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Christopher Levy, Sarah Riggs-Shute, and Matt Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:15) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Doctor Cole Shuura, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, and Flight Captain Randi Trainor.

Doctor Pilaq Tohan stood silently as he observed Major Kerrie Kiley in the confines of her bacta tank, still unconscious and in need of greater recovery time. As one of his medical droids updated her vitals, his large, bulbous eyes blinked several times as he studied the numbers. She was improving, but not at the rate he had hoped, and expected it would still take quite some time before he could risk moving her from the tank to a proper bed. His thoughts dwelled on his friend, Grand Moff Rodney, and wished he had more time to spend with the man who had not been seen since his daughter's defection. And then there was the young Lady Jelena herself, a child who he had delivered, and who he had spent the entirety of her life with. Where was she? Was she hurt? Was she afraid? The world that he had come to know so well and accept was now turned upside down, and all he could do was focus on his skills as a physician to fix this broken woman ... but he knew the emotional and psychological damage could not be so easily fixed.

It had been several days since last the Inquisitor heard any word on Major Kiley's condition and she was more than a little curious on the progress Doctor Tohan may have made regarding her recovery. Serine was convinced that her intervention had saved Kerrie's life, and since it was the origins of many other issues and problems she was now facing, it would be all be worth nothing if Kerrie would succumb to death *now*. Thus Serine decided to visit the medical bay and ascertain the situation and make certain that at least something worthwhile would come of her sacrifice and current ... lightside afflicted dilemmas. She had also taken a mental note that the numerous holo requests for counseling she continuously received from Dr. Shuura were also absent for days, suggesting that he must also currently be bedridden. The doors leading into medical opened allowing the Inquisitor to march inside with purpose. She did not want to waste too much time in here, and she figured that Doctor Tohan was at least adequately stabilizing his patients. Eyes quickly locked onto the bacta tank and without any formalities, she would question the doctor immediately. "What is Major Kiley's status?" Said quickly with a clear objective.

Doctor Tohan used his walking stick to enable him to pivot to face the brash young Inquisitor, his eyes studying her intently with equal parts concern and disgust. "Kerrie will recover. But her digestive system was severely compromised, and I dare not wake her until the bacta has had its full effect. I expect it to be a longer recovery than her previous stays," he reported, sounding more like a droid than a sentient being. "At least you are not responsible for this," he said, from both of his mouths, as he addressed her with his species unique stereophonic voice. His eyes then lingered about his sickbay where he had seemingly endless supply of individuals who were injured by the Inquisitor. She must exist in a dark place for her to unleash such violence and cruelty upon the world, he thought silently to himself.

Serine was about to turn from him and exit the area, satisfied that Kerrie was at least stable, but she paused as Tohan commented further before shifting back around slowly to face him. It was true that nearly the entirety of all patients rushed to medical were injured due to her Draconian actions. The acknowledgement of this would not have even phased her a few weeks ago, but due to recent events, she lingered upon the doctor's words perhaps longer than she anticipated. "Indeed, this was the act of a traitor and she will be found and executed for her betrayal." Her attention drifted over towards where Doctor Shuura lay and was surprised to see Randi there by his side, but on second thought, maybe not too surprised. A slight moan of disappointment eased from her. "How long has the Captain been here? Do you not have strict visiting hours?" It had been days since she assailed Shuura, and had assumed his injures to be minor so his presence here was a bit confusing ... that was until she got a better look at him. "I must be over working you Doctor, because your patient there seems even worse than when he entered." She motioned to the rather unsightly image of a very swollen Physiatrist.

Doctor Tohan murmured softly as he looked towards Randi and Doctor Shuura, obviously displeased at the notion of the execution of Jelena and the condemnation of Randi. "Executed?" he repeated, as his eyes turned back towards the Inquisitor. "Surely the young Jelena was the victim of brainwashing or mind control," he said, obviously lying, as he adopted the Imperial propaganda side of events. "As for Captain Trainor ... she has been here for quite some time. In fact, she was a recent patient of mine as well ... with severe facial fractures, a concussion, and blood loss," he said, his anger level rising, as he pounded the bottom of his staff upon the durasteel deck below him twice. "In my travels I have met few who possessed an innocence to her level ... and yet you nearly ended her life over a trivial concern," he said, moving towards her, surprisingly unafraid given a combination of his necessity to the ship, his friendship with the Grand Moff, and his old age. "What plagues you that makes you fill my beds with the broken bodies of those who slight you?" he asked, his voice filled with genuine concern and desire to learn.

The Inquisitor completely ignored the Doctor's comments about Jelena, deciding it would be an utter waste of her time to debate anything with him especially considering his suggestions on why Jelena betrayed them all were ridiculous and insulting. However, the comment regarding Randi's recent injuries drew her attention immediately accompanied with a tinge of guilt considering Serine had all but forgotten her past aggression towards her pilot. The rekindling of that realization caused her to shift her posture a bit uncomfortably. Perhaps the doctor was right, nearly killing her pilot had been unjustified, and Randi had saved the Inquisitor's life twice. Serine struggled to recall the vindication for such a brutal punishment, it all didn't seem necessary now to her, and neither did that attack on Shuura. Serine faltered, now unsure for the first time in many years and that hesitation felt very compromising. The Inquisitor seemed to be drifting towards a damaging looped thought process as she ran through all of the punishments and executions she had performed since her arrival on the Warspite. Her speculation was so disoriented that she did not even notice Tohan approach her so closely. Serine blinked at him distantly, barely even hearing what he just said before clouded eyes tried to focus back on the present. She believed she heard him correctly and his asinine question, but there was no way she could even address it for his feeble mind could not possibly understand the type of suffering she had to endure. "I do not have time for this prattle, Doctor." Said abruptly although lacking that characteric scathing bite she usually deployed in her words.

Doctor Shuura stirred. It was a small motion that had not happened in a while. He wore temporary clothing loaned to him for the surgery. It was bland and unlike him. His skin was blotched and swollen red. A necessity called for the use of drugs ... drugs that he was allergic to. His broken glasses had long been removed and discarded, leaving his face looking barren. The void was replaced with scar tissue from cuts around both of his eyes. In stages, he slowly progressed in stages of awareness. The next step brought his eyes open. The new world was a two way street.

Those observing him closely would notice. One of his eyes survived the attack. It remained a bright blue. The second was not so fortunate, and like so many dead things in the Empire, it was replaced. The difference was slight. The replacement, without the luxury of professional installation, was not a perfect match. Based on his records and recordings, the general color was correct, but the hue was off. It was three shades too dull.

To Doctor Shuura, the change was not so slight. He blinked and reeled for a moment as the world was made clear. As he took in his surroundings, things seem to fill in. He could see names to medical equipment he could not possibly know. Observing Captain Trainor beside him filled his sight with more information than he cared for birth date, relatives, licenses, evaluations. He smiled. Half to himself, and half in appreciation to the dedication beside him. He said nothing, but kept scanning the room. He observed Doctor Tohan and found out where he went to school. Then when he turned more and saw Serine, all he saw was his hatred.

Captain Randi Trainor sat nervously at the bedside of Doctor Shuura's bed, clutching his hand in her own, her eyes never leaving the readout of his vitals. "Your beautiful face..." she said sadly, as she looked down upon him ... trying to come to terms with the presence of his cybernetic eye and the allergy induced swelling that had altered his appearance. When he finally started to stir, her level of excitement grew exponentially, and she was ready to leap from the chair when she noticed Inquisitor Thanor. "Ack!" she exclaimed, much louder than she thought she had, recoiling in fear of being punished for sitting at the doctor's bedside. She had not gotten over what had transpired between them, and she worried she would be punished once again.

Serine could not help but feel regret building as she saw how Randi reacted to her presence, realizing the trust her pilot once had in her was compromised and damaged. Before she managed to fragment their relationship further, the Inquisitor decided to take her leave, her original reasons for visiting medical were already concluded. Without even further addressing Tohan, her pilot or Shuura, she suddenly and quite anxiously turned from her place and hurried towards the exit, feeling rather claustrophobic suddenly, as if the walls were closing in on her.

"Oh Docypoo, you're alive!" Randi exclaimed blissfully, as she squeezed at his hand with deep admiration. "I was so worried. I thought you were a goner. That mean old Inquisitor just goes around beating everybody up. Nyah," she groaned unhappily, as she looked down upon his swollen face and balding head. What once was ideal, had now been shattered ... by a woman she had thought was her bestie. In her mind ... broken as it was ... she was convinced that the Inquisitor had done this to the Doctor simply to spoil her budding relationship with the once-handsome doctor. Was she jealous? Randi thought to herself, as she lovingly caressed the man's knuckles. Yes ... that must have been it, she concluded finally to herself. "She's so jelly," she said aloud as the gears in her head finally reached a decision, followed by a firm nod of her head that caused her pigtails to once again jiggle.

Doctor Shuura returned Randi's gaze. It might appear that he was appreciating the softness of her face; however, he was deeply involved sorting through her files. It was a riveting story and he admired her for it more than he admired anything else of her. He absently acknowledge her discourse, "Yes. We cannot continue to suffer her presence." He took up her hand and then instantly gritted his teeth. "How do I look?"

Randi's innocent blue eyes blinked suddenly, and you could almost see the small creature inside her head running on a wheel to power the limited functions of her brain. He looked terrible, but she knew she could not say that. What could she say? and a number of things began running through her brain, including the fact that she was missing nerf burger night in the mess. Her mouth began to water as she thought about that delicious burger and suddenly his question was no longer relevant. "Oh," she stammered, as she settled back into reality, the daydream of the burger being blasted into oblivion as she refocused on him. "You look..." there was a pause, and a noticeable one at that, as her eyes fixated on his cybernetics. "You look great!" she finally said, extending her right thumb upwards to signal her approval.

Doctor Shuura's mood worsened. The grip on her hand intensified painfully. He leaned in towards her and growled. "You. Lie." He was no expert in the use of his new eye. The data became blurred and confusing, but he knew lie detector tests. The biometrics readout his eye was showing him had wavered when she spoke. It reminded him of a needle waving back and forth. Besides, he knew it could not be close to the truth. "Give me a mirror," he spoke softer while giving slack to her hand.

Randi's lower lip quivered as she heard him call her a liar, but he was right, and there was no way to challenge him on that point. "But ... but ... but you're still super smart and famous!" she exclaimed, trying her best to cheer him up and give him a better peace of mind. "A m-m-mirror?" she repeated in a stammer, as her eyes darted around the room to try and find something that might do the trick. She moved from her seat over towards one of the medical droids and began digging through the tools, tossing scalpels and observation devices all about, before finally coming across a mirror. She turned to look at him, and frowned, exhaling a deep sigh. "You sure about this?" she said, as she moved back towards his side and extended the mirror towards him, her hand shaking visibly with fear and trepidation of what was to come.

Doctor Shuura took the mirror with his plump fingers. He quickly spun it around without a moment of hesitation. He took in the sight of an aging, scarred, blotched and off-putting man. Instantly a grin spread acrossed his lips and he rolled his head back in laughter. "That'll do." he told her, still grinning. "You ready for a date? I'm starving." Doctor Shuura kicked up to his feet. It was probably not the most stable thing to do after being awake for mere moments and after a complicated surgery. He looked over towards the medical Doctor. "Perfect job. Bravo. I'm checking myself out of here. I'll be helping noone if I starve." He laughed at his own joke while waiting for Randi to ready herself.

"Where do you think you are going?" the voice of Doctor Tohan shouted from across the sickbay, as he observed Doctor Shuura exiting his bed. Relying heavily on his walking stick, he hurried to close the distance between them, not looking one bit pleased. "Doctor, please. Control yourself. You are suffering from an allergic reaction and have just undergone a major procedure. You are in no condition to leave," he ordered, as he brought the head of his staff down towards his chest to intimidate him back into the bed.

The threat registered in the eye of Doctor Shuura. However, it was not necessary. The doctor was right. Doctor Shuura was in no condition to even be standing, and the evidence was made clear when Doctor Shuura stumbled and used the two people close to him as support. "I see your point Doctor. Looks like we're dining in ... Sandi'Randi," He played at a potential nickname, referencing her blonde hair.

"Aww but Doc Tohan ... it's nerf burger night!" Randi protested, stomping her feet upon the ground in protest. She folded her arms in front of her chest and huffed, blowing a stream of hot hair up in front of her face that caused her bangs to flutter. She sat back down, collapsing in a heap on the chair, as she rolled her eyes at the Ithorian doctor. Her eyes focused on Doctor Shuura, and lingered on his prosthesis, pursing her lips silently as she studied him. "Well. I can get used to it!" she said, as she smiled at him, before turning her thoughts back to the delicious burgers that she had been denied.

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