. "I'll leave it here for now, I think it's better things like that remain closed till the right time, and now isn't the time." She said softly nuzzling her head lightly against Reg's as he held her close to him. "Do you wanna look around or do you wanna do other things? I head there are some very interesting distractions I'm able to cause." She teased looking over her shoulder winking playfully at Reg. "I mean I know just what this bag girl does to you." Oola whispered as she rose her tail off the side of the bed and started to fan Reg's face lightly.

"Are you sure you don't want to know?" Reg asked, as she put the box aside, having become quite curious himself now. "Let's look around. I'm getting claustrophobic in this tiny room," he explained to her, as he began to dress himself, which was an incredibly difficult proposition considering he could not even stand up. Once dressed, he moved the small curtain aside to peer out at the enclave, watching the activity that was gone on. "Do you remember any more?" he asked her, as he turned his attention back towards her. He could not imagine what Oola must have been going through ... returning to a forgotten home and a lost family whom she could barely recall.

Nodding her head she smirked "I'm sure, as much as I want to I think it's better right now where it is." She said rising to her feet, walking over to a chest at the end of the bed Oola picked up a long white dress, she sniffed it slightly tilting her head to the side. She never was one for anything long, she was always running so most of her dresses were short and light, this one was heavy. Watching Reg try to get dressed in the tight cramped room she tried her best not to giggle, how hard it must have been for him to even walk around and being able to look over everyone's head. Shaking her own Oola slipped the bottom of the dress over her head, letting it slide down around her feet she slipped her arms into the long sleeves. Strangely as heavy as it looked the dress was rather light. Looking at Reg as he asked the question she shook her head "No, though I wish I could right about now." Oola said softly as he green orbs looked over at the small box Taking a deep breath she sighed softly smiling "Though I have a feeling I will in time."

Reg opened the door to their room, and stepped out into the enclave in daylight for the first time. The brightness of the Naboo sun always caught him unprepared, and he quickly moved to shield his eyes. "So what do you people eat?" he asked, as he moved his hand upon his stomach playfully. "I haven't had a real cooked meal in ages," he explained to her, smiling sweetly at her, as he began to sniff the air for any sign of a restaurant. "We should find some food, and then some more food to take with us on the ship," he explained to her, but then suddenly broke eye contact. It was then he remembered what she said last night ... they would not be leaving for a while. Forcing a smile onto his face, he moved towards the fountain they had shared a kiss by last night. It was much beautiful and vibrant in the sunshine.

Slowly Oola followed Reg out as she looked around, everything to her was still new, brushing a strand of her long red locks behind her ear she smirked "Well I know just the place where you will be able to get your fill." She said walking next to him looking into the water. "Ni said the village will be having a great feast this morning, we should see where that is, maybe you get something to eat." She teased looking around wondering where everyone was. She didn't like an empty village thought she could hear laughter and talking off in the distance, grabbing Reg's hand she pulled him along "This way." Oola said as she lead them to where the rest of the village was, so she lead them to a hillside, below was a clearing near a river, the water was clear blue, the older villagers were sitting down on large pillows made of fine fabric as the youngest of her kind sat and listened to them, the able body kin where setting table's up, the women seemed to cook the food, while the men did the heavy lifting. Looking at Reg she crossed her arms a little "So you make me carry the heavy things while you do the girly stuff." Oola teased as she smirked up at him. Looking back down she seen Ni instructing the workers what to do.

Oola didn't understand her kinds ways yet, thought she didn't even know she even had a kind till the day before, watching some of the others that were straggling behind come running by and down the hill side laughing Oola's ears perked up as she looked at Reg exited "Well shall we or do you want to just stand here?"

"Well I wouldn't want to injure my delicate hands, Oola," Reg said honestly, before reaching out with his hand, to grasp hers. Slowly he moved towards the others, leading her, as he inhaled deeply to take in the smell of the natural air that existed on Naboo, rather than the recycled air that was pumped through the freighter. "This ... this really is lovely," he said to her, as his mind seemed to slowly drift off mid sentence. He was beginning to realize that this would be very hard for Oola to leave ... and he honestly did not think he could blame her. He smiled at Ni in acknowledgment of their presence, but he kept a distance, as he did still did not feel entirely comfortable with the idea of interrupting their feast. He could smell the food, however, and his palette began to moisten in anticipation of the meal. Whatever it was that they ate, it had to be better than the dried meats and biscuits that sustained him on the ship.

Oola smiled as she looked around at everything that was being set up. One of the smaller young Amaran came over to Oola handing her one of the exotic flowers of Naboo's lush greenery, smiling she placed it in her hair watching the child run off to play with the others, Oola could almost remember a time when she was to be that innocent but that all changed quickly for her growing up, slowly she walked around next to Reg as she smiled up at him. "It is rather wonderful here... With you though it's even better then one could hope for." She said softly, soon she looked at a pit with what look to have pig slowly turning over a flame cooking the flesh, a woman walked over with a bowl and a brush, slathering a brown goo over the pig she smiled "It will seal in the flavor. I know your gentleman friend will enjoy it greatly, all the humans do." She said smiling, Oola looked at Reg shrugging arms smirking. Looking over at the river she lightly pulled Reg a long as she looked into the water, she could see large fish swimming in the clear blue water. Her eyes opened wide as she seen it "Oh my!" She had never seen anything quite so large before.

"Oh really? Nothing that large?" Reg quickly shot back, teasing her, in reference to their more intimate moments aboard the ship. He had just had been given the opportunity to avoid the suckling pig, when he had been led away down towards the riverbank. He wanted to shower his attention on her, but he kept turning slightly, to look over her shoulder back towards the food longingly. "Do you ... do you think it's almost ready?" he asked her, as his mind shifted between its two most dominant focuses of thought: food and sex. He wet his lips hungrily, as his nostrils began to flare, sniffing the wafting aroma of the pig as it moved down towards the river. Despite his charm, beneath the flair he was very much the typical Human male.

Oola went to comment back to Reg when she noticed he was looking over where the food was, turning to face him she wanted to test his ability to focus. Since no one was around Oola said smiling "Reg I want you, right now! In the woods!" She said smiling sweetly. Watching him wet his lips she shook her head, it would be an amazement if he actually heard her between the sound his stomach was making, before she could say another word Oola see Ni step up holding her hands above her head.

"My children young and old, new and past we give the great spirit thanks for all they have given us, from the food we eat, to the safety of our homes. We are thankful each and everyone of us for all that is given. We only pray we have earned our keep among the peace of this planet, out of harm's way, the wars that rage, and the ones who only cause more terror than good, we give thanks for all that we have here today." Ni said as she bowed her head.

Oola watched as the villagers gathered around Ni listening to her, the way the elder spoke was something she almost could remember but wasn't sure, seeing everyone bow their heads as Ni did Oola didn't know what to do as she stood next to Reg, she didn't belong there with them though, she had not done anything good or worthwhile for the people of the village or the spirits they thanked. Soon she seen Ni raise her head up.

"Let us feast, for this is a joyous day of laughter, of times that where one lost to us, for journeys starting or just coming to an end." Ni announced as she made her way to the end of a table and took she place on a large pillow.

Soon the villagers started to place different kinds of food on the tables along with plates, they seemed so happy to Oola who no matter where she was to go would somehow stick out not knowing anything of the culture. Thought she was happy just to be he here with Reg, smiling up at him she laughed "Come on hungry body let's get you something to eat before you start having a hunger fit." Oola said walking towards the tables.

Forcing Reg to choose between sex and food was one of the most difficult choices he had to make in his life. His eyes darted between Oola and the food, the food and Oola, in rapid succession until his brain nearly exploded. "I ... uh ... I..." he stammered, unable to make a decision, when Ni saved him with her prayer. He did not understand their customs or ways, so he simply held Oola's hand, and bowed his head, listening quietly. When the prayer was over and he had Oola's permission, he began to move towards the tables with all the eagerness and excitement of the young ones in the village. "Hurry before they eat it all," he said, nervously, before looking over his shoulder at her. He was pulling her now, as he began to run towards the tables, the smell growing in strength and deliciousness with each step. There was a look of relief on his face when he reached the food, and he immediately set to work piling twice the portions the others had taken onto a plate. He felt justified, however, as he was twice the size of some of the Amarans present.

Oola felt her body being tugged by Reg as he started to run towards the tables "Reg, I doubt they will run out." she was finding it hard to keep up with his running for Reg's legs were longer than her own, Oola had to jump and skip half the time till they reached the table, watching him gather the food onto his plate she looked rather embarrassed as he gathered extra helpings, though they had barely anything to eat, it was good that he was able to get what his body needed here. Grabbing small helpings as the rest of the village started to eat, sitting down Oola picked at her food slowly enjoying the taste though it was a feast she still was not used to the food around her, she was to used to her life with the Hutt, looking up Oola noticed that each villager had a special pendent around their neck, some looked the same while other different though it was almost as if the pendants where symbols for a family, thinking back on the box back in the room Oola wondered it that was what was inside. It was a possibility but she was still very weary, looking next oher at Reg she watched him eat, how could he eat so much? So fast and still breath?"

Reg ate his food a bit too quickly, and nearly choked on a piece of the pork, as he was sucking down entire chunks at a time. He took a break from eating and noticed that a number of the Amaran were looking at him, but not because he was a Human, but because of the obnoxious way he ate the food. Realizing he was misbehaving and not endearing himself to her people, he tempered himself and began to eat the food more slowly. "It is very good," he said, as he finished the meal before all of the others, despite the fact he had twice as much food. When it was done a small, uncivilized burp escaped his lips, which he quickly covered with his hand. "I'm sorry," he said, sheepishly, with an embarrassed blush, as he waited for Oola to finish her meal.

Oola seemed to in another world not as she started to think on the box again, she wanted to know if it was true if she had a pendent waiting for her as well. Not realizing that several of the villagers were watching her till they started whispering about her she pinned her ears down, it wasn't enough everyone else talked about her now her own kind, thought she couldn't be mad at them she was the daughter of a leader or at least use to be a leader of the village. Hearing Reg's burp Oola looked at him "Reg!" She said embarrassed with him even shaking her head as she laughed lightly, soon others started to laugh with her, it seemed wrong but after all they have been though it was good to laugh, they had nearly died so many times in the short week they had been together that it fell good to leg it out and enjoy herself, finishing her food Oola looked around and listened to the rest of the village talk to one another, it was odd but she enjoyed it.

Reg leaned back on one of the pillows, laying up happily at the clouds in the sky as he digested his food. He let out a contented sigh, feeling a wave of relaxation come over him, as he savored the time away from the life of smuggling he had become lost in over the last decade. Maybe he could get used to a life here among the Amarans, but could he ever give up his love of space travel? Some of the younger, teenaged Amaran, who had never been that close to a Human before were watching him, whispering to one another, and giggling. Hearing this, Reg offered a polite little wave in their direction, oblivious to what they were talking about. He then rolled over onto his side to look up at her, smiling happily. "So do you people eat dessert?" he asked, arching his eyebrow and then winking at her.

Oola looked down at Reg as she listened to him start to flirt playfully with the young teens she did have a tendency to get rather jealous but this time with reason, grabbing a cup of water she brought it to her lips taking a slip, all the while her free hand slowly moved along under the table till she paced her hand onto his lap, Sinking her claws into Regs tight she acted as if nothing was happening. Setting her cup down Oola smiled sweetly as she watched what looked to be rolls with a white dust on top of them on a large tray. The younglings seemed to get very excited when they were started to be passed around as they bounced smiling and clapping. Oola didn't know what was happening as she looked at a women next to here "What are those?" She asked softly, the woman smiled as she spoke softly "Those would be Powdered Christophsian sugar donut." She said smiling at the large tray was brought down towards them. Oola was looking at the treat as she watched the women take two and pass the tray to her, taking one herself she passed it down.

At first when Oola's hand moved to his thigh he thought she had a different kind of dessert in mind, but when the claws came out the very notion of such an act escaped him, and he nearly leapt up. An incredibly pained expression came over his face, and it took every piece of resolve that he had not to cry out in pain. "What ... what did I do?" he asked her, as he finally exhaled a breath after the initial surge of pain. Despite the fact he was in agony, he could not pass up the sugary goodness of the donuts that were being passed around. Excitedly, he reached for one, and swallowed it whole in one bite, without tasting it, and then slid his tongue out to lick the remnants of the power off his lips.

Oola had taken a small bite of the sweet, never having one before it was rather too much for her as she looked at Reg place on in his mouth and swallow it whole. Where on earth was he putting it all? How could he even fit it into his mouth, looking at him she sighed "I should face it, every time were invited to dinner or something you're going to eat before everyone else?" She said looking at the sweet "here, it's too much for me, hurts my teeth." Oola said handing Reg the donut, looking over her shoulder she seen Ni stand up and slowly head off back to the village, looking at Reg she smirked "I'll be right back, enjoy the food." She said quickly kissing his cheek before she hopped to her feet and ran after Ni. She couldn't wait any more, if Oola was going to get answers it would have to be *now*.

Reg was beginning to realize that he was embarrassing her with his table manners, and so when she offered him the remnants of her donut, he decided he would eat it daintily. When she left him to go and check on Ni, he decided to stay behind, instead sitting silently in the distance as he watched from afar. He hoped she would find the answers she was looking for, but no matter how much she reassured him, he was worried she might prefer being among her people in this idyllic place than traveling the galaxy in old freighter running illegal products for petty crime lords. He lifted his arms, unleashing a soft groan of pleasure, as he performed his after dinner stretch. If he were alone aboard the freighter, he would undo his pants, but he realized that if he did that there Oola was likely to draw her claws on something more significant than his thigh.

It didn't take Oola long to catch up with the elder fox. "Ni please no more games, not more distractions, we're a lone now, I want to know what you have to tell me. I have the right to know who I am!" She demanded of the fox, she didn't mean to sound so harsh but often times there were times where it was needed the most. She looked at the elder as she waited to hear what Ni had to say.

Ni looked at Oola nodding. "You are right you do have the right to know." WIth a heavy sigh Ni looked at the village as she spoke "Your mother was the daughter of the chief of the village, she was the one who would take his place when he passed but she did not wish for such a life, when there were more elders then there are now we begged he to consider and take her place." Ni said softly looking at Oola. "Your mother was a brave woman thought, she had fire in her heart, she was quick on her feet. The life of a priests was not for her, she didn't want to be here all her life, she wanted to see the stars, to see placed we could only hear in stories."

Ni fell quiet for a moment as she looked at her walking stick "She often would speak to me about her dreams as a child, the way she wanted to see far off planets, and as you can tell my dear we don't go off world, we don't see the need to, but your mother." Ni said looking at the young girl nodding "your mother needed to see it for herself. She needed to see thing that others would never see. I will never see." She said placing a hand on Oola's soft cheek. "When she met your father she fell in love in a heartbeat, there was no greater love than the one they shared." Ni smiled warmly "When she found out she was going to have you the village was in an uproar, they were so excited to see the daughter of the first."

Oola looked at Ni confused. "The first? The first what?" She asked softly tilting her head to the side.

Ni spoke "Daughter, there was never a girl to take the line of the throne, your mother was the first! She was the first girl."

Oola looked at Ni gasping, she wasn't just any Amaran she as the great granddaughter of the chief, her mother was... Royalty. Looking over her shoulder at Reg she started to feel light headed, she could understand now why her mother left why she only remember bits of Naboo, thought for her to be royalty to a village, it was rather frightening for Oola.

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