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Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:13) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: The Speakeasy) and Warspite and in the Essesia system: Esseles (Calamar: The Calamar House).
Agent Ysanne Isard, Timo Pendar, Sub-Lieutenant Tosha Previn, Major Min Traebor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

Major Min Traebor slowly walked the corridors of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite, each footstep brining her closer to what was sure to be an excruciating experience. The red uniform she wore was indicative of her status in Imperial Intelligence, her dark hair providing a stark contrast. She would have been considered a beautiful woman, if not for the fact that her position instilled fear in others. As she arrived at a holonet transmitter in a secure compartment, her hands roamed over her uniform to adjust it properly. Satisfied with her appearance, she swallowed one final time and stood at attention in front of the projector.

The holographic image of Ysanne Isard flickered to life in front of Major Traebor. Isard appeared to bare a striking similarity in appearance to the woman, and they wore similar uniforms. Isard's one defining characteristic was a streak of white hair common throughout her family. Her red and blue eyes locked disdainfully on the young Intelligence officer and a sneer crept onto her face. "I have pulled many strings to put you in this position, Traebor," she began in angry, harsh tone that would make a clear impression. "I am not satisfied with your progress. Explain yourself..." she commanded, her arms folding in front of her chest as she exerted a dominant posture.

Traebor swallowed, her throat bulging visibly as she struggled to maintain her composure. "I have lost three key operatives in the past month," she reported, struggling to maintain her composure. She had heard stories of how the younger Isard dealt with failure and she began to wonder if her death warrant had already been signed. "Their loss has caused severe setbacks in my plans..." she continued, a slight stammer creeping across her lips as she spoke. She sighed softly as she concluded, wondering what her reaction would be.

Isard snarled softly as she listened to the Major's report, dissatisfied with her paltry attempt to make excuses. "I do not care for your excuses, Major," she said curtly, dismissing her almost straightaway. "The losses have not seemed to halt the progress of others in your Oversector..." she observed, tilting her head to more closely examine the young woman. Perhaps she should have her killed for her failure to perform her duties effectively.

Min squirmed visibly and her eyes shot from left to right as she struggled to find the words that might somehow save her life. "The Imperial Security Bureau has experienced no recent losses!" she quickly pointed out. The ISB and Intelligence had been rivals since the formation of the Empire, and she hoped by pointing this out it would shift Isard's anger towards them. "In fact, I have even lost an operative aboard this vessel. There is no way the Rebellion could have gotten to him. I suspect the ISB has played a role in this treachery..." she explained to Isard, having no proof to back it up, but the animosity between herself and Major Zevrin placed it within the realm of possibility.

Isard listened to the Major's report and a look of genuine anger crept upon her face. "If what you say is true..." she began, raising her right arm to point an elongated index finger at her. "...then we must strike back immediately," the words oozed from her lips, almost as if she enjoyed the thought of gaining revenge. "You must discredit them in the eyes of the Admiral," she said coldly, meaning this to be the Major's final chance to prove her worthiness.

Min stood there silent for a moment, her eyes shifting up and to the right as she thought over the situation very carefully. "Ah hah!" she suddenly exclaimed as she brought both of her gloved hands together, intertwining her fingers as she formulated a plan. "The Admiral's recent behavior has been ... unpredictable," she commented with a slight grin, remember some of the events of the past month. "The matter of his wife is one of particular concern..." she pointed out, her eyes rolling up slightly to gauge Isard's reaction, a smile now firmly affixed to her lips.

Isard could not help but chuckle as she listened to her bring up the subject of the Admiral's wife. "Indeed you are cunning, Traebor ... perhaps I have underestimated you," she said to her as a smile crept on her lips to accompany the soft laugh. "There is still a spy in your midst," she pointed out, nodding her head in affirmation. "The ISB would love nothing more than to capture this spy and receive the credit," she continued, elaborating on her plan. "Plant evidence that frames the Admiral's wife as the spy and that it falls into the hands of the ISB," she instructed the young officer with a louder laugh as she began to envision the results. "When the Admiral learns what the ISB has done to his wife ... I am sure you can imagine the results for yourself," she commented, her laugh growing a bit louder. Oh yes ... she would enjoy this.

A sinister grin curled upon Min's lips as she bowed to the holographic image of Isard. "It will be done so at once," she vowed, as she rose back up into a standing position. Without fanfare the holographic image faded and the Major began to put her plot into action.

Min made her way through the diverse crowd of famous and infamous individuals who populated The Speakeasy, the known front for the Black Sun's organization in Cormond. The Intelligence uniform hanging in her closet aboard the Star Destroyer, she instead chose to wear a dark dress that did much to accentuate her features. Unfortunately for the men at the bar, she was wrapped in a dark, foreboding cloak that concealed most of her appearance. Arriving at the back of the establishment, she slipped into the private room where she frequently met her Black Sun contact.

Several moments would pass before Tosha Previn would arrive in the private room where Min was waiting. "Ah. Major," she said with a faux sincerity, sliding down into a chair across the table from her. "Is there another unfortunate citizen that needs to vanish?" she asked, offering up a slight laugh as she moved towards a bottle of Whyrren's Reserve to pour herself a drink. Her involvement with Imperial Intelligence had been one of high risk, high reward and she never knew if the Major's intention was to eliminate her to cover her tracks. To that end, she always kept one of the Vigo's battle droids on alert. Both of them would walk out alive ... or neither would.

"There is always someone that needs to disappear, Tosha," Min commented in a serious tone, despite the humor of the words themselves. Her hand moved to snatch away the bottle from her colleague and quickly poured herself a glass. "This is of much greater importance," she warned her, as her hand slipped beneath the cloak.

Tosha tensed, inhaling sharply as the woman reached inside the cloak. She fully expected her to withdraw a holdout blaster and shoot her dead. Her instinct was to leap from the chair, but she hesitated and froze instead.

Rather than a weapon, Min produced a small data disk and placed it on the table in front of Tosha. "This disk contains crucial information about Imperial activity in the Corulus system. The log indicates it was accessed by myself ... and it was," she informed the Black Sub sub-lieutenant as she took a satisfying sip of her Whyrren's Reserve.

Tosha, relieved that her death was not imminent, took the disk into her hand and studied it carefully. It seemed to be a fairly typical, nondescript data disk and she was unsure why it was of any importance. "While I am always in the market for information, Major, somehow I do not suspect you are hear to sell out the Empire to the Black Sun for a few thousand credits?" she questioned, arching her right eye brow as she studied her devious counterpart carefully. Her attention shifted to the drink, she needed it to stiffen her resolve in this high stakes game of strategy they were playing.

"Quite right. Quite right..." Min informed her with a chuckle, shaking her head at her. "I need one of your slicers to modify the access logs," she instructed her, as she sat back in the plush chair and studied her opponent. She viewed Tosha as a necessary tool in the larger scheme of things, but she was no fool, and that made her dangerous.

"It can be done..." Tosha pointed out truthfully, but clearly there was more as stake here than a simple data disk. "Imperial technicians can very easily do the job for you and they work for free..." she continued, her voice clearly probing for information as she tilted her head to the right slightly.

"For obvious concerns no Imperial technician may be involved with this project," Min informed her, without going into greater detail. She laughed slightly as she finished her first drink, rolling her eyes at Tosha. "...and do not worry about the cost. I have been saving up credits lately," she joked back towards the woman, trying to show a softer side to lower the woman's guard.

"Very well," Tosha pointed out, slightly concerned about the Major's reluctance to involve other members of the Empire. She could only conclude that this was a particularly dangerous scheme she had found herself caught up in. "...who would you like the records to show accessed the information?" she asked nervously, the moisture in her mouth fading away as she became slightly nervous.

Min grew silent and the glass that once contained her drink was placed aside. Her face became devoid of all emotion and her eyes locked firmly on the woman's face. "Lady Htaere Sha`ar Ka`a Rodney," was her simple, yet enlightening answer. She then remained stoic, awaiting to interpret every aspect of the woman's reaction.

Tosha choked softly when she heard Min speak the name. Although she had never met Lady Rodney, her name was known throughout the Oversector. She was being asked to frame the Regional Governor's wife by a high-ranking member of Imperial Intelligence. She could find no words, and simply looked back at her expressionless. The sound of her heart beating broke the eerie silence of the room, her breath almost instantly fading. "...the price will be considerable," she pointed out after a long pause, her hand trembling slightly as she took another sip of her drink.

"I will meet your price. It will be deposited into the usual account..." Min explained as she rose from the table, brushing past the woman as she moved towards the exit. Her right hand took a moment to brush against the side of Tosha's face, doing her best to make the woman uncomfortable.

Tosha cringed as she felt Min's hand brush across her cheek, her head turning to look over her shoulder as she prepared to exit. "It should not take long, Major," she said, rising from her chair as she followed the woman. "Why not wait instead of having to come back for it?" she asked as she moved back into the hallway, nodding to the battle droid that had been perched, waiting to avenge her death.

"That will not be necessary," Min said as she spun around on her heels, turning to look Tosha squarely in the eye. "When your tech has made the modifications see that it falls into the hands of the Imperial Security Bureau..." she instructed as she rose her hand to brush against Tosha's side uncomfortably. "I know you have been dealing with them as well..." she pointed out, wagging her finger at her. Content for now, she made her way back into the diverse crowd that filled The Speakeasy.

Tosha stood there for a moment, her eyes moving slowly towards the battle droid. "I have a bad feeling about this..." she muttered as she turned. Her cape fluttered behind her, as she hurried to meet with one of the Neimoidian technicians.

Major Arden Zevrin was dressed in an elaborate red dress that diverted the attention of every man in the room as she entered the elegant Calamar House restaurant on Esseles. She was there in business, rather than pleasure, however and her lips pursed in frustration as she did not yet see her contact. The fool was late and the Major was not a woman whose time could easily be wasted. The ISB commander's blonde hair flowed down beneath her shoulders, luxuriously cared for and shown in a way that Imperial regulations rarely allowed.

"Madame Zevrin," the maître d' said cheerfully as he greeted her. "Your table is ready," he said as he led her by the arm to a private table in the rear of the restaurant. There was a bottle of Coruscant blush wine already set on the table, per her request.

Arden nodded politely to the head waiter, situating herself comfortably in the chair. She was thankful that Esseles had been spared the brunt of the war and that she could still enjoy a fine meal without the threat of suicide bombing. Her eyes not only studied the menu, but also the chronometer ... he was late. She had been told there was vital information she needed, but now she wondered if she had been set up. She grumbled as a waiter poured her a glass of wine, letting it breath for a moment she took a sip, her patience fleeting.

Timo Pendar hurried into The Calamar House, in full realization that he was late for his meeting with the ISB commander. The mid-twenties Corellian was dressed in an immaculately tailored suit that accented his well-toned physique. He had rushed to the restaurant and his face was flushed red, beads of sweat visible on his forehead. His breathing was heavy, but he tried his best to regulate it by the time he had been escorted to Zevrin's table. "My apologies," he said politely, sitting down at the table opposite her. He was taken aback by her appearance and never would have suspected she was a deadly ISB operative.

"You are tardy," Arden said disappointedly, her eyes remaining locked on the menu rather than showing the man the respect to look him in the eyes. "It is not nice to keep a lady waiting," she explained as she placed the menu down upon the table loudly. Finally, her eyes locked on the man and she seemed none too pleased. "...but I trust the information will more than make up for it?" she asked, a false smile curling upon her sinister lips.

Timo Pendar offered a smile to the woman, who now seemed very much like an ISB agent. "I do not think you will ever find a piece of information more valuable..." he said confidently, his head nodding emphatically as he spoke to her. Reaching into the interior pocket of his suit jacket, he slipped a small data disk out and placed it against his palm. He placed his hand down upon the table and slid the disk over to her covertly, allowing no others in the restaurant to observe his movement.

Arden's hand curled atop the man's hand and cupped the disk beneath her own hand. "We shall see..." she commented coldly as she reached into her small clutch to pull out a data disk reader. Her eyes scanned over the data carefully, holding it off to her side and beneath the table. "I recognize this..." she commented to the man, noting it was a briefing on the Imperial garrison on Corulag which she had only just been briefed on. "How did you get this..." she asked, but she did not look at the man. The skilled operative went right to the access logs and when she saw the name Htaere Sha`ar Ka`a Rodney she froze. The woman did not move a muscle, nor did she speak as her brain processed the information. It made perfect sense to her, as all of the leaks had occurred following her arrival. Finally she saw a chance to distinguish herself and move beyond a mere Sector posting. Without so much as a 'thank you,' she moved from the table and began heading towards the exit. "The gentleman will be paying for the wine," she said to the head waiter as she exited out into the streets of Calamar.

Timo sat in his chair for a moment, making sure she was gone before he took any action. Finally, a smile curled upon his lips as he reached across the table and grabbed her glass of wine. As he sipped it his hand moved towards his comlink and he opened up a secure channel to Tosha Previn. "It could not have gone better," the man said in an excited tone, which was soon spoiled as the waiter presented him with the bill for Arden's bottle of wine.

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