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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:12) in the Essesia system: Darkened Oblivion and Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Captain Tiberius Anson, Liliya Benedt, Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lieutenant Philip Horst (death), Inquisitor Serine Thanor, Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor, High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, and Major Arden Zevrin.

The Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite slowly navigated its way through the Essesia system, capital of the Ringali Shell Oversector. Aboard the bridge Lieutenant Meham'ohori'cloca was carefully observing her tactical display, struggling to keep track of the large number of civilian targets she had to plot on her contact board. Her red eyes widened slightly as she noted an enormous sensor contact of nearly 1,600 meters appear on her scanners. Unflinching, she selected the target and quickly discovered it was one of the newer Imperial II-class Star Destroyers. "Captain Anson, sir. Star Destroyer incoming at ... 210," she said after a brief pause as she plotted its bearing and range. The Chiss female was not expecting a second Star Destroyer to be entering the system and wondered if more Imperial politics was about to play out and distract them from their purposes.

The Corellian Captain Tiberius Anson sprinted down the end of the catwalk that loomed over the crew pits on the bridge of the Warspite towards the large series of viewports that gave him a commanding view of the system. He could see the Star Destroyer beginning to grow larger in the distance and he could just begin to make out a Lambda-class shuttle flanked by TIE fighters exiting her hangar and proceeding towards their location. The Captain cleared his throat nervously as gloved fingers nervously intertwined with one another. "Have you identified that ship, Lieutenant?" he loudly asked, as his head turned to look over his shoulder at the exotic Chiss. He was fortunate to have such a gifted tactical officer and realized the Empire's xenophobic, sexist policies would allow him to keep her for the foreseeable future.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca read the ships IFF transponder code and quickly identified the vessel in the Imperial registry. The blue skinned Chiss seemed uncharacteristically phased as she realized what ship it was. She then brought two fingers up to her left ear as she listened to the transmission that was incoming from the vessel. "Sir," she began loudly, as her eyes looked up towards her Captain. "It is the Star Destroyer Interrogator!" she announced, realizing the significance of what she was reporting. "High Inquisitor Tremayne will be coming aboard ... immediately..." she continued, swallowing nervously as her attention shifted to her uniform to make sure all was in order.

Captain Anson flinched visibly as he heard what ship it was. Perhaps old Claudius had finally run out of his political capital and found himself in a dire straits. The man brought his hand up to his chin and stroked at the stubble and facial hair that adorned his chiseled face. He swallowed noticeably, and began to hurry towards the turbolift at the end of the catwalk. "Lieutenant, you have the conn. If I'm needed ... I'll be in my quarters ... shaving," he explained as he flashed her a quick smile. He expected several officers not to survive this visit, but he would be damned if he would be one of them.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney sat quietly in his office going over datapad after datapad full of information concerning various requests for appointments in sector offices now that the Senate had been disbanded. The Delayan diplomat turned Imperial bureaucrat found himself buried in a growing sea of paperwork that took the full efforts of his new aide to keep him from drowning. The sheer amount of work passing over his desk had prevented them from repeating their earlier blunder of spending close contact with one another. "Do you have that report from Major Traebor concerning the need for added funding for Sector Plexus?" he asked the beautiful young Alderaanian as he rose from his seat and let out a tired stretch.

Liliya had faithfully been by Rodney's side through the entire day, helping him plan his time accordingly, handing him the important documents that needed his attention along with any of his other requests. As he asked for the report regarding Major Traebor, she prepared it almost immediately. Prepared and organized, the Governor was lucky to have such an assistant. "Of course, here it is Milord." The datapad was handed to him pleasantly. Service with a smile.

The comm unit in Grand Moff Rodney's office would beep signalling he had an incoming transmission. It was customary for him to have to acknowledge receipt of the transmission before it would commence, but this time the familiar blue face of Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca would appear with no such formality. "Milord, I apologize for the interruption," she began, as she attempted to maintain her classic composure throughout any situation. "High Inquisitor Tremayne will be aboard in moments," she announced in a high pitched voice that was different from how she usually addressed the man.

"Tremayne? Here? Blast!" Grand Moff Rodney said as he clenched his right hand into a fist and slammed it onto his desk, causing a scattering of datapads. "Very well. Alert the senior staff to assemble on the flight deck," he said, as his attention turned to his own appearance. Something seemed off about his uniform ... it just was not quite right. "Liliya ... can you assist me?" he asked, as he let out an uncomfortable groan as he attempted unsuccessfully to adjust his uniform. In his mind he began going over all of the blunders made my himself and his crew over the past several months and wondered which ... if any ... had resulted in the appearance of the dreaded High Inquisitor.

"Who is Tremayne?" She said softly, looking to Rodney inquisitively after his blunt and fierce reaction to the news. Her look of confusion appeared genuine, very convincing despite knowing a great deal about the man, her databanks covering High Inquisitor Temayne's exploits and professional career since before the Clone Wars. Liliya took a gander over his attire, it was quite wrinkled and out-of-place. "Well, this will not do." Said matter-of-factly as she began to smooth out the material and snap the cloth into place before straightening the insignia. "There!" She said cheerily before she gathered her personal datapad in preparation for their trip to the hanger.

Claudius felt rather confident about his appearance as a result of the adjustments his aide had made and smiled at her sweetly. "Thank you, Liliya," he said politely as he hurried to exit the office with her following closely at this side. "Who is Tremayne?" he repeated her question, as they exited the office and headed towards the nearby turbolift. "Tremayne is trouble," he said vaguely, as the door abruptly shut on them and began descending through the bowls of the Star Destroyer to take them to their rendezvous with the arriving Inquisitor.

The Lambda-class shuttle touched down safely inside the hangar of the Star Destroyer Warspite in front of the large congregation of Imperial dignitaries that had gathered for the impromptu reception. Lines of officers from the Imperial Navy, Army, Stormtrooper Corps, Intelligence, and COMPNOR formed up professional rows of rigid men and women standing at attention. The ramp of the shuttle was quick to descend and gracefully a tall, striking human male descended the ramp. It was none other than High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne whose cybernetic face implant and glowing red eye penetrated from the shadows cast by the shuttle overhead. He was wearing a regal attire of red and black robes that had been finely crafted by the finest clothiers on Imperial Center. To add a flourish a dramatic black cape had been added to the ensemble. His eye glared over the assembled group and he scanned over the group carefully. He could see the Grand Moff and the various sector officials ... but Inquisitor Thanor was nowhere to be seen. Serine, he thought silently to himself as his thoughts betrayed him, echoing through the Force as he dwell on his apprentice. He stood there silently, a diplomatic smile curling upon his lips as he awaited the Governor to conduct his formalities. He would not allow his displeasure at the absence of his fellow Inquisitor to materialize on his scarred, but nevertheless handsome face.

Grand Moff Rodney found it impossible not to look at Inquisitor Tremayne's horrific facial reconstruction, but relied on all of his diplomatic skill from dealing with exotic ... and often grotesque ... alien species and did not allow his repulsion to show across his face. "Inquisitor Tremayne ... you honor us with your presence," he said with a crisp nod of his head, as he confidently strode through the sea of Imperial officers to greet the unexpected visitor. As he stood before him he did his best to remain confident, his tongue sliding out slowly to wet his nervously dry lips. His hands folded behind his back as he looked over the man's features awkwardly, that ominous red eye sending a shrill of terror shivering through his spine.

Liliya watched in awe at her post behind and to the immediate right of Rodney as High Inquisitor Tremayne descended the ramp, taking instant notice to the eerie red glowing eye before her attention drifted to his lavishly decorated red and black robes. Due to her own gathered intel of the most powerful individuals of the Empire, she knew of his infamy in multiple areas, including his unique and devastating ability to read minds. This mere fact alone was extremely worrisome as it was quite possible that the man would attempt to read her mind and find nothing ... which would have been even worse if he found anything, for she had no 'mind' to read, but an interconnecting vast network of circuits and memory banks. Liliya's whole plan then was to be completely inconsequential, not important enough to be given a second thought. She was a mere assistant to the Grand Moff, nothing more, and her meek appearance would hopefully be enough not to spark the High Inquisitor's curiosities to delve deeper.

Tremayne raised his left hand and dismissed Grand Moff Rodney as his attention shifted to more pressing concerns. "You may dispense with the pleasantries, Governor," he said, as he looked over the sea of Imperial officers who had flanked the hangar bay in honor of his arrival. It was only appropriate, he thought to himself as he smiled at each of the officers one at a time. "I see many find servants of His Majesty gathered here before us, Governor," he began, tilting his head to the right as he offered a polite smile. "However ... there is one who is not among us that is a glaring omission to this fine day's proceedings," he said, as he raised his left arm and placed a hand upon Rodney's shoulder, squeezing it perhaps a bit too firmly. "Tell me ... where is Inquisitor Thanor?" he asked, turning his head so that his cybernetic eye would be angled directly at the Grand Moff's face.

Grand Moff Rodney did his best to resist the urge to pull away from the High Inquisitor's glare, but he knew he could not look away without facing consequences. "Inquisitor Thanor has been dispatched to the Brentaal system to speak with members of the Brentaal Houses concerning their loyalty to His Majesty," he replied diplomatically, as he felt the man's hand tense further on his shoulder. He swallowed nervously, causing his throat to bulge against the collar of his uniform. He had heard whispers of Tremayne for nearly a decade, but had never before encountered the man. He was making quite the first impression.

Tremayne released his grip on the Grand Moff and gave a simple nod of appreciation to the man for his prompt and reasonable answer. "She must return ... at once!" he ordered the Governor, despite the fact he was really in no position to give orders to a Grand Moff. However, he felt confident in giving commands to anyone in the Empire, save the Emperor and Lord Vader. "As we await her arrival I would like to tour your command. There have been ... interesting ... reports concerning the Ringali Shell lately..." he said, as he used his arm to push aside the Governor and moved towards his staff. "Major Zevrin. I am ever so pleased to have the opportunity to meet you once again. You are looking lovely as always," he said to the blond ISB Major, as he slowly bowed at the waist and took her hand into his own to place the briefest of kisses upon it. "You are, as always, one of the Emperor's most valued servants," he said politely to her, as he rose back up to his full height.

Major Zevrin had traveled to the surface to have a stylist repair the damage to her hair and she was allowing her long, blond locks complete with hair extensions to flow over her shoulder once more. It was her actions that brought the Inquisitor to the Ringali Shell and she was hopeful he would be just the man to shake things up. They had been introduced nearly a decade ago by her mentor, the late Colonel Wulf Yularen, and she was always keen on keeping the highest of confidants in her pocket for matters such as this. "You honor us, as always, with your presence, Antinnis," she said with a slight wink of her left eye as a smile curled upon her lips. Perhaps she knew him more familiar than a junior officer should.

So the High Inquisitor was looking for his apprentice. Liliya was not sure how common knowledge that was, as typically the Inquisitorius does not broadcast their inner dealings to the whole Empire, in fact, the organization stays a relative mystery, even Liliya did not know more than was readily available in some of the more common Imperial databanks. The fact that Major Zevrin perhaps had a previous questionable encounter with Tremayne was also very curious, her information did not cover any such past relationship, though she personally did not wish to know more, but it could be useful knowledge regardless. Liliya was just thankful the High Inquisitor was not particularly interested in her as usually Rodney introduced her to everyone and anyone, luckily he spared her that pleasure now.

Inquisitor Tremayne's eyes scanned the row of officers, but he stopped when there was an apparent gap in the line. Confused, he lowered his head and saw that the gap was in fact caused by the short stature of Major Kerrie Kiley. "Ah," he said, followed by a brief pause, as his head tilted much like a creature as he studied her. "Your height is not within regulations, Major," he said, as he brought his left hand over Kerrie's head. "Hmm," he murmured as he raised it about six inches above her head. "This ... this would be much better," he said, as his mind drifted to fantasizing about stretching her out on one of his interrogation racks. "I understand you recently had an encounter with a Jedi Knight, my dear. Perhaps your height played a role in allowing you to emerge unscathed. It could easily be understood how one might not notice you..." he said, as he pulled his hand away from her. He turned his back to her, while his right hand slowly moved to his lightsaber, which was quickly unclipped from his belt. In a flash the red blade extended from the hilt and in a single motion he turned so that the tip of the blade would be pointed close enough to Major Kiley's throat that she would feel the heat emanate from it. "Fortunately for you, he lacked my skill, or you might be a head shorter," he said with a soft series of laughs as he disengaged the lightsaber and offered her a stern glare from his combination of real and cybernetic eyes.

Major Kerrie Kiley stood there in terror as the lightsaber blade was pressed to her neck, and she did her best not to swallow, lest it cause the blade to pierce her throat. Her mind went back to her encounter with Ty Anzion on Esseles and she began to tremble slightly. It seemed there was an abundance of Force-sensitives running a muck in the Ringali Shell as of late. She let out a desperate sigh of relief when the blade was disengaged, and her blue eyes scanned towards Grand Moff Rodney and pathetically begged for assistance with them like a helpless pet. However, the man was in his own sense of terror and intimidation and would do nothing to stop his whims.

The sound of laughter among one of the junior officers struck Tremayne as being rather inappropriate given the situation. "Does something about this amuse you, Lieutenant?" he asked, as he walked two rows back to find the red faced Lieutenant who had laughed at his torment of Major Kiley. "Well, then. Perhaps if you found that amusing you will find this equally humorous..." he said, as he raised his right hand in front of him and squeezed the air in front of him as he visualized the man's throat inside his head. The officer dropped to his knees almost instantly and his eyes began to bulge from his head as he grabbed at his throat and desperately gasped.

Liliya jolted a bit where she stood as Tremayne unexpectedly ignited his lightsaber and swung it in a full arch to rest close to Major Kiley's neck. Her human instinctual programming kicked in as she gazed worriedly at Kerrie after the ordeal to see if the woman was okay. It was unfortunate that some foolish officer had to laugh at the situation for it was unruly and extremely dangerous. Her fears were substantiated as the individual began to be seemingly strangled before them. Liliya gasped in terror to witness such a merciless encounter before she quickly looked to the Governor hoping desperately that he would step in and stop this. Knowing full well the hierarchy of the Empire, Rodney had the authority to stop Tremayne, though not the physical power to do so if the man refused.

Grand Moff Rodney's eyes went wide at the poor Army officer being choked in front of the entire crew. "Tremayne! Enough of this! Release him!" he said in a commanding tone as he remembered that he was a Grand Moff and thus subject only to the commands of the Emperor. He strode forward, and gave a reassuring pat to Major Kiley, much as people did to their injured pets. Although he had never met the Lieutenant, he nevertheless did not like to see junior officers cast about in such a manner.

Tremayne smiled at Grand Moff Rodney as he continued choking the man, seemingly to no end. "Well, Governor. I can see you do not share the sense of humor that this officer has shown," he said, as he opened his hand and ceased the telekinetic choke. The officer collapsed to the ground and began helplessly gasping for air, much like a fish that had been cast from the sea. "He will be no worse for ware. I assure you," he said, as he gave a cursory glance to the downed officer. "Now ... about that tour? And perhaps some lunch?" he said, as he walked past the crowd of officers and began moving towards the turbolift.

Serine Thanor had been deployed to the Brentaal system in order to gauge the loyalty of a few key individuals. It had originally been a request by COMPNOR, no doubt spurred on by Major Zevrin's influence, but had turned into Governor Rodney's personal request. Their shattered professional relationship had just recently began to mend, and despite all of that man's previous failures, Serine was willing to receive and follow his first officially given order to her, not including her self-sentence to the brig. In her mind, that did not happen, she refused to further acknowledge that shamefulness. She had decided to take along her young and impressionable apprentice Kia Kaen and the ever vicious and energetic nexu, Sanu, that Kia so affectionately named. They had just arrived earlier in the day, not quite enough time for Serine to promote her mission as she still had to make arrangements to visit the few politicians on her list. She spent an hour speaking to her apprentice about their importance here and how to properly 'behave' around these finicky and quite possibly treacherous traitors.

Kia had been listening attentively to the explanation of what exactly they were going to be doing and who they would be meeting. Try as she might, she could not hide the obvious energy and excitement at getting to go along with Serine had caused. She had changed from the usual jumpsuit, dressed instead in a side tied black tunic and loose slacks. Something told her just from listening to Serine, that diplomacy was not going to be a strong suit for her.

Randi was sitting in the cockpit of the Darkened Oblivion watching 'As the Space Station Turns,' her favorite daytime drama on Imperial Holovision. "OK. She's whose twin brother?" she said to herself as she brought her right hand to her head and scratched it confusingly. Suddenly the comm panel beeped and her beloved program was replaced by the unwanted face of Lieutenant Allegra Ames. "Ally! I was watching something," she complained as her blue eyes widened and looked at her angrily. There was one thing she could not stand ... and that was Twi'leks ... but she also disliked when people interrupted her programs.

Lieutenant Allegra Ames blinked at the image of Lieutenant Trainor and did not have the patience that was required to deal with her. "Lieutenant Trainor. I must speak with Inquisitor Thanor immediately..." she yelled over the holonet. She had been instructed to inform the Inquisitor to return immediately to the Star Destroyer, but not to give the reason why. Allegra, however, had something far different in mind.

"Ugh." Randi groaned as she popped up from her seat and moved towards the rear compartment of the ship. "Serry ... you got a holonet call," she said angrily, as she folded her arms in front of her chest and looked at the woman. "Could you make it quick? I was kind of watching something..." she explained, seeming genuinely oblivious to the significance of what was transpiring.

"...and that is why we can not kill them ... immediately." Serine had been right in the middle of instructing Kia regarding their mission when she was so rudely interrupted by her hopeless pilot. It was apparent by how Inquisitor Thanor talked about diplomacy that she found little regard for it and it was not her forte. But regardless, she would do what was asked of her ... and then deem the politicians as traitors and execute them as appropriately. A glare was shot towards the disrespecting Randi before returning to the young apprentice, her facial features somewhat softening into that of a mentor attempting to explain something ... that she herself did not care about. "You ponder this over Kia, I shall be right back." As Serine got up to go see what Randi was fussing over, Sanu, who had been hiding further in the ship in a darkened area behind a panel slowly stalked towards Kia, finding this a good opportunity to pounce her! He was always eager to try and tackle her, it was their ongoing little game that started since Kia's trials in the training facility those weeks ago. He slowly reared up, then flung towards her with his maw open wide in a happy, although gruesome display, trying to pin her to the ground beneath his weight.

Nodding slowly at the explanation, looking curiously over at Randi then back to Serine. "Yes, Master Thanor." Kia had intended to do as instructed, but the sense of the approaching Nexu drew a slight grin. Letting her mind blank slightly she reached out and opened herself to the Dark side, rolling at the last possible second away from the Nexu. Giving Sanu a broad grin. "Have to try better than that, I'm learning faster than you are at this rate." Leaning forward, she scratched under his chin with another smile. "Now ... I have to do as I was told." Settling back onto her chair, "We have to give these politicians enough of a chance to betray their true loyalties or intentions." Yeah ... she was explaining the same thing she had been told to the Nexu.

With a scowl, not at all appreciating Randi's laid back attitude, she grabbed the woman by the scruff of her collar and heaved her right out of the chair before Serine sat down comfortably in it, completely detached by the fact that she just ripped the other woman from it and threw her down to the floor. The blinking and beeping com was answered displaying the holo image of Allegra's likeness. The Inquisitor was not expecting a call from the Warspite so soon as she had just been reassigned, perhaps the Governor changed his mind and decided to give her a less detestable mission, though she did have to admit she looked forward to upholding justice to the few noblemen she deemed unworthy of living. "Yes, Lieutenant Ames, I am reading you. My mission was quite clear, I hope this is worth my time."

Randi let out a gruff groan as she was tossed aside haphazardly and clumsily fell against the control panel of the ship, that caused a loud alarm to echo throughout the ship. "Easy, Serry. If you break me who you going to get to fly this thing? There's only one me ... I think," she said, sounding a bit disoriented as she turned her attention to the alarm, disabling it before it deafened everyone aboard. She shook her head at the woman, choosing to stand behind her with her arms folded and eavesdrop to the conversation. It was better than her holovision episodes sometimes.

Allegra had a less than diplomatic expression on her face, as she looked nervously at the Inquisitor. The color was gone from her face and she tried her best to explain the situation without violating her orders. "Inquisitor. Your presence has been requested aboard the Warspite ... immediately," she began, adding a firm nod of her head for good measure. At that point she had completed the extent of her orders, but she needed to endear herself to the woman given the loss of stature with the arrival of Liliya. "Check our bearing to the Star Destroyer Interrogator..." she said very loudly, with the comm to Serine still open. It was the best she could do at the moment without violating her orders.

After Randi's retort, Serine silently mused that she could pilot her own ship just fine without the need of the other woman's undesirable antics. However, she also realized that Randi was very capable, has saved her life multiple times and was rather entertaining ... though not today. Serine had no real qualms with her pilot, except for eclipses of agitation, which were manageable. She listened to Allegra's initial report, finding it rather perplexing and with too much detail left out. Inquisitor Thanor was about to request clarification of the nature of this apparent emergency that demanded her presence so urgently, but Allegra so cleverly interjected exactly what she needed to know. Serine fell uncharacteristically silent as her hand passed to the comm to shut off communication followed by a long foreboding moment that the woman stared blankly out of the viewport. This new event was extremely unfortunate and as minutes began to shed, she was still not quite capable of forming any sort of plan. She had yet to see High Inquisitor Tremayne since she was assigned to the Warspite, her assignment removed her from Tremayne's claw like vice and gave her some freedom to develop her own views, much of which of course was to her master's disapproval no doubt. But that was the least of her concerns, a High Inquisitor does not just ... happen chance by to say 'hello'. Serine was here by the authority of the Grand Vizier, Tremayne could not take her now, at least she did not believe so. It was something else ... Hazy silver eyes slowly peered towards Kia, it was her apprentice, it had to be ... perhaps not though. It was impossible to know for sure. Who knew about her? Serine listed the few that knew about Kia, and she came up with a short list ... Randi, Kerrie, Rodney ... and Zevrin. Two of those could have caused Tremayne to become involved. Now she had to make an impossibly difficult decision, she could return now with Kia and explain to her master why she did not tell her about him or she could assume Tremayne was there for other reasons, protect Kia and herself from judgment and thus, when her apprentice was finally ready, present her to the Inquisitorius, leaving out High Inquisitor Tremayne entirely. Neither were good options, but if she brought Kia with her, he would sense her, and the chances of him not even knowing about her were still relatively worth investing in. Too much time thinking ... she needed to act now. Serine shot up from her seat, looking extremely anxious, but a plan was finally forming, a rough outline of a plan, but one regardless. "Kia! I am going to return to the Warspite with Randi. I want you to stay here." A finger was pointed to the nexu firmly, as she spoke to it as if the creature could understand her, perhaps it could. "You keep vigil, and protect her!" Eyes snapped back to Kia. "While I am away, I want you to develop something ... explosive. Easily transported, perhaps in a datapad." Her quick sharp sentences were strung together and were barely cohesive, but they had an air of urgency.

The suddenness of Serine's reappearance, Kia looked more startled at being left behind where ever they were currently. "Is something wrong, Master?" Frowning at the order to build an explosive, "I can do that easily. I'll have it done before you get back." Something was wrong here and she couldn't figure it out, "I have a couple spare datapads, one will be battle ready! Where exactly do you want me to stay?" Grinning slightly at her teacher, at least she would have Sanu for company.

There was a deep dread bubbling within her, but she refused to allow Kia to see that, instead, she would calmly explain, but Serine had to take in a few steady breaths to prepare. "Now ... It is quite simple actually. Just as I am your master, I myself have a ... master as well." This was a very delicate subject and she was not yet prepared to fully go into all of the topic's complexities. "Although I have no proof, I believe he has arrived to either pass judgment on the Warspite's many failures or to speak with me directly. I wish for you to stay behind because ...he could easily destroy you or take you from me. In either case, I would rather avoid such situations, and I'm sure you would also agree." The whole conflict had arisen so suddenly that Serine was unsure where Kia and Sanu could properly stay, but ... due to her recently approved and verified schedule with some of the local politicians, surely they were expecting her soon. She could send Kia in her wake, they would likely hospitably welcome her in Serine's absence. "We are expected to arrive at Lord Sylvain Isod's manor this evening. I want you to go in my stead and explain that an emergency tore me from my duty to him, but that I will return shortly."

Listening to the explanation of who had arrived, Kia bit her lower lip out of habit."Do you think he would try to take me away from here? I don't want to go anywhere though..." Blinking again, she wondered if she could work on the explosive under the watchful eyes of this nobleman. "Go there alone? I..." Kia just trailed off nodding slowly, "Yes, ma'am. I won't let you down. "

Lieutenant Trainor muttered as she took the pilot's seat back to Serine. "Looks like I won't find out what happened on my show," she said before downing the pilot's helmet over her head and powering up the ship's main reactor. Her hands moved rapidly over the controls as the ship began to power up. It would take some time for them to return to Esseles and the Corellian pilot had no idea what to expect on their return.

Major Kerrie Kiley and a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers marched at either side of High Inquisitor Tremayne, Grand Moff Rodney, and Liliya Benedt as the trio toured the Star Destroyer. Thus far they had taken the opportunity to look at the bridge, the engine room, and were now touring the tactical center. The Clawdite commando was not keen on escorting the High Inquisitor, but it was her job to protect visiting dignitaries ... including ones that did not need protection. Her eyes Philiped on Liliya for quite some time, noting the woman had taken up most of her role as aide to the Grand Moff and a feeling of sorrow and bitterness came over her as she felt her position was shrinking.

High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne stopped suddenly as his attention turned to Liliya unexpectedly. "You know, Claudius ... this lovely lady has been following you around like a kath hound for the entire day and you have yet to introduce me," he said as he raised a finger and shook it at the Grand Moff in a scolding manner. "...and I thought you were a gentleman," he said mockingly as his attention shifted towards the petite sweet.

Grand Moff Rodney looked from the High Inquisitor to his aide slowly, having deliberately avoided making reference to her. He was at times embarrassed by her presence given the way the rumors has been swirling about them already. He nervously cleared his throat, as it felt very dry from his nerves. "Ah. This is Liliya Benedt ... my aide," he explained as he motioned with his left hand towards her. "She is instrumental to my affairs aboard this vessel," he said, offering a polite smile to her, as he prepared for the Inquisitor to inspect her.

Liliya had been quite content to be but a shadow of the Governor today, not wishing to be the center of any attention that would draw the High Inquisitor's devilish eye in her direction. Fear was a human emotion, but she felt it all the same, as there was a real danger of that man discovering her purpose. She was not at all pleased when Rodney began to introduce her, but any indication of that was washed away, although a bit of caution and a respectable amount of timidity was gleaming in those beautiful hazel eyes due to Tremayne's authority, power and apparent disregard for life. The appropriate and Alderaanian thing to do would be to offer her his hand to kiss ... but ... she really did not want to do that. But, remembering that Tremayne did in fact kiss Zevrin's hand, perhaps it would be disrespectful not to follow those customs, and thus with a polite nod while casting her eyes down momentarily, Liliya looked up towards the other innocently while offering her hand in a simple gesture. "A pleasure, High Inquisitor."

"The pleasure is all mine, Liliya," Tremayne responded with a slight nod of his head. "A beautiful name for a beautiful woman," he said to her, as he offered a wink to Claudius before taking her hand into his own. His face lingered over her hand as he smelled the dab of perfume on her wrist before placing a tender kiss upon it. "You smell as good as you look," he announced, as he slowly raised back up and shifted his focus to the middle-aged Grand Moff. "My, my Claudius. Major Kiley, Major Zevrin, Major Traebor, Inquisitor Thanor, Lieutenant Trainor, Lieutenant Meham'ohorov'cloca, Lieutenant Ames, Lieutenant Sheppard ... and now Liliya Benedt ... are there any men in your command?" he asked, shaking his head at the man as he offered a small laugh at the man's expense. "I don't know how you find any time to sleep," he sad, as he shook his head at the man once again. "Tell me ... when do I meet your 'wife', Lady Rodney?" he asked Claudius, but looked directly at Liliya as he spoke. Temptress, he thought to himself as a sneer crossed his lips. He actually envied the Grand Moff and his traveling harem of mid-level officers.

Grand Moff Rodney stood there silently as he listened to the seemingly endless list of female officers that comprised his staff. He did not realize there were that many women aboard until he heard Inquisitor Tremayne list them all one by one. When the man mentioned his wife he felt rather embarrassed and his cheeks flushed red, and his attention quickly turned away from Liliya. "Unfortunately, Lady Rodney is on the surface and I do not think you will have an opportunity to meet her," he said, as his attention shifted to the chronometer on the wall. Where was Serine, he wondered, wishing she would return to deflect the man's attention.

Her human programming was blaring 'embarrassed', embarrassed for Rodney and embarrassed for herself. High Inquisitor Tremayne had absolutely no tact, but his assessment was not completely untrue, and that frightened her. The man had looked her over for two seconds and had already devised one of her purposes, and now he was insinuating that the Governor slept around ... with the whole female staff ... non-humans were including in that list ... and his own apprentice Inquisitor Thanor. Was he trying to get a rise out of them? Liliya blushed heavily and looked aside, trying to hide her face from view now, pretending to see something interesting down the hallway. She wished Rodney would dismiss her from this danger, but it was as if the man wanted her by his side to help him weather this storm.

Lieutenant Philip Horst made his way to the ensemble, carrying with him a datapad that contained the latest information from the ISB Sector Officer. The junior officer had only begun to recover from his 'meeting' with Inquisitor Thanor and her nexu of some weeks ago, and the last thing he expected to see was an even higher ranking Inquisitor in his attempt to brief the Grand Moff. He stopped dead in his tracks, and attempted to turn and walk away from the group, deciding now was not the right time to interject.

"What's this? I must be seeing things ... for a moment I thought I saw a male officer aboard this ship. Where have you been hiding him, Claudius?" Inquisitor Tremayne said as he looked over the hastily retreating Lieutenant. "Now, now. You obviously had something you wanted to report. Out with it, boy," he said with a stomp of his booted foot as he attempted to get the man's attention.

Lieutenant Horst cringed visibly as he heard the Inquisitor summon him and he slowly turned to face the man. "Lord Rodney, I have a report on recent ISB activity on Ralltiir following the attack on Grallia," he explained as he attempted to hand the datapad to the Grand Moff.

High Inquisitor Tremayne thought it was time for a demonstration and with one fluid motion his right hand reached for his lightsaber and pulled it from his belt, immediately igniting the crimson blade of his lightsaber. As he brought it up, he connected with the man's elbow and immediately severed the arm that was extending the datapad. "You fool!" he said, as he disengaged the lightsaber and turned his attention to the datapad and severed arm. "You never simply hand a datapad to a Grand Moff when his aide is present. It would give the impression she is just there to be visually appealing ... like a sculpture ... rather than there to do any real work," he said as he extended his left hand and telekinetically lifted the datapad and the severed arm. "That is how rumors get started aboard this ship," he explained to the cowering Philip as he guided the datapad and the severed arm to Liliya. "I apologize, my dear," he said to her as the datapad and severed arm were telekinetically offered up to her.

Philip let out a painful scream of pain as he fell to his knees and screamed in pain. "Ahhhhh!" he cried out as his left hand went to where his right arm had been severed. Tears began to flow from both of his eyes as he shook violently, going into a state of shock as he struggled to cope with the loss of his arm. The pain was tremendous and he was finding it difficult to even remain conscious. Thankfully the lightsaber had cauterized the wound and prevented the tremendous blood loss that is typically associated with a severed limb.

Liliya let out a soft yelp in sheer terror, her eyes were wide with fear as she watched Philip's arm be stripped from him with a horrendous blow from the High Inquisitor's lightsaber and fall with a sickening sound upon the metal grating. She trembled lightly during the ordeal and as the datapad with the arm still attached was offered to her in mid air, she found herself backing up until her back hit the wall, looking to the mangled inhuman display with horror. Finally, Liliya reluctantly reached for the datapad, attempting to tug it out of the hand that was still clutching it, her hand was quaking with the effort, too afraid of what may happen if she refused the High Inquisitor's request.

Grand Moff Rodney stood there in terror as Philip was disarmed and the severed arm telekinetically moved through the corridor. "High Inquisitor Tremayne ... I really must protest," he said, as he placed a reassuring hand on Horst's shoulder. "Medic!" he called out as he looked about for some way of getting the junior officer some help. These Inquisitors were a delicate bunch and it seemed as if very little would result in them terminating one of his officers.

"There is the small matter of an apology," High Inquisitor Tremayne said to the crippled Philip Horst, who was writhing on the deck before them. "Come now, Lieutenant ... you mustn't keep the lady waiting," he said to her, as he impatiently awaited the man's response.

Philip looked up at the Inquisitor with blurry eyes as everything began to grow increasingly difficult to see as the pain overwhelmed the man's body. "I...I..." he stammered as he foolishly attempted to stand up, but he was far too dizzy to get his balance and collided with the Inquisitor instead. The unfortunate junior officer had dramatically worsened his situation.

With the datapad now in her possession, she eagerly avoided that severed arm, moving around it to join Rodney's side once again, only to see yet another catastrophe as Philip slammed into Tremayne. She gasped, near frantic, and fearing for the worse, she decided to rush to the injured man's aid. She could not just stand idle and watch him possibly die right then and now, an Alderaanian noble of her gentle nature would attempt to assist, her programming insisting that this was the correct path to choose, despite putting her in the direct line of fire. As Philip collapsed once again on the ground in front of the looming Tremayne, Liliya rushed to his side, kneeling beside him and bolstering his weight with her arms, attempting to steady him. Pleading wavering hazel eyes slowly gazed up towards the man, silently begging him to dismiss the mild accident. "I forgive him ... please..."

Tremayne stared quixotically at Liliya as he considered the situation carefully. "You are far too forgiving, my sweet little Alderaanian flower. There are regulations aboard a Star Destroyer and if they are not followed to the letter chaos will ensue. We must bring order to the galaxy," he explained as he thrust his left hand up at the crippled Lieutenant and squeezed angrily at the air in front of him. "This will serve as an example to all, Governor," he said confidently as he began to telekinetically constrict Philip's ribcage through the wonders of the Force.

Philip let out another pained groan as one by one his ribs began to split in two as they were forcibly squeezed together. His lungs began to be punctured by the shards of bone and he found it difficult to find air. Finally one punctured his heart and caused a great deal of internal hemorrhaging. The dying Horst began to cough up dark blood onto Liliya who was cradling him as he slowly and painfully died as a result of his destroyed chest cavity. He had merely wished to deliver his report, but instead had met his untimely end at the hand of the ruthless Inquisitorius. His eyes slowly rolled back in his head as he met his final end and succumbed to death in the Alderaanian's arms.

With Philip cradled in her arms, Liliya could feel the effects of Tremayne's sinister abilities on the man, and she began to beg for him to cease but realized her cries for that man's mercy were pointless, instead she desperately looked to Rodney for this to stop. Philip did not do anything to deserve this horrible fate. As more and more of the man's ribs began to snap and splinter, Liliya's pleas were more frantic and pitiful. "No ... please stop ... Milord, please stop him!" But it was too late, Philip was already dying the moment he began to spew blood and she lowered him to the ground where it began to collect in an unsightly grotesque pool around him and her. She was covered in his blood now, but she did not care ... all she could do was weep bitterly with her hands covering her face. Long drawn out sobs that she could not control was her only response after Philip met his final fate, as she continued to kneel beside him, morning over what remained of an innocent.

Claudius dropped down next to the sobbing Liliya and put his hands on each of her shoulders, and attempted to pull her away from the corpse. "Come. Let us leave this place of death and get you cleaned up..." he said to her sweetly, as his eyes angrily looked up at the High Inquisitor. Such a disgusting display of the Force seemed to cause a great deal of displeasure in the Grand Moff, despite the need for diplomatic niceties. His first priority now was to see to the comfort of Liliya, and help her recover from this ordeal.

"Oh you are so dramatic," Tremayne posted, as he turned from the duo quickly in a way that caused his cape to flourish. "Very well, Governor. You may aid your ... aide," he said as he began walking away from then at a spirited pace. "Major Kiley ... have a meal prepared for me ... nothing too spicy..." he ordered, as he would make his way towards Inquisitor Thanor's quarters where he would wait for her. He had troubled himself with enough diversions and now was insistent he return to his intended reason for boarding this vessel.

Serine Thanor's ship, Darkened Oblivion, finally arrived and landed in the docking bay. She wasted no time emerging from the vessel, and as soon as the ramp lowered enough to peer into the vast open space, she snapped her vision around the area as if her master would be waiting for her. The hanger was surprisingly empty, surely there would have been a reception for a High Inquisitor, perhaps she had arrived too late to greet him, that was unfortunate for now he would no doubt wish to speak with her in private ... though she still remained hopeful that his purpose here would be less directed towards her and more towards the countless other reasons Tremayne might visit this vessel. She needed to gather her thoughts, perhaps contact the Governor, though if she knew her master well enough, he would have requested a tour of the facility where he would no doubt find an error somewhere and remove the stain from existence. Serine walked with diligence and purpose down the hallway towards her personal chambers though she was far more mindful of the occupants and their perceived emotional and physical health than she usually was. If capable, she may be able to follow the path of destruction directly to her master.

The corridors were decidedly more empty as most of the crew had by now received word of what had transpired with Lieutenant Horst. Only personnel who were required to be on duty were outside of their quarters. No one dared make eye contact with Inquisitor Thanor as she was 'one of them.' There was definitely a sense of dread throughout the corridor of the massive Imperial war machine.

It was obvious that Tremayne had passed through here and wrecked his infamous wrath upon the ill prepared crew members, and she realized it would be impossible to question them of his location, as they would be too terrified to answer her probably, nor would they even want know that information. Serine did not consider herself merciless or ruthless, her judgments were just in her mind and completely required for the function of the ship. Thinking back on her time spent on the Warspite curtailing the crew members, she counted only one execution, the rest had been a show of strength followed by derailed rumors that kept a steady amount of fear and awe in the ship. That had been more than enough to keep the officers in line, but her master ... he felt far differently. He enjoyed completely ripping apart anyone and everyone who made even the smallest mistake. Serine disagreed with his outlandish Draconian ways, he used them too frequently, there was a point where the crew would become so terrified, they could no longer function. In Serine's mind, her master used fear to a debilitating effect that gave the opposite result of what he desired. But of course she would never tell him that, and neither would anyone else. From her room, she planned on contacting Allegra or Rodney, anyone who may know of the location of her master and what had transpired on the ship before her arrival and formulate her encounter. She did not exactly leave on the best of terms with Tremayne, though it was not of her choice, Tremayne was very resentful of her reassignment, it meant he could no longer completely control her and use her abilities for his own wicked purposes. As her hand passed over the keypad it instantly halted before the last key as a sudden and nearly overwhelming sense of dread filled her. She sensed Tremayne's presence and it was right on the other side of her chamber door. He was waiting in there for her. Thoughts raced through her mind, was he planning this? Did he want to surprise her? What did he wish to talk to her about ... why her chambers? Why not something more ... formal? She lingered in front of the door hesitantly, now realizing she was waiting long enough for him to realize she was stalling, he no doubt could also sense her. It was a double edged sword.

Tremayne happily ate the meal that Major Kiley had delivered him, not allowing himself to be interrupted by the impending presence of Serine. He had request a meal that was not spicy, but instead he got something that was very bland. Perhaps he would need to visit the cooks before he departed the Warspite. Only once he was finished did he discard the plate and then focused his attention on where it belongs ... Serine. He raised a hand and nonchalantly shifted it to the right, which caused the door to her quarters to open suddenly. His red cybernetic eye was glowing in the darkness at her, as he stood up suddenly in a frustrated rage. "You have been hiding things form me, Serine," he said angrily, as he strode confidently towards her. "...and, as an aside, we really must talk about your decorating ... or lack thereof," he said, as he had spent more than enough time in her quarters to have become quite bored and displeased with his surroundings.

Serine was still debating her options when the door slid open by Tremayne's control, revealing her to be standing in the doorway as he had expected with her hand hovering over the control panel. She could tell at first glance, as the door slid open causing light to bath inside what otherwise was a completely dark room, that the High Inquisitor insisted on eating and waiting for her in the dark. The moment she stepped inside and the door closed behind her, everything was one against cast into bleak blackness except for Tremayne's glowing red eye. It was completely unsettling, but what he said was even more so. Though Serine could not see in the darkness without the guidance of the Force, Tremayne could with his cybernetics, which added another layer of complexity to this encounter, for she would not know of his posture, facial expressions, or even if he was about to strike her, and that fear of the unknown could be crippling. Despite the accusation and the dreadful atmosphere he purposely was using to install fear in her, Serine's expression was emotionless which was a feat as her insides were in constant turmoil. She submissively knelt down on one knee as he approached her, her head bowed low and her eyes closed. This ... she could tell ... would be an unfortunate encounter. "Master Tremayne." Was her only response to his heated words.

High Inquisitor Tremayne came to a stop in front of the kneeling student and folded his arms in front of his chest as he looked down with her in complete disdain. "Let me see if I understand the facts that brought me here. Let it never be said that Antinnis Tremayne jumps to conclusions," he said with a soft chuckle as he considered their situation. "You hunted down a Jedi Knight. You captured a Force-sensitive adolescent. You chose to train the aforementioned adolescent. Is that all correct?" he asked, as he slowly navigated his way around until he ended up behind her. He placed a hand on each of her shoulders as he stood behind her, and massaged them gently as he remembered happier days between them. "Normally I would be proud of you for removing the stain of yet another Jedi from the galaxy ... but why am I learning this from another, rather than from you?" he asked, as he suddenly thrust the two hands that were on her shoulders forward, in an attempt to slam her face first into the durasteel deck below.

So he knew about Kia, then her gamble was in error, there were so many reasons Tremayne could visit Warspite, she should have sent him her report, she regretted that now ... that was all wasted potential. Her mind betrayed those simple thoughts but then became deathly silent, as if she was focused on not thinking anything, remembering just who she was dealing with. Even a stray thought could be devastating. Serine already knew where this line of questioning was heading, she was afterall an Inquisitor herself, and Tremayne was her master ... she knew him extremely well, perhaps she could deflect some of that ... anger. "Yes Master, and I retrieved his lightsaber, if you would accept it." It was too dangerous to reach for it to present to him, it could easily be perceived as a lead to a combat initiative, and both of them were too smart for that. Serine had plans for that lightsaber, she was going to give it to her apprentice ... Her mind fell quiet again, it was becoming a dangerous issue, Tremayne knowing exactly what questions to ask that would spark her memories. As his hands fell to her shoulders, they tensed up instantly before forcing them to relax, though unable to prevent the initial repulsed reaction. Serine was about to respond to his next set of questioning but was sent brutally into the floor plating causing her breath that was inhaled for words to be exhaled in a sharp gasp. Her forehead smashed into the deck, the grating cutting into her skin that began to ooze blood down into her eyes, but she kept them closed regardless. Tremayne would not have her lay there, his cruel games had rules and thus she picked herself back up into a kneeling position before him. "She was not yet presentable, Master. Her skills are too raw and unprepared." Serine left it at that for that was the truth, if she added anymore she may have been caught in a lie, despite her training, her mind may have betrayed her.

Tremayne looked down at her irately, having heard each of her thoughts as if she were whispering them sweetly into his ears. "I'll keep my own council on who is ready," he said as he raised his right booted food and kicked her squarely in the chest, applying enough pressure until she was back on the ground. Once she was down he shifted his weight and stood upon her firmly, looking down at her with that menacing cybernetic eye. "Pay close attention, Serine," he began, as his voice grew into a hushed rage. "I am up here. You are down there. I am not just speaking of our present situation ... I am referring to the order of the galaxy," he explained, as he lifted his foot from her chest for just a moment, before agonizingly descending it down once more. "You are not to think. I think. I think very well. Don't you think I think well?" he asked her, as he shifted his head slightly so that she would only see his human eye and a small grin form upon his face. "That lightsaber means nothing to me. I sense you wish to use it to bait the girl ... then let that be your undoing," he said angrily, as he pulled his foot from her chest and walked back to where he had seated for his meal. "I have seen the recording of what she did to the Governor's diminutive henchman. I would not be a fool enough to arm her!" he warned her, as he nonchalantly moved the chair with his innate telekinetic ability and sat back down to give her a moment to regain her composure. "...but perhaps you think you are superior in the ways of the Force to me? Others have made that mistake..." he lectured her, as he rubbed his right hand over his left casually.

Serine could not see the kick coming as it collided with her chest that sent her harshly slammed backwards into the flooring with a disturbing thud, the air successfully knocked from her lungs with the attack. Her diaphragm conditionally spasm as she struggled to gasp in air before Tremayne took another initiative to stand on her chest, making her recovery all the more agonizing. She made no movement against him, allowing him to continually inflict punishment on her, though she was fortunate it was nothing more severe, and she was hoping it would stay that way. At the conclusion of his first statement, as Serine all but writhed trying desperately to catch her breath, he slammed on her chest again, causing her eyelids to flutter momentarily before opening weakly to gaze at him, the blood that had dripped into her eyes caused them to sting all the more. With his question, she was required to answer ... his questions, no matter how mundane and pointless, had to be answered. In-between gasps and through choked out words, she would humor him, though she recognized the question for what it was, a verbal trap, but she was clever enough to derail it. "Master ... I am ... not to think, I am ... to be told." Once Tremayne recalled his boot from her chest and retreated back to sit from where he had been, it gave Serine the opportunity to roll over and cough awkwardly before looking back up at him with his next question. It was loaded ... and she knew, oh, she knew that was not a wise question to 'think' too heavily upon. Her mind blanked out instantly, her simple response was all that she would give ... but afterwards, there was a lot of ... static in her mind ... she was attempting to hide the fact that this was a lie. "No, master."

Tremayne folded his arms in front of his chest as he leaned back in the chair and looked down at the young Inquisitor. "Young fool ... this could have been all too easy..." he explained to her, as he rose from the chair once again and started menacingly walking towards her. "I don't mind what you did, my dear. I mind that you did not 'ask' me!" he yelled as he stood over her once again. He dropped to his knee and placed his face a mere inch from her left ear. His tongue flicked from his mouth as he spoke and threatened to devour her. "Ask my permission to train the girl," he whispered slowly into her ear. It was followed by his tongue slowly slithering across her earlobe like a reptilian creature.

Serine did her best to regain her composure, finally forcing air through her lungs as she coughed one last time, very thankful to fully breathe again. She slowly assumed her kneeling position once again though this time she took far longer than the last occurrences, wincing from the terrible throbbing in her back and ribcage. As Tremayne approached her once again and knelt by her side, her entire body tensed up, but when he licked her earlobe, she was unable to contain a very brisk but apparent light tremor that faded as soon as it began, hating to give him any sort of satisfaction, but finding herself in the position that it was direly expected. Serine refused to look at him, keeping her eyes closed and her head bowed, not wishing to give him any more material to lash out at her with. Her voice and words were sincere, this was something she wanted, and the reason she did not inform him in the first place, she had not wanted Kia to be taken from her. Her thoughts uncontrollably drifted to her father, Karris Thanor, and how her own training had been shielded by Tremayne from his superior. "Master, let me train the child. I will not fail you ... she will be a worthy addition to the Inquisitorius."

"So you fear losing her?" High Inquisitor Tremayne asked rhetorically, as he kept his face dangerously close to her ear. "You have my permission to proceed ... with two caveats," he was quick to add as he continued to plot his next words very carefully. "First ... when you feel she is ready you will bring her before me. If she is ready ... she will be indoctrinated into our order. If she is not ready ... she will be destroyed and you will be held to blame. Be careful with the choices you make, Serine," he warned her as he considered the woman's temper next. "Second ... as you are by now well aware I have eyes and ears aboard this vessel. Should my eyes go blind ...or my ears go deaf ... I will hold you responsible. I hope we are clear on this matter," he concluded, before moving his face even closer to her ear. "Now let me kiss it and make it all better, child," he said as he pressed his lips against her ear and held it there perhaps a bit too long. The cold durasteel of his implant rubbed against her cheek, a stark contrast from the warm flesh of his body. He could have her if he wanted ... he knew this ... but he had more important things on his mind than a simple trist with a subordinate. He was not Grand Moff Rodney.

She physically relaxed some as he gave her his grace to train Kia, though the mention of two caveats did worry her. His first demand was obvious and Serine easily predicted it, but his second caused her eyes to snap open in wide realization. There was only one person Tremayne could be references, as she was well aware of that woman's massive surveillance upon the ship. Zevrin!! She screamed it in her mind, without any regard for Tremayne. So it was her!! She knew it ... oh ... what did that woman do, how was she involved with her master?! ... Thoughts were blazing in Serine's mind, it was obvious she had heated encounters with that woman and was already contemplating her death. That woman ... was disgraceful, Serine had already been overly merciful with her ... she could have killed her at anytime! She seethed in quiet loathing even as Tremayne pressed his lips against her ear, she was too far with rage to be intimidated. It was clear ... Tremayne hit a severe nerve that he did not realize was there, quite by accident. Almost forgetting her need to answer him as her breathing became irregular with the epiphany that Major Arden Zevrin was responsible for this. "... Yes ...Master." A clear lie, she wanted to murder Zevrin, but for unsuspecting and curious reasons in addition to ones that Tremayne would normally suspect. White noise now covered Serine's thoughts on the matter.

Antinnis rose from his kneeling position and offered her a hand to get her back on her feet. "Now walk me to my shuttle, Serine," he said as he headed towards the doorway of her sad, little, empty dwelling. "Do not your wipe face or shield your eyes ... I want this crew to see you for what you really are ... my servant," he concluded dramatically as he stood in the doorway, letting the light cascade upon her blood stained features. He could sense the hatred she had for Major Zevrin, but he had instructed her not to harm the woman. This would be an excellent test of the junior Inquisitor's loyalty. A smirk curled upon his lips as he realized how Serine had grown in the short time they had been separated. Perhaps she was ready to take the next step in the Inquisitorius, but that would largely depend on how she dealt with the challenge of training the young Kia Kaen. A satisfied grin curled upon his lips as he strode through the hallway of the Warspite with the blood covered Serine walking behind him like a dejected creature. "I understood you took one of their heads..." he said, making small talk as they neared the hangar bay. "I only took an arm today. Perhaps in the collection of crew member body parts you have surpassed me, Serine..." he said, loud enough to remind the eavesdropping crewmen just what a formidable menace his apprentice was ... when he was not around. He would do what he could to belittle her in front of the watchful eyes of the crew they passed in the corridor. When they finally arrived on the flight deck, he turned and looked at her one final time. "Give my regards to Governor Rodney. I hope that his mistress ... aide ... was not too scarred by my visit," he added, giving her one final nod before moving towards the ramp of his shuttle. It had been an interesting trip aboard the Warspite for the indomitable Inquisitor ... one that the crew would likely not forget for quite some time. However, the real purpose of the trip had been his dealing with Serine and the small matter of intimidating the crew of a Star Destroyer meant nothing for him. She was a growing force that required much more observation he concluded, feeling that she might become a danger if left to her own devices. Thankfully he had just the person near her to report on her activities. He blew her a final kiss goodbye as the ramp to his shuttle closed, separating them once more. As the shuttle departed the hanger his thoughts would dwell on Kia Kaen. What he had not mentioned ... what he dare not mention ... was that he could sense her as far away as the nearby system. It was obvious to him that she was the more powerful than Serine suspected. However, she was untrained and he feared what kind of power Serine might unlock if she continued to train the novice. Perhaps a more experienced hand was needed to train the young girl ... time would answer that question. For now his primary concern was returning to the Interrogator for a much needed shower ... he had blood on him and he hated how it clashed with his attire.

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