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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:14) in the Alderaan system: (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Commander Sierra Dakkar/Rodney, Farrah Ette, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Lord Gaius Rodney, Duke Julius Rodney, Duchess Livia Rodney, Lord Marcus Rodney, and Lady Zara Rodney.

Claudius Rodney had been moved to a separate spire of Castle Rodney where he would not be able to see his fiance again until she walked down the aisle. The news of the sudden wedding had sent the castle staff into overdrive and there was talk that the head chamberlain had suffered a heart attack. He stood in the refresher attempting to shave his face, but gave himself a slight cut on his left cheek. "Argh!" he groaned, looking at the drops of blood in the sink, pulling his trembling hand with the razor away from his half shaved face. His brown eyes closed and he took a heavy breath, trying to regain his composure. When he opened his eyes again he saw the reflection of an old man about to marry a young woman in a third attempt to find everlasting happiness. He was confident in his decision, but the fates had not been kind to the first two Lady Rodneys and he hoped he was blessing Sierra instead of cursing her. Feeling tired he placed the razor down, giving up on his attempts to battle back the stubble. It was a futile struggle as each day they returned to do battle again ... like the Rebellion.

Marcus Rodney immediately picked up the razor and went through the process of continuing his older brother's shave for him. He was pleasantly surprised that Claudius had taken up with the young Sierra, though he was a bit shocked that his brother had taken up with someone so young given his prudish reputation. Although he certainly could not comment on the subject as his bride was but sixteen herself. His hand moved up Claudius' face, shaving off the hair slowly and carefully. When the matter was done he took hold of a luxurious towel, rubbing off his face, and stopping the bleeding of the small cut that he had caused himself. "There. Much better," he said, as he pulled away the towel to reveal the clean shaven face. "Nothing to be nervous about, brother. You've done this twice before," he teased him, before pulling back the towel and slapping him with it to break the tension. "You know what they say, don't you?" he said, as he left the room to join the other men that were waiting. "Third time's a charm!" he said, before entering the room where the male members of the wedding party were kept. He wanted a drink desperately, but this wedding seemed like a perfect target for whomever was targeting the House of Rodney. Beneath his stately wardrobe his heavy blaster pistol was at the ready.

As the saying went, it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding ... but all Sierra Dakkar wanted to do was see Claudius! As soon as he became forbidden territory, it felt like she needed to tell him so many things. She was nervous. T'was the day of her wedding, a day she had thought would never come. Her heart knew this to be the right decision. Sierra truly did love Claudius. He had lifted the veil over her eyes and showed her a future that was worth it; a future she wanted.

The whole castle had to scramble to made the unexpected wedding happen. Meanwhile, the press ate it up like it was ambrosia. All in all, everything had come together. Sierra had even been able to help Drusilla find a dress in a timely manner. Currently, the young bride was seated in her suite. The gentle, smooth sounds of her violin filled the room while she played away her nerves with a rendition of Fly me to the Moon. Her eyes were closed. Her fingers skillfully played over the fretboard of the violin. She had not yet finished dressing. In fact, all she wore was a closed terry cloth robe and her undergarments. The music took her to another place. Her hands slowly became more steady just as the beating of her heart. Claudius was her future.

Zara Rodney had taken it upon herself to aid Sierra. Sierra's best friend had died. Her family was gone to the Alderaan catastrophe. This was all Claudius' bride had left. The violin music echoed up and down all the halls leading to the room where Sierra was. All she had to do was follow the music, knock on the door, and she was granted access into the bride's room. "It's the big day!" She said excitedly. It seemed she was feeling much better today. "Ewwie and Drusilla will be here soon. Let's start getting you dressed." The pregnant woman would be staying close to others today. She had already been kidnapped once this month. If if became twice, the Rodney family would likely take her out back and eliminate her like a sickly dog.

"Cousin, how goes the security for this day?" Marcus asked Gaius, as he pulled him aside, still furious that they had failed to adequately protect his wife during Jelena's funeral. He was dressed in his formal attire, nearly identical to what he wore to his own wedding on the sea islands. He pitied his brother for going through with the ceremony, but as he was going to be Duke it was necessary that the public see him in a positive light. Once he was confident Zara was feeling well enough, he was determined to continue the investigation of who tried to kill his father, and who bombed Jelena's funeral. He did not believe, as his cousin and brother did, that the Rebellion was behind it.

Gaius was drowning his sorrows in brandy as the knowledge that Claudius had both found an exceptional bride and declared his intention to succeed his father had nearly crippled him. "Now that I have rooted the traitor from the Alderaan Guard, I am confident in the security of *our* family, cousin," he said to Marcus, dismissively, without even looking at him. He would not be good company on this, his day of great failure. He would commiserate with Farrah later and determine how to rid himself of Claudius in due time.

Drusilla Rodney could *not* believe she was getting *another* stepmother, one just a few years older than her, and one who had been a friend since childhood. As she walked into the room containing Zara and Sierra, she marched quickly towards her future stepmother in determined fashion. "I am not calling you mummy," she said to Sierra, as she looked around the room. "I do thank you for convincing papa for accepting the Duchy so that I will become Duchess in time," she said, bowing in front of Sierra, but only slightly. "You honor me by naming me a bridesmaid, but I warn you now ... Ewwiekewwieikkie *will* eat all of your flowers *before* she makes it down the aisle," she said, as she eyeballed the wine. She was still under the legal age, but did not think anyone would mind on this, her father's wedding day.

And that's when *she* happened. Into the room stormed Ewwiekewwieikkie with all of the energy of out of control speeder. "It's another party!" she declared, once again having been forced into her pink dress for another occasion. To her there was no difference between Jelena's funeral and her adopted father's wedding. Seeing Sierra she moved, unaware she was in a spectacular wedding dress, and gave her an inappropriate hug that would leave her assuredly wrinkled and covered in strands of blue hair. "Where is Callista?" she asked, as she looked around the room, scrambling about, and panting like an animal.

Farrah Rodney was *furious*. It wasn't enough that her father had promptly been knocked from his throne. Now she had to endure Claudius Rodney's wedding...*third* wedding, that is. It wasn't fair! She hated every second she spent in the little slut's room, forced to aid in her dressing. She was disgusted to the point where she wanted to drown in carbonite. All the planning and long term schemes had blown up in her and Gaius' face. Julius was alive and would be present at the wedding. Claudius had come out of the left field and swooped up the Duchy. And then there was her. Sierra Dakkar, the disease that plagued Farrah's life even worse than Julius himself. She'd do anything for revenge now. She'd caught some house maiden with fertility medication. She decided it would be fun to see how quickly Claudius and Sierra's marriage collapsed, and so, as she offered Sierra tea, she thought about the drugs she'd crushed up inside of it. "Here you are, milady. To calm the nerves."

The dress Sierra had selected was both modest and sexy. As Zara helped her zip up the back, the young Dakkar looked at herself in the mirror in awe. Though she had tried to dress on before buying it, she looked so different in it today. She was smiling brightly like the happy little bride that she was. Her dress was simplistic. It was traditionally white with a beautiful, elaborate pattern stretching from her torso to the bottom of the dress. The shapes of her body were made much more dramatic in her dress as opposed to her ISB uniform. She felt pretty. She felt like a god damn princess. Zara was behind her, brushing out her blonde hair. Sierra was having a moment of sheer awe until Drusilla and Ewwie arrived.

She smiled at Drusilla and laughed dryly. "Of course not. You are to call me 'Mother'." Joking. She suspected Drusilla would continue to call her by name and wouldn't force the issue. She was number three, after all. "I appreciate your input. I've planned several backup bouquets just in case." Sierra caught her eyeing the wine, "One *small* drink at the reception, Drusilla." And then there was Ewwiekewwiekkie who came blasting into the room like a ray of sunshine ... or a blue fur ball of destruction. Sierra didn't think twice about squeezing the Squib when they hugged. She had committed to the idea that the dress would not remain blue. It had arrived at the castle in fourteen layers of wrap to avoid Ewwie. A sad expression crossed over Sierra's face at the mention of Callista. It wasn't like Sierra didn't want her to be there. She would have enjoyed some advice from the tiny to princess. She hadn't decided how she was going to tell Ewwie. For today, she played the part of a horrible stepmother. "I'm sorry, Ewwiekewwiekkie. Callista wasn't able to make it today." Her heart sank. Where was that wonderful child? Behind her, Zara had finished placing her hair in an updo and was working on her veil. "Thank you all for being with me on my special day."

Marcus looked at his chronometer and realized it was time for the men to get going. "Remember, this day, Gaius, what you are at present, rather than what you dream of being. A guard," he said to the man, raising his left hand to squeeze at his shoulder. He was determined that no further members of his family suffer on this or any other day. "It is time, Claudius," he said, knocking on the door of the room where his brother had secluded himself to finish dressing. As he watched the pomp and circumstance unfold, along with the HoloNet presence, he was sure he had made the correct decision to elope with Zara. He was more than confident that she would thank him later.

When Claudius heard the knock on the door he took one last look at himself in the mirror, dressed in his Grand Moff's uniform which had been carefully laid out. "Coming, brother," he said, as he exited his room and joined the others. "Well, let's not keep her waiting. Best to do this before she turns 20," he said, to boisterous laughter, in an attempt to lighten everyone's mood. He led a procession down the stairs of the spire to the great hall of the castle. His eyes moved towards the family's chapel, which was swarming with uniformed members of the Alderaan Guard. His eyes moved towards Gaius with an affirmative nod, before he moved alone with Marcus into the chapel. Inside he spied his parents, giving them a nod, before moving to the front with his brother, the best man ... *again*.

This was the third time Livia Rodney would witness her eldest child's marriage, but for the first time he done so with a woman who met with his approval. She dressed resplendently, seated on a small chair in the front with her husband at her side. Her violet eyes observed everything, and to everyone's surprise she remained sober thus far. While she did not stand when her sons entered, she nevertheless gave Claudius' a brief wink to encourage him. Given the potential danger with all that had transpired, the chapel would be limited to just *immediate* family: Claudius, Sierra, Marcus, Zara, Drusilla, and Ewwiekewwieikkie. Of course, she noted to herself, that anyone who attacked this room would likely be able to rid themselves of the whole family in one fell swoop.

Julius Rodney felt better than he had in months, yet neither he nor the doctors understood why. Perhaps it was the fact that the succession crisis had seemingly been solved, with his eldest son *finally* rising to the occasion and accepting his birthright. He was very pleased that his son was marrying a Dakkar, one of the finest families on Alderaan before the planet's destruction. He could only hope his boy still had a son somewhere inside him that he could deposit into the beautiful young Sierra. If he could not, perhaps if he recovered further he might need to perform the task himself. A second generation heir was needed at all cost ... even if it meant Darrus Rodney, he thought to himself, as eyes again moved towards Marcus.

The wedding of Claudius and Sierra was a lot less stressful for Zara. She was feeling well, and thus could help the young woman prepare herself. She did *not* envy the kind of wedding they were having. Even if certain moments of intimacy had ended up on the Holonet, Zara was happy with the private wedding she and Marcus had. She felt especially happy, taken back to that day by seeing her husband dressed in his formal attire. If she continued to think about him, they'd probably end up in another Holonet scandal. Eyeing the chronometer that she'd stolen from her precious husband so long ago, she realized it was time. "Okay, everyone. We gotta get going. We can't keep the men waiting!" She did what she could to help shoo everyone out, including offering Ewwie the first of Sierra's bouquet, which bore flowers in both Dakkar and Rodney family colors. They meshed as well as Claudius and Sierra did.

The time had come. In a short time, Sierra would be married to the love of her life. There were no second feelings. She hadn't even allowed herself to entertain the irrationality that Claudius would abandon her at the alter. With him, she just *knew*. Sierra rose, given added height by the heels beneath her dress. She flipped her thin veil over her eyes. "I'm ready," she told Zara, following the girls down the stairs of the spire where she was housed and all the way to the family chapel. The doors were closed now. The guards were swarming around the place. With her heart in her throat, Sierra grasped both Drusilla and Ewwiekewwiekkie and hugged them. She had her something blue now, didn't she? "Thank you for accepting me into your family." She whispered. She had no choice but to release the girls as soft music began to play. It was time for the procession to start.

Since Sierra's father had passed, she decided to walk down the aisle with Drusilla on one side and Ewwiekewwiekkie on the other. Zara led the procession, slowly. She looked to Marcus, thinking about how she couldn't wait to be home in the chalet. . . but not before picking up some Auntie Mae's! She took the the opposite side of the altar where the other bridesmaids would stand beside her.

The other girls came next. The door to the chapel opened before Sierra. Suddenly, she was walking into the chapel where her new family awaited her. There was Julius and Livia, Marcus and Zara, Ewwiekewwiekkie and Drusilla. Most important of all, there was Claudius. Her blue eyes landed on him last. He was dressed in his Grand Moff's uniform. He looked so incredibly attractive. Tears welled at the corners of her eyes. Beneath her veil, she was smiling. It was all like a fairy tale. As soon as they started spending time together, Sierra's heart had begun getting attached. Her feelings were as authentic as could be. She was happy to have this opportunity. She was happy to have Claudius so involved in her life. At the altar, she released Ewwiekewwiekkie and Drusilla so that her future husband could receive her.

Claudius had thought the refugee center named in honor of his daughter was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, but then he saw Sierra Dakkar step forward in her wedding dress. There was a tear in the corner of his left eye as he felt overcome by the day. His one wish was that his daughter, Jelena, had been here to see it. His hands reached out, taking her hands into his, and he looked into her eyes affectionately. As the ceremony proceeded, he placed the ring onto Sierra's finger slowly, his hand trembling slightly, almost struggling with it. He did not remember being this nervous the previous two times. When his own wedding band was placed on the ceremony was near complete, but for one critical step. He reached up, gently lifting her veil to reveal the delicate features of her face. His eyes closed, and his face descended upon hers so slowly it seemed he was frozen. His lips connected with hers and lingered there for what seemed like an eternity. It was the happiest day of his life. They were married.

Her hands were shaking. She could see it visibly when she reached out to take both of his. Sierra sniffled. The ceremony was beautiful, though she would never be able to recall what words were said exactly. Instead, she would recall the warm way his brown eyes looked into her own. It was as if the rest of the world melted away until the only thing left was her, Claudius, and the wonderful love they shared. Her eye contact only broke twice during the ceremony. Once to watch him slide her ring on her finger, and the second time to place his wedding band on his finger. Her heart had been his since the first moment. Now she had given him everything.

There was nowhere for her to hide when he brought up her veil. His bride had tears in her eyes and a little, red nose. She looked at him like he was her world...and really, he was. She took in every feature of his face as he moved it towards her. When their lips connected, their marriage was solidified. Careless to those watching, Sierra kissed her *husband* for what had to have been hours. It was very slow and emotional. She could have spent hours longer with her lips on his had there not been an audience. It was the happiest day of her life. It was the best decision she had ever made. At last, the perfect kiss ended. Sierra smiled at him. "I love you," her arms wrapped around his neck. She went in for a second kiss. She did her best to keep it short. She knew she'd spend the whole evening kissing him, among other things.

Claudius turned to greet their family once the ceremony had been completed, and was almost blasted in the face with some rice. It seemed his youngest daughter had quite the sense of humor and did not miss the opportunity to injury him given the chance. As the chapel door opened, all of the members of the Alderaan Guard were lined up as honor guards with their staffs held out, providing a protective line along the corridor that would lead to the room where the small reception would be held. He did his best to politely nod to the guards, but given the speed at which they were moving it was very difficult. Finally, they were led to a room off the Horus Edonis gardens that was filled with cake, small plates of food, and more alcohol than any other room in the Core Worlds at this given time and place. "We must only stay long enough to be polite," he whispered to his *wife*, as he they moved to the back of the room to personally thank their guests. Never in the history of his life had he wanted to run away from something as he did this. He moved to cut the first piece of cake, taking it in his hand, and quickly pushed it towards Sierra's face, playfully force feeding her. He remembered her teasing in bed this morning. The honeymoon loomed and the ship was already standing by.

Eek! The rice, though traditional, seemed to come out of nowhere. She caught Drusilla giggling and Ewwiekewwiekkie eating flowers. They quickly became a blur as the chapel doors opened and they were escorted towards the resort. Sierra's hand never left his. She tried to be respectful, but, at the current moment, she wasn't thinking about it. She was thinking about escaping the reception quickly so that she and Claudius could *finally* make love to each other. The teasing had nearly gone too far this morning. Sierra recalled trying to talk him into it through painting a picture of the body he'd soon experience. She recalled gliding his hand along her thigh just to give him a teeny, tiny taste of his virginal bride.

The room was well prepared for the party of the century. Between the cake and alcohol, she knew Livia and Zara would be happy. Hopefully they'd leave long before his parents drank themselves to stupidity. She had purposely been avoiding Julus. She wasn't stupid. The man would start bothering her for offspring at his first opportunity. Claudius' whisper was relieving. They were thinking along the same line today, as they did many days. "Perfect plan, my love," she squeezed his hand. Sierra was so good at being sweet to his family, even when she so badly wanted to leave. She thanked them and hugged them for now she belonged to them. Lady Sierra *Rodney* was her new name. Having married the love of her life, Sierra was happy. She laughed while he force fed her cake. In return, she shoved her own handful of cake into his mouth. Sierra didn't have much of a sweet tooth, but even she had to admit that the cake was good. She'd ordered that the top layer be frozen for their one year anniversary, because honestly, she was curious how it would taste! Music was playing again. It seemed that everyone was celebrating. She caught Marcus and Zara rocking back and forth to a slow song. She could tell why Delaya fell so madly in love with the Zarcus phenomenon. Happier than ever before, she turned to her husband. "One dance, then we can sneak away." She compromised.

Duke Julius Rodney made his way towards Claudius and Sierra slowly, with a devilish grin upon his face. He took Claudius' hand into his and shook it, squeezing his hand as hard as he could, was not much due to his old age and accumulation of fatty tissue in his palm. "Well done, my boy. Good fortune to you both," he said, before his lecherous old gaze caught Sierra. He moved towards her, wrapping his arms around her in an embrace that was a bit too touchy for a father-in-law. "I expect a grandson before I depart this life. If you get started tonight I can take delivery in nine months," he whispered in her ear, before pressing a kiss to her cheek. If his son could not produce a son with the lovely creature he saw before him, he suspected something wrong with the boy's equipment.

Duchess Livia Rodney was the next to step forward, to place a kiss on on Claudius' cheek. "My heart goes with you," she said to him, knowing how hard the past year had been for him ... for them all. He turned her attention then to Sierra, doing her best not to break down crying at how beautiful she looked. "Congratulations *daughter*," she said, as she placed a brief kiss upon each of her cheeks. "There is no one more suited to succeed me as Duchess of this planet. Now, what are you still doing here? Get going!" she insisted to them, as she looked around at the group of family members who were getting increasingly drunk and boisterous. It seemed even young Drusilla had a glass of wine.

Oooh no! Sierra had been caught between a wall and a Julius place. She watched Claudius' parents approach them, well aware of what would come next. She assumed they had already been drinking even *before* the ceremony. Still, she put on a smile and greeted them both with open arms. The way he looked at her made her feel like she wasn't covered enough. Her stomach twitched while they embraced. All it took was one hug to realize that Julius totally was the kind of man who would have a bastard son. She sucked in a breath of air to keep the front of their bodies from touching, though that was impossible. The words he whispered into her ear made her realize that it was time to leave *now*. Pulling back, Sierra had a red face.

It was much easier to deal with an emotional Livia than a perverted Julius. She hugged the woman, kisses her cheeks. "Thank you, *Mother*. I'm so happy to officially join the family." Thankfully, Livia gave them the out that Sierra wanted. Holding Claudius' hand, she guided him out of the reception room and far, *far* away from Julius. "Your father doesn't skip a beat, Claudius," she laughed. She knew full well that he knew what she was referring to. "He said he'd take delivery in nine months. I fear what he gifted us with. Do not open is wedding gift." Though, she had to admit, the idea of giving Claudius a son was appealing to her. It was all a roll of the genetic dice.

Claudius was escorted from the reception happily, and not a moment too soon. "You can understand now why Marcus and his wife chose to live beyond the walls of the castle," he told her, as they passed by the Alderaan Guard once again and moved towards the waiting speeder. "Thank you," he said to her, once they were on their own in front of the castle. "Thank you for everything," he said, placing a kiss upon her more passionately than the one he had given her during the formal ceremony. And when that kiss broke he kissed her again, and again, and again, and yet again. He had lived many years without his beautiful young wife, and he attempted to make up for all of the years of lost kisses right then and there. "Always remember this day, for I will never forget it. I love you," he told her, before moving to help her into the speeder that would take them away from their old life and onto their new life together.

She really could understand why Marcus and Zara decided to place distance between them and Julius. All-in-all, she could see why a commoner wouldn't enjoy this lifestyle of want to be Duchess. Never fear, Claudius had already taken responsibility from Marcus' shoulders. All that wasn't in her mind right now. She had serious tunnel vision for Claudius now that they had parted from everyone else. Outside of the castle, Sierra found herself on the receiving end of kiss after kiss after kiss. She was much more passionate with him when a room of people weren't watching. Her hands ran over his freshly shaven face. "I will never forget it. Today is the greatest day of my life all because of *you*. I love you. My heart belongs to you." She kissed him one more time, then moved into the speeder. Once they were both inside, Sierra took her husband's hand. She leaned against him sweetly all the ride towards the station. Holonet reports desperately tried to capture the very first images of Lord Claudius Rodney *and* Lady Sierra Rodney from outside the speeder. She didn't worry for that. The fire from their scandal would die now that they were married.

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