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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:9:3) in the Pavo Prime system: Pavo Prime (Una Bombad Smilin Shrine).
Prince Pollix Drayen III, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Doo-Doo Fast, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Tee Phee, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Lady Jelena Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, Hebil Slor, and Mae Vinjagga.

Mae Vinjagga, better known as 'Auntie Mae', stood outside Una Bombard Smilin Shrine where a handful of HoloNet reporters had gathered to eat out of her hands. She had recently become very inspired by Gungan culture, opened the shrine, as well as the hotel directly across the street. She wanted her latest business to flourish and so, she decided she would ride on the back of the House of Rodney once more. Claudius and Sierra Rodney had not won the sweepstakes by luck, but by choice. The stout woman grinned into the holocams. "Yes, yes, you may come in. This event is to be broadcasted on my channel for *all* to see. Catch my best angle, will you!?" The woman posed. She appeared exactly as she did on her logo. She was timeless. She'd been selling ice cream for decades. Her fame was recent ... and she liked it. "Oh! Oh!" She cried out, pointing towards the Rodney family as they arrived. "Here are the winners now!" She seemed to float toward them. "Milord, milady, what an honor!" She exclaimed. Her eyes quickly moved from Claudius to Sierra. "Goodness! Who are you wearing, dear? Look at that stomach!" She reached out and touched Sierra's baby belly. "This calls for a new flavor! What do you think? A carton of ice cream with *two* different flavors inside of it. We'll call it... 'Fraternal Fiasco'. You'll never know what two flavors you're getting!"

How the family made it from the hotel to the shrine was questionable. How they did it without bringing Nea with them was even more surprising. Sierra Rodney really was worried that the felinx would make it on the menu. The sight of the HoloNet news reporters was enough to make Sierra tense. Her recent scandal with the King of Skor II was still fresh. She didn't want anymore negative publicity, though there was nothing negative going on here. She flushed bright red as Auntie Mae pointed out her baby bump and touched her without missing a beat. The woman came up with successful ice cream flavors on the fly and thus, her twins were exploited by the ice cream mastermind for the first time. "Um." She inched backwards away from Auntie Mae's hand.

The hour of Claudius and Sierra's second wedding had come, but with it came the promise of a slew of Gungan complications. *Of course* Auntie Mae was there was oodles of HoloNet coverage that was bound to increase her profits at their expense. They were going to be subjected to *another* flavor as her ice cream business became second only to the Empire in terms of power. He did not like when she reached out to touch his pregnant wife, but with all the recording devices present he opted not to swat her hand away. He reached out to place a hand reassuringly on the small of Sierra's back as he shifted his attention to Auntie Mae. "Shall we," he said, diplomatically to Auntie Mae, before proceeding into the shrine.

The feeling of his hand on her back redirected Sierra's attention to her husband. She had no idea why people felt the need to touch pregnant women's stomachs. It had happened when she was pregnant with Bruce as well. Perhaps she needed a Gungan bubble shield as well to keep strangers away from her. Auntie Mae stepped back and allowed them entrance into the shrine. She could hear the woman ranting and raving as they left her behind. Sierra got the impression that they'd be seeing her again. She noted that Auntie Mae had a reporter specially tagged on Drusilla, which did *not* please her. Drusilla didn't have a flavor named after her yet. Sierra wanted it to remain that way for as long as possible.

Much to her surprise, Una Bombard Smilin Shrine was not trashy on the inside. The first room they entered was a large waiting room. There were three stained glass windows before them. They each depicted a scenery that you could choose from. Sierra eyed the Lake Paonga stained glass. It was the location that they had chosen. There were Gungans running around like they had their heads chopped off. She carefully leaned into Claudius. "I wonder which one is Doo Doo Fast." She whispered. The tone of her voice said she was holding back her laughter.

Instead, it wasn't Doo Doo Fast who approached them but an adult female Gungan. She was holding a datapad with all of the information Sierra had provided in advance. "Hidoe! Mesa greetings!" She said politely. "Mesa Tee Phee." She said in introduction of herself. "Yousa bery welcome at Una Bombard Smilin Shrine. Auntie Mae tells usa all 'bout yousa." She said as she waved her hand to prompt the family to follow her. The Gungan headed towards the Lake Paonga mural. As she neared it, the mural slid to the side and revealed another room alike to the first: *another* waiting room. "Yous ready to be wed?" She asked the couple.

Callista Nilar took that moment to present herself. She bounced out from behind her uncle. "Hi hi!" She smiled at the woman. "I'm a ambas... ambassa.... Ambrassadoor!" She said, failing to identify that she was the ambassador to Skor II. Now she was speaking for Claudius and Sierra. "They're ready! Let's marry them!" She squeaked. She, Melickielickie, and Ewwiekewwieikkie had picked the flowers from the hotel's many gardens. What hadn't been eaten by the Squibs remained in Callista's basket. "I'm the flower girl." She told Tee seriously.

Ewwiekewwieikkie came running behind Claudius and Sierra to see the 'ice cream lady'. "You the lady on the box!" she declared, as she worshiped at the feet of Auntie Mae. "Melickielickie, look!" she shouted, before she began attempting to lick Auntie Mae to determine if she was made of ice cream. "Blech," she said, when she realized she just tasted like an old lady. "No. No lick, Melickielickie," she warned her adopted sister, as she had taken one for the team there. "Where's the ice cream?" she asked, as to her this was more a dessert buffet than a wedding.

Lady Drusilla Rodney was sashaying across to the shrine, making sure to adjust her wrist so that the light reflected from the jewels on her new bracelet would shine in the eyes of the HoloNet reporters to get their attention. Eventually the reporters did see her, and adjusted the direction of their cameras, while she began posing for them. Today, like all days, was about her ... at least in her own mind.

Lady Jelena Rodney was dressed in the uniform of an Imperial Stormtrooper that she had found within the shuttle that her parents had taken to Pavo Prime. As much as she wanted to dress for the occasion, she had to agree that if her presence was made known it would endanger everyone. No one was more happy about that than her younger sister, Drusilla, who was officially the eldest daughter present. She could not help but roll her eyes at the display of her sisters Drusilla and Ewwiekewwieikkie.

Melickielickie stood before Auntie Mae. "Hmmm..." She scratched at her chin. This lady was the lady on the ice cream. Her logo also appeared before Rainbow Rancor. "Is really ice cream lady?" She made ice cream ... was she made of ice cream? Melickielickie began to drool. "Ice cream..." She stepped closer to Auntie Mae. It was her elder sister that took the first lick. By her response, Melickielickie immediately stopped drooling. "Ewno. No want people! No eat people!" She clung to her sister. "You make Rainbow Rancor? You make ice cream? Me wanna be you! We make candeee shop, Ewwie?" She couldn't be the ice cream lady. She needed to be the candy Squib.

"What are you doing!?" Mae shrieked at Ewwiekewwieikkie and the smaller Squib. "Ahhh! She licked me!" Auntie Mae told the HoloNet reporters. She stepped back nervously from the littler one. "The ice cream comes *after* the ceremony. There's a big ice cream cake. I think your parents will enjoy the personal touch I've added!" She chuckled to herself. She loved using the House of Rodney to make credits. She also couldn't resist torturing them. Marcus Rodney had learned to accept that she was going to run rampant in their lives. It was the older of the brothers who still fought against it. His life was admittedly cleaner than Marcus'. It wasn't so easy to get under his skin. Today was going to be memorable ... for all the wrong reasons.

Tee Phee showed Sierra to the Bride's Room. "Yousa wait in dere. When wesa ready, wesa come get yous. Yous go too, little girl." She referred to Callista. It seemed the rest of the family was all in various areas of the shrine. It was Tee who went to gather the other girls.

"*Drusilla*! *My love*!" Prince Pollix Drayen had received an invitation from Auntie Mae about the wedding. He was under the impression that Sierra and Claudius had extended the invite to him as a means of welcoming him into their family. He was happy to be present for such an event, and dressed in his best royal garments. He had arrived three hours early in anticipation of seeing Drusilla. Now that she had arrived, he rushed towards her excitedly. Before he reached her, he paused and shoved his hand into his pocket. Pollix was already well trained. He knew that every event warranted a gift for Drusilla. "I miss you, Drusilla. I saw these earrings and I thought they were fit for a queen." He opened the box and offered it to her. "A queen like *you*." The reporters were eating up the interaction between Pollix and Drusilla. The earrings inside the box were ridiculously bedazzled with rare diamonds. He smiled at her. In his mind, he had accepted the olive branch from his future in-laws.

Of all the things Auntie Mae could have done to get under Claudius' skin inviting his prospective son-in-law was perhaps the most effective. He looked at the boy, his hands instinctively curling into fists, his breathing becoming labored, and his cheeks flushing red from his elevated heart rate. Before he did anything, however, he looked to all of the reporters and remembered his wife and what this day meant to her. He gave the slightest of motions of his head in a forced nod to Pollix, before moving towards the refreshment area. Looking for something non-alcoholic he moved towards the punch bowl, but it was Prince Pollix Punch ... of course. "Argh!" he groaned, as he took a glass of cold water instead and moved through the shrine to occupy his mind.

"Pollix?" Drusilla exclaimed in shock and disbelief, before raising her hand up to ensure her hair was still perfectly coiffed. "What are *you* doing here?" she asked, as she quickly moved away from her family to greet her adoring Prince. She gasped when she saw the earrings, holding them up in a way that caused them to shine beautifully for the cameras. "You're so thoughtful," she said, before turning them both so that the cameras would focus on what she considered her best side. When everything was right she raised up on her toes and placed a kiss upon his cheek. "Thank you. I love them. They're perfect," she said, as she settled back down and turned her face back towards the cameras, now blushing.

A familiar voice derailed Sierra from going into the Bride's Room. As she turned, the voice clicked: Prince Pollix. She could feel her body quickly becoming uncomfortably warm as she moved into overprotective mother mode. She made her way to Drusilla quickly. The case of tunnel vision that Sierra was currently experiencing was so severe that she bumped into a reporter on the way to Drusilla. "S-Sorry.." She mumbled. Soon, she came to linger behind her daughter with a look only an menacing ISB officer could produce. However, Sierra lost her scary points when she realized Drusilla was *taller* than her thanks to the heels that she wore. "What *are* you doing here?" Sierra repeated as she clutched her son in her arms. Bruce stared on to the situation. He was blissfully unaware of what was going on. She turned a whole new shade of red when Drusilla put fuel to the boy's fire by kissing his cheek. The holocams, of course, were eating it up. The Drayen family was impatiently waiting for their son to settle down. Until Drusilla, he had showed an interest in no one.

Prince Pollix' silly grin grew wider and wider ... until his future mother-in-law arrived on the scene. Even then, he felt very confident that the winds had changed with the Rodney family. "M-Milady. I received an invitation from *you*." He said, reaching into a pocket within the suit jacket he wore. He produced a small datapad which he then transferred to Sierra to prove himself an invited guest. His grin instantly came back when Drusilla accepted his gift and gave him a gift of his own. "Lady Drusilla!" He, too, was blushing. He took her hands in his and happily put on a show for the reporters. "I'm so glad you like them. I've been thinking about you a lot, milady." He started inching away from Sierra while still holding onto Drusilla. "My mother has been asking about you. Will you come visit me on Onderon soon?" He asked her quietly as to not be overheard.

Sierra reviewed the information on the datapad. It looked *exactly* as if she had sent the invitation. Glancing up from the datapad, she caught Auntie Mae snickering at the holocams. *She* had something to do with this. Feeling furious, she made her way to the refreshment corner where she found her husband. "You hold him, I punch him?" She suggested as she had many times before.

Claudius was trying to put as much distance between himself and Pollix to avoid an 'incident' but when he turned the corner he suddenly wished he was face-to-face with Pollix instead of what he saw. Unfortunately the caterer had created a cheese sculpture of himself and Sierra for the guests to devour. It was one of the most frightening things he had ever seen. He could only hope the girls did not like cheese. He surely would never eat it again. He turned around just as Sierra arrived with the plot to jump Pollix. "No, my love," he said, as he lowered his face and placed a kiss upon her to calm himself. "Giving in to that will only humiliate me on the HoloNet ... again," he said, as the kiss broke and smiled down at her. "This is our day," he said to her, as he smiled down at her lovingly.

The terrible cheese statues came second to Sierra. She thought it was important for them to construct a plan of attack. "What the what!" As much as she liked cheese, Sierra wouldn't be indulging herself. "Let's just not look at that..." She commented as she became thankful for her shortness. She used Claudius as a human shield to block out cheesy Claudius and cheesy Sierra. His kiss was calming to a woman who was already in attack mode. She began to relax even though she could hear reporters sneaking up behind them. She smiled back at him. "Ah. Okay. I understand. We'll invite him back to the estate and let the Troopers take care of him in private." She was joking ... sort of. "This is *our* day." She wrapped her arms around him to embrace him tightly.

Tee Phee was working to gather all the guests for Sierra and Claudius' wedding. "Isa time!" She called out as she herded them towards the Lake Paonga room. As each individual guest entered, she handed them what looked to be small replicas of the Globe of Peace. Each globe was composed of blown glass. There were other replicas placed throughout the room to offer a dim lit setting. As for the Lake Paonga room, it was truly like stepping into the location on Naboo. There were natural noises in the background. There was lush, green foliage all around the actual lake where the Gungan city would have been on Naboo. "Yousa go into de water." Tee Phee reported to only Claudius and Sierra, pointing towards the lake. Another Gungan could be seen standing in the lake's water holding a larger orb and wearing ornate robes.

"I would love to visit you on Onderon," Drusilla said, bashfully, as she swayed from side-to-side. "Oh. It's time. Can you believe *this*?" she asked Pollix, referring to the absurdity of the Gungan setting for the ceremony. "Let's go," she said, in a demanding tone that would perhaps foreshadow decades to come. She took by the arm and aggressively guided him towards the lake where the wedding was to take place. "Don't get any ideas. Forget *everything*," she instructed him, as she had something much more lavish in mind.

"Did yousa hear that? Issa time!" Claudius told Sierra, with a wink, before laughing softly. Anything to take their mind off Pollix. Leading her by the arm he took her towards the shore of the recreation of Pake Paonga. He could not believe that she wanted them to go into the water. He certainly was not dressed for this. "Well, we must attempt to go along with their culture," he said to Sierra, before removing his footwear and then stepping forward into the water. He gasped slightly as he lifted up his foot. "Cold," he said, with a wink, before settling back into the water and waiting to help Sierra get in. When they were in the water he turned his attention to the Gungan in the lake, having no idea what to expect next, but determined to embrace it ... whatever it was.

Pollix rolled his eyes and laughed. "When I saw the invite, I couldn't believe it! I didn't even know a place like this existed!" In his mind, none of this was fit for his Queen. Pollix didn't seem to mind Drusilla's aggression. He took it as her being excited and happily allowed himself to be dragged away. The man was clearly already under Drusilla's pretty little finger. He took in the lake setting but now all he could think about was what it would be like when he married his Queen. He looked down at her with furrowed eyebrows. No, no, milady. You will have the wedding of your dreams. This is not for us." He would be happy that he had the royal funds behind him when the time came. It would be the event of the century.

"Oie boie!" Sierra laughed. Claudius' Gungan accent got her every time. "We endure whatever obstacles away for us in the ceremony and then we can have ice cream cake." It was the carrot in front of their faces should the ceremony become too ridiculous. Much to her surprise, the lake was gorgeous. She had visited Naboo before many times. It was a beautiful planet and the replica did a good job of conveying that. She overheard Tee Phee's instructions. "*In* the water?" She questioned. She was wearing a white gown. White infamously did not get along with water. Standing at the shore of the lake, she continued to clutch Claudius. She prayed they wouldn't regret this.

Removing her own flats, Sierra looked at the water. Claudius had already reported it was cold, so she braced herself. She took his hands and stepped into the water. "Oh goodness!" She exclaimed. A shiver rippled through her entire body. Tee Phee kept instructing them to move further into the lake until the water went up to Sierra's waist. She looked at Claudius with a frown that said she was sorry for bringing him into this mess. However, she wouldn't remain sorry for long.

Hebil Slors stood before them. He was an elder Gungan who had overseen many wedding ceremonies before, but Gungan and human alike. He smiled at both of them. "Welcome." He said in a serious voice. "Stand facing one another and join hands." He instructed them first. Unlike the other workers at the shrine, he did not perform his ceremony in Gunganesse. He spoke clearly with a sharp voice. "Friends, family; we have gathered here today to join two people who very deeply love each other." He clasped a hand on Sierra's shoulder. "Sierra," and he clasped Claudius' shoulder with the other hand, "and Claudius. Today, and every day, the goddess Árodite blesses you with love. Would you like to speak any special words to each other before I continue the ceremony?" He asked them both as he removed his hands. Hebil reached into his robes and drew from them an elaborate handcrafted rope. It was red...the same color of represented within the House of Rodney.

Claudius nodded his head politely out of respect to Hebil Slors, before doing as instructed and turning to face his beloved Sierra. He reached his hands towards hers, taking them into his hand and holding them as they stood in waist deep water. He cleared his throat before speaking, feeling the pressure mount from everyone in attendance, including the countless HoloNet cameras broadcasting it across the galaxy. "My Sierra, I find that I love you more each day, with each passing hour ... with each passing minute," he told her, sincerely, as he gave her hands a squeeze. "I am so honored that you are marrying me again. I would marry you a thousand times if you would have me. I love you. You are my everything," he pledged to her, voice trembling, as the corners of his eyes began to glisten with moistness.

In many ways, this ceremony held more pressure than the first. It wasn't just family in attendance, but the whole galaxy. Jelena was there just as she was supposed to be. Sierra turned towards the love of her life. Both of her hands locked with his. It was like they were becoming one all over again. Suddenly, Pollix didn't matters, the cheese statues didn't matter, and neither did the fact that there was someone running around the shrine named Doo Doo Fast. What mattered lay in front of Sierra's blue eyes: Claudius. His words brought her back to the point of tears. She felt the warmth of his love like the sun on the first warm day preceding winter. A smile broke out over her face. It touched over all of her features and brought out her dimples.

Everyone had gone silent while Sierra digested and memorized his words. It was her turn to speak now. As she reflected on her life with Claudius, she found the words she wanted to give to him. "My Claudius," she began, taking a deep breath. She tilted her chin upward to look him in the eyes. "You have taught me so much in the time we've been together. You taught me that happiness is attainable every day. You taught me not to live in the past, for the future was worth looking forward to. Most importantly, you've taught me the lesson of what it is to truly love someone else. You're the last thing I think about at night when I fall asleep. You're my first morning thought. That will never change. I will always love you. My love will always grow. True love is a tale I'll be telling you for the rest of my life, Claudius. I'll never stop feeling grateful for the day you dropped to one knee and picked *me*." Sierra sniffed. "I love you: truly, madly, deeply. You are my everything." She drew herself closer to her husband. It was as if her heart was united with his.

Hebil smiled at the couple. He had not wanted to perform the ceremony for the sweepstakes winners, but it seemed as if these two actually loved each other. He stood before them. "Beautiful words of love," he commented as he used the rope in a handfasting ceremony. He weaved the rope between their hands to tie them together in a literal sense while he spoke the words that would tie them together in a metaphorical way. "With this rope, I bind thee souls together." He said as he continued to work. "May you be as happy as you are now for all of time." He tied the rope just as Sierra squeezed her husband's hands. "Call to mind the words you have spoken to each other today in harder times." He gripped both of their hands. "Árodite has granted you with this marriage. Kiss your bride." Hebil stepped backwards from them. "Friends, family, raise your orbs skyward!" He instructed, grasping his own large unity orb. He lifted it into the air. It attracted all of the other lighted orbs to it.

"Now you can never leave me," Claudius informed her, as he looked down to the family's ancestral red fabric that bound them. He lowered his head and placed a loving kiss upon her face, before turning to look at his family, who were raising their orbs. "It's perfect. I'm sorry for doubting them," he whispered to Sierra, so that the Gungans would not hear. He looked towards Jelena, glad that she was able to be disguised and attend the ceremony. In that way it was better than the first ceremony. "Shall we?" he asked his wife, before attempting to lead her back onto the shore to join their loved ones. "I really do love you," he said to her, when they reached the halfway point.

Ewwiekewwieikkie held up her orb, while hooting and hollering with excitement, but not because her parents were remarried, but because Auntie Mae said there would be ice cream cake *after*. It was now, officially, *after*. "C'mon, Melickielickie and Callista," he said, as she put down the orb and began running towards where the refreshments were. "Ahh!" she screamed when she saw the lifesize cheese sculptures of her parents. "What happen?" she asked, as she looked at them, before cautiously poking it. "No time for you, cheese," she said, before she hurried into the reception hall where countless delicacies were being plated for the guests. However, in the back wall she spotted what she had come for. A massive cake tower with Claudius and Sierra on top. "Oh it's so beautiful," she said, as she began to cry. She surged forward, before dropping to her knees in front of it, to worship it. "Always remember girls." she said to them, as she finally became emotional.

"And you can never leave me." Sierra happily kissed him. She was shocked by how wonderful the ceremony had been. Her expectations were as low as low could be. Feeling emotional, Sierra turned to face their family with tears in her eyes. "Don't be. I doubted them too." She replied in a whisper. So far, the only negative was being soaked from the waist down. As they stepped back onto the shore, Sierra paused to slip her shoes back on. She had to kiss him again at his proclamation of love. "I know," she said against his lips while still kissing him. "You wouldn't have ever agreed to this if you didn't *really* love me. I really love you too. When this reception is over, I'm going to wrap my arms around you and never let go... So be prepared for that."

Princess Callista was standing in the crowd. She, too, was teary. Callista had not been there to witness when her aunt and uncle married for the first time. This wedding reminded her of something out of a storybook. "Awwww!!!" She squeed. She dropped her orb when Ewwiekewwieikkie went running off. "Hey! Wait up, Ewwie!" She darted after her quickly. The cheese versions of her aunt and uncle were scary. She continued running when she saw them in order to catch up with her bestie at the reception hall. "Wow!" There were tables of food all over the place. She would have been happy to settle on the other delicacies, but she had been promised something called 'ice cream cake'. She had thought about the cake all morning. As she stood before it, her jaw dropped to the ground. Slowly, she dropped to her knees to properly worship the almighty ice cream cake. "It looks so yummy!" She cried out, pawing at her stomach. "I want it! *I need it*!"

Rounding up the party of girls was Melickielickie. Her small legs left her far behind both Callista and her sister. She clutched her glowing orb as she walked through the shrine. "Mommeee? Daddeee?" Her yellow eyes went wide. She had spotted the cheese sculptures of her parents. "Mommeeee! Dadddeee!" She excitedly began to climb up the sculpture of her father. Much to her surprise, her paws dug into the sculpture as she climbed. "Daddee, what wrong? You feel weird. You smell weird. You like... like.. cheese." One of Melickielickie's food groups was cheese, but when she saw that her parents had been turned into cheese, she let out a shriek. "*Oh no*! *Oh no*! *Oh no*!" She cried. She plopped down in front of the sculptures. She wrapped her arms around the cheesey Sierra's legs and began to sob. The smell of cheese made her hungry. While crying, she began nibbling on it. "Mommee, I sorry. You tasty."

"Oh no no no no!" Doo Doo Fast cried as the children neared the cake he spent all week on. Auntie Mae had contracted him to do it, practically for free, because he hoped positive HoloNet coverage would restore his fortune after the Empire shuttered his restaurant and the Squibs destroyed his food speedertruck. Now there were more Squibs threatening to destroy the cake before the bride and groom even arrived, let alone the reporters. "No no no no no! This no yousa cake. This cake issa for the Grand Muffin," he explained, as he came between the children and the cake. "Theysa betta hurry," he said, nervously, as he began raising and lowering his feet frantically and impatiently.

Suddenly there was a flailing Gungan between her and the cake. "Get outta my way!" she demanded, sounding more like than Drusilla than herself. "Mommy and daddy said I could have cake *after*. It's *after*!"" she demanded, before matching the movements of his feet and raising and lowering hers at the same pace. Suddenly they were both dancing around in front of the cake, hyper, anxious, and impatient. "It's gonna melt!" she whined, terrified that she was going to have to share with *everyone*. "Ugh. Ugh. Ugh," she groaned, as she began flailing her arms around maddeningly. That's when she turned and saw Melickielickie had destroyed the cheese sculpture. "Cheese can wait. Cheese no melt. Hurry, hurry, hurry!" she chided her sister, as she figured the three of them could easily topple the cake's Gungan defender.

On the way to the reception hall, Sierra found quite the scene. Melickielickie was sitting in the remains of their cheese counterparts, crying as she shoved cheese into her mother. "*Why*! *Why*!" Her sister didn't seem to understand that their parents had been transformed into cheese. "Melickielickie!" Sierra called out for her, squatting near her on the ground. "We're fine, we're fine. See?" She pointed Claudius out to the smaller of their two Squibs. "It was just cheese."

Melickielickie quickly got over herself. She licked Sierra's cheek. "Yay!! I glad you okay! Bye bye!" She ran to join her sister near the almighty ice cream cake. There was drool coming out from her mouth. "*Cake time*!" She flew towards the Gungan.

In the reception hall, Sierra spotted Callista, Ewwiekewwieikkie, and Melickielickie all ganging up on a single Gungan who was brave enough...or stupid get between Squibs and cake. "Look! The cake is still in one piece..! But not for long." When Sierra was close enough, she looked at the toppers. She was totally going to keep them to put on their year old wedding cake on their anniversary until ... until she saw *it*. The form of a nude King Ebareebaveebeedee humping her leg on the cake topper. Sierra's face turned bright red in embarrassment. "No..." She pouted. Far behind them, she could hear Auntie Mae's laughter. Her hormones split in two on this new predicament. Part of her wanted to go murderous on Auntie Mae. The other part of her wanted to cry and eat ice cream cake with the girls.

Claudius was right with Sierra, secretly glad that the tasteless cheese sculptures had been ransacked by Melickielickie. As he entered the reception hall he was glad to see that the girls would indeed get an ice cream cake, and that hopefully he would too, but the topper stopped him dead in his tracks. His eyes turned towards Auntie Mae who was having a grand old time at their expense. He felt bad for the Gungan who worked so hard on it, but he reluctantly came to the conclusion that there was only one thing he could do. "Girls, eat cake!" he said loudly to the children who were getting frantic in front of it. There would be none for him, but at least the evidence would soon be gone.

"Yay. I loves you daddy!" Ewwiekewwieikkie said, before sticking out her tongue obnoxiously at Doo Doo Fast. "Get outta here, Doo Doo!" she said, before shoving him out of the way and moving towards the cake. "Oh my Germanicus. Is full of flavors," she told Callista and Melicklielickie as she began tearing through it. Each layer was a different one of Auntie Mae's classic flavors mixed together with novelties to form intricate designs that the Gungan chef spent hours on and the girls destroyed in seconds. "Is so good!" she declared, as she shoveled entire chunks into her face. "Come have some before is gone!" she pleaded with Claudius and Sierra, only allowing herself a brief break between eating to speak.

"*Cake*! *Ice cream cake*!" Callista screamed. She darted right towards the cake at her uncle's permission. Her arms wrapped around it. "I love you, cake. Now Imma eat you!" Callista remembered her manners enough to grab a spoon, but otherwise she ravaged the cake enthusiastically. From the very first bite, she was in love. "Oooh. It's so good!" It was cake *and* ice cream. The frosting was even made of ice cream. Soon, Callista's face was covered. She didn't have the ability to keep up with the Squibs.

The words of permission came forth from her father's mouth. It was all Melickielickie needed to make room for the ice cream cake after consuming so much cheese. "Oh meee oh mahhh!" She reached the cake. Like her sister, she used her hands to shovel in ice cream as quickly as possible...too quickly, in fact. "*Eeeeeeeeee*!" Her paws came up to her head. "It cold inside!" She explained her brain freeze as much as she could. As soon as it was over, Melickielickie continued eating until she got *another*.

The toppers were lost in the chaos that ensued. Sierra stood back with Claudius. Her frown had been turned upside down. She didn't even mind the fact that they were unlikely to eat any of their cake. It was amusing to see all three girls experience ice cream cake for the first time. "Claudius!" She squeezed his hand. "Look, it's Doo Doo Fast!" She pointed out the Gungan chef. She had seen a picture of him on the information for the shrine. "He really exists!" She began laughing. They needed to avoid him. She couldn't remain respectful around him.

To her surprise, Ewwiekewwieikkie called them over for cake. "Here, I'll risk my life for ice cream cake." She released his hand and moved towards the table. Using a knife, she quickly cut them both a piece and placed it on a plate. No sooner had she arrived did she disappear so the girls could continue eating. "Enjoy." She told them. She led Claudius to a table to sit and eat their cake. She grabbed a spoonful and offered it to him. "I love you."

"And I love cake," Claudius said, as he began eating his cake in a manner not too dissimilar from Ewwiekewwieikkie. "Of course I love you," he said, with a wink, as he savored the Rum Raeni ice cream contained within. "What a day," he said to his wife, as he took his spoon and offered her a bite of his piece. As the cake was comprised of an assortment of different flavors no two pieces contained the same piece. "The girls are going to be hyper all night and sick tomorrow. We should have borrowed Marcus and Zara's nanny droid for this," he said, as he watched the cake disappear before his eyes. It was like watching a vicious predator devour its kill on the plains. "Oh no..." he said, as he caught a glimpse of Doo Doo Fast moving towards them.

She laughed hard. "No, no. I understand. I can't compare with ice cream cake. I knew I should have kept you tied up." She opened up her mouth to receive a bite of his own cake. It really was just as good as the girls made it out to be. "Mmm.. If there weren't so many cameras here, I'd be up there eating with the girls." She chuckled at that visual. "With the way our numbers are growing, we might need to invest in a nanny droid ourselves." Sierra glanced down at her growing stomach...and it wasn't growing from the cake! "Maybe we should ask Marcus and Zara to watch the girls for a few days... The war did interrupt our honeymoon last time." Her attention directed away from her cake as she saw none other than Doo Doo Fast. "Yes!" Sierra exclaimed. She was already giggling. "Keep a straight face, dear."

"Yousa likin the cake? Mesa worked muiy muiy hard on it justa for you!" Doo Doo Fast informed them, as he reached out with both of his hands and placed them on their shoulders. "Mesa used to havin un bombard restaurant on Delaya, until the Governor saying mesa banished," he explained, shaking his head violently, and causing his ears to flail back and forth. He smiled towards the cameras, waving frantically, and trying for an endorsement. "When yousa tinka cake, yousa tinka Doo Doo!" he said, with a straight face, and a broad smile.

Internally, Sierra reminded herself constantly not to think of the Gungan's name. She felt a bit bad for the Gungan. The feelings of xenophobia spread throughout the galaxy like a wildfire. The way his ears flailed when he shook his head was comical. "The cake is amazing. I'm very sorry to hear about your banishment. Perhaps see my brother, the Duke, about employment. He may be able to help." With that, Sierra threw Marcus under the speeder bike. Sierra was able to maintain a straight face until his catch phrase came out. At that point, she lost it. She began laughing behind her hands. "Thank you, Doo Doo." She turned towards Claudius. "Come with me," she prompted him.

With a hand in his, she drew him away from the cluster of insanity as well as the holonet cameras. There was some pre-recorded jizz music playing in the reception hall. Sierra turned to face her husband with a growing smile on her face. She broke down laughing again. "If I'm ever sad, just replay that holovid." Her hands gently rested on his shoulders. "Dance with me." She prodded, then pouted just to make sure she got her way.

Claudius was biting down so hard on his lower lip to keep from laughing in the Gungan's face that he nearly drew blood. "Your cake is excellent," he said quickly, in one breath, while looking down. He thought maybe if he avoided eye contact it would help him maintain control. Fortunately his wife could sense what was going on and led him away from the table for a dance. "I love you. I can't believe that Auntie Mae," he said, as he moved his hand up to the back of her head. He held her against him as they began to slow dance as the food was devoured amongst them.

"She's a real ass, isn't she?" Sierra commented quietly. The topper had made her a little feisty. "I love you." Her arms slid around his neck loosely. The rest of her body pressed into his. It wasn't long before many of the reporters directed their attention on Claudius and Sierra. She could sense them, but didn't feel the need to point him out or withdraw from her love. "We should round up the troops and leave soon. The girls can bounce out their energy and pass out ... and I can spend the rest of the day acting like a human parasite." She pressed her ear against his chest. Her smile grew as she listened to the beating of his heart. For her, it was one of the most special sounds in the entire galaxy. Her heart warmed all over again. This was love.

"Would it be too cruel if we left the children here and had Jelena deal with it?" Claudius asked her, as he smiled down at her, his forehead pressed against hers, as they slow danced. As she turned her head against his chest he cradled her, not wanting the moment to end. As he turned to look at the cake he saw that they had completely finished and the food comas had began. In its own way, the entire day had been perfect. "So what's our next wedding going to be?" he asked her, as his hand moved up and down her back.

She nuzzled her nose against his slowly. Sierra was very happy. The day had been very different from their first wedding, but special all the same. "Nope. We deserve a little bit of time to ourselves while we're on vacation. After all, it's our second wedding." No one was going to disturb them tonight. She remained snuggled up against him. Her heart felt fluttery inside of her chest. It was times like these where she stepped back and looked at her life in awe. Claudius had made her life do a one-eighty from where it had once been. A lifetime wasn't enough to show him how thankful she was to have him in her life. His question brought on a chuckle from her. "Hmm... Ithorian. I've always wondered what an Ithorian ceremony is like." She lifted her head to look at him. "What would you like our next wedding to be?"

"Ithorian..." Claudius repeated, liking the sound of it. He was not sure what an Ithorian commitment ceremony would be like, although he imagined that it involved nature. "We can speak to Doctors Tohan and Bailo about it, if you'd like," he said, as they continued to dance. "Whatever it is as long as you are there it will be the perfect, dream wedding," he said to her, holding her close, and savoring each moment they had together. He had never thought that a Gungan themed destination wedding could be as emotionally satisfying as what they just experienced. It was not the Gungans, however ... it was her.

"Okay! Let's do it. We'll need to bring it up lightly. I don't want to give Doctor Tohan a heart attack. I also don't want him to beat us down with his walking stick." It seemed likely. The old Ithorian had grown feisty in his advanced age. Claudius was so sweet to her. They both had thought the wedding would be, quite frankly, terrible. Instead, it had been perfect. Sierra felt like they were even more unified than ever. She was glad to have such stability in her relationship. There was never a worry in her mind that they would be anything except together. She melted against his chest. Her eyes closed. It was he who made the wedding. It was he who made her life into something...and it was always going to be him. As the music continued, the couple was left entirely alone with only the future *together* in front of them.

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