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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:19) in the Coruscant system: Coruscant (Imperial City: Hotel and Speedway) and Kwai.
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Major Sierra Rodney.

The Lambda-class shuttle Kwai emerged just outside of the planet Coruscant, which was distinctly noticeable from outer space. There were millions...trillions of lights all over the city-filled planet. Sierra Rodney had not bothered to explain to her husband exactly what they were doing here, and she seemed determined to keep it a secret from him for as long as possible. The woman loved driving him insane, but she also knew when she had one hell of a surprise in the palm of her hand. If nothing else, Sierra acted like she knew *nothing* just to up the ante. The shuttle slowly descended down to a port within Imperial City. Sierra immediately regretted not asking Haven to take them to Coruscant, as there was limited space for her to land on. It was a difficult maneuver, yet somehow, she managed it.

She had taken the week off away from the Retributor. Morning sickness had been cruel to her. So cruel, in fact, that she began to hide the spoonfuls of sugar Ewwiekewwieikkie brought her in a bucket under their bed. She was grateful to be feeling better in time to carry out her big date plan. As Sierra unbuckled herself and stood, she came to stop in front of Claudius. "I have no doubts that your surprise will be ruined the minute we leave the ship, so I'd rather tell you myself." She regretted no longer watching him squirm. Sierra's smile grew. "I'm taking you to the Imperial City 500. We would have arrived yesterday if my body hadn't decided it hated me." She confessed. The Imperial City 500 was a big deal. The weekend event featured one hell of a race that she had only ever watched on the HoloNet. It was considered to be the Triple Crown of Speedersport and caused other speeder shows to crop up around the city.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney had willingly left the Retributor as any excuse to get away from the madness of the command ship for Coruscant. Provided of course that they did not cross paths with the Emperor and one of his psychologically terrifying meals. He had been taking it easy aboard the shuttle, although of course he was curious about what his wife was up to. "You're taking me where?" he asked, as his brown eyes suddenly went wide. He was so excited that he suddenly know where he was or what else was going on in the galaxy. It was so thoughtful of his wife to listen to his interests and take into consideration what he enjoyed. "What do you mean if your body hadn't decided to hate you?" he asked, suddenly feeling greatly concerned for his very pregnant wife.

There would be no stomaching another one of the Emperor's feasts. Sierra would rather be force choked than choke down another raw nerf steak, or strange eyeball soup, or any of the other colorful dishes they had sampled on their wedding night. Her grin broadened. Indeed, she loved diving into his interests with him. When it came to speeders...she enjoyed it too. She took his hands excitedly. "Ooh, you know. The joy that is morning sickness. Don't worry. I feel better now." She reassured him, bending at her waist to give him a kiss. She imagined that by the third semester, she wouldn't be able to do much traveling. She wanted to enjoy herself with her husband before she became the size that Zara was near the end of her pregnancy. Sierra kept a hand in his. "Come on! The speeders aren't going to wait for us."

It did not take much effort on Sierra's part to get him up out of the co-pilot's seat and out of the shuttle into the majesty of Imperial City. Almost immediately after exiting the shuttle they were surrounded by thousands of people, all on their way to attend the race. In the back of his mind he wondered if anything he saw would compare to his great victory on Esseles. "What kind of seats did you arrange? Did you tell them I was a *Grand* Moff?" he asked, pleading with her, as they moved towards the crowd towards the speedway. He suddenly he was feeling half his age and becoming very excited, forgetting all the problems of his command in the Ringali Shell. He remembered the first time he attended a race as a child, and suddenly he was alive in that moment, feeling that young once again.

It had been some time since Sierra traveled to Coruscant. She had forgotten how busy the city was. There was a sea of people pushing past them. It caused her to release his hand, and, instead, lock her arm with his firmly. From there, she let the crowd take them towards the speedway. She laughed along the way. "Yes, yes, I told them. I've realized that saying that gets me places. I was able to get us a luxury box. I hear first row is not preferential in events like this. However, when we go to Auntie Mae's Aquatic Menagerie, that'll be a different story." His excitement was rubbing off on her. She grinned, whisking him away towards their box. She hoped the family didn't decide to have a reunion in Coruscant this time. Since Claudius was actually racing, she figured she was safe from Pilaq Tohan's walking stick.

As they moved into the upper level of the speedway towards the luxury boxes they passed vendors selling all sorts of food and souvenirs. As he passed the Auntie Mae's kiosk he saw they were selling scoops of ice cream in miniature replicas of the racing speeders. "Aww," Claudius said, with a pout, as he looked on at the toy/treat. This was not the time to patronize Auntie Mae's, however, as from the roar of the crowd he could hear the race was starting. He moved forward with her, briefly looking over his shoulder as another child purchased the speeder ice cream he wanted. "Nuts," he muttered to himself, as they were led into their luxury box where they were afforded a view of the track without any of the perils of being so close. These intense races were prone to sometimes catastrophic crashes. "You spoil me so, my dear," he said, as he clutched her arm and moved towards his seat. His childlike qualities were rising to the surface as he practically leaned out of the bos to get a few inches closer of a view.

Auntie Mae's was everywhere. Sierra had even seen posters for Auntie Mae's ice cream in public refreshers. It was getting more than a little out of hand but there was nothing they could do to stop it. If Auntie Mae's went out of business, every Squib in the entire galaxy would revolt. The Empire would crumble as Squibs took apart every shiny ship with the intent of making destruction until Auntie Mae's was restored. Sierra shook the visual from her head. Even she had to admit, Auntie Mae knew what she was doing. The souvenir replicas of racing speeders were actually really cute...and sold out. She noticed her husband's pout, to which she squeezed his arm. "If you're good, we'll find you one later." She promised.

Inside of the box, she sat back in her seat. "You deserve it, love. You put up with me." Sierra joked. Her hand rested on her stomach as she made herself comfortable. She eyed the speeders down below, then glanced towards her husband. "Who do you think is going to win? You want to place a little wager with me?"

Claudius tried not to dwell on the fact that it as a limited edition race day exclusive that he would likely *never* have a chance at again. "Really?!" he exclaimed, as his wife suggested that he might end up with one after all. Suddenly he was more Drusilla than himself. "Putting up with you is the best part of my day ... of my life," he pledged to her, as he reached over to place his hand upon hers. If it were possible he would *never* let go. "Hmm. Who do I think is going to win..." he said, slowly, repeating her question and biding for time while he studied the lineup. "Uh. I think I'll go with Chaffery Garnik!" he declared, confidently, although he really was uncertain. The only thing he was certain of was his undying love and affection for his wife.

Sierra blushed happily. Even she had to admit that her pregnancy hormones had been impacting her for several days. She was doing her best not to bite anyone's head off or cry when she saw a particularly cute episode of Rainbow Rancor. She had gotten teary watching Rainbow Rancor cheer up Doug the Dewback after he had a nightmare the other day. Her fingers slid between his. She wouldn't be letting go of him for a long time. "Chaffery Garnik, huh? I'm going with ... Jarik Muro. Anyone who is ballsy enough to enter a race like this with a flaming pink speeder like that deserves some kudos." She laughed. She settled in with her husband as the race began. "I wager five meetings with Meham'ohorovi'cloca. Any five times, you can make me meet with her for you." It wasn't much of a wager. A Rodney pout got him a deal where Sierra took endless meetings with the tactical officer. She watched the speeders zoom through the arena at top speeds. Her eyes narrowed. "Don't you be getting any ideas..."

"Blazing pink?" Claudius asked, as his eyes scanned to the monitor in the luxury box before reaching for the macrobinoculars so he could look for himself. "Wait a minute. He's sponsored by Auntie Mae. The speeder is pink to celebrate Papius' Pink Papaya!" he said, in a mix of disgust and disbelief. He scoffed before handing her the macrobinoculars so she could look for herself. "I'll take that bet!" he said, as he could never fathom one of Auntie Mae's racers winning. As the speeders circled around the track his brown eyes went wide, amazed at the display of speed and daring he witnessed unfolding in front of them. Suddenly there was a tremendous crash, launching one of the speeders into the air and crashing into the lower section of the stands. "...and *that's* why we're up here," Claudius said, as he embraced his wife, with perhaps too much of a dark sense of humor.

"Papius' Pink *what*?" She took the macrobinoculars. "Oh, no, no, no..." Now she could spot the Auntie Mae's logo on the side of the speeder. "I take it back! I want a second pick!" She laughed. The visual of a thranta plucking Papius' eyes out kept her from wanting to strangle the man herself. She watched the speeder crash with a little wince. "That's why those seats were so cheap... But look, my pink speeder guy wasn't involved in the crash!" Sierra didn't know why she bothered getting herself a seat. Five minutes into the race, she was already rising from her chair to instead occupy his lap. She offered the macrobinoculars back to him with a snicker. "And let's see how good your guy is doing..." The two racers they had picked were neck and neck. She knew just what she would request from Claudius if she won: five trips downstairs for pudding. It was like a Mission Impossible movie to successfully sneak down the stairs into the kitchen, collect the pudding *and* a spoon, then make the trip back to their bedroom. Sierra nuzzled happily against him. She, too, was enjoying herself.

The last thing Claudius wanted was the two racers they had selected to be neck and neck coming down to the final lap of the circuit. "No second picks!" he teased her, before sticking his tongue out at her playfully. As she sat down upon his lap he wrapped his arms around her, letting her hands come to a rest upon her stomach where their twins were developing. "Oh this is too close," he said, as he buried his face in her shoulder to obstruct his view. "Tell me who wins," he pleaded, as he surreptitiously lifted his head and began to peak at the end of the face. As they rounded the final corner the racer he had selected took to the outside, going up the embankment as he attempted to take the lead. Unfortunately, he clipped the wall and spun out, colliding with the third place racer, and allowing Sierra's choice, sponsored by Auntie Mae, to win the race. "Free scoop for all in attendance! I win again!" the prerecorded voice of Auntie Mae chimed in over the speakers, much to his chagrin.

She nuzzled close to him. His lap provided her with the best place to watch the race after all. One of her hands rested on top of his, while the other held their macrobinoculars. She was amazed that the Auntie Mae racer didn't crash. He seemed like the worst pick of the bunch. Throughout the last lap, she caught herself holding her breath in anticipation. It looked like Claudius' racer was going to win until an unfortunate incident with the embankment caused him to lose it all. "What?!?! Are you serious? The pink guy won!?" She didn't get a chance to rub in her win. Auntie Mae did that for her. It was another atrocity she committed onto her family! She looked up at Claudius, resting the macrobinoculars in her lap. Her free hand brushed over his face. "Do you still want one of those limited edition speeders?" She kissed his chin. "I will decrease my demands. You have to do *two* pudding runs for me whenever I want... And I'll take some of those meetings..."

"Damn that vile woman," Claudius snarled when Sierra's racer won and Auntie Mae took a virtual victory lap while droids began handing out free samples of her latest flavors in celebration of her victory. "Of course I do!" he said, both looking and sounding like Ewwiekewwieikkie when she saw a spoon. The kiss to his chin brought him back into adulthood and caused him to act his age once again. "You are very generous, my love. I will gladly fetch your pudding and endure the Lieutenant," he said, as he raised his own hand, to brush her blonde locks away from her face. Her glow caused by her pregnancy caused her to radiate in a way that made her appear as lovely as a Corusca gem, though he certainly would not tell her that.

Sierra did not rise immediately. Instead, his sweet words inspired her to be extra affectionate. Her arms wrapped around his neck. She squeezed him gently. "You're sweeter than whatever Auntie Mae is giving away. I love you so much." Slowly, she began untangling herself from him. She didn't move far from him, for seldom did she give Claudius any sort of personal bubble. Her hand locked with his. She playfully began pulling him away from their luxury box in search of an Auntie Mae vendor. "I'm not done with you yet. Tomorrow we're headed to another classic speeder show...something that's even bigger than the one on Esseles. Ah! I found it!" She declared, leading the way towards a vendor. She ordered of one of the miniature speeders as well as a pudding pop. She had originally packed pudding in her luggage for their time in Coruscant, then felt silly about it and gave it to the girls. She continued to lead him with the crowd out of the arena. Their next stop was their hotel. There, Sierra could utilize a droid to find out where was the closest store that sold pudding. She could also utilize the bath tub. The woman could never say no to a bath with her husband. "That was fun! We should come again next year."

The crowd was beginning to fill out of the speedway, causing a massive traffic jam on the lanes leading throughout Imperial City. While others struggled they instead made their way towards Auntie Mae's where his wife diligently worked to locate him the speeder he had seen early and coveted so badly. Just when he thought his day could not get better she informed him that she had further plans for him. "Well, aren't you full of surprises," he informed her, with a smile, as they entered their speeder taxi and began to head towards their hotel. "Yes. We should, but we should also do some of the things you are passionate about," he told her, as he clutched her in the back of the speeder and began to kiss her, despite the presence of the droid driver. Perhaps they would not even make it back to the hotel before getting started with the way he currently felt.

Oooh, Sierra could name a few things she was *very* passionate about. That passion had nearly gotten them in trouble several times before. Sierra's lips locked with her husband's lovingly. She felt that raw, immense attraction inside of her rise to the surface. Sometimes it was easy to behave herself, but at times like this it was impossible. Her body inched closer to his while her fingers toyed with his curly hair. "You're going to get us in trouble," she whispered seductively. The idea didn't put a damper on her inner fire. Instead, she instigated further. Her lips collided with his for a second time. Her tongue danced into his mouth where it became sweet and less aggressive. It slow danced with his tongue. In the back of her mind, she hoped that they were nearly to the hotel. Her uniform had become uncomfortably hot.

"Oh it's only a damn droid," Claudius reminded Sierra, as he met her kisses with passion and frenzy of his own. His hands moved over her body, despite the uniform, running over every inch of her growing form beneath the fabric. His heart was racing as he had become more excited than during the speeder race, which caused him to begin to foolishly undo his tunic. Then suddenly the droid spun around and blasted the couple with its fire extinguisher, doing its best to cool them off and get them to stop before going any further in the rear of the cab and causing unsanitary conditions in the rear passenger seats. "Gaah!" he squealed as he was doused with the white flame retardant foamy chemical.

The way he touched her turned her on to no end. However far the hotel was, was too far. The back of the speeder created the perfect place to unleash her passions ... so she thought. Her fingers rubbed down his spine. She was ready to remove his tunic all together when they were both blasted with the fire extinguisher. It covered Sierra's tunic and pants. "What the heck!?" She touched the foam she was now covered in. The droid had successfully derailed them, that was for sure. Sadly, Sierra wasn't derailed for long. "My tunic is all wet. I can't possibly wear it anymore." As she brought her hands to her tunic and untucked it, she was instantly doused for a second time. "Okay, okay, *okay*!" She threw up her hands. Thankfully, the droid stopped in front of the hotel. It began ranting and raving at them as they escaped the speeder taxi. She didn't bother explaining herself to the poor unfortunate soul behind the counter at the hotel. She simply rushed through check in, then was rewarded with a room key.

Sierra found herself in a small turbolift making its way towards the floor their room was on. She looked at Claudius. As cold as she was, she still felt hot for him. She wasn't sure if watching the race had given her a crazy adrenaline rush, or if she was exceptionally in the mood today. Regardless, she showed the self restraint of a teenage boy. "Claudius.." She whispered, reaching her hands up to begin unbuttoning the collar of her tunic.

Clearly whomever programmed the droid was something of a prude for they had been doused not once, but twice, in the flight from the speedway to their opulent hotel in the heart of Imperial City. As they went through the check in process he allowed Sierra to handle their affair while he kept a hand raised to shield his face and potentially avoid a scandal, for they were soaked and their clothing was unkempt. As soon as they entered the turbolift he felt at ease and began moving towards her, pressing his lips against her, and backing her up against the wall. The lifts had cameras in them for safety reasons and the security guard was getting quite the show. He moved with her as one, stumbling down the corridor until they reached the room. Entering the passkey into the door was done with all the awkwardness of two teenagers attempting to lose their virginity. *Finally* they were in. "You know ... we should slip back to the Sea Islands. See our house," he suggested, as he was not sure that they had to get back to Esseles right away. But before he could continue the thought process she was beginning the process of undressing him and he lost his ability to think clearly.

They had picked up right where they had left off *before* being doused in the speeder. Sierra excitedly engaged her husband in the turbolift, and then in the corridor, and in their room. She loved him so much. Her heart was pumping with that immense love. The timing was perfect. They couldn't afford to be like this at home in the case that any children saw them. It was hard enough to behave in the pool. Once the door was closed behind them, Sierra decided it was time to let them both give into urges. She stood before him with both hands working on removing his tunic. Her blue eyes flashed up towards him, a smile lighting up her whole face. "I'd love that. We can go there tomorrow once we get bored of Coruscant." Sierra loved the home that they had designed together. She wasn't going to let stupid Papius keep them away from it. "I wonder what animals we'll see this time. The transparent floor was such a good idea, Claudius." She praised her husband as she removed his tunic.

She didn't immediately dive into removing the rest of his clothing. Instead, she stepped closer to him. Her lips brushed against his neck just before she began to kiss him. She followed his neck down to his collarbone, and then to his chest. She was slowly praising the man that she had fallen deeply in love with.

"If not for war I might have been an architect," Claudius mused wistfully as he looked briefly out their massive window that gave a view of the palace. His tunic was removed from his ease and his chest was exposed to her she could see how heavily it was heaving from the lust he felt at this moment. He breathed in sharply, taking a gasp of breath as she began to kiss his neck and chest. He developed goosebumps from the simple touch of her lips to his chest that caused his skin to tingle. "If you want to see animals just bring our son," he told her, with a loving smile, as he began to back her up towards the Corellian king mattress that dominated their suite.

"You would have been good at it. Too bad for the rest of the universe, I get the only Claudius Rodney original." The heat they shared was making Sierra more and more uncomfortable in her uniform. If it didn't go soon, she would try to rip it off...and fail, most likely. She let him lead her backwards to the bed. Her calves brushed against it. "I bet the girls are using him to attract ducks right now." Sierra smiled, briefly thinking about home and their family. The nest they had created had such a level of stability that Sierra wasn't worried about having twins. When the time came, they would be welcomed into the family with open arms. Until then, Sierra fell onto the bed. She reach to her tunic and began pulling it off. It fell to the floor, quickly followed by her bra. "Hi you," she spread out wider. "There's not enough room... You're going to have to lay on top of me."

Nothing caused Claudius to lose his libido like the thought of his daughters using their son to harass wildlife. "Aww, but you're younger. I should be on the bottom," he teased her, while she began to strip off the pieces of fabric that transformed her from ISB agent to woman. When she was finished undressing, or nearly finished, he obliged her and began to climb atop her as if he was ascending a small mountain. "I love you. Thank you for what you did today," he told her, as he spoke into her belly button, before sticking his tongue into it and placing a kiss. After a moment he began to move upward, placing kisses upon her sternum, while his eyes never ceased looking up at her.

She laughed happily. "I'm a gracious wifey... I'll let you be on the bottom when we get to round two. Deal?" Her hands reached her trousers. She unbuttoned them and pulled them down her hips. It was at that point that he began to ascend Mount. Sierra. "I love you. Thank you for what you do *every* day." Her blue eyes followed him. Her hands brushed over his shoulders while his tongue made her giggle. Sierra's breathing became more ragged the closer he crept to her. Each kiss made her feel closer to him and the love built in her chest. Her arms extended, her hands brushing over his back as far as she could reach. "I'm so happy to be your wife, Claudius. I get to share everything with you. It's amazing. If you think for a second that I didn't enjoy the heck out of some racing madness, then you're a very silly man." Her lips pressed into his forehead.

"Well you've got my heart racing madly, so now comes the enjoyment," Claudius told her, as he reached eye level with her and began to place a passionate kiss upon her lips. "I have divided my life into two sections. From the moment I met you, and everything else..." he said to her, as he moved his old hands through her blonde hair gently. As he looked down at her he saw not a creature that he lusted after, but the woman that he loved completely. He exhaled softly, closing his eyes, but when the darkness came he still saw her. He was *ready*.

When it was over, Claudius let out a deep breath, and smiled up at he. "So, when do we start our vacation?" he asked, before leaning up to place a loving kiss upon her.

Auntie Mae *could* be an ISB agent. The more Sierra thought about her husband's theory, the more logical it seemed. "That is terrifying, my love..." Thankfully, Auntie Mae had never caught them on video locked in intimacy like they were now experiencing. Sierra glanced towards the corner of the room like she was expecting to see a recording device, but then she was quickly swept away in his orgasm. Her eyes closed tightly. Her moans came muffled against his neck. "Claudius!" He filled her with his warm cum in the most pleasant of ways. Sierra withered on top of him until the more intense sensations started to drift away. She was *happy*!

She laughed. "Vacation? I didn't say you get a vacation. I'm going to keep you busy." Sierra teased him. She kissed his lips, then both his cheeks, and finally the tip of his nose. Her head drifted down to his chest. She pressed her ear against his heart where she listened to the most precious sound in the universe: the beating of her love's heart. "I love you. Thank you for being amazing." Her eyes closed. Sierra was content after her orgasm.

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