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Sean Brandt, Christopher Levy, Tara McLaren, Sarah Riggs-Shute, and Matt Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:28) in the Essesia system: Viger and Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Captain Tiberius Anson, Liliya Benedt, Captain Serra Eona, Commander Augustus Hood, Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Doctor Cole Shuura, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, Flight Captain Randi Trainor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

The hangar bay of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite bustled with activity as large formations of naval and army personnel stood at attention, flanked by the omnipresent Imperial Stormtroopers. Around the ship TIE/ln starfighters patrolled on the highest level of alert. The ship had received reports of a priority two arrival, which almost certainly implied an Imperial Advisor ... or perhaps even the Grand Vizier or Lord Vader himself. It was certainly an unexpected and unwelcome impending arrival that caused great apprehension amongst a crew that was already on edge.

"Are you sure the transmission didn't say anything more, Lieutenant?" Captain Tiberius Anson asked, his head briefly turning to his young operations officer. The last time the Warspite played host to a priority visitor a member of his crew was left dead and the ship was virtually turned upside down. His olive-grey uniform was well-kept, but his facial hair left something to be desired, and he often let it grow beyond mere stubble. The transmission caught him so off guard that he did not have time to shape, and hoped that it would not result in any unpleasantries.

"I'm afraid not, Captain. All it stated was to expect a priority two arrival at the appointed time," Lieutenant Allegra Ames reiterated to her commanding officer. The young woman's uniform was immaculate, having been serviced by junior officers she intimidated with threats through an implied close relationship with the Inquisitor. Her red hair was ornately braided and held above her neckline accordingly to regulation, and topped off by the cap of her uniform. Her only regret was that she had not been promoted to a suitable rank ... like some people ... prior to this important welcoming ceremony.

Commander Augustus Hood, the stern taskmaster of the Warspite, slowly walked down each row of naval personnel, inspecting them in every detail. As executive officer he took responsibility for the crew and expected nothing less than perfection from each and every one of them. After correcting several newly arrived junior officers, he took up a position adjacent to Captain Anson. He was uncertain what to expect, and merely hoped that we would emerge no worse for wear.

Captain Serra Eona was not on the flight deck itself, not yet. She had chosen one of the overlooking control rooms, standing by the crew as she watched the suddenly anticipated arrival through the window. A priority two...and somehow no one seemed to have any idea who it was, or when they had set out for the Warspite. Their arrival had been a total surprise, even to ISB and her own Intel contacts. As usual she wore the subdued black uniform of Imperial Intelligence, adorned with nothing but the code cylinders to indicate her rank. Not even an evident sidearm was worn. She wore no was the one digression from standard uniform she allowed herself. For the moment she watched and waited, curious above all else regarding this new development.

The doors leading into the hangar bay opened suddenly, revealing Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and his entourage. The man appeared to be both curious and concerned, unaware of who was arriving in his Oversector. Was it someone coming to chastise him? Remove him? Replace him? Or perhaps even end his life? Any of these things seemed possible in light of recent Rebel gains in the region. Whoever ... or whatever ... it was would soon be here and there was little he could do but wait. Taking up position where the shuttle would ultimately land, he folded his arms behind his back and waited ... impatiently.

Liliya kept up an even and energetic pace two strides from behind Grand Moff Rodney. Her black cocktail dress, usually well above standard uniform and out-of-place seemed oddly appropriate in this occasion. Personal aide and confidant of the Governor, she was surprised that such an important visitor approaching the Warspite had slipped under her radar. Her datapad close at hand held numerous scheduled meetings for Rodney, but she was at a loss for this unannounced procession. She was disappointed in herself for not being able to inform the Grand Moff so that he could be better prepared for such a high-class visit.

Major Kerrie Kiley moved behind the Grand Moff and Liliya in a well-conditioned Imperial uniform that was as black as her heart. Not too long ago she was at the man's side, and now she found herself not only behind him, but behind his Alderaanian nymph as well. If there were a further place for her to fall ... surely she could not think of one. But, despite all that had occurred, should anyone arrive that intended to do harm to the man she would defend him to the death. She came to a halt, stopping two paces behind the Governor, and one pace behind his aide, and lowered her head in quiet anticipation.

"Has it started yet? Am I late?" a frantic Major Arden Zevrin asked, as she ran into the hangar bay, still attempting to buckle her belt and tuck in her cream tunic. "What is the meaning of this anyway?" the blonde ISB Sector Officer asked no one in particular, her blue eyes scanning over the crowd for any insight on what might be about to transpire. Spotting the Grand Moff and his personnel at the head of the formation, she skillfully maneuvered her way to the head of the pack, at times resorting to physical aggression to reach her destination. At last, she sashayed past Kerrie and arrived behind the Grand Moff, quite contentedly usurping the dainty Liliya. "I see I have arrived at just the opportune moment, Milord," she announced smugly, taking up similar posture to him.

Inquisitor Serine Thanor and her unofficial apprentice Kia Kaen were the last Imperial representatives to arrive for the unannounced landing of a top priority individual. Serine prided herself on arriving early for such an esteemed gathering, however, she fell a bit short due to her over zealous preening of her apprentice to ensure they demonstrated the might of the Inquisitorius with dignity and power. After all, it could very well be High Inquisitor Vader himself visiting and the lower ranked Inquisitor wished to appear professional despite the chaos she felt was swarming around the Warspite at every angle. Serine escorted Kia towards the line of officers with purpose and pride, adorned in her dark crimson Inquisitor robes due to the special occasion. She was wearing these rather often now, she mused as eyes darted around to gander at the present occupants. An all-knowing arrogant smile was hinted as she gazed at Zevrin, extremely pleased that Kia and herself had finally, ... at least temporarily ... politically trapped that woman. Eyes finally fell to her apprentice, checking to make sure the young girl was behaving appropriately.

Kia had intentionally started keeping a couple outfits sealed away to keep from getting Nexu fur all over them. Now dressed in a rather sharp side buttoned, sleeveless tunic and a pair of fitted black dress slacks in the same material. The only visible part of her new armorweave bodysuit was the sleeve, the dark grey material making a nice contrast, and almost looking like a planned part of the outfit. She had bought a simple black utility belt, and had a few smallish opaque mesh containers attached to it. Straightening the tunic, she turned a full circle to let Serine inspect and make sure everything was perfect, before accompanying her to this landing party. Upon their arrival, Kia dutifully stood if not at attention, then at something more of a relaxed, non caring posture. Looking around at the miniature sea of people in curiosity. She was being good, you could tell she was, nothing had blown up.

On the bridge, Imperial technicians picked up traces of inbound crafts. They expertly read friendly transmission codes, standard approach velocity and vectors and evaluated it as a Lambda-class shuttle and escort. Before they could make their report, radio transmission came across. The voice was paced and clear to be readable, "Warspite this is shuttle Viger. I am with escort in sector and on approach. Am I clear to land?"

Lieutenant Ames turned her attention to her Captain momentarily. "Captain, the shuttle is on final approach," she informed him, before signaling to the docking control officer to lower the shields and allow the vessel to land. In the control booth personnel began executing the Lieutenant's officers and relayed the clearance to the incoming shuttle. "Attention on deck!" she yelled, as she snapped the heels of her boots together, followed by the echoing sound of several hundred officers doing the same.

With the shuttle clear to land, only a speck at first, the details of the Lambda shuttle became more firm by the moment. As the Imperial gray craft closed in, it's wings folded up into landing position and the slight hum of upward thrusters whispered about the deck. The complete silence was interrupted by the depressurizing of the cabin as the loading bay doors began to open. A slight fog enveloped a short form caused by different temperatures meeting. As the suspense grew to a palpable object, the short form stepped forward.

A human male, standing to exactly one and a half meters emerged as a laughable image. He looked to be approximately forty standard years of age and time took its toll on him. There was nigh a hair on the top of his head; however, brown hair peppered with whites ran neatly along the side and back of his head. Laugh lines and crows feet revealed his age in contrast to his young brown eyes, held comically wide to the shock of greeting. After he took a moment to compose himself, he straightened his colorful shirt, adorned with images of blumfruit and their bushes and pressed his too small glasses up his nose. "Wowie." He blinked and continued. "I've never seen such a welcome!" He glanced around before continuing "Or such women. Yowzers!" After wiping his shining forehead, he could continue. "Well ... hello everyone" he drew out in an overly friendly manor. "What is the word?" he searched. "Ah yes. Carry on? My name is Cole Shuura. Doctor that is. I've been assigned to your ship as your new counselor..." he then paused. "Oh, don't worry. Not the Jedi kind. They are all dead." He flicked his hand to embellish the joke, laughing at his own brilliance. "Haha, I know. It's hilarious. Enough about me. How are you?" He asked the nearest Stormtrooper.

The blue eyes of the freshly minted Captain Randi Trainor widened at the presence of Doctor Shuura. "No way!" she exclaimed, squealing like an excited child who just received a Life Day present. Breaking formation without permission, she hurried to the front of the crowd to get a closer look at the man. "It's Doctor Shuura! I watch your show on Imperial Holovision like all the time. Your show about the Shistavanen who didn't know which Rodian fathered her second set of triplets was totally amazing!" she said, in an increasingly excitable level of frenzy. Suddenly, she turned to the Inquisitor and grabbed at her in unrelenting joy, giving her a frantic shake. "Don't you know who this is, Serry?!" she said, her lips curling into such a warm smile that it threatened to split her face in two.

Serine had been standing at military attention with her hands clasped behind her back as she watched with great interest and curiosity as the shuttle ramp lowered, ready any moment to snap her attention in front of her and advert her eyes in respect. However, what came down the ramp was hardly what she would give second-notice to, she would not have even given him a few credits if starving and begging in the street. The inquisitor was not at all impressed but was in conflict all the same as this man had still been given priority 2 clearance... Her thoughts were interrupted as her personal pilot, Captain Randi, decided it was a good idea to break formation and nearly tackle her in a tornado of excitement. Serine was too dismayed by the turn of events here to chastise her floozy associate, but instead brushed her aside so she could get a better look at this 'doctor' Shuura, already starting to get extremely annoyed.

The young woman blinked a few times, tilted her head and tried very very hard not to giggle at the ridiculous shirt the 'special' visitor was wearing. Leaning forward just enough that Serine would be the only one to hear her whisper "I think I know what makes him 'special', Master Thanor."

Serine smiled just barely before waving it off. "We shall see what makes him so special." Said with a slightly bitter tone due to the monumental waste of time this was. "We have far more important matters to direct our attention to, Kia." The Inquisitor led her apprentice from the area to continue their training ... she was apprehensive with the inevitable confrontation with Treymane and Kia's Inquisitorius trails.

"Oh you cannot be serious," Major Zevrin claimed in disbelief when she saw the small, rodent-like man that emerged from the shuttle. Without saying so much as a word, nor excusing herself to the Governor, and she turned on her heels and began walking out of the hangar bay. She had more important things to do than exchange pleasantries with a pseudo-celebrity there to pick their brains about 'daddy issues' and how they 'feel' about the war.

At first she had absolutely no idea who the man was. Though current events across the galaxy were an immense part of her job, popular and relevant cultural phenomena could easily go overlooked. Serra took a moment to realize just who the hell the Doctor was, picking up on it moments before one of the control room technicians uttered the name in surprise. "Interesting." She watched a few moments longer, then turned to leave the room. There was no need to go into the hangar. Serra Eona would instead head for her quarters and open a secure connection with her minder, divulging the presence of the Doctor and reaching out for any information as to why such a man would be sent to the Warspite. Time to get the Intelligence gears turning.

"Ship's counselor?" Governor Rodney repeated, sounding quite dismayed by what had happened here today. "This is a matter for you, Captain," he said, in quite a dismissive attitude as he began following behind Zevrin in a hasty exit. "Liliya, my dear, will you find out who made this error and alert me so that I might dispose....demote them," he stammered, catching himself, as he had attempted to shield that side of himself from her.

Liliya's processor was being maxed at capacity to figure out these strange and unexpected proceedings as she was not at all programmed with data on this Dr. Shuura. This lack of information on a priority 2 person was an embarrassing hole that she needed to rectify quickly. Instead of going directly to the source, Rodney's aide decided to do a bit of research before hand and try to uncover the truth to what had transpired here.

"Your transfer orders, doctor?" Commander Hood asked, his brown eyes looking over the diminutive man, having been unaware that they even manufactured clothes for someone that size. Stepping forward, he could hear the clamoring of officers behind him, amplified with the sound of laughter. "Clear the flight deck. Return to duty," he ordered, without turning to acknowledge them. His focus remained fixed on the new arrival.

Lieutenant Ames stood quietly behind Commander Hood, tilting her head slightly as if she were an animal, studying the newly arrived doctor with some apprehension. Her lips pursed slightly as she considered the situation, expanding her cheeks with an awkward sucking noise. Perhaps she could make use of the doctor's services, as she had been feeling quite frustrated by the fact that her recent brown nosing had resulted in nothing for her ... yet the blubbering cheerleader in front of her was now a Captain.

Doctor Shuura chuckled to himself at the various reactions to his arrival. Approaching Commander Hood, he blurted "You look important enough. I haven't quite figured out Imperial rank. Lets see now..." he shoved his fist into his pockets and shuffled them around like a mouse-droid loose in his pants. "Here it is. You mean this!" he half shouted as he pulled forth the most crumpled imperial documents one has ever seen. He then turned to a couple of soldiers in the transport. "Boys! Get my luggage! I'm moving in!"

Commander Hood took the crumpled documents from the man, and shook them delicately in front of himself to loosen the creases. "I see," he said, with some level of personal discomfort, looking them over to make sure everything was in order. "Very well, doctor," he said, without adding any unnecessary chatter. "Lieutenant Ames, show this man to his quarters," he said, before moving with the others to clear the hangar bay.

"It will be done, Commander," Allegra said with a firm nod of her head. "This way, doctor," she said, offering a soft, polite smile that she had so carefully crafted during years of watching her father address the Senate with lie after lie. In a confident manner she navigated them through the crowd of officers who were dismissing in a hurry, quite disgusted that they had been mustered for ... this. "Gangway. Make a hole," she ordered in a frenzy, pushing to get them to the turbolift.

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