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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:18) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

The record for an orbital descent from the Retributor to Esseles may have been set during Claudius and Sierra's return to their estate in New Calamar. It was a mostly silent flight. Claudius was still white and trembling over what had happened with Colonel Zevrin. Had he made things better, or worse? When the shuttle landed Claudius rose to his feet and then moved to help his pregnant wife up from the pilot's seat. "Hopefully the girls are still watching the holovid and the young one is still asleep," he said to her, naively, as he moved to the rear of the ship where he lowered the ramp and began walking down the winding stone path towards the entrance. When he opened the door he was not prepared for what he was walking into. Any hopes of a quiet night with Sierra reflecting on what happened with Zevrin were quickly dashed.

"Mine! Mine! Mine!" Ewwiekewwieikkie was yelling, as she wrapped her arms around Melickielickie. There was smoke coming from the kitchen where the girls were attempting to bake a welcome cake. There was not an ounce of pudding left within the entire estate. The freezer was left open as the girls had attempted to get out all of the ice cream. The moment the holovid ended the girls went on a hunt looking for Claudius and Sierra for dinner, but instead found Melickielickie. Chaos had ensued ever since. There was a loud rumble as the bantha stuck its head into the refrigerator that had also been left over as it began to eat the dinner Sierra had prepped for an easy cooking. It was a culinary war zone.

The mutual silence had only given Sierra more time to think about what happened. Mentally, she began preparing for every possibility. If Claudius was trialed, there were points that could be argued in his favor. If Sate Pestage appeared again, then perhaps they could strike a deal. Her mind was rolling at a hundred miles per second, infinitely quicker than the ship. Somehow, she managed to land the Kwai without crashing it. She remained in her seat. The day had been incredibly exhausting. All she wanted was a moment to wind down at home. Between bathing Melickielickie and everything that had happened between the Void and the Retributor, a moment seemed realistic. With her husband's help, she rose. Her hand remained in his. Holding each other up, they made their way to the estate. Sierra let herself believe that there wasn't chaos beyond the door...until it opened. The first thing she noticed was the smell of smoke. "Uh oh!"

Sierra dashed towards the kitchen where all *three* girls were. She entered the pantry where a special lock box was. Using a code, she opened it and produced a fire extinguisher which she used to take out the fire the girls had started. Disaster didn't even touch how terrible the kitchen looked. There was ice cream everywhere. She spotted Sorbet eating the meal she'd made. She could recall feeling wise that morning as she prepared the meal in advance, only to watch it go by the wayside. The open fridge also revealed that *every* cup of pudding was gone. Instead of losing her mind, Sierra began to laugh. Melickielickie had changed massively. It was like night and day. She stepped aside with her comlink to summon Ensign Sheppard to come clean up the mess and warned her that if she didn't appear with pudding in hand, Sierra would allow Drusilla to order the girl around.

Melickielickie had never expected to see another furry, blue creature like herself. She had slept in Claudius and Sierra's bed for some time. When she woke up and realized she was alone, she began to cry. It was shortly after then that Ewwie and Callista had shown up. Needless to say, the girls were instant friends. They had darted around upstairs for awhile but soon her tummy began to rumble. "Hungwy!" She cried until she was fed more pudding than she had eaten in her life. Now, the fur around Melickielickie's mouth was stained with brown pudding. The small Squib had warmed up to her new family. She snuggled with Ewwie. "Mine! Mine! Mine!" She mimicked, licking at Ewwie's face as much as she could.

It was Callista who made up the welcoming party. As soon as she heard the front door open, she darted out of the kitchen. The pitter-patter of her little feet on the ground was audible as she quickly made her way towards her uncle. "Uncleee!" She squeaked. She wrapped her arms around him happily. "Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!" She placed her chin on him, looking upward. "I made a new friend! She's soooooooooooooooooo cute!" Callista told him, grabbing his hand. "We made some yummies for you and auntie!" The little girl, who possessed a surprising amount of strength, began leading her uncle towards the kitchen table where Callista had successfully set up plates and silverware.

Claudius and Sierra's estate had turned into an orphanage ... where the orphans were in charge! He could not allow himself to become angry, as it was his fault for leaving them unattended. Before he could react to anything in the kitchen Callista was upon him, giving him a much needed hug. "A new friend?" he asked, as he lowered himself to return the hug more effectively. "Yummies? Oh good. I'm famished," he told her, as he allowed himself being led to the dining room. The plates and silverware seemed to be there, but there was of course no food to be seen. Instead it seemed that the bantha had gotten into the food and devoured the dinner fit for a Grand Moff. "Delivery?" he asked Sierra, as he shrugged his shoulders and offered her a smile.

"Wow! Wow!" Ewwiekewwieikkie exclaimed when she saw Sierra use the fire extinguisher. She reached up with both of her arms frantically, trying to take hold of it so she could get a turn. But once it became clear she was not going to be allowed, her attention turned back to the oven where the cake had just been doused. "I think it's done!" she cheered, before placing the entire front half of her body inside. Moments later she arrived back out with a cake that resembled a giant piece of charcoal. "It's done! It's done!" she announced, before scrambling towards the dining room. She got about a halfway there, before she stumbled forward, tripping and crashing to the ground as she was so excited that her feet got tripped up. The burnt cake went flying, causing her to look out with her yellow eyes in horror. "No! Save it!" she demanded, as she began attempting to get back up before she had even completed falling.

"It's not ice cream don't eat it." Sierra warned Ewwiekewwieikkie of the foam from the fire extinguisher. She fought against her elder adoptive Squid daughter to hide the extinguisher back within the lock box. She emerged from the pantry with a grin on her face. Her family was the best medicine to combat the lengthy day. Sierra made her way towards Claudius just in time to see Callista go bounding back into the kitchen. She stood behind him. "Delivery." She agreed. Her hands fell to his shoulders. She slowly began to massage him.

Callista appeared back at the dining room table with a contain full of cooked spaghetti noodles from lunch time. She opened it and used her hand to distribute noodles onto her uncle's plate. She smiled at him, running away again. This time, she returned carrying a bottle of maple syrup and a jar of chocolate candies. She stood beside him, dumping copious amounts of syrup on the noodles. Next, she grabbed pieces of chocolate and sprinkled them over the top. Finally, she grabbed a spoon and mixed it all up on the plate for him. "Mmmmmmm!" She said, using her fingers to get some noodles on the spoon. She lifted it to his mouth. "Try it! Try it!" The peer pressure had begun. Callista didn't get far with her persuasion, because, at that point, Ewwie dropped their cake. "Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" She cried. The spoon fell as the little girl darted after the cake. Instead of catching it, she collided with Ewwie.

Melickielickie licked her lips as the cake emerged. "Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Me want!" She reached her little paws up, but the came soared away from her. "*Me want*!" She watched the cake go soaring in the air. Something else had distracted her now that the cake was out of her reach: the mess on Claudius' cake. Without a word, she abandoned the cake and climbed up in his lap. "Nommy!" She face planted herself into the plate and began to eat. Shortly after beginning, she pulled her head up from the plate and looked behind her at Claudius. There was noodles dangling off of her schnoz. Her yellow eyes lit up. She certainly remembered him. "Eeeeee!" She huggled him. Melickielickie didn't feel so alone anymore. Sadly, it was Sorbet who got the cake.

It had been one of the most exhausting days of Claudius' life. With Jelena out of the house and Drusilla growing he thought his days of children dominating his life would soon be over, but with the unexpected houseguests of Callista and Melickielickie a new wave of chaos had been unleashed upon the household. And then there was the matter of his son who would be with them in a few short months. He worried for Sierra. He was not sure how she would manage *all* of these children. When bedtime finally arrived the march up the stairs felt like a condemned man ascending the gallows. He envied Drusilla who had locked herself in her room and been spared all of the chaos, but the family frenzy was exactly what the man needed to take his mind off what happened with Zevrin. After watching Sierra read to Ewwiekewwieikkie, Callista, and Melickielickie and put them to bed in a room that was now more crowded than an Imperial barracks, he slowly moved towards their bedroom. As he sat down on the edge of the bed he felt exhausted, even though it was Sierra who had done the bulk of the labor. "Can you help me get these boots off?" he asked her, quite pitifully, as he did not think he could move another inch.

By the end of the day, Sierra wasn't sure how she'd had the energy for it all. She needed to think of better ways to bathe Melickielickie so that there would be less of a fight next time. Bedtime was one of her favorite parts of the day. It wasn't because of the break from the children, which she did enjoy. Sierra felt that way because she loved reading to them. It was that one moment of the day where everyone was calm and captivated by a story. She left Ewwiekewwieikkie's room and quietly retreated back to her own. There, she found Claudius seated on the bed. She could only imagine how exhausted he was at the moment. They were both going to sleep like infants tonight. "Of course." Sierra smiled. She planted herself on the ground before him and the bed. There, she carefully slipped off each of his boots. She had abandoned her boots some time ago. She hated the damn things. She needed to get some inserts or *something* to make them feel less hellish. After she had freed his feet, she brought her hands to his ankle and began giving him a much needed massage. She started at his ankle, but would eventually make her way down his entire foot. "How are you feeling, love?" She was referring to his emotions. She knew he had to be right there with her exhausted-wise.

"I feel like we need a bigger estate. Suddenly I am envious of all the rooms in the castle that we lost," Claudius informed her with what started as a joke, but soon became serious. "Are we to keep her then?" he asked, getting right to the point. His heart ached for Melickielickie, and he certainly had a history of caring for war orphans, but he worried if Sierra would be able to keep up once their son was born. He looked at her, uncertain of what to do, but knowing that he did not want to send her to an orphanage. Once his feet were removed from the boots he began rapidly wiggling his toes. He thought the boots a cruel joke by Grand Moff Tarkin, who designed and approved the uniforms. He had heard rumors that the man wore slippers rather than the boots during his latter years, but he was not sure if he could get away with that. He had spoken about everything *but* Zevrin, which he was sure was the one thing that Sierra did want to hear his thoughts about.

She laughed softly. "You're not kidding, Claudius." As to his question, Sierra knew it was coming. It had already been on her mind. They already had one Squib, one Squib that helped Melickielickie make herself at home. Sierra couldn't send her to an orphanage, where it was possible no one would adopt Melickielickie...or worse, someone horrible would take her in. She continued to massage his feet gently. "Yes. I don't have the heart to take her to an orphanage where she could, potentially, live out a very sad life. She's endured enough. In our home, she can live a happy life. We won't spend the rest of our lives wondering what happened to Melickielickie, because we'll know." She knew she didn't have to sell him on the Squib girl. Her husband had a big heart too. "However, I could use some advice. Bath time was... a challenge." She rolled up the sleeve of her shirt to show him the collection of bite marks she'd gained. She didn't press him about Zevrin. It was a can of worms *he* needed to open when he was ready. She moved on to his other foot, offering it the exact same kind of attention. "Another daughter..." She snickered. "Are *you* sure you're ready for that?"

Claudius gasped when he saw the injuries to her arm, before reaching out to take her arm in his hands to examine it more carefully. "...wait..." he began, as his head slowly moved to look her in the eyes. "You *did* give her something to eat during the bath, didn't you?" he asked her, slowly, as his trick to bathing Ewwiekewwieikkie always involved combining bath time with food. It occupied her mouth and even made her excited about the event. "Another daughter..." he said, slowly, parotting her. "The question is are you ready?" he asked, as he released his grip on her chew toy of an arm. "I worry about the burden on you once our son is born," he said, before extending both of his arms and wrapping them around her. He drew her more near, clinging to her, while simultaneously running his hands up and down her back and considerable behind. He let out a soft moan of contentment as he squeezed her body against his. He needed her warmth. He needed her closeness.

She looked at him, shaking her head. "No... Ewwiekewwieikkie always brings something to eat inside of the bath. I didn't realize that was part of the process. She had a comlink and a bracelet. I went for the shinies." Food! She clearly needed a lot of guidance from her husband as far as raising a Squib child went. Sierra did worry if she was ready. She supposed that she'd wonder that no matter how many children they had. Her arms locked around his neck. Her head rested on his. She loved him so much. As long as he was with her, then she was ready to mother another child. Sierra let out a sigh. His hands made her feel so good. "Yes, I'm ready. I know it'll be a handful at first, but we'll hit our stride and everything will be okay. Bruce will have another sister to play with too." Each day drew them closer to their son. As she progressed into her second trimester, the swell of her stomach seemed to grow bigger and bigger. She kissed his forehead. "Now that we have four daughters and a son, you can never leave me. I'll drown in children." Sierra grinned.

"Food is always part of the process in this house," Claudius fired back at her, as he buried his face in her bosom. "Then it's settled. We'll keep Melickielickie," he informed her, tripping over her name the first time he said it. On Skor II it seemed to be effortless for the Squibs to speak their names in rapid succession without any hesitation. "Of course we simply can't pick up a child off the side of the road and claim ownership," he said to her, as he began to lift up her tunic so he could get access to her stomach. "I'll have to travel to Skor II and petition the government," he explained, before once again attempting to rub her stomach to cause their son to respond again. It had been many years since he had been to Skor II. In the aftermath of the Clone Wars battle he had wasted no time in leaving the planet and never went back. There were a lot of ghosts waiting there for him.

Those words needed to be carved and hung somewhere. 'Food is always part of the process'. Sierra had used food to bribe Ewwiekewwieikkie many times. Doctor Tohan may not agree with it, but there was no better way! She was happy that Melickielickie would stay. Sierra would see that the Squib never felt as scared as she did the moment she arrived at the estate. Her eyes flickered down to him. "Hm?" She knew nothing about the process of adopting the Squib. She figured with no family that it would all go smoothly. The mention of traveling to Skor II made her feel excited. Since she began living in the estate, she wanted to visit there to really experience Squib culture. She was respectful of what Claudius had endured and did not ask him to take her. Now an opportunity had arisen. "You're not going alone. I'm coming with you." He'd need her. It was going to be a difficult trip as he relived the trauma he had faced during his last visit.

She could feel her son shifting inside of her womb at his father's touch. Soon, Claudius got just what he wanted. The boy kicked and punched at Sierra. The results were even more visible. "I swear, this child had been lifting weights inside my womb. He's *so* strong." Sierra commented. Her fingers ran through her husband's hair. "I think he'll take after neither of us and, instead, have a career as a shockball player."

Claudius was momentarily mesmerized by the display in Sierra's stomach, causing a glow to emanate from his cheeks that could have lit up the room. "Are you sure you're prepared for that? It's an entire planet of Ewwiekewwieikkies and Melickielickies!" he warned her, before smirking and breaking into laughter. "We'll have to bring a treasure trove of gifts. Rank cylinders. Silverware. Anything with a shine or luster to it," he said, before turning his attention back to her stomach. "Of course he's strong. He's *my* son," he said, as he again played the game upon her stomach. In a sense, it was the first time he had gotten a chance to play with his son. "A shockball player? That would be wonderful. A lucrative endorsement deal, and we can retire to the good life on his credits," he teased her, before moving his face directly into her belly. A moment later he gave her a raspberry, right in the belly button, which for some reason he found to be hilarious.

Claudius' glow certainly lit up her life. Sierra's heart warmed. She had the most wonderful, most loving husband. Thinking about Skor II made her laugh hard. "I'm going to need to remove all the Wookiee cookies from my purse before we leave." There were so many random items with shine that they could bring. Aluminum foil came to Sierra's mind as well. It made a fun sound, and it could be used to cover *anything*. Her heart continued to swoon for the men in her life. It seemed that their son was more than happy to play with his father. She laughed again. "Okay, shockball player it is! Eeeek!!" His raspberry was *soooo* ticklish! Sierra let out a shrill of a giggle and wiggled in his grasp. "You tickled me!" She accused while boarding his lap. Her hands met with his sides where she attempted to get him back by tickling him. She played with him until they were both lying on the bed together, only then did she become slightly more serious.

"Claudius, I'm so proud of you." She said to him seemingly out of the blue. "You took action to ensure that Melickielickie's family sees justice. What was happening was wrong and *you* didn't let it happen. You are an immensely good person, my love, and you're far from your comrades. Your moral compass is still intact and functioning. You have proven, time and time again, how idiotic xenophobia is. You're my hero, Claudius. I believe that things are going to change for the better at this point. I want to finish my concerts. I want to help bring hope back to the people and rally their support for you." Sierra spoke passionately of her husband.

Claudius was *very* ticklish, and as they collapsed on the bed he was laughing and gasping for air so hard they his cheeks had flushed red yet again. But as the foreplay proceeded the conversation inevitably worked its way back to the subject of Zevrin. He listened to her heap praise upon him, but he was not sure if he was deserving of them. There was always the chance that she would return from licking her wounds to unleash wrath much more severe than what they had already endured. Her compliments brought tears to his eyes, and his face was soon buried in her chest as he wept. "I just hope our flight to Skor II isn't one way. Zevrin has powerful allies, and there were times when I thought I had rid myself of her before only to find her right back," he confessed to her, as he revealed his innermost fear. "I hope today's victory doesn't turn into tomorrow's defeat," he told her, before moving his face up from her chest to face her. "Today, however, was a victory," he told her, before placing his lips upon hers. His tongue darted into her mouth as he passionately kissed her, almost devouring her from the fierceness of the kiss. His hands moved over her body sensually, exploring each of her newfound pregnancy curves. He loved his wife and he would have this night after all they had been through.

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