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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:11) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
El-Nay Darr, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Commander Sierra Rodney.

Sierra Rodney awoke the next morning feeling *very* hungry. The young woman rolled out of bed. The first thing she noticed was that it was so quiet. She couldn't hear Ewwiekewwieikkie dry heaving in the bathroom while she passed another gem stone, nor could she hear Drusilla yelling at her during the uncomfortable process. It was all so weird. She would retrieve the children in the guise of the night with the help of El-Nay. The woman wouldn't say no to a gemstone. Sierra simply wasn't going to tell her where it came from. Her hand lightly brushed over her husband's back as a way of letting him know she was up. "Morning, love. I'm going to get started on breakfast..." She mumbled, sliding into a shirt that was barely long enough to cover her rear end.

Inside the kitchen, Sierra snacked on cheese while she crafted breakfast for the two of them. Her pudding had survived the evening. She may or may not have snuck a couple bites in. Pregnant as she was, she still was conscious of her form. After all, eating for two wasn't *really* eating for two. The smells in the kitchen reached throughout the house to further rouse her husband. Meanwhile, Sierra had drifted into her own little world. She hummed a song. Her hips shifted back and forth in a gentle dance. She was planning out her day and how everything was going to work out.

Claudius Rodney stretched out in bed, letting out a moan of incredible contentment as he allowed his legs and arms to move to their maximum distance. "Yeah. You get right on that," he said, as Sierra announced she was going to make breakfast. He too heard the sound of silence in the estate, which was the worst sound of all. He would have rather heard the nagging of Drusilla, the giggling and Ewwiekewwieikkie, and even the treason of Jelena rather than this infernal silence. He swung his legs over the side of his bed and allowed his feet to slip into a comfortable pair of slippers. But as he slid his left foot in he felt a foreign object present. Bending down, he raised up the slipper and shook it until a gemstone fell out. It only made him feel worse about their absence. Placing the slipper back on the floor he slid his foot into it and began descending the stairs to join his wife in the kitchen. "Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. Now that's what a wife should be!" he announced as he moved into the kitchen, before flinching and ducking to avoid the response he expected.

The gemstones would surely never stop. Sierra had found one within the egg carton. Given its size, she felt it would make up for stealing El-Nay's ship, getting her injured, *and* forcing her to help her kidnap her own step-children. The Mandalorian was busy...she just didn't know it yet. Claudius' announcement turned her cheeks red. She turned around. "Hey! Not the kind of thing you want to say to a person who's holding a *very* hot pan." She stepped back from the stove. "You do make a good point. I'm pregnant. *You* finish making breakfast. I'm busy making a baby." She snickered, creeping up towards him looking oh so proud of herself. She nipped his lower lip. "Don't burn my eggs." Instead of sitting in a chair like a civilized human being, she hopped up onto the nearby counter with her legs dangling down. "You're lucky I didn't throw anything at you!" She was only playing.

"I'll handle this, Commander," Claudius declared confidently, as he strode across the kitchen to assume his action station in front of the stove. He took hold of an egg and cracked it on the side of the pan and into it went the egg and the shell. "Hmm," he thought to himself, before repeating the process to similar results. He began beating the eggs and shells in the pan, causing it to splatter everywhere. Thinking it would cook more quickly if he turned up the temperature he adjusted the temperature controls and then, as if on cue, a column of flame rose from the cooktop. "Gaah!" he said, as he stepped back from the stove. He quickly grabbed hold of a lid and smothered the flame with some effort thanks to the firefighting drill he took when he first enlisted in the Navy two decades earlier. When he raised the lid he saw nothing but burnt material, which caused him to frown and turn the unit off. His eyes scanned around the pantry quickly before grabbing some muffins, cereal, and blue milk. Wrapping his arms around them, he waddled over towards the table before plopping them down in front of her. "Easy when you know how," he said, before adjusting his collar with some swagger, and taking his seat opposite her.

She watched him with interest as he attempted to make them breakfast. Sierra made a pained sound as he cracked both egg, and shell, into the pan. While she was fine with a little extra protein in her life, eating a whole egg shell didn't sound appealing. He was making a mess at the level of Ewwiekewwieikkie ... and then he started a fire. "Ah!" She squeaked, crossing the kitchen in half a second to see if she could help him put it out. Once the fire was out, she laughed softly. "But ... *how* ..." The smell of fire hung in the air. Instead of giving it a second go, which Sierra was glad he didn't, she watched her husband take the easy way out. She came to settle at the kitchen table. At this point, she didn't care what was placed in front of her. If it was more edible than eggshells, she was happy.

Sierra poured herself a glass of blue milk. She was shaking her head and laughing. "It's a good thing you never decided to pursue your culinary passions, Claudius." She picked up a muffin and began to eat. Ugh, she was instantly much happier. You cannot understand how hungry a pregnant woman is first thing in the morning. Beneath the table, Sierra seemed to be initiating play time with her feet. In reality, she'd forgotten her slippers upstairs and now her feet felt as icy as the floor. "I'm going to go get the girls today." She told him pleasantly.

"Well in my defense when I was born the castle boasted a kitchen staff of over 100," Claudius said, as he poured himself a glass of blue milk as well. "Sometimes it's not just about what you know you can do, but about knowing people who know what to do," he said, before he took a sip from his glass, leaving him with a blue milk mustache. He began to relax as her foot assaulted him beneath the table, causing him to shift his position in the chair. He raised his eyebrows, opening his eyes much more wide as he reciprocated contact with his own leg. Just as he was nearly riled up from her game of footsie she mentioned his lost daughters. "You just got back ... barely. Let me send people," he said to her, as he reached across the table and clutched her hand.

"Well, you're lucky. It was never like that in the Dakkar residence. As soon as I could reach the stove, mother fired a majority of the staff... Gah, I hate that woman..." She groaned, yet managed to stay relatively light hearted when talking about it. A smile lit up her face as a blue milk mustache formed over his upper lip. It was turning into quite an enjoyable breakfast. Sierra's hangry had been avoided by her husband's quick thinking. Her fingers weaved in between his. She let out a deflating sigh. She was still recovering from her latest endeavor. The last thing she wanted was to go out and potentially get hurt again. She leaned down to place a kiss on top of his hand. "Who would you send? Kerrie? I was hoping to sneak in and out *without* getting hurt." She needed to lay off on the injuries for awhile. She didn't want to find herself suddenly less pregnant than she was.

"Without who getting hurt? Rebels?" Claudius scoffed, as he downed another half of glass of blue milk. He reached across the table and plucked up one of the muffins. The moment he bit into it he regretted making a joke about Sierra in the kitchen, as it was awful, and he wished he had a hot breakfast. Nearly choking on the muffin crumbs, he placed the remainder down on the table. "Yes. I think Kerrie and her commando unit could quite easily exfiltrate the children from their 'New' Alderaan very easy," he said, before starting to cough from the crumbs going down his windpipe. His hand reached for the blue milk, quickly downing the last of it. "You're going, aren't you?" he pressed her, as the glass of milk was sat back down in front of him. He looked across her with a smirk, as he knew exactly whom he was talking to.

Sierra waved her hand. "No. Screw the Rebels. I'd like to avoid further damage. Contrary to what some might say, getting shot does not feel like a massage." She finished off her glass of blue milk. She rose from the table and began putting away what was left. There seemed to be a reason why Ewwiekewwieikkie hadn't eaten these muffins yet! Sierra froze when he mentioned Kerrie's commando unit. "As much as I trust Kerrie, that Cathar that nearly killed me is in her commando unit..." Sierra mused. She shivered as she placed the blue milk away then made her way towards him. She made a face at him. Her hand brushed over his face. Her fingertips collected his makeshift mustache. "You know me too well, my love." She bent down to kiss him. When it came to her family, she trusted herself to get the job done without the girls being harmed. She cared about them more than any of Kerrie's commandos did. "It won't be a long term ordeal. I'll be home quickly. I've been a *terrible* adjutant lately. I suppose you'll need me back at the Retributor."

Before Claudius could offer a response the sound of alarms began all over the estate, as the Imperial security detail began firing at something. There were laser blasts all around, so loud that that they were even heard over the deafening sirens. A moment later the kitchen window exploded and the body of El-Nay Darr came crashing through, tumbling onto a ground, and rolling to a stop at the feet of Sierra. She raised herself slightly, shaking off the debris from the wall and the window she had just destroyed. "Who said you could use my ship?" she asked Sierra, as if oblivious to everything else that had just happened. She rose to her feet and looked her squarely in the eyes from beneath her garish orange helmet with its distinct T-shaped visor. Her hands rested on each of her hips as she perked out her chest, waiting for her answer. For her sharing most definitely was not caring.

The young woman fell serious when she heard the sound of alarms. Her body tensed. She thought of her armor inside of El-Nay's ship and the E-11 upstairs hidden in their bedroom. "I wonder what that's all about..." And if she should be grabbing something to defend themselves with. It all began clear as soon as something... *someone* burst through the kitchen window covered in orange armor. Last Sierra checked, there was only one woman insane enough to do that... El-Nay Darr. Sierra could barely hear over the sound of the sirens. "How many times do I have to tell you to use the door?!" She yelled, pointing in the direction of the front door. She mentally added to have someone come repair the window later on... Thanks, El-Nay. She didn't need her ears to understand why El-Nay had come. Her ship was docked just outside the estate. She looked back at Claudius, desperate to have him call off the hounds before her hormones decided to arm themselves. To El-Nay, Sierra grabbed the gemstone off the counter and offered it to her. "Sorry! I needed it!"

Claudius was assuming it was a Rebel attack before the familiar and unwelcome sight of El-Nay Darr appeared crashing through his kitchen. "Well. Now she's gone and done it. She's ruined breakfast," he said, as he rose from his seat, as he made her the scapegoat for his culinary mishap. "I assume she's with you?" he said to his wife, rolling his eyes, and wondering what she had gotten herself into. "I don't want to hear about it," he said, before raising his hand to the Mandalorian. "Just get her back in one piece!" he barked at her, before moving from the kitchen to calm down the captain of the guard. He needed a walk in the fresh air after that. He had a feeling this was going to be a *long* day.

"I'd use the door of the bucketheads didn't shoot at me every time. You think they'd know by now. Just put my picture in the guard tower or something. You know? Do I have to think of everything?" El-Nay asked, as she continued to dust herself off. From beneath her helmet she began to sniff, smelling the burnt eggs. "What's cooking? I haven't eaten?" she said, before removing her helmet, ignoring Sierra and moving towards the table. "A muffin?! A fucking muffin?!" she asked her, as she picked it up and took a hesitant bite of it. "How does your ass get so big eating food of this kind?" she asked her, before spitting out what was in her mouth and tossing the muffin away like a live grenade. "Yes sir, Govna," she said to the man, before giving him a carefree salute, but he was already gone. "Just one gemstone? Nuh uh, toots. You're letting me give that Squib a squeeze and whatever comes out I keep. I'm a gambler and I like my odds," she said, before looking around the estate. "She upstairs? I don't hear any giggling," she said, as she pursed her lips in as deep a thought as she was capable of.

She couldn't help but laugh. "Yep, it was *all* her fault." Sierra smiled as she watched Claudius leave. It wasn't long after that that the alarms shut off and she could hear properly again. "Sorry, El-Nay. I'll see to it that you're welcomed at the gates next time with a fruit basket or something." She teased the woman. "Oh. You don't want what's in the pan. Trust me." Blackened eggs and eggshells. Mmmmm. That would show Claudius to make a pregnant in the kitchen joke again! Maybe next time he'd be nice so he could have a warm, lovely breakfast. "The secret to having a big ass isn't about what you eat." She explained to El-Nay. "It's about how much you squat. If you squatted more, you wouldn't be as flat as pancake." Sierra teased her friend. "I'll let you squeeze Ewwiekewwieikkie after you help me bring her back home. You can have whatever comes out of her...and whatever I find in my boots. We have been finding gemstones *all* over the house. It's like a damn easter egg hunt." The last time she took a bath, she found one in the drain! "Ewwiekewwieikkie and Drusilla are both on a Rebel planet that they are calling 'New Alderaan'. Since taking my husband's ship would have been stupid, I *borrowed* yours. I need you to go back there with me and... Well, kidnap them and bring them home."

"Flat as a..." El-Nay said, as she turned to Sierra, her jaw dropping and her face flushed red with anger. She turned her back to her, bent over slightly, and began to shake her backside. "You find me pancakes like this and I'll eat them," she said, before turning back around to face her again. "Sounds like a plan to me," she said, as she rubbed her hands together excitedly. "So where's she at? Auntie Mae's new amusement park?" she suggested, as she arched an eyebrow at the woman. She expected this to be a relatively easy assignment before Sierra filled her in on the details of the mission. "'New' Alderaan? Oh I think that's in poor taste after what happened to 'old' Alderaan," she mused, before tucking her helmet under her shoulder and mentally preparing herself for the job. "I've done kidnappings before, but I've never kidnapped kids..." she said, as her eyes widened and she suddenly looked very confused. "Wait. Were those kidnappings then? Does it have to be a kid you kidnap to be a kidnapping? Or, if you kidnap an adult does it become an adultnapping?" she said, before bringing her hand up to the side of her head, to massage the pain away. Staggering backwards, she sat down at the table. Mind blown.

Sierra laughed and laughed. Well, she made a good point. Ass-sized pancakes sounded good to her. Mmmm. Pancakes. . . She looked towards the fiery mess that her husband had left behind. "Maybe we should go get some breakfast first..." She mused. Suddenly nothing sounded better than pancakes drenched in syrup with star fruit on top. Her mind began to drift away from the mission and towards food. The muffin hadn't soothed her hunger. Sierra blinked. "What? The woman opened a theme park..? Can we go..?"

She had to agree, it was in poor taste. If she leaked this information into the right ear, New Alderaan could become identical to Old Alderaan very quickly. The only problem was that Jelena was living there. Sierra doubted that she would come back to Esseles with her. "Does it help if you have approval from the parents? I guess it isn't *kidnapping* per se..." She thought she might have accidentally broken the Mandalorian. El-Nay was trying to work out kidnapping versus adult napping. Sierra came behind her, gently patting her back. "There, there, El-Nay. It's kidnapping for Drusilla because she is still underage... But is it adult-kidnapping for Ewwiekewwieikkie?" She smiled. "I've got to get dressed. You can feel free to search the lower floor for gemstones while I'm gone. Finders keeper." The blonde-headed woman turned her back on El-Nay and began heading upstairs to ready herself.

"No. I think that's a Squibnapping," El-Nay said, still sounding a little disoriented. "Well, whatever it's called I'll get them," she said, as she slammed her helmet back upon her head and rose from the table. "Uh. You want them alive, right?" she asked, before she lowered the targeting scanner over her eye. She raised her gauntlet and began to alter her field of vision to make it easier to locate the gemstones. Before getting an answer she was running about the lower level of the estate, tossing furniture about and grabbing all of the gemstones she could find, along with some silverware. Content, she exited the estate through the hole she made in the wall rather than the door, waving to all of the Stormtroopers. Beneath her helmet she was sticking her tongue out at them. She circled around the estate until she came to a stop at the ramp of her ship, impatiently awaiting Sierra.

"Alive!" Sierra shouted down the stairs while El-Nay worked on wrecking her home. Oye. This morning, it seemed like the stairs had multiplied. Why did this family hate turbolifts? She'd make it to her ninth month of pregnancy and be sleeping on the couch because conquering the stairs was more effort than it was worth. Inside her and Claudius' bedroom, she found her husband. "Sorry about the window. That woman loves her dramatic entrances." She said it in an endearing way. In her book, El-Nay was a good person. She began to undress and redress herself for the day. She wore casual clothing, knowing full well that her ISB uniform would only get her in trouble where she was going. "El-Nay has agreed to help me retrieve the girls." She approached him. She *hated* goodbyes. After what had happened to Marcus, the voice of realism was louder in her head. It could have happened to her. She drew herself in close to him, wrapping her arm around his neck.

"Help you?!" Claudius exclaimed as he threw his hands up in the air and let them fall back against his sides, causing a loud clapping noise. "That woman... Are you sure it's wise to include her?" he said, rolling his eyes dramatically, before raising his hand to the side of his head. "She's a menace. And she sticks out like a sore thumb. They'll see that armor of hers before you even land," he rambled, worrying about her safety and wellbeing. As she moved in towards him he was silenced, her arm around his neck causing him to grow quiet. "Would you be good enough to bring back my children?" he asked her, tiredly, as he realized there was no winning an argument with her. She was her own woman, with a strong and independent mind, and that is why he loved her. His face moved towards hers, his lips connect passionately, as a better alternative to saying 'goodbye'.

"I know, I know. Orange is probably the loudest color on the spectrum. I trust her. She'll get the job done..." Hopefully without anyone winding up inside of a bacta tank. She saw that he was worried. She cuddled him and did what she could to reassure him. "Everything will be okay. I know exactly where the girls are. We're going to go in and get out *quietly*." Sierra smiled. "Always and forever. Though ... everyone is on house arrest when I make it to my third trimester!" She warned. Their lips met in a much easier sort of goodbye. It was easier to let him know how immensely she loved him through a kiss. As it ended, Sierra felt they were departing on a high note, not a low one. "Behave yourself while I'm gone. I'll be back soon." With that, she kissed him a final time then headed back down the stairs and out of her home. She was confident that this would be a relatively short trip. She soon appeared at El-Nay's ship. "Are you ready?" She asked the woman like she hadn't made her wait for Sierra.

As Sierra arrived at the ship, El-Nay looked at the chronometer and rolled her eyes at the woman. "Was that a long goodbye or a quick turn in the sheets?" she asked with a snicker from beneath her helmet. "C'mon, move that ass," she chided her, as she rushed up the ramp of her ship and situated herself in the pilot's seat. "Aw. Man. You squished my seat," she grumbled, as she began reconfiguring everything to how she liked it. Once Sierra was safely aboard she activated the controls to lift the ship off the surface of Esseles towards their destination, but unfortunately she did not bother to ask Sierra where New Alderaan was. As a result the navicomputer downloaded the coordinates for Alderaan, sending them in the wrong direction, to the wrong region of the galaxy.

Claudius watched from the balcony as the Mandalorian ship departed, keeping his head elevated to watch it ascend until it was gone. When it was out of view his head sunk, and he let out a lonely sigh, reaching out his arm to grab onto the railing for support. He waited there for a moment, collecting himself, before returning inside the estate. With Sierra gone he was truly all alone in the large house he had purchased with the plans of sharing with his growing family. Now it was just him and the rooms grew quiet. He heard nothing but the sound of silence.

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