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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:8) in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void).
Lord Marcus Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, and Major Min Traebor.

The northernmost continent of the planet Esseles was far removed from the population centers and had no resources to speak of, making the region of no importance or value to anyone. The mountain range seemed innocuous, but the Black Sun and Imperial Intel had selected the local for a major, secret installation to collaborate on nefarious actions outside the prying eyes of ears of the local authorities and even their Imperial and Black Sun superiors. Known simply as The Void the installation was home to a number of Imperial and Black Sun personnel under the dual command of Imperial Major Min Traebor and Black Sun Sub-Lieutenant Tosha Previn. Although the entrance was a large hanger, a turbolift would descend further down to weapon manufacturing facilities, droid storage, and crew quarters. Marcus Rodney and Zara Ta'em had been placed in a large room that was well decorated ... as lavish and fashionable as the castle they left behind on Delaya. There was an abundance of food and drink, including the type of alcohol that Marcus was partial to in his earlier days. There was no visible doorway, but one of the walls had been setup with a holonet projector that gave the impression of a false window that alternated between planetary, aquatic, and even space scenes so that they would not feel claustrophobic. Marcus Rodney lay in a large, comfortable bed, still awake, but the his wounds had been expertly cared for and he was free of pain.

This was not a good predicament. Zara didn't know exactly where they were originally. Upon arriving, she oversaw her husband's medical treatment. Her treatment, however, was not taken as easily as his was. She wasn't unconscious, and thus she wouldn't allow any of the strange doctors to touch her. She demanded her own supplies and treated her wounds herself. When they were taken to the room, she did not fight, she only quietly utilized her amulet to access the holonet. She made a distress signal for Claudius, though you couldn't say she felt confident about it. She learned about where they were and who they were dealing with. Most importantly, Zara spent the night considering how to best get them out of the situation. She stayed awake all night long, as seen by the dark bags growing underneath her eyes. She was still pacing anxiously around the room while her husband lay in bed. She was feeling the pressure of the situation. Zara had no plans for escape.

Seeing he was awake, the young woman came to settle on the bed beside him. She looked like she had aged overnight. This was a situation she had never found herself in. The closest someone had gotten to finding her was Marcus tracking her to the planet where she lived. Reluctantly, Zara sunk into the bed on her side. One arm draped around him. She nuzzled herself into his side. It was relieving to see Marcus feeling better. "We're going to get out of this." She whispered into his ear. Right now, she needed time. She felt she could make a mess of the surveillance system if she was given proper access. Maybe then they could break free. Her lips brushed over his cheek.

As Marcus slowly regained consciousness, he still was unaware of exactly what had transpired or where they were. The last thing he remembered clearly was his attempt to penetrate his wife followed by a sudden and sharp pain on the back of his head. "Out of what?" he said, sounding slightly confused, as his body began to feel the bed beneath him. It was much more comfortable, and a size larger, than the bed in the chalet they had left behind in Delaya's arctic region. His mind immediately began to wonder if something had happened prompting them to return to his family's castle, but as his eyes began to focus he knew they were somewhere else entirely. He began to grow concerned, but the fact that Zara was with him caused him to remain calm. "Where ... where are we?" he asked, as he shifted himself up onto the bed, leaning his back against the multitude of pillows that seemed to be present. If they were being held, at least it was in the lap of luxury. At least his wife seemed to know what was going on, he thought to himself, as he moved his arm around her in a tight embrace, clinging to her like a life raft in a sea of confusion.

A weight lifted off of her chest just seeing him awake again. She nuzzled him harder, persuading him to say laying down. "Don't move around too much. You got a concussion when our roof fell down on us. Your bestest friend, Min Traebor, attacked us at home." She began to explain to him. "I tried to get us back to the ship, but I was overwhelmed." That was Zara's least favorite part of the story. Marcus had protected her time and time again, but she hadn't been able to get him out of this situation. Their house had endured massive damage too. Setting the droidekas loose had been her best chance, but the damage that battle caused would be obvious. She hated to think about it. They had never been attacked at home. Now that they had been, it didn't feel safe anymore. If they were to get away from Min, how would they make home home again? She wrapped him up in both of her arms now. If nothing else, she was actively protecting him now. Her mouth dipped towards his ear. "We're being held on Esseles. I sent a distress message to your brother already. I have some ideas as to how we can get out, but all of them hinge on us not being in this room." To anyone watching, it looked like Zara was sharing intimate secrets. She kissed his ear lobe as well as his neck. "Min says she has jobs for us. I don't know what yet. She wasvery drunk last night." She told him the abridged version, choosing to not fill him in on her drunk ranting. "How are you feeling?" Her mouth pulled back. She looked worried as well as exhausted.

"Min!" Marcus cursed angrily, curling his hands into tight fists that tugged and pulled at the satin sheet he was laying upon. His heart was racing and he was filled with rage that the petulent young Imperial would dare involve his wife and unborn son in their rivalry. "I've been here before, but never in a room such as this," he informed her, as in his previous time trapped here he had been held in something closer to a prison cell or a torture chamber. This was along the likes of a palace ... it would have been quite nice if they had the ability to leave. "Did she hurt you? Is the baby all right? Did she say anything else?" he asked her in rapid succession, as being in the dark and not having all the information frustrated him immensely. But before he could question her any further, she began to kiss his earlobe and neck, causing him to become aroused, despite the captivity and the threat against them he was still very much a man. "I'm feeling fine," he said to her, as he raised his left hand up behind her head, intertwining his fingers with her silver hair. He held her head firmly in position so that he could press his lips against hers fiercely, biting down playfully on her bottom lip, before shoving his tongue down her throat.

Yeah, that was kinda the reaction she suspected he would have when she revealed the identity of their captor. She fed off of his anger. It was the first time in her life that she felt bloodlust to this degree. It was one thing to mess with Zara alone. It was another to drag her unborn son and her husband into the ordeal. She knew how important it was that Min not catch wind of the baby in her belly being a boy. As for her threats...well, Zara wouldn't let anything happen to that baby. Unarmed and exhausted, Zara and Marcus were still dangerous as a team. "She wants us to be comfortable. We're going to be stuck here for a while." Zara would have gladly taken the Rodney castle over this. Thankfully, they weren't being tortured.

His questions came fast. She wanted to answer him. She hadn't been seriously injured thanks to his protection. As far as she could tell, the baby was safe too. She didn't get a chance to relay the information to her husband, because, to her surprise, he became lustful and hungry for her. The situation said that she *really* shouldn't engage ... but why the hell not? Videos of Marcus and Zara intimately enjoying each other would circulate around the Holonet until the end of time. If they were being watched, as she suspected, the show was about to get interesting. Her fingers touched with his face. Her lips instinctively worked against his. Her body heated up to his affection. Min had interrupted their nooner. Would she interrupt them again? "*Mmm*." The moan vibrated in Zara's throat. Her tongue fought valiantly against his. Her worries seemed to disappear. Her world revolved around him. They were going to be okay...especially after they fucked. Zara, being the happy little participant that she was, began to board his body. One leg moved over his waist. She slowly settled on top of him with her body bent over his. Her bump rubbed against his stomach lightly. Silver hair fell over her shoulders in lengthy strands. She made a point of pulling the blankets away from her. Her noble dress was about to become a thing of the past.

"How can you think of sex at a time like this?" Marcus asked, bas the kiss broke, but instead of speaking to Zara he was addressing himself. As she began to undress he did the same, but given the fact that he had just returned from medical treatment he had the far easier task than her. With a few fluid motions he removed the simple shirt that covered his torso, and by raising his butt slightly off the mattress, and then shifting towards his boxer shorts were removed. He knew that Major Traebor and members of Black Sun and Imperial Intelligence would be watching, but he did not care. In fact, it inspired him all the more to give them a show. Something to gossip about and think about for the rest of their lives. He wanted all of the men to return to their girlfriends and wives with the inability to perform as good as he did, and for the women to watch to sigh with the knowledge they would never experience passion like this. He would turn the psychological warfare on their heads with each impassioned thrust.

When Zara found herself removed from her increasingly expensive and outrageous Alderaanian noble wardrobe, Marcus was upon her, right where they had left off prior to their explosion on Delaya. However, this time the only explosion that would occur would be deep within Zara's already pregnant womb. He held his head above hers, smiling, as he pressed her down against the oh-so-comfortable mattress. He would make a note to ask the Major where they did their mattress shopping.

This decision was becoming better and better now that she thought about it. Min had pissed her off to no, she was going to get back at her in her own little way. Chances were, Min would never have something like her and Marcus had. Those guards who watched them would be ruined for life by the erotic sight of a man and his pregnant wife so openly enjoying each other. In that sense, the cameras began to turn her on. It probably wasn't the greatest idea. Did Zara care? Not really. She had to roll off of him in order to escape her clothing. Her dress was intricate...*annoying*. She was still struggling to get it off when Marcus was already naked. Her heart beat sped in her chest. Blue eyes settled on a visible camera at the opposite side of the room. Without an ounce of insecurity, she removed her dress, her leggings, and her under garments. Soon, she, too, was nude. Her pale skin looked sweet and soft. Zara wore her rounded belly well. Her bodily changes hadn't changed her husband's mind about her. The attraction between the was electric.

She idly wondered if this would leak on the Holonet either, or if Imperial soldiers would simply toss it around like the dirty little secret that it was. Min must have been asleep, or nursing a hangover, because both of them were entirely undressed and happily falling into place. Zara laid on her back, forced to realize just how comfortable the bed was. Her silver hair was thrown about the pillows beside her. Marcus' hunger had her convinced that he was feeling better. Because of that, she gave him the green light.

Major Min Traebor was seated in a chair at the foot of the bed containing Marcus and Zara who were slumbering after their eventful sexual practices, which her and many of the others had watched on their terminals several levels above. How long she had been sitting there in the dark silence she did not know, but she enjoyed the simple act of watching them, knowing that their future ... and the future of their unborn child ... were hers to decide. When she had enough she moved to a simple silver case, and from it she pulled a cigarra, placing it between her ruby red lips. She ignited a flame to light it, breaking the silence and creating a light source that would surely wake them. The first drag was quick, followed by a sharp exhale of a plume of toxic smoke. She then raised her legs off the floor and placed her booted feet upon the foot of their bed while she waited for them to get sufficiently angry and hostile towards her.

Sexual release had been exactly what Zara needed to calm down. The crappy situation had kept her from sleeping the previous night, so you can bet that she crashed *hard* after having sex with her husband. She slept comfortably close to him. Min went without her noticing. Honestly, Zara was too tired to care. She would have continued to sleep soundly if the scent from the woman's cigarra had never reached her nostrils. Her nose twitched. She coughed, blue eyes opening to her luxury cage. Marcus wouldn't dare smoke with her so close (and she had never seen him smoke). She tugged the sheets close to her bare body when she realized that it was Min Traebor who had created yet another smell that made Zara's stomach knot. She touched Marcus' arms. "We have a visitor," she whispered to him.

Zara was hostile towards the woman. She seemed to creep towards Marcus like an overprotective panther. "I see you enjoyed our little show. The sex was so good even you needed to smoke." She commented dryly. "What do you want?" Though she was nude, Zara didn't stand down to Min. "Are you finally going to tell me how many hoops we have to jump through before going home?"

Marcus leapt up when he felt Zara touch his arm, as his aged state combined with the medication they had given him to dim his reflexes and cause him not to wake when she lit her cigarra. When he realized Min was sitting there, he rose quickly, and a rush of adrenaline brought him to an awakened state almost immediately. "Damn you, Traebor," he began, moving to sheild his pregnant wife from her, as he began an angry tirade. "This has nothing to do with my wife. This is between you and I ... let her go!" he demanded, becoming increasingly overprotective and filled with a blind rage at the threat to his wife. His heart was beating out of his chest and he was tempted to surge forward and attack her, but he knew that she would not have come this close unless she was well protected.

"I would never have a woman in your delicate condition jump through any hoops," Min replied, as she exhaled another plume of smoke towards the expectant mother, with a soft wink directed at Marcus' attention. "On the contrary. I want to make this painless for the both of you ... which is why I've gone to considerable expense setting you up in this wonderful abode," she said, before sliding her booted feet off the bed, and rising to her feet. She moved forward, and took a seat directly on the bed, nearer to Zara than Marcus. "I've heard that your husband is broke, my dear, and no woman wants to bring a child into this world without a sound future," she explained, in a sarcastic, mocking tone, while her eyes alternated between them. "So I have a mission for your husband ... and you if you're up to it..." she said, as she reached out with the hand that did not have the cigarra in it, to place it over her burgeoning baby bump. "And when it's over you can all return to making snowmen or whatever it is you were doing in that boring place," she snickered, before waiting for their next move.

She felt just as furious as her husband. Min had interrupted their lives in stealing them away from their home. In this, she massively stressed out Zara. Min wouldn't care for her protection like Marcus did when they went bounty hunting as a team. She feared that the woman would purposely put them in a bad situation. And Marcus...foolish Marcus, he would sacrifice himself for her as he had done many times, as he did right now. His stance changed instantly. She fell under his protection. Zara didn't want out of this situation without him. She glared at the woman, who contradicted her words almost immediately by puffing smoke in her face. The silver-haired woman batted it away with one hand. "Clearly you don't understand that my 'delicate condition' involves avoiding secondhand smoke." She grumbled. Ooh, what she would do to be armed. She wanted to play a bigger role in protecting her family from the monster.

She was callous towards Min. One of her hands never left Marcus. The other had taken a defensive, natural position by her bump. Each step Min took closed the distance between them. The tension building up in Zara's body was probably noticeable to Marcus. Her heart beat was thumping like she had just run a marathon. She was too close. Zara made no remark about their financial situation. She wanted to cut to the chase...until Min crossed borders that she never should have. Only a thin sheet covered Zara's stomach, so she could feel the woman's natural warmth when she placed her hand on her belly. It was *unwelcomed*. It was *uncomfortable*. Zara's small hand snapped to Min's wrist. Her grip was so rough that her nails dug into the woman's skin. She yanked her hand back, discarding it at the woman's side. "Tell us what the mission is. This time, without touching my belly. Please and thank you." She inched closer to Marcus. Her hands collected both of his, depositing them over her bump where he could protect her from any further touching. The little thief remained fierce. She was furious.

Marcus was furious when Min dared to touch his wife. Had she touched her anywhere he would have become enraged, but the fact that she touched her *there* on her stomach, just over their unborn child caused his blood to boil. Before he could react his wife's hand moved, sparing him from having to break the woman's arm and potentially endanger their lives. "Get to the point, Traebor, and do not make the mistake of touching my wife again ... or it shall be your last," he threatened, his eyes threatening to cut her like daggers, as he moved almost on top of his wife now. His face was flushed red and his hand reached for her, but instead moved towards the cigarra, which he plucked from her hand and threw as far away from Zara as he could.

Min gasped suddenly when she felt Zara's nails dig into her, but she was more upset about losing her cigarra than she was the clawing. "...but I wasn't finished," she said, in a mock pout, as she watched the cigarra sail across the room into the darkness. "Marcus, your old friends and associates Dimona and El-Nay are above us right now aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer," she began, allowing her words to register with him before proceeding. Once she was certain that he understood and that she had his attention, she continued. "They are working for High Inquisitor Thanor ... a woman whom I have come to detest," she said, remembering the hardships she had been subjected to at the Inquisitor's hand ... now she wanted revenge. "I want you to get on board. Get in with them. And spoil whatever they're up to ... as you spoiled what I was up to. You're good at that sort of thing," she said, as she rose from the bed, and began to move away from them. "Who knows ... you might even get to save some lives and do some good by foiling them," she continued, before she turned around to face them again in a theatrical flourish. " some good will up for when you become a parent," she said, before uttering a small laugh, and moving to turn on the lights. Revealed to them was the truth that there had been Stormtroopers present who would have gunned them down if they got out of line, but more interesting it was shown that their equipment ... including weapons and armor ... had been transported from Delaya to the planet for them to make use of it. "Toodeloo," she said, before waving the fingers of her right hand at them repeatedly, before departing.

It wasn't Marcus alone who was extremely bothered by Min's touch. The little thief looked furious. She also had decided it best to stay retreated away from the woman with Marcus' body practically on top of hers. Darrus wasn't capable of protecting himself now, and wouldn't be for some time. It was up to his parents to keep him safe. She was relieved to see him snatch the cigarra from between her fingers. The smell instantly moved to the edge of the room, though Min continued to reek like a mixture of not-so-fascinating things. She clung to him. It didn't matter that they had been disarmed. Her husband gave her a sense of security. It was a small win to see Min get upset about her cigarra. Maybe that would show her to come into their room and play Miss Confident. Regardless, she got serious and started laying out her plan.

Zara listened to the woman carefully. She wanted them to infiltrate the Star Destroyer, discover the High Inquisitors' plans and destroy them. Her mind was already grinding into action as to know they'd make it work...or wouldn't. Her father had died messing around with the Empire. An anxiety began to quickly build inside of her that something might happen. She stared into Marcus' brown eyes with the knowledge that she made him do *things* sometimes. Even when she wasn't pregnant, her husband had quickly earned her trust by protecting her. Her arms wrapped around his neck loosely when she was sure Min was gone, along with her little gang of Stormtroopers. It was incredibly uncomfortable that they had been there the whole time without her knowing. The hair behind Zara's neck was standing up. What the hell were they going to do? She did see that familiar things had made it into their cage. Weapons, armor, Zara's most prized hand-sized laptop which she used primarily for hacking. It was good to see that these things had made it, and worrisome all at the same time. This operation was more serious than their bounty hunts. They weren't up against one person, they were against all the Stormtroopers that filled a Star Destroyer. It was kinda logical for Zara to worry for her little family.

The first words out of Zara's mouth were direct. "We're doing this together. There's no other answer. I'm not going to sit here, waiting for you to return while I twiddling my thumbs. That sounds *torturous*. I'm going to hack until that damn ship. We'll get a layout of the ship, figure out where this Thanor woman is, and sneak in as Stormtroopers." Zara's armor wasn't nearly as good as Marcus. They carried out their illegal activities in different ways. Zara needed things that allowed her to be quick on her feet while still tiny enough to sneak around. Marcus dealt with much more combat than she did. The Stormtrooper armor would be better for her (and extremely uncomfortable...*yay*). It would also make it easier to move around the ship without detection. Zara decompressed beneath him. "I really *hate* that lady... I like knowing that you've been under her skin for so long." She laughed, "We're just have to jump this hurdle and we can go home." She leaned up, nuzzling her face against his softly. "I love you. We can do this."

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