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Sean Brandt, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:19) in the Essesia system: Adventurer, Fortune's Debt, and Interrogator.
El-Nay Darr, Major Serra Eona, Dimona Xirie Nuebla, and Rais Triestar.

It wasn't an easy process, repurposing one of the medical wards into an interrogation site. Access clearances for the doors had to be reprogrammed, personnel had to be moved around, equipment shifted. It was worth the work, though, and Major Serra Eona was satisfied with the result. The room itself was empty apart for a medical bed outfitted with restraints, which were currently holding El-Nay firmly in place. The standard medical equipment that accompanied a recovering patient was arrayed around the bed itself, including a standard Imperial medical droid, which was just now administering an injection that would help bring the young Mandalorian back to the world of the conscious. She had been kept on a steady cocktail of drugs that was ostensibly meant to keep her comfortable. The dose had been adjusted slightly to keep her fairly unaware of the transition into the new ward. Now, however, as the new drug settled in to do its work, Serra stood beside the bed, cigarra in her lips, looking down on the unfortunate bounty hunter. "Time to wake up, El-Nay Darr. You have some important questions to answer."

El-Nay's eyes opened slowly as the drug had been injected into her system, unsure of where she was, what was going on, or even what day it was. She been 'training' with Sergeant Batua when it descended into a brutal assault that left her broken and in need of serious medical attention. But, unfortunately for her, it was out of the bacta tank and into the interrogation unit. "Wha-?" she murmured slowly, blinking her grey eyes repeatedly as she attempted to focus on what was going on around her. She heard the voice of Major Serra Eona, which she did not recognize, and sounded more like a disembodied voice than an actual physical presence in the room. She tried her best to move, but she felt restrained, and failed miserably in her efforts to budge even an inch. "Oh great. I'm in the brig again?" she muttered more to herself than Serra, as she attempted to move her head from side to side. "I have a mission to get to," she said, as she became more alert, growing increasingly frustrated by how sidetracked she had become due to the aggressive nature of the Imperials she kept having unfortunate run-ins with.

"You did have a mission. It was time sensitive, however. You already failed. Again." Serra took a drag from the cigarra, giving a flick of it as she exhaled, the ashes drifting over El-Nay's torso. It had taken monumental restraint not to be rid of the bounty hunter for good. The thought had certainly crossed the Major's mind more than once. At this point, though, she was glad that she hadn't. "You're in one of the medical wards aboard the Interrogator. Had you done something to warrant being sent to the brig, you would be dead, and we would not be having this conversation." Serra fell silent for a moment, waiting for El-Nay to come to a more lucid state. It wouldn't take long, of course, and as soon as she felt that it was time, she continued.
"The Nerf Herder. What do you know about him?" Serra always liked to give her subjects an opportunity to be honest from the beginning, before she started into any effort to extract the information. Often they chose not to, but once in awhile Serra had been surprised.

"Failed? How could I fail when I didn't even get started? Nobody told me it was time sensitive! I mean, that Vox guy is in a cell ... he's not going *anywhere*!" El-Nay whined in response to Serra's chastisement, making all of the excuses that her generation was so well known for. "Medical ward? Then why am I restrained?" she questioned, as she again tried to move her extremities, but could not. When the subject turned to the Nerf Herder even her simple mind began to connect the dots, and she swallowed uncomfortably, causing her throat to bulge in obvious fashion. "He's a bounty hunter," she said, before turning her head off to the side, looking away uncomfortably. Of course she knew more ... *a lot* more ... but for now she was not talking.

The excuses went unanswered, as did the question about the restraints. The whining grated on her ears, a stark reminder of why she cared so little for this particular bounty hunter. The annoyance, however, didn't come through on her features. Contrary to those who had interrogated El-Nay before, Serra was an emotional void, a cold face looking down on a project that had to be completed, one way or the other. The very obvious nervousness, the avoidance of eye couldn't be more evident that El-Nay was hiding something, and Serra didn't intend to wait very long to find it. She felt rather confident that she knew what would work on El-Nay, and all she needed was right here in this room. "Allow me to be clear right from the beginning, El-Nay Darr. I do not intend to torture you, nor do I intend to kill you. You're a Mandalorian; pain and death are an accepted aspect of your lifestyle. Even one as lacking as yourself is born with a certain pride in overcoming such things. For all your failures, you are a warrior...for now." With a small motion, the medical droid came into view, rather perfectly poised on the opposite side of the bed. El-Nay Darr would have a clear view of the droid's mandibles, which were currently outfitted for surgery. "You can comply and continue your work as a bounty hunter. You may even find yourself with a lucrative contract with the Empire. Alternatively, you can continue to protect the identity of this Nerf Herder, and I will have that medical droid sever your spine. You will be paralyzed and dumped in the bottom sectors of Coruscant. You will never fight another battle again."

The device that stated El-Nay in the face was terrifying. Although she did not want to look at it, she could not help herself, and her eyes slowly rolled down to examine every inch of it. "That sure looks like torture to me," she pointed out, as her eyes rolled over towards Serra. "I don't know," she said, with a firm nod of her head. She was lying. Of course she was lying. But in her society honor came before all else and she had no desire to sell out a compatriot simply to save her own neck. While she had a rough history with the Nerf Herder, the incident on Esseles had gone a long way towards giving them closure, and even respect, so she would not allow herself to sell him out. While she was unaware of what happened she was sure *something* must have gone wrong following her conversation with him prior to the training session with Batua.

Serra Eona stared down at El-Nay, a look of mild disappointment crossing her features. She took another deep inhale from the cigarra. "No information. Another failed mission. If this is the case, then you are of no use." The Major gave a nod to the medical droid and then took a few steps back, giving it plenty of room to do its work. The droid administered another injection, a new sedative that would leave El-Nay Darr with little command of her body, but still conscious. This was shortly followed by a second injection; a localized anesthetic. It would mute the pain, of course, but keep El-Nay well able to feel the surgery once it was underway. No reason not to let the bounty hunter experience the end of her career and livelihood, after all.

Dimona Xirie Nuebla could not even contain herself, this was all just too exciting. She and fellow Bounty Hunter Rais Triestar had successfully chased down the fleeing Nerf Herder to a location that she had been well familiarized with, The Void, a hidden Imperial base with close ties to the Black Sun. Dimona had been hired by this shadow organization before to track down and capture Marcus Rodney, so she had been quite intrigued to find out that he was potentially working for them again. As if he never learned. As much fun as it would be to assault this establishment against all odds, and see her old friend Min Traebor again along with Tosha Previn, she felt it would probably be best to report this information back to her bosses, before she became a bit too hasty. The thrill seeker was disappointed that she had to forgo a possible second 'interrogation' with that woman again, but it was for the best, and who is to say she could not still get her wish. She did in fact still have that metal cage Min used to house a rather naked Marcus, it was her prized possession, aside from Peep of course.

She opened a communication channel to the Fortune's Debt. "Luv, we have to turn back, I know, really upsetting! We could totally take all of them right now! But we really should report back to my bosses," she said as her holo projection image winked at the Mandalorian. He had just been recruited, had no idea what the heck was going on, but things were quickly escalating just how Dimona liked it so she figured he would be way too engrossed to back down now.

The excitement of the whole affair already had Rais Triestar well committed to the job, even though he barely knew the first thing about it. The pursuit through hyperspace of the ship that was attempting a daring escape was the kind of thrill he thoroughly enjoyed. It helped, of course, that he seemed to have found himself with a partner in crime who was no less committed to the chase. While many might have turned away and forgotten about the whole affair, driven off by the lack of an obvious objective and no clear payout, Rais was a hunter to the core. So too was Dimona, it appeared, the two of them coming into orbit after discovering just where this errant bounty hunter had taken off to. For his part, the Mandalorian knew very little about The Void or who controlled it, but its defenses hadn't been lost on his shipboard scanners.

"Might as well make sure we'll be paid for our troubles. Lead the way, dear." The affectionate term was used more as a lighthearted joke than anything else, casual flirtation with the crazy mercenary he had found himself working alongside. As soon as he received the coordinates from her he was ready to go.

The moment the Adventurer had landed within the docking bay, Dimona was an unstoppable whirlwind of activity, her hands rushed over all of the controls of her craft to land it as fast as possible. She was not even concerned with where the Fortune's Debt was, but she assumed he would be in close proximity. The hunter was just absolutely bubbling over with thrill, desperately needing to report all of what she just seen because no doubt it would lead to even more adventure. Plus, it was quite the development, she couldn't ask for more. A hand slammed impatiently upon the landing controls then she rushed right over to the ramp, her ship had been placed on landing autopilot, so Dimona did not even care to wait for her ship to properly dock. Warning buzzers sounded an alarm within her ship as the ramp began lowering while her ship was still landing. With just enough room to squeeze through, Dimona dived from her vessel before it chaotically clattered upon the designated landing area. In a graceful tumble, she rolled to her feet and then broke out into a sprint, meanwhile there was a bit of panic in the hangar bay as the majority of the technicians and Stormtroopers stalled their activity to witness the lawless scene.

They were close to opening fire on her just out of surprise and her erratic actions, and she was already well known for her previous spectacular crash that took many lives. It did not matter if security was called, she was quite fast and ran down the hallways in a frantic search for either of her superiors. Individuals traversing the halls that were not paying attention would likely find themselves sprawled on the floor as Dimona flew past. Soon there was a heavy commotion heard from outside the room where Serra and El-Nay were. The Bounty Hunter had narrowed down her search to the rooms around Major Eona's quarters, frantically checking each one while her calls echoed down the corridors.

"Boss! Boss!" All of the rooms she checked were empty, until finally she came to the one that was locked. This had to be it! Dimona randomly pressed numbers on the keypad in haste but the door was not yielding. "Boss!! You will not believe what is happening!" Frustrated but brimming overly with a frenzied emotion, she scratched at the locked door like an animal begging to get inside out of the rain. "Boss, you in there?!"

The incredible recklessness and urgency of Dimona was a stark contrast to Rais's much calmer approach. His own ship was, fortunately, not difficult to clear, thanks to previous work for the Empire. All the same the realization of just what sort of ship they were boarding was something of a shock. Thanks to Dimona's particular choice of words when recruiting him to the team, Rais had some idea they were working for the Empire, but an ISDII was a quite impressive vessel, one that he hadn't had the pleasure of working from before. Evidently they were being employed by something beyond the run of the mill Imperials. Fortune's Debt settled into the landing bay and the Mandalorian disembarked, dressed out in full armor from head to toe. Knowing that Imperials tended not to like heavily armed mercenaries on their own ships, he left behind all but one of the DE-10 blaster pistols, the weapon strapped in place at his thigh, painted to match the midnight blue armor, right down to yellow accents which mimicked the piping on the armor plates. It was easy enough to follow Dimona, the trail of chaos and confusion leading him right along until he found his fellow bounty hunter clawing and scratching at a door, looking for all the world like a rabid kath hound in a cage. He just smirked behind his helmet, quite curious to see how whoever their boss was would react to this display.

The sudden pounding on the door was mildly irritating, but the racket coming from the hallway had allowed Serra Eona to anticipate it to some degree. Up until this moment, though, she had hoped to ignore it, but that didn't seem like it was going to be possible. The droid carried on with its work, which fortunately for El-Nay currently consisted of monitoring heart levels while it continued to feed her a steady stream of sedatives. Such precision work took time to get right. It was, after all, important not to overly medicate the girl, lest she not be aware of what was being done to her. Serra turned to the door and keyed in her access code, letting it slide open to reveal the two bounty hunters. Rais received a passing glance, but Dimona had the bulk of her attention, mostly due to the fact she was the one clawing and yelling at the door. A drag was taken from her cigarra, the smoke rolling out as she spoke. "What did you find?" She knew the two had gone in pursuit of the Nerf Herder. If Dimona was this excited, they must have stumbled into something quite unexpected.

The shot administered to El-Nay caused her to feel like she was floating. She gradually lost feeling throughout her body as her muscles entered into a state of deep relaxation. "Ugh," she groaned, as she began to drool on herself. She heard the commotion at the door, but she no longer had the ability to turn her head to look at what was going on. Was this how she was going to die? Dissected by an Imperial droid aboard some Star Destroyer? She wondered silently to herself as the droid lingered dangerously close to her.

The door was taking way too long to open! A soft whine eased from Dimona before she peered over towards Rais with a grin that she had to force to hide her disappointment. "She is just playing hard to get, I'm sure." As if to emphasis her point, the door then slid open introducing Major Eona who always looked stoic and unreadable. It was proving difficult to amuse or even fluster this woman, but Dimona would of course keep trying until one day she forced some sort of emotional reaction from the Imperial. Quickly her bright green eyes spanned inside and she could not help but to notice the rather precarious situation El-Nay found herself in .. again. "Goodness, hun! I can't leave you alone for long." It was apparent that her would-be rival likely never even left the Interrogator, meanwhile Dimona had left, found her target, and returned with a surprise report. Regardless of how crazy and unorthodox the woman's tactics were, Dimona got results, constantly. "Boss! Guess who I found ..." she said in a near sing-songy way as she turned her body towards the man beside her, and in a rather questionable display, leaned fully into him while wrapping her arms around his waist. "Can I keep him?" That report Dimona was so anxious to give a moment ago? It got a little sidetracked.

Serra was hardly in the mood for Dimona's erratic nature, but the fact she had thus far performed well was justification enough to make an effort to tolerate it. That didn't, however, mean she had to play into it. In fact, she intended to get to the chase in the best way she knew with Dimona; denial of attention. "If that's all you have to report, then carry on. I have other matters to see to." Serra simply turned her back on Dimona and stepped back over to within a few paces of where El-Nay lay being subjected to the work of the medical droid. So far it hadn't cut into her, but with the sedatives finished, the droid was free unlatch the restraints and turn her onto her stomach, moving the medical gown to expose her back. Serra took another drag from the cigarra, intentionally ignoring Dimona...just as she had intentionally left the door wide open for the bounty hunter to find her way in.

Rais had full well intended to stand by while Dimona did the talking unless he was outright addressed, but it didn't seem like he was going to get off that easily. It must have been a fairly comical sight, with the woman grappling hold of a fully armored Mandalorian, especially considering his own reaction was concealed entirely by his helmet. The fact the Imperial had no reaction to it...well, it spoke volumes as to what sort of person was hiring them. A terribly unfunny one. Rather than say anything, Rais lifted a hand and gave Dimona a few pats on the head. It was pretty much all he could think to do.

Dimona could not be more pleased with the response from Rais, and although she struck out again with Serra, the fortune seeker was rewarded with unexpected attention from the Mandalorian as he played along with the skit, it was really cute. Her joy did not last as long as she would have liked, since her attention was soon directed to the medical droid about to cut open El-Nay, overshadowing the comical scene that had just came before it. Well, that was unfortunate! And so was Major Eona totally blowing her off, but at least she kept the door open so Dimona was able to help herself in. Mock affection towards the fellow Bounty Hunter forgotten, and she removed her hold to further trek inside. This was not looking too good. "Well, that sucks for her!" She had no idea what El-Nay did to deserve this, but somewhere, deep down inside, Dimona did not want to see this happen to her. A distraction was necessary, and luckily, she had *plenty* of juicy bits to explain to her acting superior. "Hold on there! I haven't even gotten a chance to tell you what we found! It is really good, I promise." Concerned eyes fell upon the mystery surgery about to unfold, and she was certain it was not going to be for El-Nay's benefit. "We chased the Nerf Herder to a secret hideout! I have been there before too, I know all about it." It was actually astonishing that Dimona had quite a lot of information regarding the subjects that would shortly become prime and center.

"She's just being outfitted for a life more suitable to her disposition and capabilities." Serra spoke in a matter of fact tone, though a glance to Dimona allowed her to catch that concern in the bounty hunter's eyes. Why would she care about El-Nay, particularly after having tortured the woman herself? It was strange to say the least, but the concern was unmistakable. While it might not make sense, Serra wasn't about to ignore a potential opportunity to gain some influence over Dimona beyond being her employer. As Dimona started into the string of information, Serra lifted a hand, the medical droid pausing before it set into El-Nay's back. "Interestingly enough, it's El-Nay's failure to provide information on the Nerf Herder that has landed her in this position. Please, carry on. I trust you will be more forthcoming." Serra turned to devote her full attention to Dimona. El-Nay wasn't exactly going anywhere, after all.

The room Rais followed Dimona into seemed oddly empty for a medical ward, not to mention the fact that an Intelligence officer was hanging around during a surgery with no doctors present. It didn't take long to put two and two together, though, particularly with the way Dimona seemed to be looking at the girl on the table. He had no idea who she was, of course. Just some unfortunate soul who ran afoul of the wrong people. Her name, though. El-Nay. There was something familiar about it, but for now he let it go.

"Oh, is that all? That guy!?" Dimona erupted into laughter at the mention of El-Nay refusing to unload her information regarding that man. "Oh hun, I know all about him." Suddenly Dimona had a chance to perhaps save El-Nay here, that was unexpected, as she just so happened to know the details that Major Eona was seeking. "He kinda sucks, I kicked his butt." She was definitely vague here on purpose, but only to draw in Serra's attention, or perhaps even her ire. "It is a real story, I tell ya! So here is the scoop. I was contacted by a woman named Tosha Previn with a job offer to capture a member of the Rodney family. It was no easy task! I totally stunned him while he was naked and exiting the refresher," she added proudly, and she spoke about her hijinks with great delight. "Okay so, he had a bathrobe on, but yeah. In order to reach him at his manor, I had to slowly scale the side of a cliff for three days. After I stunned him, I strapped his body to mine and we jumped off said cliff and parachuted to my ship hidden in the forested area below. It was the best abduction contract I've ever completed." She beamed with pride and fond memories. "Well, his name was Marcus Rodney, and I brought him back to a secret lair called the Void where another woman named Min Traebor took him into custody ... and placed him naked into a metal cage! I still have that cage." She giggled with the notion. Dimona had no idea that Serra would recognize these people's names. There was certainly more to this story, but the woman eyed her superior to ensure her attention was fully captivated and paused if she happened to have any questions thus far.

Dimona was, for once, going to get her wish. Serra wasn't particularly interested in the story at first but she waited, patient as ever, trusting that it would eventually lead to something relevant. Little did she know just how relevant it was going to be when that name was revealed. Serra's brow lifted and she became sharply focused on what Dimona was saying, to the point she even ignored her cigarra. Marcus Rodney. Her eyes even narrowed slightly when she revealed that Min Traebor had captured the man. Somehow he had been freed, which was incredibly damning evidence against the effectiveness of the current head of Intelligence for the sector. Dimona wanted Serra's attention? Well, she had it in spades.

"Ah ha, that got your attention now," said with a very large smile directed at the Intel officer, as Dimona enjoyed that woman's full attention at last. "Well, I got paid, a ton, and then left. Of course it was not that simple though, they sent an assassin after me. I kicked his butt too, stole his armor and his ship. Since Min had been so nice to give me reason to return to her little lair, I did, disguised as the assassin she sent to kill me. If she was going to play that game, I was going to take back what I had delivered her, since she broke our contract agreement. So fuck her! I roughed her up a little and stole Marcus right back, who was now certainly completely naked and in a cage. How can a girl turn down a handsome naked man in a cage? Impossible." She couldn't help but to erupt into laughter again, the whole series of events were so crazy, that really, only Dimona could have been apart of it. "Well, Min did not like that too much and sent a million Stormtroopers after me, an actual million, so it was just too much for me to handle. I got captured, tortured and Min and I made out passionately." It was really difficult to tell which parts of Dimona's story were true or not at this point. "I was really drugged, so I don't remember much about that time unfortunately, but I do remember Marcus rescuing me. We just kept trading places in the Void, it was his turn! Min was sooo pissed, haha, what a bitch." There was still so much to tell Serra, who knew Dimona was so wrapped into all of this nonsense. "So skip a few years and I meet up with Marcus again, who if you haven't guessed by now is the Nerf Herder, then you were not paying very good attention. We were sent by Claudius Rodney to find his little girl. We did that, no problem, dropped her off at her grandparents house because fuck that guy. Then Marcus fell off the radar forever until we just ran into him today! And he blew some stuff up, I guess, at the Saber Industries place, so I chased him down, pew pews, and he directed us right to the Void! See Boss, best story ever! Am I right?"

The long, barely comprehensible story that poured out of Dimona received far more attention than most anyone else would have likely thought it warranted. What seemed like rambling drivel, however, was a wealth of information that had eluded every Imperial element in the sector. The revelation of the Nerf Herder's identity was itself a major find, but the details surrounding Min's failures, the loss of Jelena Rodney and unsuccessful effort to reclaim her...and finally, it all coming back around to The Void. "It might just be one of my favorites." Her voice failed to register much in the way of feeling, but the Major was in a rare mood. Years of work couldn't have produced all of this so handily. El-Nay, who was no longer being pumped full of medications, was safe for now. Serra had the information she had been seeking and more. For several moments she mulled over it all, stepping to a disposal and discarding her old cigarra. A fresh one was produced and lit, the Major in thought as she inhaled a few drags from it. Eventually her eyes fell back on the bounty hunters, though, briefly glancing to Rais before focusing on Dimona. "You have a new mission. Your team will carry out an assault against the Void. Major Min Traebor and Marcus Rodney are to be taken alive. Anyone else...kill them. You leave at the start of the next day cycle." For a moment she considered El-Nay, helplessly lying on the table while the sedatives slowly wore off. "Take her with you. If she isn't useful, no need to return with her."

"Oh shit boss! That is what I am talking about! I am so ready, who needs a day to prepare?" Dimona was overly happy with this new prospect, now having a chance at throwing Marcus back into that cage she saved. Well, someone needed to be thrown in there! It was starting to get dusty. Eyes drifted once again down to the recovering El-Nay as she placed her hands on her hips in a posture of victory. Her amazing story was useful and saved that pitiful hump of flesh. "Phew, I'm so glad too, because who else is going to do my laundry?!" She chuckled to herself, still remembering that El-Nay had some kind of weird Mandalorian honor bound life debt thing with her and she was more than willing to abuse the hell out of it. Dimona turned to the other Bounty Hunter, curious on what he thought about all of this, as this was the kind of crazy he should expect moving forward. She surely hoped he was up to the task as she was starting to grow fond of his playful antics in response to hers. "Well? What do you say there, handsome?"

Rais had stood by and listened, all of this going well over his head. It was a flurry of information about people and places he know almost nothing of, save for the Void, and then all he knew was how to get there. He did pick up on the fact that the girl on the table was evidently another bounty hunter, though she hardly looked the part. At the end of it all, though, what it meant was a that sounded more than worthy of his skills and capabilities. A fight like this could build quite a reputation indeed, not to mention a pile of credits. "I say we have a base to close down."

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