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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:10) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Captain Tiberius Anson, Commander Augustus Hood, and Petty Officer Lenna Senn.

Lenna Senn loved nothing more than working on ships. Though she didn't really like rules. It wasn't exactly easy to get under the hood of a TIE fighter and stay cool while tinkering with tools. She knew it wasn't a good idea to be out of uniform, but the girl was a grease monkey. So that jacket that was supposed to be worn at pretty much at all times, was around her waist. That short red hair was a bit of a mess. A black tank top was covering her torso as she was tinkering with the engine of a TIE fighter. She wanted to make the intake bigger so that there would be more air flow over the engine so that it would be just a hair more faster. She took in a slow breath as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Shhhh." She almost swore. She pulled a small rod with an igniter at the end, much like a torch. She continued to work out of uniform, but wouldn't care too much about what was happening. She was one of the best mechanics on the ship, and well... She was related to the commander.

Commander Augustus Hood had always taken a special interest in the starfighter squadrons housed aboard his current assignment, and his new posting on the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught was no exception. He had worked his entire career for a posting with this much prestige and he was determined now to let anyone under him cause any embarrassment. He was interested in seeing some of the newer TIE variants that had been assigned to the Retributor, but before he wanted to check in on the veteran squadrons being transferred over from the Warspite. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Petty Officer Senn working on one of the TIEs in what looked like civilian attire. He cleared his throat loudly, to make it clear that he was standing over her. The middle-aged man had dark skin and an athletic build that fit well in his green-grey uniform. "Petty Officer," he barked, as he became more rigid, waiting for her to respond to his chastisement.

Petty Officer Senn jumped and got spooked as the commander had barked at her. She turned around and blinked as she was surprised to see commander Hood standing next to the fighter TIE fighter. She'd lick her lips before she'd reply in that thick accent. "Aye, Commander Hood?" She forgot to salute. What more could she do that she'd probably have a lashing coming to her. She wondered if the commander knew who she was. She blinked as she waited for the dark skinned man to reply.

"You are out of uniform, Petty Officer," Commander Hood said, matter-of-factly, as he produced his datapad and pulled up her personnel file. "I see here that you were newly assigned to the Warspite before the arrival of the Retributor, but despite your limited service record you managed to find yourself transferred here with the group," he said, reading off the recent history of her service records. "I'm going to put you on report for this infraction. You'll be docked a week's pay, and denied liberty for two weeks," he said, before entering her onto the captain's mast for being out of uniform on duty. The commander was a stickler for this sort-of thing, and earned the hatred of much of the crew because of it.

Her eyes narrowed. "'Ow am I s'posed ta work if I can't move?" Those bright eyes widened as she heard the repercussions of her actions. "Commander ... what else does mah file say?" Her hands moved to her waist as she knew she was probably already pushing those boundaries. She swallowed hard as she wanted him to realize who she was. But maybe she needed to be brought downs peg. "I 'ave already retrofitted 'bout twen'y TIE's with new features that are makin' them fly faster." And that was true. She pursed her lips as she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"None of the other flight technicians have any difficulty working in their uniform, Petty Officer Senn," the Commander quickly sneered back at her, unamused by her questioning of not just his authority but the regulations that he clung to and cherished dearly. There was nothing in her file about her family ties to the vessel's commanding officer, and as Augustus looked over it he saw nothing that struck him as particularly noteworthy or interesting. Truthfully, from what he saw nothing made her appointment to either the Retributor or the Warspite logical. "You have done your duty, Petty Officer. Nothing more. No less will be expected of you," he said, as he took a step towards her, and tilted his head down at her. He could barely understand her accent and wished that they had certain speech requirements for enlistees. He understood why she was not an officer and why she was sent to engineering, where her speech would be limited. "You will continue to your duty, but in uniform. Is that understood?" he asked, tilting his head down, and staring a hole in her with his powerful brown eyes.

Lenna blinked a few times as she smirked. It's not like she asked to even join the Imperial Navy. But, she found her niche. She was sure the rebels probably had nothing to worry about stupid stuff like this. She looked up to Commander Hood and gave a small nod. "Aye Commander." She spoke firmly, not really wanting to get into it. She put her jacket back on, making sure it was put on correctly in front of him. She took her time at this, brushing some of the wrinkles out and hoping that he'd leave her so she could request an audience with her uncle. There was no way she'd let anyone take her liberties away from her.

"There. That wasn't so hard," Commander Hood said with a firm nod of his head, before moving aside to inspect the respect of the hangar bay for other infractions to write-up. He believed good discipline was the key to a good crew, and felt if they took pride in their appearance, they would take pride in their ship and perform better. He was ideally suited for the task of first officer and disciplinarian, but he lacked the special touch and charisma to secure his own command. He was a tool that the Empire was utilizing to perfection in his current position, and balanced well with the more laidback Corellian captain, Tiberius Anson.

Lenna gave the commander a respectable nod before turning on her heel to march up to a turbo lift. She didn't care if she was most likely going to interrupt her uncle with the certainly more important things than why she was going to get upset that she was being punished for something this ridiculous. She would ride the turbo lift to where she'd need to be to at least find her uncle. This late, he'd probably be in something that was equivalent to an office. But she'd probably run into one of his other little underlings like Commander Hood.

Captain Tiberius Anson was still setting into the monstrosity that was the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Retributor. It was over ten times the size of his last command, and he doubted that he would ever be able to survey the entire ship in his lifetime. He was in his office attempting to review the personnel files on the 50,000 members of the crew, but it was proving to be a futile effort. He had a decanter of good Corellian whiskey that he was drinking to help the evening pass more smoothly, and his uniform cover was removed and cast aside. He was fortunate that the Grand Moff had arranged for the senior staff of the Warspite to transfer over to his new command with him, and therefore had a good familiarity and report with the key personnel.

Something about Lenna said that she didn't take well to being told what to do, maybe that's why Tiberius Anson had stationed her somewhere where she wouldn't be working with people. She'd move into that office as that metal door hissed open. It hissed closed behind her. "Tiberius... Commander Hood is the worst! I can't go a whole week without liberties an' no pay! All because I didn' 'ave on mah jacket!" She threw her hands up and sat down in the chair in front of Captain Anson's desk. She gave a rather dramatic sigh and threw her head back as she covered her eyes with hands.

"And hello to you too, niece," Tiberius said, as he placed his datapad down on the desk, and angled his eyes upward to look at her. "That sounds like, Augie," he said, as he reached to his barware and poured a second glass of whiskey. He slid it across the desk towards her, hoping that it would calm her down and make the situation less dramatic. "Did anyone see you come here like this?" he asked, as he took a sip of his own glass. He had done his best to conceal the records that named her as his niece, as he did not want it to reflect on either of them.

"'Ello. Sorreh." She said as she reached out with a smaller hand, although slightly dirty as she gave a small laugh. She raised the glass to her lips as she took a slow sip and gave a rather comforted sigh. "No. I don' think anyone even looked ta me when I left the hanger." She gave a shrug as she pointed to his data pad. "Look at the punishment that he gave meh." She frowned as she looked down. " 'ow is anyone s'posed ta work on ships if they aren't comfortable?" She wasn't impressed with the commander to say the least. " 'm also sure he didn't like mah accent either." She gave a slight frown taking a long sip of that whiskey.

"Augie doesn't like anything," Tiberius said matter-of-factly, as he activated the terminal that brought up Commander Hood's latest disciplinary actions. He slowly scrolled down until he found Lenna listed among the dozen enlisted crew members he had written up for various unimportant infractions. Without reading in detail he pressed the button, rejecting the disciplinary recommendations and clearing her record. "Now don't go gloating to him that this got taken care of, Lenna," he said, as he moved to take a sip of the whiskey again. He let out a soft, refreshed sigh as he placed the glass back down upon the table. "Do try to wear your uniform tunic with him lurking around. It's a big ship so you won't see each other often, but at least *try* to make an effort*," he pleased, sounding exasperated with the whole matter. "So tell me. How are you settling in? Do you need anything?" he asked, as his eyes sized up her, carefully.

"Sorreh Uncle, I jus' don' see the point of bein' in uniform when I'm jus' workin' on ships." Lenna looked down at the glass of whiskey. She did give a nod. "I know... I'll try ta behave. I don' know that I may even be cut out ta be in the Imperial Navy." She said a little reluctantly. She then looked up to Tiberius and then shrugged. "Ta be honest, Uncle, I realleh don' think I am fittin' in at all. I'm the onleh female workin' on ships. I 'ad a pilot get mad at meh fer improving 'is ship!" She downed the rest of the whiskey in one swig.

"Lenna, I promised my sister ... your mother ... that I would look after you when your father died," Tiberius said, as he rose from his seat, and circled around his desk until he was standing behind her. He allowed his hands to fall onto her shoulders, squeezing them gently, in an attempt to reassure her. "This is the only way I know how. I'll look after you. I'll make sure nothing happens to you," he said, softly, as he continued his efforts to relax her. "Just try and keep our connection a secret, "he pleased with her, before releasing his hands, and leaning forward to refill her glass. "I really do like having you here, and Major Trolg reports you're doing an excellent job on his squadron," he reported happily, ignorant to the fact that she was servicing more than his TIE fighter.

"Yeah ... but pluckin' me from my shop... I..." her voice trailed off as the older man moved to press his hands over her shoulders. "Don' make meh feel guilty Tiberius!" She said as she gave a slight frown and looked down to her lap. "All I wanna do is make the ships run better an' more efficient." Lenna confessed and then her Uncle mentioned her ... other superior. "Major Trolg... yeah? He did'n seemed that pleased at first." She laughed as she tried to hide the fact that they had done more. She would reach for the glass of whiskey and take another sip.

"Am I making you feel guilty, Lenna?" Tiberius asked, as he moved in front of her, placing his butt on the desk and lifting himself up onto it. "If so ... it's working," he said to her with a loud laugh, as he moved to grab hold of his whiskey. "You sure have grown from the little girl on Corellia who I used to bounce on my lap," he said to her, as his mind drifted to happier days with his sister and her husband in Doaba Guerfel. "Well, whatever you did, he seems very pleased now. I've read his reports," he said, as he took a sip of the whiskey. "I didn't even have to make some excuse to transfer you aboard. Major Trolg personally requested you be brought over with his fighter group," he explained, before putting the glass back down. "I know you don't want to be here. Between you and I ... *I* don't want to be here either, but this is where we are, so we must make the most of it," he explained, before looking back towards the datapad he had discarded upon her arrival.

"Well, 'm glad someone 'ppreciates mah work." Lenna said with a small smile. She really didn't want to show anything more of what the true nature of her and Major Trolg's relationship was... if you could even call it a relationship. She inhaled slowly and gave a slow nod. "I know. But, I am mah mother's daughter. She was neveh one fer rules either, if ya recall correctly." Lenna spoke even softer as to not offend her Uncle. "Maybe I shouldn' 'ave come up. Now I feel like I'm takin' advantage of ya and really feelin' guilty." She leaned further back into the chair and slumped slightly. Maybe she'd never really fit in anywhere. She certainly didn't have the discipline to be in the Imperial Navy, at least that's how she felt.

"You're not taking advantage of me, Lenna. You're family, and with how turbulent the galaxy has become family is all that really matters," Tiberius said to her sweetly, offering a small smile across towards her. "Your mother didn't want you hanging out the spaceports getting hit on by every smuggler and flyboy that passed through the system," he said, rolling his eyes and laughing softly, as that was how he recalled she met *her* husband. "You do fit in here, Lenna. Stop worrying just because one Commander with a stick up his ass ruffled your feathers," he said, before reaching out with his hand moving to raise her chin slightly, in order to literally raise her spirits.

Lenna snickered slightly as she heard from him about what his sister, her mother, wanted and didn't want from her. A shrug of those shoulders as she'd give a small nod. "It's not so much about realleh fittin' in Tiberius... the... Inquisitor is pretteh terrifyin' too." She swallowed hard as she recalled what she had witnessed on the hanger bay as well. "Thank ya, again, Uncle. Not to mention, fer the whiskey too." Wide grin formed over her lips as he raised her chin up. "I promise ta keep mah nose down. Can't guarantee that I'll keep it clean, though." Lenna laughed slightly as she was a bit dirty from working on ships only moments ago. "I definitely will try ta behave, and keep the uniform from bein' a problem." She'd down the rest of that whiskey.

"I definitely wouldn't be caught out of uniform in front of the Inquisitor, Lenna," he said, as he got back onto his feet, sensing she was getting ready to leave. "If it makes you feel better, she once gave Augie a good thrashing with her whip," he informed her, trying to cheer her up in a dark sort-of way. "The security cameras aboard the Warspite must have captured it. If you want, I can pull the data and forward it to to you," he said, with an almost cruel smirk, as she waited for her to take her leave of him. He was fortunate that none of his officers had checked in on him while she was present, presumably because none of them had been able to find his office aboard the large vessel yet. He could only hope that there was not a crowd of officers on the other side of the door that would see her stumbling out of his office with whiskey on her breath. Still, he would rather have them think that she was a flirt, rather than the truth that she was a niece. There was something about the navy that looked the other way on promoting a mistress, but was offended by promoting family.

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