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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:30) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Duke Marcus Rodney, Duchess Zara Rodney, RO-E11.

Duchess Zara Rodney stood in the massive library inside of Rodney Castle. She had been scoping out her new home with Sia now that she was able to move around with more ease...aka, without a gigantic preggo belly. "Ah ha! I knew there were children's stories somewhere in here." Zara leaned onto her tippy toes and reached to a shelf high, high above her head. "Can't. Quite.. Reach..!" Instead of using the stepstool located less than a foot away, Zara decided to jump up and down until she grabbed the book. Several others fell, hitting her in the face as they fell off the shelf. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" Zara blindly grabbed a book on the shelf. As she pulled it off, the whole bookcase moved forward several feet. It revealed a secret passage which Zara had yet to notice. What she did notice was the sound of laughter. She turned around, showing her reddened face to Sia, who was seated upright in a comfortable little pink seat. She was laughing *hard*. Zara let out a squeal as she darted towards her baby girl. "Sia! You're laughing!" She plucked the little girl from her seat and embraced her. She *had* to tell Marcus now! Before she left the library with her daughter, she noticed that the bookcase had changed. Her eyes followed it, then landing on the passage. Her smile grew even brighter. Marcus had warned her of the passages in the castle which were not even on maps. She had been determined to find them, but never had. Now she had *two* pieces of exciting information. The only problem was that the castle was *huge* and finding Marcus could be difficult. "Marccuussss?" She called out, departing from the library with a happy Sia in hand.

Marcus had descended into his old armory in the lower level of the castle, from which he first began his bounty hunting career. He had not warn his armor in some time, and now that he was a father he doubted he would ever wear it again. He was surrounded by weapons of all sorts, explosives, and surveillance droids. There was a board on the wall where his most famous bounties were forever posted. He was sitting at his old desk reviewing the current list of bounties, but he would not dare attempt to claim one. For Marcus this was simple nostalgia and a stroll down memory lane. On his lap he had their son, Darrus, who he had prematurely introduced to his old life as one of the galaxy's most revered bounty hunters.

Zara searched and searched. When she stopped to think about it, she knew *exactly* where Marcus another secret hidey hole within the castle. She carefully brought Sia with her into the old armory. Since moving from the chalet, even Zara's belongings now lived in the armory. All of the many devices she used to hack and theft throughout the galaxy. That life had been cut off unexpectedly when she had gotten pregnant. She didn't regret it, but she certainly understood feeling nostalgic over it. With the one year anniversary since her greatest heist coming, she found herself thinking about it more often. She recalled every careful step of planning she had gone through to ensure she'd come out with a special chronometer. To this day, she would never know what made her stop and toy with him. To this day, she was glad she did.

Zara made her way towards the desk. She purposely made noise as she walked so she couldn't scare him. "Hi honey." She spotted Darrus on his lap. He looked quite content. Zara leaned against the edge of his desk. "Do you want to put on our old armor again? Just for shits and giggles? I'll wear the *really* tight bodysuit." She regretted teasing him as soon as she did. She blushed. "I hope they don't remember that then they are older..."

Marcus was slightly startled by Zara, who still had the stealth of a cat burglar despite her advancement into motherhood. "Hello, Zara," he said once she made some noise to alert him, before taking his son's arm and moving it up and down in a wave. "I have these two to think about ... and the people of Delaya," he said to her, as he looked towards his encased suit of armor and shook his head. "No. That was for when I was just Claudius' spare with no one to think of other than myself," he explained, as he rose from the chair while carefully holding Darrus. "Not to mention I was a lot younger then," he joked, as he moved towards her. "What brought you two lovely ladies down here?" he asked her, as he looked towards Sia.

Her head lifted. She looked at the encased suit of the Nerf Herder. She had known what a dangerous target he could potentially be before robbing from him. She delved deep, *deep* into his life. The little wave from Darrus made her smile. It was worth hanging up her hacker hat for their children...for the people of Delaya. The last time he had worn the armor, he'd nearly died. She giggled. "Oh yes, *much* younger then, you old man." She strolled closer to him. She greeted her son with a kiss to his forehead and her husband with a kiss to his lips. "Two things," Zara said. She seemed to become excited again. "First of all.. I made Sia laugh! I was in the library and some books fell on my head. She thought it was so funny. Her laugh is so cute!" She squeezed the little silver-haired girl. "Ohyeah. *And*, I found one of your secret passages. Wanna come explore it with us? Sia and I need some big, strong men to keep us safe." Zara smiled brightly. She was glad he didn't resent her for the shift in his life.

"I think our children will laugh at most misfortunes that befall us," Marcus joked, as he looked down at his two children. "A secret passage? Oh! That can be scary," he said before moving towards his collection of seeker droids. He pressed a few buttons and the trio of droids came to life, encircling him as he began to move towards the stairs. "I think I'll bring reinforcements," he said to her, before leaning over towards her to place a kiss on her. With his wife, children, and droids he began to ascend the stairs back to the ground floor of the castle to seek out the passage his wife had found.

"I'll have to see if I can get her to do it again. If not, you can have your droids beat up on each other until she laughs." With the droids, Marcus, and Darrus in tow, Zara began making her way back towards the library. "I wonder what it'll be. Maybe it's like your great great great great *great* grandpa's secret lair. We'll find out the House of Rodney has always made awesome bounty hunters!" She turned into the library. A large bay window had its curtains drawn back. The light shone in on the whole room. "Have you read all of these? There *has* to be at least a bajillion books here." There were still books on the floor from Zara's little stunt. The bookcase was still slightly ajar. "Toldya so. Did you know about this secret passage?" She stopped, letting the droids proceed inside first before she moved through the gap. She found herself standing at a ramp which descended down into a dark room.

"Well, some of them are in Huttese," Marcus said with a shrug and an impish grin as he looked over the vastness of the family library that went back to the days of Germanicus and Raeni Rodney. With a motion of his hand the trio of droids entered the secret passage just in case they were boobytrapped. "No. I had heard about them, but I just thought they were stories my father told me," he said, as he slowly crept into the passage behind the droids. "There's a lot of family history I don't know. Truthfully I didn't find it all very interesting," he joked, as he wondered if perhaps they should have told someone in the castle where they were going before they just descended into a secret passage behind a bookcase.

She giggled. She had frequently wondered about her husband's family history. She knew so little about the Ta'ems. Most of the family history went up in flames after her father was publicly murdered by Imperials. They all proceeded further and further down the passage until they reached a large room filled with old crates and covered objects. She snickered. "There's gotta be a Rodney family tree somewhere. We keep making it bigger and bigger." She began looking around. Everything was covered in dust. "What do you know about the founders of your house? This seems like a stupid question to ask after a year and two children...but how did House of Rodney come to rule over Delaya?" She peered into a box of toys that had once belonged to Magnus Rodney.

"I'm sure there is, but my attention span has never been such that I could read it all," Marcus said, as he continued to move down the passageway. "With the birth of our nephew, the fact that they've taken in *another* Squib, and Drusilla's impending wedding I think there are more Rodneys *now* than at any point in history. We could repopulate the planet with just our relations," he said to her, being careful where he stepped because he was carrying his son. If the Rodney clumsiness happened now there could potentially be a disaster. "There was a succession crisis on Alderaan. My ancestor, Germanicus, was one of the leading contendors," he explained, remembering at least that much about the family history. "There was a deadlock and a threat of civil war, so the Jedi Council was sent to mediate. Ultimately the House of Rodney was not chosen and the new title of Duke of Delaya was created. Back then this planet was nothing. It all started with Duke Germanicus and later Duchess Raeni after his death," he continued, before looking to see what she had gotten into.

Zara laughed hard. Sia, who was pressed against her chest and peering at her father from beyond her mother's shoulder, began to laugh too. There is nothing quite as sweet sounding as the laugh of a small child. Zara grinned. She knew Marcus had heard it this time. "You're right. House of Rodney has done some crazy expansions over the last year. Our little expansions are the cutest of all." The news of their nephew had come as a total surprise. Zara, who *still* felt bad about shooting Sierra, had seen to it that baby gifts were sent to the estate to help out with the early addition of Bruce. There was also *another* Squib. It seemed that Claudius was happy with his new wifey and expanding his family after all these years. She listened to him talk about the succession crisis which eventually lead to Delaya being given to the first Duke of the family. "I wonder what it looked like back then when they were starting fresh. Wouldn't it be funny if Sir Tentacles had been alive *wayyyy* back when?" Zara opened up the front panel of the crate. "Look at all these old toys. They're so cute!" She pulled down a large sheet which was concealing *something* beside the crate of toys. "Oh ho!" Zara unveiled an old nanny bot. "Wow! Look at this thing! It's so old school!" She patted down on the droid. She wondered if it still worked. With a wide smile on her face, she looked at Marcus. She wanted to take her hydrosplanner to it and spend some time getting to know its insides.

"No pollution. No industry. I imagine it was very beautiful," Marcus theorized, before becoming distracted by Sia's laugh. "This is a strange place to store a child's toys," he pointed out, as Darrus instinctively tried to grab the newly uncovered wonders. "That looks like a nanny droid!" he exclaimed, after Zara had pulled off the cover and let loose a column of dust. "I see you've found a toy too?" he teased his wife, as he helped her attend to it. "Well if anyone can get it working it's you," he told her, as he helped her examine it. It looked to be intact, but he could not be sure if it was 80 years old ... or 800.

"A nanny droid?" She wondered if it would ever work again. It looked really out dated. She registered what Marcus said, idly wondering why someone seemed to be trying to hide their memories of a child. Zara snickered. "Mhm. I think we should take it up to the library with us. I'll get my things and see if I can make some repairs." She loved how confident he was in her. It brought a smile to her face. As they began rolling the droid out into the light, Zara's nose twitched. "Oh gosh, this thing looks scary. All the paint has worn off of it. If I can get it working, I'm going to need to pretty it up." Sia reached out towards the dust old droid. "Are you going to help me fix it too, Sia?" She cuddled her baby girl happily. "Did you have a nanny droid growing up?" Livia didn't seem like she was winning any awards for being a great mother, not that Zara was going to speak ill of a woman who was dead.

"Alright. Maybe it can help translate some of these old books," Marcus said as he helped her wheel the old droid back down the passage into the light of the library. "Total makeover, nanny droid edition?" he asked her, as they began to get it back in the light and its age became apparent. "No. Mother employed a staff of human nannies to tend to me and Claudius," he explained, as he backed away from the droid to take a seat and attend to his son. While he was back on his feet and feeling stronger everyday, he was careful not to overdo it. "Your sister and mommy are going to work on the droid while we sit," he said, as he looked down to Darrus. "We'd just be in the way," he added, before winking to Zara.

"Do you think the droid is older than the books, or the other way around?" She used her foot to scoot Sia's little baby chair closer to her. She gently placed her little girl in the seat. "I would totally watch that. Should I stop and we'll call some HoloNet producing team to come film?" Zara laughed. She liked to stay away from the HoloNet as much as possible. Since Claudius' son's birth had basically remained in the family, no one had leaked it to the press. Auntie Mae had yet to add a new flavor of ice cream. Zara was certain that it was going to be 'Brownie Batter Bruce'. She rose, briefly leaving the room to collect a toolbox full of her instruments. When she rejoined them, she sat before the droid. She thought it was *very* least a few hundred years by the design, maybe more. "I wanna try to avoid doing that with our kids. If we had a functioning nanny droid, we'd at least have another set of hands." She wanted a different life for their children. She wanted Sia, Darrus, and whoever else came to feel loved. There would be none of the 'spare' nonsense that Marcus dealt with should they have another son in time. "My mom didn't really do a good job either. She left me with my sister while she went off and did her rebellious thing. My sister was nicer back then, but not *that* nice." She spotted Sia grasping for a wrench in her toolbox. She allowed her daughter to have it while keeping a watchful eye on her. The sounds of her hydrosplanner kept the room from growing completely silent as she worked the back off of the droid. "Don't worry, Darrus. You're helpful from all the way over there. Daddy too." A worried look briefly crossed her face. "Are you feeling okay today, Marcus?" She'd asked him that just about every day since he started walking unsupported. Zara always watched out for him.

"Hmm. It's hard to say. The droid looks old, but some of these books look ancient," Marcus replied, as he looked towards the droid. "No! My HoloNet days are behind me. Let's leave it to the next generation to become media sensations," he said, as his cheeks flushed red from unpleasant memories of the fact that most of the galaxy had seen everything he had to offer. "Oh. Your sister. I had almost forgotten about her. I wonder what she's up to..." he said, before muttering to himself about the two awful encounters with his in-laws. "I'm feeling fine. I'm just sitting down so that I continue to feel fine," he said, as he turned his attention down to Darrus. "I want to make sure I'm able to beat him at shockball until he's at least fifteen," he said to Zara, as he bounced his little boy on his lap while making cutesy noises.

Zara laughed. She prayed her HoloNet days were over. It was a hard pill to swallow that forever and ever, people would be able to find pictures of her completely, totally *nude* engaging in certain activities with her husband. "..She's probably causing trouble somewhere or plotting the next way to make a credit off of our family." Zara grumbled. She was not happy with Luna, who had kidnapped her, her sister-in-law, and left her to die in a crumbling medcenter. She hoped the droid never worked again, because her handiwork became aggressive just at the thought of her sister. "There's gotta be my weight's worth of dust inside of this thing. Ugh." She had never worked with something so old. She'd have to do some research to determine just how old the bucket of bolts was.

Her blue eyes lifted towards Darrus and Marcus. She could see the little boy smiling and making loud cooing noises while he was bounced. Their little son was such a cutie! And her husband wasn't so bad either ... kidding! She looked towards Sia, who was staring at the wrench in front of her. Zara's heart was so full of love. She had gained an incredible family. She reached a hand up into the interior of the droid and pressed a button in hopes that it would do *something*. "Rest while you can. We're gonna have to leave soon if we want to make Mug's wedding. It's so cute that they are finally getting married!"

"Cla-Cla-Cla-Claudius!" the nanny droid exclaimed as its voice modulator was reactivated. Her photoreceptors illuminated to a bright yellow. All of her arms began to flail up and down, while she spun around 360-degrees. Finally the droid settled down and focused herself on Zara, whom she did not recognize. After some scanning she discovered she was in the library, but none of the faces were in her recognition database. However, she did see some facial similarities in the features of Marcus. "Oh dear!" she exclaimed, as her circuits began to overheat from all the newly received data.

"Woah!" Zara stumbled backwards as the droid came to life. She didn't expect it to work and it would still need a lot of time with her before it worked smoothly. "Claudius?!" Hmmm. Even though Claudius was really old, the droid was *wayyy* older than him. She wondered what Claudius the nanny droid had served back in her day. "Well hi." She said. "What model are you?" She asked the droid just before it began to overheat. "Nonononono! Stop!" She quickly shut off the droid so it didn't explode from all the new information. She giggled girlishly, rubbing her face and accidentally smearing oil on her cheek. "This thing is cool! Let's keep it! It'll take some work, but maybe it'll be a good nanny droid when I'm done with it."

"Funny, I don't seem to remember Claudius ever owning a droid," Marcus said, as he watched the nanny droid have her equivalent of a panic attack. "Be careful, Zara!" he cried out, as the droid began to spin around. He moved from his seat and rushed to her side, just as she began powering down the droid. "Should we bring her with us to New Alderaan to help with the twins?" he asked her, as he looked over the now dormant droid once again. He knew they needed help, but maybe not that kind of help.

"There's noooo way this was his. I mean, unless he likes to collect antique nanny droids... That would also make him really weird." Zara grinned. "He could probably use one of these, huh?" She made jokes at the expense of her brother-in-law while no one was around to defend him. She looked up at Marcus with a thoughtful face. "Maybe. Let's see what kind of work I can get done on her. I bet she's all sorts of out of date and look at this paint job... She's scary..." Zara rose to her feet. She wrapped her arms around her love. She liked the idea of having a droid to help them. She could program the droid. She could control many aspects of the droid to ensure that their children were getting the best help possible.

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