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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:7) in the Corellian system: Kima.
Reg Collingwood and Oola Dulovic.

Reg Collingwood was laying comfortably in the rear of the Nella 342-class light freighter Kima, still recovering from the wounds he had suffered when rescuing his beloved Oola Dulovic from the clutches of Bubla the Hutt on Nal Hutta. With the Hutts after them and the Amaran enclave in ruins there was little option in terms of where the fugitive duo could go next. Rather than head to another port where they might be easily identified and draw the attention of local bounty hunters looking to earn both credits and reputation from encountering them, they had instead decided to stay aboard the ship in a region of space where they would not thought to be looked for. He had been attempting to return to action before he was ready, and he was paying the price for it, as his trips to the cockpit often served to tire him out and increase the stress on his healing wounds. Reg was not the kind of man who responded well to just laying around, but at the moment it was all he could do without risk of injuring himself. Patience was not a trait that the smuggler possessed.

Oola had done her best to take over all of Reg's duties on the Kima while he recovered from yet another dangerous mission that involved her, checking the system she sat comfortably in the seat Reg would have normally been in but over that past few weeks she started to get the hang of being behind the wheel as one would say. Thought she would try her best to learn how to repair small parts here and there to keep her mind off the enclave, about her home and the family she never had the chance to know, she didn't even know what happened to Ni. Oola was to scared to ask Reg even and she only feared the worst, what happened to the Amaran village was her fault she knew that and she knew she could never go back home, she could never see her people again. It was for their protection, it was for the future of her people she didn't step foot on Naboo again. Looking over one of the old data pad she found in one of the many created on the Kima Oola scanned over old data that seemed useless to some but to the young fox she started to learn more about Reg's past.

Her green hues looked over a long entry of a women named Kea Fitzim, it went on to tell that both Reg and her where one one of their many smuggler runs, they were able to drop off a shipment of weapons to an old outpost.The two of them ran into trouble but it wasn't unusual.

Oola's left ear perked up as she heard Reg's heavy footsteps head her way, hiding the datapad behind her back she turned to face him, crossing her arms over her chest she shook her head "You should be resting! I got it up here, and besides it's not like we're going anywhere any time soon." Oola said raising a brow smirking. "You need to rest or you're only going to get worse in the long run."

Reg could not think of anywhere in the galaxy he felt more at home than in the cockpit of the Kima. Despite the fact that it was ill-advised, he nevertheless staggered down the corridor that separated the living space from the cockpit. "I'll rest here," he said to her, through gritted teeth that were clenched because of the pain. He basically collapsed into the co-pilot's seat, letting out a series of deep breaths, as if he were panting, immediately after settling into the seat. His eyes were closed as he attempted to focus himself, but he had spent so much time aboard the vessel that he could still see every inch of the cockpit even with his eyes shut. "You did great flying the ship out of Nal Hutta," he said to her, slowly moving his right hand across the controls until it rested upon her arm. "I'm sorry about Naboo," he said, realizing the two had never had a chance to speak about what happened. He could not understand what it must have been like for her to find a home and then promptly lose it, but he did understand that she must have been suffering a great sense of loss and emotional pain.

"Why are all men so subron?" Oola asked as she rolled her eyes watching Reg sit next to her. Feeling his hand against her arm Oola looked at him and then down at his hand, his words rang in her ears for several moment till she looked down paying more attention to the controls and less on the subject. Sighing softly Oola looked at Reg "I did what I had to do, I did what needed to be done to save them. I know I can't ever go back and it does hurt but I get to know at the same time that my people will live on and in pace they that have for thousands of years, I get to have pride in knowing that even after I'm gone they will still be there...If the Empire doesn't get a hold of them first." Oola said softly, she didn't want to talk about it any more, she knew home was never a thing for her, she didn't have a place other than the Kima to call home and so far it was looking less and less like one with bounty hunter trying to blast them out of the sky.

Sitting back she looked over at Reg and then at the crates of spice. "We need to get this stuff off soon, I think I'm starting to get a little addicted to the smell of it. And if I know anything about that stuff, it is something you *don't* want to get addicted too." Oola said pointing at Reg. "I wish you would get more rest thought, you are in no condition to even be standing, and I know how to at least get us out of a sticky situation, though out here I don't think we'll have to worry about that." Oola said softly.

"I guess it's just my nature to be stubborn, Oola," Reg explained, as his hands moved over the controls of the Kima. As he had not touched them in a few days he had come to miss the sensation of being control of the nimble freighter, which he had come to love as if it were a person during his long and lonely space voyages. "Spice addiction is horrible, but profitable," he revealed, as he turned his head to look her in the eyes. "We'll find a port we can unload it. Even if we don't get top credit for it, it was Derba's money that paid for it so it'll all be profit for us," he explained, happily, as he dreamt of the fortune they would soon come upon. Where they would go after he did not know, but he was sure he would find a place where they could both relax after their recent ordeal on Naboo and Nal Hutta.

Glancing over at Reg she shook her head laughing to herself a little. "Profit is all you see these days huh?" She asked raising a brow, Oola was testing him to see what he would truly say, still feeling the datapad press against her back still. Biting her bottom lip a little she smiled and turned to face him as she spoke "So, Kea Fitzim... She seemed like a good first mate, what happened to her?" She asked taking the datapad from behind her back and waved a little. "She seemed interesting from the old records she would keep while on board... Did she..." Oola didn't want to think of it but with Reg's life she didn't know if she just left the life or if she died. "She speaks of a weapons shipment to an old outpost, did you smuggle to armies or something?" Oola asked Reg wondering more about his past.

"Without profit there is no roof over our head, no food in our belly, and no fuel in our freighter," Reg explained to her, matter-of-factly, with a firm nod of his head. He was feeling quite sure of himself when she unexpectedly mentioned the name Kea Fitzim ... one of his old flings prior to encountering Oola. "How'd you..." he began, but was interrupted by her, as she went on to explain the old ship's logs she had gotten into. "Hey! Those are private!" he exclaimed, sounding genuinely irritated, as he scrambled to explain away his past life as a philandering scoundrel. "Yeah ... we smuggled weapons, spice, all sorts of things," he acknowledged, without telling her anything she had not already discovered in the logs. "It didn't work out," he said, without going into detail, but seeming slightly uncomfortable in his tone of voice and body language.

Oola's ears pinned down against her head as she looked at Reg listening. Watching his body language she cleared her throat a little, "I didn't mean it intruded on your past Reg, it's... We know so little of each other, hell you know more about me then I know about me it seems." She had a sad look on her face as she looked at Reg, she really didn't mean for him to get so upset with her like he had, biting the inside of her lip she titled her head to the side." I didn't read much really, she doesn't go into any detail just little things, runs, drop offs. Dates where you two were held down kinda like this, I guess it was for a way for her to stay sane when things looked to be at the hardest points." Oola explained to Reg hopping his mood would change even the slightest.

"I was hoping to read up on the Kima, to learn how to fix her and all, I mean I can't just sit behind the controls all the time, what if something is damaged and needs to be repaired but we can't get to port in time, someone needs to know how to fix it and you'll be recovering a lot longer at this rate." She said pointing to his still healing wound. "Even if we drop the spice off it won't be enough to stay under the radar, we need to find away to get the bounty hunter off us and on to someone else, someone we can use." Oola said hoping what she was saying wouldn't sound too cruel.

"No. It's ok, Oola. I'm just not used to someone knowing about my past," Reg snickered, as he shifted uncomfortably in the co-pilot's chair. "It's good that you're taking the initiative. Remember ... you're the first mate now, Oola," he said, as his lips curled up into a warm, reassuring smile. "So did you learn anything about the ship?" he asked, sounding genuinely curious, as he withdrew his hands from the controls to focus entirely on her. It had been a long time since he had a co-pilot, but he welcomed the company. Although he certainly hoped it would go better than it did with Kea. The Talusian smuggler had hoped he had put his love 'em and leave 'em past behind him and could now settle down with the lovely Oola.

Oola shook her head "Not yet, I don't know where you keep the datapad for it, I would go looking but I'm rather scared to touch anything that I don't know what it does, I was just lucky enough to find the few pads I was able too." She said sighing in a bit of frustration, blowing her bangs out of her face she looked at Reg smirking a little, I already had one create fall on my tail hurt like a son of a bitch, and then I stubbed my foot on one of the haches in the back while making sure everything was good back there, I swear the Kima is trying to get rid of me...Like she has a mind of her own at times." Oola said looking at the controls. "Heck I'm amazed I was able to figure out how to do a systems check without frying my fur off." Waving the pad a little once more "Thankful your old first mate when into detail with that, she said and I quote."

Oola looked at the log she need and started to read out loud to Reg. "Reg said that if anything were to happen during one of the run and he was left behind that I needed to learn how to fly and fix the Kima, so I've been watching and studying from him. He seemed to know how to fly even when he's mind is a million miles away on other things... What those are I'm not sure yet." Oola looked at him smirking a little as she kept reading.

"Today Reg left me in charge on the Kima, he needed to make a run off world and told me to poke around a bit and get a feel for the ship, so I did, started with a nice cleaning of the cabins, then a very much needed systems update, took me a while but I was able to do it, in following are the steps if I never need to do it again and Reg is lost." Oola said handing the pad over to Reg, "She goes step by step, like she was almost forgetful at times, scared she would mess up... A lot like me."

Hearing Oola read Kea's words out loud made Reg uncomfortable, and he was forced to break off eye contact with his Amaran love. He rose from the seat with a groan of discomfort, and start moving down the corridor towards the living space, where he hoped the technical journals might be stowed. He was growing quiet and did not respond to anything that Oola had said about Kea. He began reaching through the cabinet to search for the flight manual for the Kia, but before he realized it the wound on his hand opened, and his bandages began to turn a ghastly shade of red. He was moving much faster than he should have in order to move away from the awkwardness of discussing his ex flame with his current one. "I should have put a password on those files," he muttered to himself, as he began tossing everything from the cabinet aimlessly around the ship while looking for the one manual that seemed to elude him.

Oola watched at Reg stood up, she should have just said she found a log with a system check, now he was working himself too much and knowing him would end up getting even more hurt than he already was. Setting the pad down in the chair across from her, Oola rose to her feet and followed Reg into the rec room, leaning against the doorway she watched Reg look for the rest of the datapad on the ship. "You know you don't have to feel this way Reg, I'm not going to get upset over something that happened a million years ago, whatever it was is in the past, I can't get upset over that, I would be a little wired out reading anything she might say but I know it's because she felt like it needed to be said." Oola said softly, pushing herself off the doorway she made slow movement over to Reg's side.

Placing a hand on his good arm she looked at him smiling. "Hey you know I only get upset if you try anything now," she teased him a little smirking, though soon her smile faded when she seen the wound open up. "Dam it!" She snapped quickly running over to the med kit that was on the sofa, opening it up she grabbed another Bacta patch she made her way over to Reg's injured arm. "You bleed more than I've ever seen. I swear we're going to need to get a med droid for you." She said taking off the old patch and placing the new one on the open wound.

Oola pointed to the bed as she looked at him sternly "Go, lay now!" She ordered him. "As of this moment you are the first mate and I'm takin over making sure you live to take back your rank, off to bed now shoo, I think I can find the datapads on my own in here!" Oola glared up at Reg trying to sound as tough as she possible could, even thought he stood much taller than her. "I suggest you take my order or you'll have to worry about the other arm."

Reg did not even realize he was bleeding until Oola pointed it out, but the moment that she did, he ceased looking for the flight manual and allowed her to treat his wound. "You know ... it's entirely possible that this ship didn't come with a flight manual," he said with a laugh, acknowledging that his whole desperate search might have been in vain. "I didn't exactly buy it new at the dealer," he joked to her, as he reluctantly moved towards the small room in the back of the freighter where their beds were. "I'm sorry that my wound from saving you bleeds too much, Oola," he said, sarcastically, as he rolled his eyes at her, before settling down in the bed. He was never a good patient, and his mood was quite sour at the prospect of being confined to this bed. Kicking off his boots, he leaned back against the pillow and considered their next move. They would have to start by offloading the spice, as their possession of it would draw the attention of Imperials and criminals alike.

Oola mouthed as she mocked Reg's complaining "Just do as I say and you'll be back behind the controls in no time," she said looking for the pad, she found old logs but nothing of importance till she was able to come across several of the manuals. Jumping with excitement Oola ran into the room smiling "Second hand or not I found them!" She said laughing, Now I can have a job and not one of being your bed mate." She teased him a little, setting down the datapad Oola walked over to the side of Reg's bed and sat down next to him. "I worry is all Reg, I know you don't like to be here, like this. It's like me when I'm in a cage and just want to be free, you want the same thing." She said softly.

Leaning over she brushed a finger against his cheek softly. "It will be okay I promise, just try and rest for me. I don't know how many more patches we have and if we run out then... There's nothing else Reg." She said in grim tone. "We just need to hold out a little longer and then when you can move with out gasping every five seconds for air we can be on the movie again. I'll ration what little food we have till then and make sure you'll get what you need." She tried to make a bad situation a little brighter, though in truth it was to keep her busy and her mind away from dark thoughts.

"I'm sure that was at least ten seconds, Oola," Reg boasted sarcastically, as he adjusted his position on the bed to allow her more room to sit comfortably. "It was never like this with Kea or any of the others," he said to her, as he rolled over onto his side to face her. "They came and left quickly. It wasn't love. It was more a pleasant distraction from the smuggling life," he explained, before moving his arm to pull her down next to him on the bed. "I love you, Oola," he told her, as he wrapped his arms around her lovingly, pressing his mouth to her maw, and cooing softly. He was one happy human being in bed with his Amaran lover.

"Reg, I know it wasn't like what we have, it was just to keep you mind off of this, the dangers." The young Amaran said softly as she laid next to Reg smiling. "I know that they were to get our mind off the troubles that waited you around every port, that they were not the one that made you think of ever falling in love...Settling down...And other things." She said pushing a strand of her red locks behind her ear looking at Reg softly. "Just don't block yourself like this with me please Reg, it shouldn't be about that, it should be about us knowing about our lives if we are ever to have one together." Oola said softly as she placed her lips to his.

The kiss she shared with Reg was soft, warm and gentle, ever since he ended up being hurt he really didn't get too much time with him, worried she would hurt him, and with good reason. Him even breathing seemed to affect his arm. Resting her head next to his she closed her eyes, it had been a long time since she felt this relaxed, it was the feeling she had back on Naboo in the small wooded clearing she was in the night the enclave was attacked, there was nothing to worry about. No one knew they were there, it was quiet no fighting no blasting. She didn't have to worry about looking over shoulder worried some bounty hunter would get them.

This moment with Reg in his arms, resting was something Oola was more then happy to get use to if she was going to be sitting, drifting in space waiting for the right moment to move. Sighing softly she nuzzle her body against him getting into the right spot on the bed next to Reg.

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