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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:19) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Sea Islands: Claudius Rodney's retreat).
Commander Dillon Hobbes and Major Elayne Hobbes.

"It sure was nice for Mug and Iyah to contact their family about a honeymoon for us," Commander Dillon Hobbes said, as he walked across Claudius and Sierra's retreat in the Sea Islands. Because it was a protective wildlife refuge with access granted only to members of the House of Rodney it was very likely that the Empire would bother them here. As he sat in a chair around the circular hole in the floor that led to the sea and the ceiling that led to the sky he sipped at his tropical drink and tried to enjoy himself. "It's good to be a Duke," he said, as he took a sip from his tropical drink, causing a loud *slurping* sound. With a Delayan sea cow popping its head occasionally through the hole in the floor he felt as if he was a galaxy away from the war. It truly was paradise and a fitting honeymoon for him and his new bride.

Major Elayne *Hobbes* had been more than a little shocked when Iyah's family had extended an invitation to vacation on the Delayan Sea Islands for their honeymoon. She had no complaints about getting away from the stinky, poor living conditions that was the Ringali Station. Dillon wouldn't even be able to carry her across into the threshold because the door frame wasn't wide enough. He'd smack her head on the wall. Instead, Elayne was soaking up *sun*. Real, warm rays of sunlight pelted down on her pale body as she sat back in her chair. "It really fuckin' was. I wasn't expecting anything like this either. Don't get used to the bed. There's no way we could ever afford that on our income." Elayne laughed happily. She was in a good mood. She had even, much more boldly than ever, opted to wear a bikini. She shifted onto her side to look at Dillon. "I think eloping was the best idea I've ever had."

"I suppose we couldn't appropriate the bed for military necessity and take it back to the station?" Dillon asked, as he pulled down his glareshades to look at her with his own eyes. "Yes. That dirty, dank station is no place for a wedding," he said, as he sat up to look at her affectionately. "And, who knows, maybe they'll win the war without us while we're away," he said, with a soft chuckle, as he leaned over to place a kiss upon her. "I can't believe we're married. I'm so lucky to have you. You're going to get me through this war," he told her, as he left his hand upon her face, clutching it, as if he was afraid to let go. "I love you," he said, for the 1000th time that day. The smile that formed upon her face when he saw her at the wedding had yet to leave his face. Beneath him there was a snort of water as one of the Delayan sea cows breached the surface.

She looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded her head. "I don't see why not... We just gotta sneak the bed in. If someone else sees us with it, they'll want to fight us for it." The wedding on New Aldera had been perfect. For them, as for many others, it was a place of new beginnings. Elayne felt most hopeful when they were there. "That'd be a dream come true. We could run back to our cute blue house and start working on making that family you want so bad." Elayne teased, but the time spent with the Squibs in the dessert room had swayed her onto his side. Doctor Tohan's sassy words at the wedding had made her laugh so hard. She didn't know the old man well, but if he was still around when it did happen, she'd go see him just to catch some more of his sass.

Elayne kissed him sweetly. Since the wedding, her normally hard exterior had opened up. Her emotions reached the surface in a truly raw way that she could only show to Dillon. Her lower lip quivered as he spoke the sweetest words she had ever heard. He felt *lucky* to have her; the ol' banged up, PTSD stricken piece of work. She slowly rose from her seat. She let his hand guide her to his body where she settled in on top of him. "I love you," she said, looking him in the eyes. "The feeling is mutual. I'm so lucky to have you. You make every day easier for me. I'm happy that we got married. I feel like finally, you can begin to understand just how much I love you." She stole another kiss from him.

Dillon was just about to respond to Elayne's comments when suddenly the sea cow lunged from the hole, bit onto his loose fitting island shirt, and dragged him into the hole. "Elayne!" he screamed, in a panic-stricken voice, as he was pulled from his chair. There was a loud *splash* as he was dragged under the water, where he found himself surrounded by sea cows. He finally managed to get back above the surface of the water, inside of the aquatic house, spitting up salt water and gasping for air. "Someone wants to play," he said, jokingly, but he was clearly annoyed as the sea cows breached the surface, also, and began to nuzzle him. Since the Rodney family had to abandon their home in the sea islands the aquatic life had not been getting the attention they had been used to.

"Shit!" Elayne yelled as Dillon was pulled under by a 'vicious' Delayan sea cow. "Back, I say! Back!" She reached towards him to help pull him away from the playful sea cow. A small crowd of sea cows had gathered to examine the new visitors. Elayne settled down at the hole in the floor which opened into the ocean. Slowly, she brought her legs into the water. Immediately, the very same sea cow who had nabbed Dillon came swimming towards her. "Uh," she said, placing a hand on the top of the creature's head. She began to pet it. "I... I have never been good with animals." She told both her husband and the sea cow. "When I was a little girl, my mom took me to a carnival. I played some games and I won a lizard crab. It was the coolest pet. It would sit on my shoulder and scare the shit out of my mom." She laughed. "It was a short love affair. 48 hours later, Cuddlebug met his maker. No one ever told me about how terribly unhealthy carnival animals are."

Dillon climbed out of the hole with help from his *wife* and sat on the edge of the hole, letting his legs dangle into the warm, tropical waters. "I'm sorry about Cuddlebug," he said, as he wrapped his arms around his wife, and placed a kiss upon her cheek. It seemed the sea cows were not going to let them have the private honeymoon that both of them needed. "I wonder if this thing has a retractable cover," he asked, terrible, as he considered sealing the hole and denying the sea cows access to them. "They did mention this was a wildlife refuge. I guess we can't be too annoyed that some wildlife actually showed up," he commented, as he put on a smile and looked to her. Then suddenly, without warning, he was hit. "Gaah!" he screamed, as a thranta had landed on the rim of the open roof and proceeded to defecate directly above him. It hit him square on the head and on the shoulder. It smelled awful and looked worse.

She smiled at his sincerity. She was over Cuddlebug, regardless, she appreciated him. Her arms wrapped around him and give him a quick tight squeeze. The sea cows continuously brushed against her legs. They reminded her that they were *watching*. "That's true. I didn't think the wildlife would be so. . . friendly. These sea cows would come to dinner with us if we asked." She reached out, running her hand along another one of the creatures. The wildlife was fun until it wasn't. A thranta took the party to the next level when it landed and proceeded to defecate on her husband. Elayne frowned, but was also grateful it hadn't happened to her. She would have experienced an embarrassing break down over it. "Oh man. Seriously?!" She yelled up at the thranta. It looked as proud as a peacock. The smell drove Elayne to rise and push Dillon towards the closest shower. "Well, there goes my libido. Thanks, thranta." She grumbled. When she looked behind her shoulder, she could see that three of the sea cows were longingly watching them leave. "Dillon, wave goodbye to your adoring fans."

Dillon did not need much in the way of encouragement from Elayne to get in the refresher after the thranta pooped on him. He waved goodbye to the trio of sea cows before moving off into the refresher with his wife. He stripped off the shirt and dumped it into the refuse, with the tag reading Property of Claudius Rodney still visible. "Well, he *is* a Grand Moff. Surely he won't miss *one* shirt," he said to his wife, as he moved to begin to activate the water in the shower. "Hopefully there's not a nerf skulking about in here," he asked her, before he cautiously opened the hamper. Convinced that they were secure, he removed his borrowed swim trunks, and stepped into the shower.

She laughed. "Yeah! I doubt it! We saw his closet. There's plenty more where that came from." While Dillon had taken from Claudius Rodney's clothing, Elayne had been forced to use that of Sierra Rodney. The swimsuit was ill fitting on her, especially in the rear end. She perched herself on the closed toilet seat and crossed one leg over the other. "Let me know when the essence of thranta is off of you and I'll join you." She reached behind her back to untie the laces of her top. "I bet he wouldn't miss the bed know..." Elayne liked the bed. It was one of the first things they had used in the house. "Thank goodness the sea cows can't follow us in here. They really looked like they wanted to try to!"

"Hey. That nutty old Ithorian said we had to stand with one another through all things ... that includes thranta shit!" DIllon said, before he playfully reached out and dragged her into the shower. Fortunately, after a few moments in the shower he was beginning to smell normal. Well, better than normal as he was often in a sweaty flightsuit on a cramped space station with scant access to running, hot water. To him this shower was one of the highlights of the honeymoon so far. "No. He won't miss the bed. He'd probably blame his brother anyway," he teased her, as he began scrubbing himself. "Don't say that. For all we know they can open doors," he said, as he watched the refresher door for any sign of movement.

"Hey! No! Let go of me!" She playfully fought against him before succumbing to him and joining him in the shower. She slipped off her bikini bottoms and threw them in the refresher's abyss. She had no respect for a Grand Moff, and thus she had no respect for anything belonging to him or his family. "Oh my. The water is *so* warm!" Elayne had made the statement tons of times yet it was still novel for her. The showers they shared together were cramped and cold. By the time she emerged from the shower in their room, she felt worse than when they entered. Here, there seemed to be endless space. Of course, Elayne still decided to stay within the personal bubble of her husband. "Okay. Our wedding present to each other is that bed. We're takin' that thing back and we're gonna use it!" She stepped up behind him. Elayne nuzzled herself against his back. "Why you gotta say that? When I wake up in the middle of the night with bad dreams of sea cows trying to kill us, I'm going to wake *you* up." She nipped at the back of his neck. "Dillon... The sea cows are coming.." She whispered.

"If we really do take the bed I'll be too sound asleep for you to wake me up," Dillon boasted, as she came up behind him. But then she bit him and told him the sea cows were coming, causing him to yelp and jump up in the shower. "Not nice!" he said, as he reached forward and took hold of one of Sierra's expensive loofah sponges. He turned around, and rubbed it playfully in her face, while laughing. "Two can play this game," he said, before he removed the sponge, and quickly moved his face in to place a kiss upon her lips. He surged forward until her back was against the shower wall with the warm water cascading down upon them.

She giggled. "Oh *noooo*. Not the dread loofah sponge!" She tried to get away from him but there wasn't *that* much room in the shower. "Ahhhhhh!" She screamed. Everything melted away in that moment in the shower. Elayne was able to live carefree. She looked so happy. She owed Dillon for all the happiness he had given her. She dropped her defenses and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips danced with his. Her tongue made the short trip into his mouth where she continued to initiate. They had utilized the shower for certain activities before, but it was even better when the water wasn't painfully cold. Her body was hot. The water was hot. Dillon was hot. "Commander," she gasped. Her dark eyes sparkled. "What *arreee* you doing?" Elayne continued to be playful with him. He had her pinned right now. Her back was against the wall. She lifted her foot and sat it down upon the lip of the shower. Her hips continued the trouble her lips had started by dancing against his.

"No ranks here, Elayne. We're on leave," Dillon informed her, with a confident smirk, as he pressed his lips forcefully against hers. He nibbled at her bottom lip playfully, as he pressed her more firmly into the wall.

"I'm locked on target," he said, as he spun her around so now that her chest was facing the wall. "I'm going in," he whispered in her ear. If he was not holding onto her the pleasurable sensations would have brought him to his knees.

Her heart beat began to pump much more quickly. His words did much to tease her. She anticipated him entering her. Her hands pressed into the shower wall. He always hit his targets. She sucked in a deep breath. "Dillon!" Familiar, wonderfully blissful feelings filled her. The pleasure started in her lower half, then spread all over her body. "I love you so much." She groaned. He brought her even closer to all those raw emotions rising inside of her. Her back arched as she angled herself against the wall. Elayne had forgotten all of her self doubt. When they were like this, it was impossible to deny how Dillon felt and how accepting he was of her body.

"Thank you for marrying me," Dillon said to her, as he moved one of his hands up to the back of her head, where he grabbed her hair forcefully. He was so hot that if the water were not crashing down upon him he worried he would burn up. He lowered his head and began to kiss at her neck before biting at her earlobe.

She smiled, "Thank you for marrying me." During the long, difficult war, Elayne had found someone to make every aspect of her life better. If she died in the next mission, she would die *happy*. Her head jerked back. There was no one else to worry about here. She didn't have to think about the cadet in the room next door listening to the Commander and Major enjoy each other. "Me too. Thank goodness they can't open doors." She snickered. He closed what little gap existed between them. Her smooth back settled into his chest. "Mmm... I'm also glad I get to do this with you for the rest of my life." His heat was contagious. Her body felt so hot. Natural reactions were beginning to rise inside of her. Even her cybernetic legs had become weak.

"The rest of your life? I'm going to need to start taking Auntie Mae's vitamins," Dillon teased her, as he placed his lips back upon her lips. He was becoming breathless, his cheeks were flushing red ... both sets, and he was beginning to sweat profusely. Thankfully the warm water splashing down upon them was immediately cleansing him. "Emergency landing!" he cried out, as he crashed into the shower floor, his body still trembling, with the water falling down upon him like a light rain.

She snickered. "I heard the gummy vitamins are good." Her eyes slammed shut. The entirety of her body was shaking. "Dillon!" She wasn't going to make it much longer. Thankfully, she didn't have to. Her fake legs were good, but not *that* good. "Uh oh!" Down they fell to the shower floor. Elayne crashed on top of Dillon. She began to laugh happily underneath the shower water. Her arms moved around him. "I love you." She pressed her ear against his chest to listen to the quickened beating of his heart. "I love you so much."

"I love you too ... now help me off this floor!" Dillon insisted, as he reached above them in an attempt to turn the water off, but unfortunately instead of turning the water off he simply adjusted the temperature to cold. "Ahh!" he screamed, as the cold water began to crash down upon them. "Turn it off! Turn it off!" he pleaded, as his hand haphazardly hit the controls until the water eventually stopped. With that crisis abated he began to get back onto his feet, moving to take hold of the towels with the ornately embroidered 'C' and 'S' upon it. "Nice towels. High thread count," he said, a she tossed her the 'S' towel, and began to dry himself. "And robes too? Don't mind if I do, Governor," he said, as he slid into the lavish, terrycloth robe, and then moved over towards Elayne with the matching woman's robe. "Can we take these too?" he teased her, before starting to smirk. It was better than staying at the finest resort on Corellia.

"Ahhh! Noooo!" She screamed as cold water rained down on her. It was *miserable*! It stopped soon thereafter. "That was horrible!" She shrieked, rising to her feet and quickly getting out of the shower before a second wave of cold water could find her. Elayne caught the towel. "Wow. Look!" She said, turning the towel towards him so he could see the embroidered lettering. "Dillon, I think we're fighting for the wrong side. They get embroidered towels and robes!" She was kidding, of course. She tried her body off with what felt like clouds. She hung up her towel and let Dillon help her put on the soft robe. "Wow! Hell yeah we're taking these! We can have the 'C' and 'S' removed and a 'D' and 'E' added. Good as new!" She took his hand and led him towards the bedroom where the most comfiest bed ever awaited them.

"Do you think we can afford embroidery?" Dillon asked, as he followed her into the bedroom. The floor was transparisteel allowing them a view of the lush aquatic life taking up residence beneath the retreat. Even the sea cows were visible. "How about 'C' stands for cool," he said, as he struck a pose and pointed at the 'C' on his robe. "...and 'S' stands for sexy," he added, as he slapped her on the bum, and climbed onto the much too comfortable bed. "Oh no wonder we're beating them. They probably just lay in bed all day," he said, as he outstretched his arms and spread out. There were more pillows than craft in his squadron.

"Hm... Where do you even buy embroidery?" Elayne laughed. She had to admit, whoever had created the home had good taste. She thought it was cool how the floor was transparisteel, though slightly less cool when Dillon's adoring fans decided to follow them to the bedroom. It gave her the impression that they were being watched by cute little sea cows. She began to laugh again while he explained the new meanings of the embroidered lettering. "Okay! We'll take them, Mr. Cool." She dove into the bed then ducked beneath the covers. "Oh. My. Germanicus!" Elayne spread herself out on the bed like a starfish and let out a deflating sigh. After leaving Ringali Station to marry Dillon, Elayne found herself feeling better and better. Her mind had become so fractured during the war. As much as she liked being in the pit of her starfighter, she had a growing suspicion that it was doing damage too. This last assault on Rhire had really struck her in the middle of her chest. Her frozen heart had only recently thawed at Dillon's sweet persuasion. When something happened to compromise the love that she shared with him, Elayne crumbled. Her head turned. The playfulness escaped from the Major. She reached out to his hand, grasping it and sliding her fingers in between his.

"I love you. Thank you for marrying me." She tilted her chin towards him with a surprisingly large grin on her face. It seemed that her years were rapidly melting off of her. She felt youthful. She felt *alive*.

"It's going to be really hard readjusting to life on the station again after this," Dillon said, with a deep sigh, as he snuggled into his wife. "There isn't even an Auntie Mae's on there," he said, as he offered her a fake frown. "The one good part of the station is the lack of wildlife. Even now the sea cows are somewhere beneath us ... lurking... waiting," he said, as he leaned over to place a kiss upon her. It was a wonderful thing for the veteran pilot to have at a moment like this, after years of hardship on the front lines of the galactic civil war. He had gone from raw pilot on Fest all the way to squadron leader, and during the years had never thought what he was now experiencing would be possible. Truthfully he did not even think it would be possible for the Rebellion to win the war. He never thought he would see peace like this. Even if he only had it for a few days it was better than not having it at all.

"...Waiting to kill us..." Elayne added as she peered out over the edge of the bed. Sure enough, there was the trio of sea cows. She slunk back into the bed to hide away from them, happily receiving the kiss from him. "Awww. I will take you to get a triple scoop from Auntie Mae's before we leave." Elayne promised him. She grabbed the high thread count blankets and tucked them in. Her body linger close to his. She would cherish these days for the rest of her life. Even though war surrounded them, they were able to take some time away to enjoy each other and remember why they continued to fight. Her arms wrapped around him tightly. "I love you. Promise you'll protect me from the sea cows while I sleep. I don't want to die from being slowly consumed by a sea cow."

"They make it in a triple now? I don't know, I might not fit back in the cockpit," Dillon said, as he reached down to rub his belly. He had never eaten so much as he had these past few days. Gone were the military rations, replaced with hearty, home cooking. Even before the war he had never eaten as well as he had on their honeymoon. "I love you too. Of course I promise to protect you from the sea cows," he told her, before leaning over to place a tender kiss upon her lips. "Maybe we could put blasters upon their head and send them into battle against the Empire," he suggested, as the kiss broke, and he began to consider their usefulness. "Sea cows with freaking blasters on them..." he said, verbally theorizing his master stroke against the Empire.

Elayne laughed hard. "I'm going to draw that when I get back to the station... Something tells me sea cows with blasters would have better aim than Stormtroopers. You know, we could eat the triple, then fast for like three days straight. I wouldn't want my *lovely* orange jumpsuit to be too tight." Her fingers ran over his chest slowly. She was still in awe of all the recent events in her life that resulted in him agreeing to marry her, and then going through with it. She hoped the Rebels won the war just so she could give him one hell of a life afterward. "Go sleepy with me!" She said, pulling him down into the nest of comfortable blankets. "I can guarantee that I'm going to be out for *at least* sixteen hours thanks to the comfort of this bed...but don't worry, I'm still alive."

"Whenever I eat Auntie Mae's I never get full. It's like there's some secret additive in there that makes me hungrier. I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be some ISB plot," Dillon complained, before being dragged off to sleep by his *wife*. "Yes, Major," he said, before bringing his hand up to his temple in a mock salute. Even if she was not his wing commander she was still his wife and orders had to be obeyed either way. His arms wrapped around her as tight as the harness in the cockpit of their craft, and he closed his eyes to begin to dream about a future when their life was *always* like this rather than it being just a brief respite from war.

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