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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:6) in the Alderaan system: Black Star and Delaya (Leiliani: Jelena Rodney Center and Rodney Castle).
Governor Papius Arundel, Luna Flosgermen, Petrus Flosgermen, Ashori Monoceros, Lady Jelena Rodney, and Commander Iyah Xergo.

The U-wing starfighter hovered just above the planet Delaya within the Alderaan system. Commander Iyah Xergo sat behind the controls. She was beginning to feel some concerns as far as their mission went. All the way to Delaya, she thought about what it was like to be held in an Imperial garrison as their prisoner. The Governor had done a number on both her and Mug. In some ways, she wasn't sure they could ever recover entirely from it. In an attempt to protect him, and Callista, she asked him to stay behind in New Alderaan. By now, Iyah had visited Delaya plenty of times. She even briefly lived there. Now she was petrified by the place. Imperials swarmed the streets and tortured the innocent. No one had cared enough about the refugees to give them a good home...until an ISB officer showed a little heart. Still, Iyah had no love for the Grand Moff's wife.

She sighed. "Are you ready, Jelena?" She asked her *niece*. Before the young woman could give the Commander a reply, Iyah was already taking the ship down towards Delaya. Turbulence shook the craft as they came in for a landing within one of the quieter ports. Finding these refugees and successfully bringing them off planet was going to be difficult. She wanted to start at the refugee center, then continue their search. She brought the U-Wing down smoothly. She hoped that the destruction on Delaya had killed some of the people who had wronged her. Like Claudius Rodney, who held her up in his shed and interrogated her. Though, he'd been much kinder than Governor Arundel. The ship slowly began to power down. "We're here..."

Jelena was mostly quiet during the flight from New Alderaan to Delaya. She never thought she would be returning there so soon. She wondered if her family was still there. She had no contact with them and was not sure where there were or if they were even alive. Her heart was heavy and her mind was elsewhere ... two qualities that made the mission more dangerous. "Huh?" she replied, when Iyah asked her if she was ready. It took her a moment, replaying her question in her mind before answering. "Yeah. I'm ready," she said, with a soft nod of her head, and not being *entirely* truthful. "There's no place like home..." she said to the Commander, before she unfastened her safety harness and rose from her seat. She reached down, picking up her DH-17 blaster pistol. Gone were the formal dresses she used to wear during better days and instead she wore a simple gray attire that did its best to conceal her noble upbringing and fugitive status.

Iyah's thoughts came together. This wasn't easy for Jelena either. As much as the Rebel woman hated Mug's family, she had to recognize Jelena's connection with them. She bit her tongue and kept her feelings inside as she unbuckled herself and rose. Commander Xergo carried her trusty E-5 blaster rifle with her. She'd used it since the beginning. She concealed it within her clothing as she, too, was dressed like a civilian. The Governor had seen her face. She would be lucky if she didn't get them captured. "Let's head out. We'll check the refugee camp first. If there's anyone left there, they may know about the distress signal." Her boots thud against the ramp as she made her way out of the U-Wing. She pushed past her own fears and started focusing on the mission. Little did she know, Jelena's head wasn't in the right place.

She began leading the way towards the refugee center. This trip reminded her so much of the one she'd taken to rally up new Rebels in Tarkintown. That was the trip where she met *Mug*. The city had been seriously damaged by the battle. She wished she had brought a medic with them as she saw injured people roaming the streets, crying out for help. The sight would have destroyed Mug as it was hurting her. "No one's helping them." Iyah commented quietly. "It's wrong. We should have chased the Imperials out of Delaya."

Jelena followed Iyah down the ramp of the U-wing into what was left of the city of Leiliani. She always remembered it being dirty, polluted from the industry brought to the planet by her grandfather who sought to profit and expand as Alderaan embraced its natural beauty and pushed through green energy policies. But what she saw now was heartbreaking. Buildings were shattered. From beneath the rubble limbs were still visible. No effort had been made to straighten up as the Governor wanted to send a message to those that remained. "Oh, Iyah," she said quietly, as she was overcome with emotion. "There's no chasing the Empire out. There's more of them than us. Their military is huge. We just have these blasters," she said, sounding already defeated. "We need to run and hide until we're strong enough to fight back," she said, echoing the sentiments of others in the Rebellion. She wanted to find these refugees as quickly and possible and return to New Alderaan. Every moment they lingered here increased the danger. It was like being in a ghost town.

Iyah could only imagine what would have happened to Mug and their young daughter if they hadn't been spared from Tarkintown. The poor people of Leiliani were left injured and beaten. The continuous presence of Governor Arundel kept them beat down. The message was *very* clear. She questioned if they should turn their tails on the planet now and never look back. Even she felt defeated while Jelena spoke. The Empire was a gigantic enemy which sprawled out across the galaxy. The Empire was strong, overwhelmingly powerful. Her eyes fell. "Someday there will be change." She told the woman, giving her a one-armed hug. "The Rebellion is built on hope. Even in the hardest of times, we have to recall that. Remain hopeful and change will come." She released Jelena. Her feet were moving quickly now.

There wasn't much left of the Jelena Rodney Memorial Center. It looked like a missile had drove through the upper half of the dome. Debris cluttered at Iyah's feet. She could hear the moans of people who were still trying to survive...were they the lost refugees? Iyah continued forwards into what was left of the dome.

"My stepmom named this place after me," Jelena said, trying to make a joke, as she looked over the shattered remnants of the Jelena Rodney center. She did not care that something named after her had been demolished, but the fact that it was meant as a safe home for the refugees. "It looks deserted," she said to the Commander as she began to look around. She saw some of the toys her aunt and uncle had brought to the refugees after their shopping spree on Hessian Prime. "Maybe there's something here for Callista..." she suggested as she began to sift through the toys. And that's when she found it ... a cat.

"They're almost here." Ashori Monoceros revealed to the Imperial Governor. She was seated on the large, plush bed which belonged to the Duke and Duchess of Delaya. After placing a tracking device within Commander Xergo's U-Wing, she took an unexpected, and very secretive, trip back to Delaya. She came with datadisks containing sensitive Rebel information. Clearly, she was excelling as his double agent. Ashori loosely wore Duchess Sierra's robe. She seemed to be making herself at home within the castle. In her hands, she held a datapad with the information from the tracking device. "Are you ready to catch a Rodney, Governor? Playing on Jelena's sympathy for the Rebels worked out perfectly. Commander Xergo likes to open her mouth. You'll have to get her to talk more about Governor Rodney's wife." Little did the know, the Grand Moff's wife would be returning sooner than later.

Governor Papius Arundel was busy dressing after thoroughly debriefing the returning Ashori Monoceros. He needed it after the encounter with the bounty hunters that left hi with a fresh blaster wound to his shoulder. "More than ready," he said, as he turned his attention to her. "Here. Help me finish getting dressed," he said, as he turned towards her with half his tunic on. Today would be a day he would not forget. All of the hatred he felt towards the ones who injured him was about to be turned on Jelena and Iyah. he had Ashori to thank for it, but his reports would conveniently leave that part out.

The girl slowly rose from the bed and made her way over toward him. She realized that not a lick of her efforts would be realized by anyone other than him ... and she was fine with this. The more off the radar she stayed with the Empire, the longer she could betray the Rebels. She stood in front of him and began aiding him in dressing. "Don't forget my holovid of Jelena's face. I want to watch it with you over and over again later." Ash intended to stay with him for one more evening before returning to New Alderaan. She hoped he'd invite her to watch him interrogate Commander Xergo and the Rodney girl. As long as they didn't see her face, they wouldn't know. When she had finished dressing him, she kissed his cheek. "I'll be here waiting for you." She promised him with a smirk.

Luna Flosgermen found it hard to say *no* to her new contractor when he offered her so many credits. In fact, Luna found it hard to say no as soon as the Imperial Governor described that kind of job she'd be doing. Her immense hate for her sister spread into the Rodney family. Her damn husband had injured her and her husband and spoiled the reward of kidnapping the Duchess of Delaya. She was more than happy to take a vacation from her vacation just to hurt his family. The pathetic sight of Delaya served to remind her why she and Petrus had escaped. She knew her sister had survived. Zara's latest HoloNet scandal was hard to avoid... Stupid cow.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard all the way home." Luna purred. She was seated in her husband's lap, killing time while they awaited for the Rebels to make an appearance. Her cats were set in place. She was ready for whatever was going to happen. Her helmet sat on the ground before them. Her fingers were messing up his hair over and over again. "This pay day will just about afford us a house. Where should we live, Petrus?" She heard a soft beeping noise coming from her helmet. It appeared that someone had caught the motion sensors on her cat. Luna picked up the helmet and shoved it on her head. "Show time, baby." She wiggled her rear end to remind him of what would come later, then stood. Using voice command, she spoke to the cat. "Begin firing at the girl."

Iyah seemed to tense when she heard about Jelena's stepmother. That woman was *scary*. She had been so intense during the whole capture. Iyah managed a quiet laugh. "Yeah.." She looked around. There was no one there. *Great*. Where the hell were these refugees hiding? "I guess this is going to be more difficult than we expected.... Aw, that cat is cute." She knew how much Callista loved kitties. Well, the little girl loved *all* things cute. She was surprised when the cat's eyes began to flash. Her gut was screaming for them to get out. "Jelena!" She said, stepping forward. She grabbed the cat and threw it just as it began to shower blaster fire down on them. Iyah's hand wrapped around Jelena's arm as she dragged the girl towards coverage in the wreckage.

Jelena had not expected the cat to pose any danger so when Iyah screamed at her she initially did not know what was happening. In fact, she still did not pick up on the danger when Iyah tossed the cat away and dragged her towards cover. "Is the ... is the cat shooting at us?!" she asked, thinking how absurd it sounded as she asked the question. That was something she never expected to hear herself say. "It's a trap!" she declared, as she placed both of her hands over her head while blaster fire flew over her. She had walked right into it and endangered Commander Xergo needlessly. Even in the heat of the battle she was starting to beat herself up.

Petrus Flosgermen twitched as Luna ruffled his hair, wishing she would take this more seriously. True it was only a couple of young ladies, but he learned never to underestimate his opponents. He reached down towards his red helmet, which he quickly placed upon his head, cementing his fearsome imagery as The Demon. "Don't spend the money before we earn it," he said, remembering the two failed kidnapping plots and how their overconfidence had cost them ... dearly. With her cat doing its purpose of pinning them down, he moved forward into the remnants of the refugee center with his TL-50 heavy repeater at the ready. His hand moved towards his belt, where he unfastened a flashbang grenade from his belt. Pressing the primer, he quickly released it from his grasp, throwing it over the debris where the cat had pinned the ladies down. Upon it impact it emitted a blinding light and shrieking sound that he expected what disorient them.

The young woman removed her vibrorapiers from her backside. "Okay, okay. I'll behave until after we're paid." Neither one had been pleased about what had occurred after they lost the Duchess. She was going to bleed her spleen all over the Rebel women who became her new target. Luna quietly hid while Petrus used his flashbang grenade to blind both the Rodney girl and the Rebel Commander. Then, Luna went darting out towards him. Using the scanners built into her helmet, she knew exactly where to find them. Her cat had subsided shooting at them and was now pursuing the women from the other side of the debris where they were hiding. Luna rounded the corner. She found Iyah, holding her blaster, shooting in the opposite direction. Stupid woman, she thought. The young bounty hunter kneed the Rebel Commander in the gut *hard*. She ripped the E-5 from her hands and threw it to the ground. Meanwhile, her mechanical cat had set its sights on Jelena Rodney. It clawed at the girl's legs with metal claws.

Commander Xergo had fallen into *another* trap. She realized it as she took hold of her blaster rifle. "This can't be happening again..." She started shooting at the strange cat. It seemed to be reinforced. Even though Iyah hit it once, it didn't explode or break. "We can make it out." She said to Jelena, unaware of how much trouble they were in. The flash grenade took away her eye sight. In the blankness, Iyah could see Governor Arundel holding her in his cell. What would he do to her this time? Her finger squeezed the trigger repeatedly until something painful collided with her stomach. She coughed blood onto her clothing. "No!" Her blaster was gone... It was so *easy* for her to become overwhelmed. She couldn't see Jelena, let alone anything else until the effects of the flash grenade wore off. "Jelena!" She yelled.

"Iyah!" Jelena screamed as the grenade went off, blinding and deafening her. The poor girl was not combat minded, but now that two of her senses had been taken she was a pitiful sight. She did not even manage to get a single shot off from her blaster pistol before the cat began attacking her, causing her to scream out in pain. To her great embarrassment she began to cry, as she dropped to her knees, clutching her wounds. Of all people she suddenly wanted her father, which humiliated her even further.

Beneath his helmet Petrus rolled his eyes at Luna's overzealous attack of the Rebel commander. His target was Jelena Rodney, who he understood was the bulk of their payment. He walked calmly across the distance that separated them, slinging his rifle over his shoulder and unholstering his HSB-200 hold-out blaster pistol. As he approached the blind and terrified young woman he stood over her, aiming his blaster squarely at the side of her head. "Bang!" he said mockingly from beneath his helmet, but he did not pull the trigger. Instead, he raised his hand and brought it down swiftly, slamming her on the back of the helmet with the butt of his grip. The young girl dropped to the ground, unconscious at his feet, as his focus shifted to Luna and Iyah.

Jelena's crying made Iyah's heart ache. The poor girl had never been in a situation like this one. This right here was *war*. It was an unfair cruel bitch. Iyah blindly reached towards the crying. "It's going to... It's going to.." Iyah couldn't lie to the girl. It wasn't going to be okay. She suspected they were being overwhelmed by Imperial soldiers, not bounty hunters. Iyah was beginning to regain her vision. She could see the form of a black blob on the ground...her blaster!? She bent down, grabbing what would ultimately be Luna's cat droid. The droid dug its claws into her chest and ripped.

Behind Iyah, Luna was laughing. It was amusing to see the Grand Moff's daughter fold so quickly. She was a weak, pathetic cry baby. The Rebel Commander was. . . special. Luna was not amused by her cat's assault on the woman. In fact, it was *boring*. "Oh, shut it down." She waved her hand. The cat's mouth instantly opened. It sprayed a narcotic into Iyah's face. The drug instantly knocked the Commander out, sending her tumbling to the ground. "Aw... I didn't get to blow anything up..." She frowned, nudging Iyah's body with her foot. "Should we take her too?"

Petrus bent over and picked up the Rodney girl, throwing her over his shoulder roughly. He looked towards Luna and the subdued Rebel commander on the ground. "Take her. But the Governor isn't getting a buy one, get one free," he said, with a soft chuckle as he began moving towards the speeder. It was much easier collecting a bounty than it was executing a kidnapping and ransom. Hopefully they would collect their credits and be on their way with the Governor and the Imperials having to deal with the fallout. "Now you can talk about your dream house," he told Luna, as he dumped the body of Jelena in the back of the speeder, dusting off his hands.

"Good idea. If he doesn't want her, I'm sure *someone* will." She bent down, lazily grabbing the Commander. She didn't possess the strength that her husband did, but it was enough to get the job done. She shoved Iyah's body into the speeder. "Thank goodness this isn't our speeder. They are going to ruin the interior. Tsk, tsk..." Luna shook her head. She moved into the passenger's seat. "Our dream house!" She commented, her hand landing on his thigh once he had joined her. "Think about this, a full wall of mirrors in our bedroom. That way, we can watch while we do it." She really didn't need anything grandiose. She would be happy with a simplistic home, or an apartment. It was relieving to be away from that damn Clawdite woman and Agent Orange. "Let's go collect our paycheck, my love!"

"See. I told you we shouldn't use Stormtroopers," Papius said to Ashori, as he finished paying the duo, and had Iyah and Jelena placed in separate rooms in the castle. But not just any rooms. Believing in theatricality and mind games, Papius had Jelena placed in her childhood room, and Iyah placed in the room she shared with Mug during her time in the castle. It would give them time to think about their predicament and all that they lost on their journey to this point. He sat in the makeshift control center he had assembled in the former great hall of the castle, watching his two prisoners on the monitors. He leaned over to place a kiss on Ash's cheek. "Your BFF was once going to be Duchess, you know," he said, as he smirked at the interesting branches of the House of Rodney family tree.

"I've got to hand it to you, those bounty hunters got the job done quickly." Ashori was pleased that the plan had worked out with no snags. The Flosgermens were more than pleased to leave after succeeding their mission. She sat beside him with her hands behind her back. The man was a genius. Both of the prisoners looked distraught inside of their rooms. Commander Xergo had found one of her daughter's toys and was now clenching it in her hands. Her smile grew when he kissed her. Ash laughed. "I heard about that. Her husband is the bastard of Delaya. . . What an *honor*." She sneered. "It's too bad he couldn't join us today. I'll bring you his head on a platter as soon as I can." It was their mission to eliminate all of House of Rodney...even Julius' mistakes.

"I'll be back," Papius said, as he rose from his seat and adjusted his uniform to perfection. After all, he was going to meeting with the nobility. There was a bounce in his step as he walked up the stairs towards the room containing Commander Xergo. There was no knock and no warning that he was going to enter. "Commander, we keep meeting this way," he said, as he walked into the room, catching her playing with one of her daughter's toys. "I see you've made yourself at home," he said, as he reached over towards a chair. He slowly dragged it across the floor to him before sitting down. "...and where exactly is home these days? Let me know and I can send a ship to collect your daughter and reunite you two," he said, with a devilish smirk, as he leaned forward to eye her.

Captured *again*, Iyah Xergo thought to herself. It was terrible finding herself inside of the castle in her, Mug, and Callista's old room. While times had not been easy for them, they had still made happy memories there. She thought of morning snuggles with her family. If she actually made it home again, she was going to bring Callista back her toy.

The door behind her opened suddenly. The feeling in the room shifted as the evil man walked in. A pained look crossed Iyah's face, for she and Mug had traded stories of what had happened to them. Any longer in the Governor's hands and she was sure Mug would have ended up neutered. She kept her back to him. The Commander felt tired. She had been injured during the attack at the refugee center. The Governor's question was answered in silence. This was information that Iyah would never give up. The terrible man could kill her. She prayed that Jelena would stand strong too. She slowly turned around to look the big bad wolf in his face. "Sorry, that's confidential information." Without Mug, Iyah could risk herself much more.

Governor Arundel laughed at Iyah's decision not to reveal the location of New Alderaan. Of course he knew that thanks to Ashori, but if he revealed that he knew he would compromise Ashori as a double agent. "Look. We both know that it's going to take me about five minutes to crack The Honorable Lady Jelena so we don't we catch up on local events and the weather and then I'll go get everything I need from the weakling," he said, as he smiled directly across the room at her. "So ... how's Mug?" he asked, making smalltalk, in an attempt to get further under her skin. He enjoyed these little chats with the Rebel commander.

He was right. Jelena would never last... Yet, Iyah had to trust that maybe, just maybe, Jelena would keep quiet. The Governor dug further underneath his skin with his question. *Mug*. Mug was secure. Mug was at home with their beautiful daughter. Jelena *had* to keep them all safe. Iyah sneered at him and quickly placed more distance between them. "He's none of your business. How's being a leech inside of a Grand Moff's castle? Is that working well for you?" She was angry. Any time that Papius was spending her was time he avoided Jelena. If nothing else, Iyah felt bad for the girl. She didn't want to see what would happen when he moved into her room. "I heard you won the battle on Delaya, yet you're still a mere, pathetic Governor. Sounds like somebody's not kissing enough Imperial asses."

"I'll let you know later this evening after I'm done with her Ladyship," Papius replied, with a cruel smirk, content in the knowledge that the teenager would crumble under his interrogation. He reached across his chest, toying with the gold, red, and blue rank insignia that marked his status as a Governor. "Yes. Still just a Governor. But now that I possess the fugitive Jelena Rodney and will soon possess the location of your new refugee home I think they'll call me something more than Governor," he said, as he rose from the chair, and turned his back to her. He looked up towards the camera, winking to Ashori, before leaving the room. "Don't worry, Commander. As soon as Jelena tells me where the base is I'll have Mug and Callista brought here to keep you company," he said, with a sickening and grotesque laugh as he left the room.

Iyah screamed. His words were bitter and terrible. Callista and Mug could *never* return to this terrible place. Once Jelena squealed, she'd be hopeless to save her family and the other refugees. Like a bull seeing red, Iyah ran to the door. She began pounding on it in a sad attempt to break through. "*Get back here*! *Get back here now, you bastard*!" She screamed and fought. She grabbed the chair he'd vacated and threw it against the door. Nothing happened. The Commander moved around her room like a wild animal, destroying things as she went along. The woman couldn't handle these situations. She needed to be free.

Ahhh, Ash *loved* it when Papius worked the camera for her. Her cheeks flushed. He knew she was watching and vice versa. She continued to watch Commander Xergo lose her mind. The woman was all over the place. Ash ran her hands through her hair and began to laugh. "Awww. Poor thing." She turned towards the microphone that had a receiver in Iyah's room. She opted to select some tunes for the woman to lose her insanity to. "Hmmm. Max Rebo? Sounds good." Jazzy cantina music started pumping into the room. It seemed to further infuriate Iyah. Ash laughed all the harder. She was going to enjoy rewatching this holovid with Papius *much* later on.

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