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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:19) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate) and Kwai.
Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, and Ensign Bethany Sheppard.

After all the insanity that had spanned the past 48 hours of Sierra and Claudius' lives, they were *both* taking it slow today. Sierra had briefly left the estate in the morning to buy out every thrift store's collection of silverware, which she then brought home and shined obsessively in anticipation of going to Skor II. Home life was still insanity, but it was running smoother. She had seen the girls introducing Melickielickie to Rainbow Rancor. Even Callista shared her gigantic bantha plush with the small Squib. She wondered how the youngins would take to seeing Skor II. She also wondered how she was going to get Drusilla to go without having to physically pick her up and force her.

With the beginnings of the Squib treasure taken care of, Sierra had decided to focus her efforts on pleasing the incessant nesting urges which dared to drive her insane. Today, she had a husband to rope into helping her out with Bruce's room. Fresh air swept into the room through an open window. Sierra was standing, on her tippy toes, painting details into the mural on her son's wall. "Not ... quite ... tall ... enough..!" She stretched herself out as much as she could while being mindful of her belly rubbing against the freshly painted areas of the wall in front of her. "I hope our son takes after you in the height department, otherwise he'll need one of those grabber tools." Sierra demonstrated a grabber tool by making her hand claw-like. She slowly sunk back into the soles of her feet. "Did you see that Pollix boy left a gift card to the baby store over the whole slitherhorn incident?" Sierra couldn't help but giggle like an immature little girl. "We'll have to find out if it's enough for me to accept his apology or not." She snickered.

Claudius Rodney never thought he would be setting up a room for a son. Having already completed the process for three daughters he was not sure how to make one for a son. As she tried to reach and stretch he came up behind her, trying his best to reach for her to keep from straining. "Well, if he's not we can always stretch him. I knew a couple of guys who had to do that to get into the Academy," he informed her, as he watched her claw action. "Well at least he's got credits. Drusilla will appreciate at least that much," he joked, although he did think it was a nice gesture. Perhaps this was getting more serious than he realized, as he had been far too occupied with work, Colonel Zevrin, and now Melickielickie to pay much heed to his daughter's 'relationship'. "Oh. Your forgiveness comes with a price tag now, huh?" he asked her, as he folded his arms in front of his chest and shook his head. "I hoped you would rub off on Dru, but it seems she is rubbing off at you," he teased, before looking back around the room. "In a few short months our son will live here. Can you believe it?" he said, as a warm glow began to appear on his face, while he smiled from ear to ear. He was *proud*.

She laughed softly. "Hopefully he won't require that. I hear stretching is painful and it doesn't last that long." She slowly turned around to look at him. "I think Dru's 'relationship' is moving too quickly. I only scared him off for a few hours. Maybe you can have a sit down with him next time he shows up? You do scary better than I do." Sierra winked. If they waited a few more months for her to be nine months pregnant, then she could put the fear in the boy more effectively. She knew Dru was motivated by the Prince's money. That meant that it was her and Claudius' job to make sure he was actually a good person. His comment caused her to laugh again. "Yup. That's right! You can't afford to be in the doghouse with me anymore, so you better behave." Her eyebrows wiggled playfully. Her attention focused on the room, which was growing closer and closer to completion. She seriously *couldn't* believe that it was coming up so quickly. "No! Can you? Everything fell into place so quickly for us. What were the chances that I'd have a son?" Her smile was growing and growing. The wait was so hard to endure. She anticipated the day Bruce arrived. "I can imagine life with him so clearly." Sierra said, eyeing the only built piece of furniture in the room: a cushioned glider. "How many times will we feed him right there?"

"Really? You think I'm scarier than you? I would have thought it the other way around..." Claudius said, with a wink, before moving to the open window. The smell of paint was thick in the room and he needed a breath of fresh air. "I just hope that Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie don't 'eatieeatie' all the baby food," he said, as he turned his attention back into the room. "How are you feeling? You're not overdoing it, are you?" he asked, as he moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her and allowing his hands to come to a rest upon her stomach. His comlink beeped, but he did not ignore it, as ever since Colonel Zevrin had been wounded the officers of the Oversector actually needed their Grand Moff to issue orders and approve requests. The problem with actually being in charge was having to actually be in charge.

"When someone wakes me up in the wee hours of the morning, that's when I'm scarier than you." Sierra giggled. Claudius made her realize something she had not before. The Squibs were going to eat the baby food. She had read articles on different baby foods and how delicious certain ones were. Once Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie found out, it would be over. "You make a good point.. Maybe we need to get a minifridge with a code on it for Bruce's food. I've heard that the sweet potato baby puree is good... Which means the girls will love it." They'd have a few months after Bruce was born to figure out food protection. Babies didn't start eating purees until they were four months or so.

She leaned back into her husband and let out a content sigh. "I'm feeling good." Sierra reported happily. "No morning sickness. Even my feet aren't swollen *yet*. I'm not overdoing it, promise." The young woman had been learning about not pushing it lately. She was far into her second trimester. The third one would bring the real slow down period. While Claudius took the comlink call, Sierra heard the doorbell ring downstairs. "I'll get it" she mouthed silently. She made her way down the stairs *slowly*. She spotted all three girls actively playing a game of Rainbow Rancor, in which Callista was currently the rancor. She was standing tall, all puffed up, making rancor noises. Melickielickie was on her back on the floor laughing.

As she opened the door, a Stormtrooper presented her with a large, colorful flower arrangement. "What's this?" She said, taking the arrangement from him. The first thing she noticed was a note. was Pollix trying to sway Drusilla again, she suspected... Only, it *wasn't*. The card was addressed to the Grand Moff Claudius Rodney *and* his wife. Feeling paranoid that this may be a way for someone to see into their home, Sierra plucked the card from the arrangement and left it outside. She closed the door and rapidly opened the envelope. What she read inside was, easily, the most fearful words written to her in her life. It read:

"His Majesty, the Emperor, summons Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and his wife to stay with him at the Hesperidium retreat. Please come at your earliest convenience." Sierra had flashbacks to her wedding night; the flowers, the note, the dinner, and vomiting it afterward. After what had happened with Colonel Zevrin, for this to show up was bad news. She doubted that the polished silverware would make a good gift for His Majesty. She had nothing to offer that could stop them from being punished.

It took Sierra far too long to make it back up the stairs. She held the note and a look of worry. His Majesty knew what had happened... When she reached Bruce's room, she approached her husband. She offered him the card. "We've been summoned..."

Knocks at the door were never good around here. It always meant trouble, so when he heard Sierra say she would see about it he felt slightly guilty that she was going to be the one to deal with whatever it was. His attention shifted to the balcony, where he grabbed hold of the railing and looked out at the large Imperial security presence. Were they being kept safe? Or, were they being kept prisoner? Was there even a difference? By the time he had contemplated his thoughts his wife had arrived back on the scene with the news that they had been summoned. Only a handful of individuals had the power to summon him, so before he even looked at the card he had a lump in his chest. He lifted the card slowly so that he could read it, grimacing slightly, before turning to look away from her. "I will go. I will inform His Majesty that you are sick," he informed her, feeling as if the other shoe was about to drop ... and crush them both.

Her heart was pounding. The single time she had dined with His Majesty had been incredibly stressful and that was *without* anything bad happening before it. She knew this was about Arden...meaning it could only be more bad news. Claudius' reaction wasn't a surprise. It also didn't fly with her. She reached out and slid her hand into his. She squeezed it. "We're going *together*. I know it's dangerous, but I can't let you face this alone. It would be worse for me to stay here, making myself sick with anticipation. I will have Ensign Sheppard come to watch the girls. We need to get ready. I don't want to keep His Majesty waiting." She wasn't going to give him a choice. Sierra didn't release his hand. Instead, they both left Bruce's room together to retreat to their room. It felt like the beginning of a funeral march. Sierra was quick to grind into action. She called for Ensign Sheppard to report to the estate *immediately*. She also decided to summon Haven Anson to be their pilot, as Sierra's hands were shaking so much that she didn't think she could do it. From there, it was all about changing into her uniform and rapidly packing a bag.

The squeeze from his wife was much needed. Claudius tried to put on a brave face for his wife, but he knew the reality of the situation was grim. "As you wish," he said, having long understood that she would always get her way so it was better to avoid the argument. "Fine, fine," he said, regarding her personnel decisions. While she saw to the arrangements with his subordinates, he moved down the corridor with her with great trepidation. "Hold," he said to her, before moving to the door to Drusilla's room. He jiggled the doorknob, but it was locked, and despite several knocks he got no response from her. "Some other time," he said to Sierra, with a forced half smile, before descending the stairs to see Ewwiekewwieikkie and the others. He did not enter into the living room, but instead stood at the boundary, watching the girls enjoy their holovid from a far. It brought a smile to his otherwise beleaguered face.

Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson prepped the shuttle Kwai for its descent to Esseles as quickly as possible. She was an efficient pilot, but she would have much rather been in the cockpit of a TIE on the front lines. Unfortunately her father had used her influence to get her assigned to shuttle duty to keep her safe. With Ensign Sheppard in tow she performed the milk run that was the standard flight from the Retriubtor to the Rodney estate. It was unusual for Major Rodney to summon the shuttle and a pilot, but she was far too low a rank to ask questions. Instead, she focused on performing her duty as best as she could ... no matter now repetitive and monotonous it was. "So you've got daycare duty again, Shep?" she asked, as she touched the shuttle down on the landing platform outside of the estate. "I guess this milk run isn't *the* worst job in the fleet," she said, with a smirk, as she completed the landing procedure.

Ensign Bethany Sheppard was seated in the co-pilot's seat with her arms folded in front of her chest. "Shove it up your ass, Captain's daughter," she fired back, having had her button pushed for the last time. She, too, wanted to be a TIE pilot, but she had been rejected at the Academy for failing to perform a sexual favor for the Commandant. She wondered if that was what it took to get ahead in the Navy, but with her demotion to Ensign and menial assignments for the Grand Moff's family she had almost wished she had put out back at the Academy. When the shuttle landed she rose from the seat, but not before bringing her hand up the backside of Haven's head to knock her cap off. Feeling somewhat better, she marched down the ramp of the Kwai and walked across the yard to the front entrance of the Rodney estate. As she entered, she attempted to put a pleasant smile upon her face, as she imagined sucking up to the Rodneys was the only way to get her rank back. "Ensign Sheppard, reporting as ord-" she began, but then her voice cut off, as her face fell upon the sight in the living room. It was not just Ewwiekewwieikkie she had to deal with, but *another* Squib. Her mouth hung open, her sentence forever unfinished. The color retreated from her flesh. She felt sick.

She was disappointed that Drusilla had shut them out *again*. The stressed part of her wanted to grab a hydrospanner and unscrew the door from its hinges. She gave her husband an apologetic look. They *had* to come back from this. Sierra only left her husband briefly to grab up a datapad which she had spent time making directions for Bethany when she had to watch the children. Now that there was a second Squib, she felt like Bethany might need the additional help of a checklist. She put her cap upon her head and grabbed a bag with minimal things needed to get through a couple days away from home. The young woman had to take a breather on the bed before she was ready to face repercussions. The other shoe had fallen.

Major Sierra Rodney was serious and stern by the time Ensign Sheppard reported in for duty. The woman was holding a datapad. "Ensign Sheppard, I appreciate you arriving quickly. The Governor and I have affairs to attend to. We need you to watch the girls." Sierra looked out into the living room. "As you can see, we've gained a new Squib. Her name is Melickielickie. She is very young and requires being rocked to sleep." She turned the datapad towards Bethany. "Additional instructions are indicated here. Please *attempt* to feed my girls something other than sugar...and then you read their bedtime story, make sure you do voices." For a moment, Sierra fell soft. "I don't know how long we will be away for. I expect you to report in daily to let us known how the girls are doing. Good luck, Ensign." Sierra went to say her goodbyes to her many children, as well as her niece. Deep down inside, her fears took root.

Bethany was still in shock when Sierra began issuing her orders. "A new Squib..." she repeated, as she swallowed slightly, turning her head and looking her superior in the eye. The instructions were horrible. She would have rather cleaned the refresher again than been subjected to Squibsitting. "Yes, milady. It will be done as instructed," she said, as she took the datapad. She did not know what else to say. There were ranks lower than Ensign, so she felt she had no choice but to bow her head obediently. As Sierra left, she marched into the living room, as if she was walking to her death. The trio of girls erupted in cheers and applause as they saw her, but she had absolutely nothing to cheer about.

Claudius paid no attention to Bethany, nor did he hear the orders that Sierra was giving her. His attention was still focused on watching the girls. When Sierra began to say goodbye he brought his hand up to his eye to wipe away a tear. "Let's not put this off any longer," he said to his wife, taking her by the hand and leading her out of the estate to where Lieutenant Anson had the shuttle waiting. As he held his wife's hand he turned, taking a look at the estate, and focusing in on the window where they had been working on their son's room. Would they ever see it again?

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