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Christopher Levy and Matt Shute.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:F2:3) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Major Kerrie Kiley, Doctor Cole Shuura, and Doctor Pilaq Tohan.

The sickbay of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite had filled quite rapidly over the past several days ... and all due to the actions of Inquisitor Thanor and her apprentice, Kia Kaen. There was Canna Omonda, the former Senator of Chandrila, whose hand had been 'operated' on by the duo and was now being operated on through a complex microfracture surgery so that she could be presented to the Emperor in one place. There was Doctor Cole Shuura, the ship's counselor, who had been attacked by the Inquisitor's nexu. And then finally there was Major Kerrie Kiley, the Governor's bodyguard, who had been thrown into the wall by the Inquisitor. And overseeing them all was the ship's physician, the out of place Ithorian Doctor Pilaq Tohan.

"Let me out of here!" Major Kerrie Kiley demanded, her carefully mimicked facial features were flushed dangerously red. She was ready to push Doctor Tohan if need be, as she had been away from Jelena for far too long. By now, who knew what trouble she had gotten herself into? "I am fine. I am required to return to duty!" she said, her voice growing so loud that all of the other patients could hear, and the droids stopped. She was making quite the scene, but she did not care ... she *had* to leave.

"Calm yourself, young one," the reassuring voice of Doctor Pilaq Tohan said. His attempts at speaking low were for naught, as his two mouths spoke creating a stereophonic sound that caused his voice to bellow. "You must calm yourself! Your vitals are very irregular. Until they return to normal I cannot ... I will not ... discharge you. Now lay down and relax. Doctor's orders!" he said, as he slammed down the base of his large walking stick, crafted ornately from the wood of his native Ithor. The venerable doctor would not budge.

Doctor Cole Shuura opened his eyes. Lying back in the most uncomfortable bed and feeling like a bad hangover, Doctor Shuura wondered what he did last night to deserve this. Then he remembered the massive wide mouth cat that attacked him. A nexu if he remembered right. Groggily, his small fingers felt up for his glasses. Still there, not that they helped much. Everything was still blurry. He turned his head ever slow and slightly, he still wasn't convinced that he was okay. "Space me. The Empire reigns even in Hell."

"I'll give you calm," Kerrie muttered under her breath, before stomping her feet in a tizzy, like a spoiled child. Shaking her head at the doctor, she folded her arms in front of her chest and began moving towards her bed. In a convenient plot device, her bed was next to Doctor Shuura, and she sat silently on one edge, staring at her monitors as if to will her vitals down to a normal level. She released a deep breath, and then breathed in as well, trying to regain her composure. She was wasting valuable time.

Doctor Shuura, believing himself eaten by the Nexu, reached stiffly over to place his hand on Major Kiley. Now that he were dead, he surely did not need to upkeep his wedding vows. "There there. I'm sure we'll get through this. I'm sure it isn't as bad as everyone says. I'm just glad I'm not alone through this." He spoke, not even bothering to scan the room for the male voice and certainly not noticing the third silent person.

The moment he touched her, she thrashed her body violently in order to remove his flesh from hers. Her monitor began to beep violently as her vitals began to rise dramatically, as his touch had enraged to a level that could now carefully be seen and recorded. "We are not dead, you imbecile!" she snarled, before lifting her rear to slide further down the bed so that he could no longer reach her. "However, if you touch me again ... you will be!" she informed him, as nearly every one of her readouts entered the red. She instinctively reached for her holster, pulling her KYD-21 blaster pistol and bringing it level with the terminal. "Oh shut up!" she screamed, as she pulled back on the trigger and unleashed a deadly kill bolt that caused her monitor to explode in a brilliant explosion.

"This is great!" Shuura exclaimed, stretching his arms vertically above himself in victory, but then reeling back in pain. "I survived? That's really exciting. I bet I have some sweet scars," he squealed as he reached down, and began pulling his partially shredded clothing from his flabby torso. He was interrupted by the explosion and starred in the Major's direction. "This is great. You know," he switched from excited patient, to therapist, "This method of healing you are using. It's great. Destroying things really lets frustration out. You got squashed. That's fine. It's not keeping you down. You're still the feisty little thing you were before except even with more passion." Doctor Shuura paused to let it soak in and half sat up in bed. "That is what I call the Dark Side of therapy. Really getting that energy flowing. Hey, mind if I borrow that blaster?"

"Little? Little?!" Kerrie repeated excessively, almost stammering as she spoke. Her height at a point of embarrassment for quite sometime, as she stood at under 1.6 meters ... well under the minimum requirement for the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps in which she served. "I'll show you little!" she howled, before lunging forward towards the doctor. In one swift her move her hand reached to the collar of his shirt, her nose snorting as if she were a wild beast ... and in many ways she was. "I don't want to listen to your quack therapy one minute longer than I have to! It's bad enough I'm in here to begin with-" she stopped, when she felt a hand approach her shoulder, being cut off.

"Enough!" Doctor Tohan said, as he squeezed down upon her shoulder with the digits of his massive hand. He was 0.4 meters taller than her, and he was not afraid to use his size to his advantage. "Release him. Settle down. Or, I *will* sedate you!" he said, his words twice as menacing as he spoke. In an instant, he came between them, and his attention shifted towards the other doctor who he had not yet had the opportunity to formally meet. His large, bulbous eyes blinked slowly as he examined the man. "I am glad to see you are alert. Normally, I would have treated your condition with one of our bacta tanks. However, your allergy has made treating you somewhat more prolonged," he explained, his eyes moving from the patient to the readout of his stats.

Doctor Shuura recovered, still smiling at the woman. He gripped his side, where a claw had opened him, and laid back down. "Oh yeah. A real pain in the Hutt. This allergy has pained me. Last time, I cut my finger, and it took three days to heal." Once back in position, he looked up to the Medical Doctor, and leaned a bit to get the full scope of his long alien neck. "I didn't think I'd see one of your kind aboard," He said bringing his hand up to his chin to help him recall the lists he'd seen. "Oh yeah, I do recall seeing a couple of weird names on the list of personnel onboard the Warspite. Perhaps you would be interested in talking to me sometime about your treatment. I have formal training on persecution and species awareness," Doctor Shuura informed his fellow Doctor in that special way that seemed the most sincere manorism to himself, but still managed to offend people fairly regularly.

"One of my kind..." Pilaq Tohan repeated, nodding his large head but once at the Doctor. He had become used to the xenophobic nature of the Empire, and there was no sense in being critical of a behavior that was commonplace. "Yes. I suppose my name is ... *weird*," he said, being polite the fellow doctor. He was still acting as a buffer to the deranged Clawdite assassin whose large frame he obscured. "As you are new here I would advise you to stay clear of the large amount of estrogen that seems to have polluted this ship. In their close proximity their cycles have synced, and at particular times each month I find my facility overflowing with those that have given them even the slightest bit of displeasure," he wisely pointed out, as he continued to examine the man. He was hopeful he could discharge him before he further disrupted sickbay.

Doctor Shuura returned the nod. "Perhaps you could help me put together a calendar," he spoke, taking the Doctor's advice to heart. "I need to see nearly everyone on board, and I can't do that if I keep choosing the wrong time and getting literally clawed. It's insane." Noticing the other woman in the room Doctor Shuura changed the subject. "Who's she?"

Doctor Tohan turned slightly to view Major Kiley, who now had her back to them. She was breathing as if she were preparing to dive, and was checking her pulse constantly. He rolled his eyes at her determination, before shifting his attention back to the 'doctor'. "That is Major Kerrie Kiley. Bodyguard to the Grand Moff and his family, and, until recently ... his adjustant," he said, realizing perhaps he had shared too much. "She is my most frequent patient, as her job, and her lifestyle carry with them a great deal of physical ... and sometimes emotional ... danger," he concluded, referencing the fact that she was here today because of emotional trauma, rather than physical. "I suggest you avoid her as if she carried some plague from the Unknown Regions..." he commented, thrusting his rather large, hammerhead, down to emphasize that point.

Emotional danger perked up Doctor Shuura's ears. "You deal with your kind of pain. I deal with the pain of the heart! That is unless its an actual heart attack. That's back to you, but you see where I'm going." A shift in bed caused him a refreshment in the pain department and the Shuura let out a groan. "I'll be sure to schedule some meetings with Major Kiley once you are done with her. She seems in need. But my immediate concern is your third patient." A shift in his eyes, indicated the ex-senator.

"If you schedule a counseling appointment for that one ... you will be back in my care shortly," Tohan observed, quite confidently, as his eyes then moved towards the other patient. "Her I cannot discuss," he said, as he began to shift away to check on her once again. She was under the careful watch of two Imperial Stormtroopers and was restrained to her bed. "I am sure you understand ... given the nature of our presence here," he said, while carefully checking the progress of the repairs to her hand.

"Ah..." Doctor Shuura drawled as he laid back. He did not know much of the operations being conducted onboard the starship; however, he did know tormented individuals. He did not say much else, as he laid there. If a way to help ease her pain aroused, he was waiting. His eyes became weighed down by the events and his own personal trauma. He bed and pillow became more comfortable the longer he waited. If an opportunity ever came, he would not know because when his eyes closed even for a moment, it was as if time skipped over him.

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